Making the World Flat Through Crypto

Making the World Flat Through Crypto

The way I like to think of
cryptocurrency is that it makes the world flat. I first began to think of it
in this way when I started studying crypto in 2013. I once read a book by Thomas
Friedman called “the world is flat”. It’s all about how globalization is making
our daily life more connected with other countries. Our jobs, the food we eat,
movies we watch, almost everything we interact with. It really resonated with
me. My first personal experience with the
limitation of our current financial world was when I needed to transfer
money to the US to pay for my college tuition, and again later while was
starting a business in Europe. In both cases I encountered restrictions from
Chinese banking system. This was my first true realization that this flat world
ideology I had read about was far from actual reality. My hard-earned personal
wealth was held by walls – invisible walls set between countries.
some of these wall are pointless barriers, only making our lives harder.
Walls are supposed to protect, not restrict, right? We cannot experience true
freedom if our assets are not truly free. After launching BitForex, this truth
became all the more obvious to me, and for the first time, I saw a much clearer
vision of this flat world goal. Think about this: say my father from China wanted
to invest in a Japanese stock. He then first needs to go to the bank, where
he will be told that he can only transfer $10,000 per day.
This may seem like a reasonable limit but it’s not actually enough for a big
business move. Beyond that he will only be able to trade by opening accounts
with brokers, which require lots of paperwork, extra fees, and time. With
crypto you can invest in projects run by teams from all over the world.
Within just three minutes you can register exchange account with
BitForex, or perhaps with any other cryptocurrency exchange, and you are
just one click or two clicks away from the investment you wanted to make.
With cryptocurrency nothing is going to stop the traders from all over the world
to operate in the way they want. This is why we are building the one-stop
financial platform solution for our users all over the world. They will be
able to invest in anything they could possibly need on BitForex. There will
be no obstacles to climb, no local laws to overcome; people will just be free to
trade as they want. Then and only then will the world be truly flat.


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