LIVE Bitcoin Building UP (Dirty Targets Ahead)! June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

LIVE Bitcoin Building UP (Dirty Targets Ahead)! June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

well well well excellent Thursday everyone and welcome to the magical crowns okay well well well welcome back once again you can see that the video is going but I've forgotten my light of course as always some sort of an issue another day another bullshit but you know what I figured I might as well just leave the leave the video on because well why not it's a black day it's a blackout day and my god it's maybe maybe we're all just ghosts in this cave maybe it's a ghostly cave and of course as always want to be wish you well in this uh what is it thirsty Thoreau say yeah hey have a happy Thirsty Thursday in your life and of course as always one of who you're seeing the best the best perhaps of the hath east we got plenty to talk about with bit with Bitcoin as as a follow up during this morning's video because this morning's video we actually talked about things that's that well actually happened right before this video so actually getting a little bit a little bit of a follow up here and I do want to switch the scenes so let's initiate that good ol teleportation and see what's going on in the good old live scene as Bitcoin on the daily in all of her beautiful big-boned glory and there it is Bitcoin living well above all major moving averages not only that I think it is worth it is certainly also worth mentioning that the two hundred simple sorry that you wanted X punch moon average this purple moon damage right over here and it's a lizard time baby hits a lizard time Mike sounds weird yeah man Mike should actually be a little bit more clear anyways bitcoin is actually getting a full on bullish potion of all these major moving averages now of course this is more long-term type meited thinking but it does just set this you know set the stage with this purple children x pension one average getting ever so close to the – the blue 3 7 7 exponential moving average so that once we get those two crossing will actually have a full-on bullish potion of all lower time frames or sorry all lower peered movement averages trending above a higher period and then again you know that just sets it for the longer period time of you know time of action in the more recent in you know in the more recent times we actually did get that test back down around that yellow 20 when I spent from an average and join the witness protection program he's all blacked out Jesus Christ man these comments are too damn good yeah you know so to follow up during this morning's video we actually did get this test back down into the yellow 20 minus mu damage all in the daily which is what we were looking for now of course I really wanted to follow this up because these sorts of things are never gonna be 100% you know on the fucking nose sometimes it ends up that way but very rarely does it actually end up that way and what we see here is we got a nice we we got a nice move down and I do consider this a test of the yellow 20 Mike's been trimming average now were we you know right on it we're actually technically about 56 sorry about 80 bucks away from it and I think it's actually the twelve and I'd be going off of yeah the twelve hour came down exactly to the yellow 20 when I spent from an average and then pop right back on up so again this is the area of operation this is the area to be aware of and not only is it lining up with these major pivots on the higher time frames but more importantly if we go back and cover what we were looking at yesterday this is right aligned on the bottom side of this blue box territory so all these things working confluent we treat with each other and what I really want to focus on is hey you know the when you're doing technical analysis right these things should naturally aligned with each other so that is just a great sign of well confluence is is I suppose is suppose the right word for that and holy fucking moly what's up John Addison how you do I'm at big dog pound just regular dog crowd what up what up fam the 5200 simple on the three-day looks bliss looks bliss I actually very rarely washed those one but let's let's go check them out what's the Golden Cross looking like on this one I will check it out right now and thank you for bringing this to my attention but I'm curious what you're actually going on and let's put it on right there I'm gonna take everything else off so we're gonna have just the 50 simple and the 200 simple and what do we have I don't see anything of interest here my friend I do I mean I mean obviously when we do get the death cross right over here that was major big problems for Bitcoin however we are nowhere near getting a golden cross anytime it's gonna mean this is gonna be at least months and months away I would say like two months at the very soonest scrolling back and kind of in kind of looking at the overall what's the word that I'm looking for the overall validity of this cross we do see that it gets some play in the history of Bitcoin in fact let's go over to the BLX index for a second usually you look like a mad scientist fam that's cooking up all kinds of technical analysis right now you know you know what's coming up next and and we do see you know in the past prior history Bitcoin golden crosses and death crosses on the three day simples actually do have some merit to them they do have some weight but as you can see is this you know is it's a call is a topic of conversation right now no it's very very very very very far away and that's not gonna be happening anytime anytime soon I mean we're talking about probably at least a couple months to two two more anyways going back into the lower timeframes going back on over here into bit Mexico and putting back on all of our major moving averages which get these disgusting simple moving averages out of my face there we go okay nice and lovely Exponential's once again and you can see that Bitcoin you know really having all conversion of all a convert sorry convergence of all these major moving averages right around that low 8000s region again confluent with the with the bottom of our blue box territory so we watch this breakout yesterday the breakout didn't get didn't get immediate follow-through but it has been constructive it's been building upon this area and that's really what I want to get upon because a lot of the time people will freak out and I'll get a bunch of messages typically after a stream like yesterday