Midweek Politics with David Pakman – Interview with Shirley Phelps-Roper SCOTUS – Part 1

Midweek Politics with David Pakman – Interview with Shirley Phelps-Roper SCOTUS – Part 1

you’re listening to this week politics
with dave beckman they welcome back to me because it
sounded packing a lot to talk about today the idea that there was at a conference
and i have to tell you one of the most annoying things that ever happens at conferences
is when you meet a handful of people and uh… one person just completely takes
over the conversation i was i was at a conference and i’ve met three or four
people and one guy is is actually a radio guy and usually the radio people a
pretty pissed eve when the when they’re having casual conversation six or seven minute monologues not
letting anyone else talked are not the point now where ed edit in a normal
situation i would say take have your card i’m going to move on in for some
some the atleast somewhat polite not anymore high i literally just turned
around and walked away in the middle of the guy talking because uh… uncommon it’s the guessing conference aniket i’ll be ready lewis alerts injures making the call right now can be with us any second parading on
surely here which is which is always always approved let me mention our
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contact us via email and that the radio politics okay surely phelps roper shirley how are
you what are you doing undone doing well the
thought there’s so much to talk about and fun only scheduled this with you a
couple of weeks ago and just two days ago i hear that disapprove court is going to consider a
case that involves your church i know that often it is a good you tell me it who are making because at the brink
or to call the content that they hit and that they hid that you know how the
profits that the missile at their feet to the top of their head there ruined in
buddhism purifying towards info and pan you have and their content to
blame their content knew better but yet they twice country in period jeopardy i mean
cropping line did know returned when they told women that they could murder
their baby and when they told that they can that
they had to respectable sexual development technically it off the light
i want to get to the specifics of the supreme court yesterday we had some
speaker phone there was no no okay good thank you can convert they
cannot walk away will try to get it sorted out yahaan arent so than the sum up what the
cases and you tell me if i’m summing it up the right way for the wrong way there
was a suit brought against you because of protest and pat a funeral of a
soldier’s soldier who was not gay and get their pet when that work you tell me or where to go today so it’s been for marilyn right and then the bad buddha and then he was
awarded five million dollars for emotional distress spend like that don’t five five million here so he got
even more but ten point nine and then the court rejected five and and that was
overturned support their kid said out how loud we
have a first but then it up in here they’ve never here put there report jerry right and that decision was
also appealed and now the supreme court has agreed to hear it is that right so
far it exactly right do you feel badly at all for the father in this case and
was that his son that wasn’t his fault that his son was killed in iraq you know if i need to get on the day of
that funeral it we were driving in there eyes felt that then i could not state that word
pubic bang and it would take it up you’ve been the itna media he was
playing mike done with the love of my life and you know if i have eleven children
i’m feeling that and all i could think was hein do the
kidnap tissue while britain breaking the catholic had
a problem on there beckoning laptop midwife you know pretty particular and rabbi trade children by the way now
that we’re talking about it act i did i got back earlier week that had so many i
had to string together a bunch of headlines about how much is white well it at the thing you can follow on
twitter got mac few god matthew all one-word okay you followed on twitter
and all the there tho many got back that we
can talk with the opec every every plate where god it pouring out of
draft info couple months ago we started the thing on our website call got
practice so day let me ask you will you be trying this
case it would have other representation though that i have a life in in or may
not know in the united they uncork i didn’t know but i have secret weapon and her name is marred and
keep my pfister and he is intact likely argue that kate
before the fourth circuit and uh… i think that she really we do good and i really would prefer to stand
outside on that front they’d walk you know lapd win day they third marion
bagged in defeat smelly and then the famed a they had gone mark that you know i’m you know who he is of course they handed memorial so we had arranged where we’re going to
be for that memorial we get older their and what do i feel right before my eyes
the prophet greeted u_s_ prim court i would feel happy i know with them
because i have picketed when they did that lawrence protective cape butches
signs today might find what you mean for the
marathon for the bag marriage for either which is what your staple the big signed
onto the trademark mightn’t like bank got it bad ocap what mike chart that got it back but with heavy all week have had that
that that that the beginning of this profession milestones exactly because when it make a cargo in
the way i thought i am repaired please please don’t do that
nineteen years ago every single day for a nineteen long weary years we have been on the mean streets event
ticket cruel nation fifty their children at the wife right anyway would working please don’t do
this numbering rafael u_n_ got it bad ain’t
never going to never boring and i hope i don’t uh… i i know that our intern
andrews keeping a close eye on our conversation here what do you think of
the nine justices on the court i mean are they gay enablers you believe any
are actually gate are you kidding me enabler uh… of the first water there is no one can cronk from armenia
more birth attack them you know what went before them in that case i’ve read
about it but i know you’re much more a scholar the night pollute properties people engagement party fell you understand that when they perry
noted in the thumping that not in front of them northward their carpet that
overheard it it it it means it it their no i guess i just want to do
with the ruling i want to maintain some focused though do you do you believe
that any of the nine justices on the cordon r_j_ themselves i don’t know you don’t know ken i don’t
care do you know that there are two jews on the court another group myself
included in that group that you believe that you told me last time i’m going to
hell do you know that two of the justices are jewish i know that that warrant themed arnold penile
frankly out what’s going on at in defeat one report talking about her rolled and
the caller on her robe and at that frankly shopping so are you worried that
there will be to jews on the court deciding this case picked the woman that i’m thinking out newsgator dear greater denver rent that woman to be the head of the eight
th e_ l_ u_ let me tell you how worried i a m not at all cadbury either going through all what
day the law i’ve been make in which case they’re going to put out their nation
unravel that we have got their brick and a bunch overheat word on the signed on a public
right of way obedient through the lobby fan drink approx love them shop the hell out than avert your eyes
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