Max Keiser: Fake News and TheCurrencyAnalytics

Max Keiser: Fake News and TheCurrencyAnalytics

hey good morning everybody crypto mentor 99 here so let's talk about a tweet there's so much I want to say but I want to say it in under five minutes because most of my videos are just news pieces and interviews well my interviews could be 2025 minutes but most of my videos are under five minutes you don't like to hear me talk more than five minutes and I don't like to hear me talk more than five minutes so for those of you that know I'm a writer and a contributor to the currency analytics what's the currency analytics the mission one of the missions of the currency analytics headed up by Sydney I forget is to eradicate fake news in the crypto space fake news how many fake news articles have you read in the past year probably lots of them so here's a tweet by Max Keiser scuse me if you don't know who Max Keiser is you should he's a financial genius loves cryptocurrencies and again just a wise man a wise investor and here's a tweet and the tweet said bye max fake news I never said this now I have no idea because it's in a different language but it has something to do about Bitcoin and monaro that this news outlet is quoting max on and Max is like hey I never said that so it's fake news so Sidney I forgot the founder creator all-around good guy of the currency analytics he tweets back to max and says very good to see that you're mentioning fake news with the hashtag fake news why don't you contribute to the currency analytics by writing the real story so Sidney i Craig and I applaud for reaching out to max because yeah what why doesn't he set the record straight with the currency analytics maybe this little guy can interview max and we'll get a million views anyhow yeah the more I'm in the crypto space which is going on three years there's been some fake news and Fudd this week on Tron so anyhow so the more and more I like real news the more and more I dislike fake news so anyhow I'm gonna put this tweet below I'm gonna put the website for the currency analytics below follow Sydney eye for Gann on Twitter it's at Sydney I program and max I'm gonna tag you in this video and maybe I can interview you some time anyhow I love you guys see you later bye bye


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