and say hey crowd do you still have that target going higher today crowd you still think this is going higher okay it's like it's like yes it's just sometimes it takes a little bit of time overall the overall picture is out of can is is that a consolidation this whole formation right over here so any sort of short-term movements is likely to be short-lived is my point and while the whole needs be taken into context of you know the you know of the individualistic parts we do need to realize that sigh you know having full on and follow-through on you know on what we're looking for on those targets to about 8,400 280 600 which I still think are very much valid you know it's still it's still certainly much it's still certainly very much in the books but if we do go down till the lower timeframes we can map out all the resistances there and if you do want a full bird's-eye view of what's going on right here right now it would be this guy this white toward some moon average as you can see that has stifled Bitcoin on the last couple of attempts and this actually has been a damn good indication of where Bitcoin is in the overall trajectory as well during these lower timeframe consolidations what's up John Addison you know I'm right Pro what what about it sorry let me go back to it I'm curious what the simple on the three day looks looks bliss I I mean I know I'd have to disagree man those those crosses a Golden Cross in a death cross on the three two especially even on a three-day like a higher time frame like that there's a very specific setup that you want to see you want to see price action being pulled into them not very far away so first we don't even have the fucking cross in second with priced sections very far away from the cross to begin with so both of those make it completely a non-event in my opinion but at you know maybe in a couple months we can come back to it and when they actually do cross it's just gonna be the impetus for another you know major major move most likely of course most likely nothing's you know when how to % whenever send a done deal and again I do apologize goddamn 200 Shamoon average being Stifler over there since Jackie what's up Jack good to see you my friend Jack and og of the cave and yeah man the 200 simple this white moon happens right here on the true our total time frame it has been a damn Stifler for pretty much like pretty much the last five or six months it does give a good indication of to where we are in Bitcoin land and you do see that there's two major movement averages here that actually should really be taken consideration of it's the white torrent it's simple and this blue 200 exponential moving average and the play has been for the past four or five months that every time we lose the white Tron it's simple Bitcoin just gets really mated on that blue three seven seven exponentially damage we had it right over here we're seeing it right over here and then we saw right over here on this last down a very nasty violent down which got no fall through afterwards just got reacquainted but we just you know hang out between the blue three seven seven and then and then the white two hundred then the time before that was you know for just for a smidgen right over here and then just for another smidgen right over here and then before that you know the the times were turned to the downside obviously it was a bear market but right now we are you know the way that I look at this is that this is actually a little bit of accumulation riah cumulation going on in this region in the second that we actually break the white Ronit symbol to the upside is the second that I'd actually expected Bitcoin it you know to head back over to 8,500 to eighty six hundred ish region from the lower timeframe so again piecing together all the information from the leap front front from the lower timeframes for the medium timeframes and the high of the macro timeframes yes what we were watching on yesterday was a more medium timeframe type thing but the lower timeframes still have merit within that whole greater narrative consolidation and when we do look at the white 200 similar average that's a very obvious stoppage area so that's what's happening right right here right now and I would say that the next big leg that I'd be expecting if you know if it is gonna happen is once we actually clear this white joint it's simple then yes I would be looking for a similar reaction but we over the past four or five months you know and you know the last time that that it kind of gets you know stuck below and here's the thing even then so I'm actually not even what's the word in a hurry in a rush to get into position even though I kind of am a position sorry for full disclosure I completely forgot to do this I did get into my long at the bottom of you know not at the bottom of that last wick down to 80 80 40 I got it I got it right around 280 50 to 80 60 I think average price and then I at and then I tried to add I tried to add a little bit of a he won there at 81 39 didn't go over so well but hey that's trading man and again you know I'm not a perfect trader but I'm just you know I'm just doing the best that I can and it's looking at this right here right now I am happy with that position basically getting off of you know the retest of the blue box territory which is exactly what we spoke back during this morning's video so I do want to follow up on that and kind of how I managed that trade going forwards you know again yesterday in hindsight a very bad do by me to actually get out of the trade that is in yesterday that was before the breakout uh centered somewhere before 8000 and and you know you know I mean it's it was a bad do because I should have held on to it but you know again these sorts of things I want to be very open and honest about just because when it when we look when you know when we're talking about trading I want to be you know I want to show you that it's you don't need to be perfect in order to make money did I make a mistake yesterday one never said absolutely I should not have closed that trade I mean technically speaking you know I was going to bed I wanted to have a stoploss and I patted around 80 80 100 or some like that but I should have had it probably around 8,000 and in and held on to that entry but again you know after that it's always an x-ray there's always the next trade man so you can always get back in there's an abundance of opportunity in this game there's never you know there's never a lack of opportunity that mark is not going anywhere this market this market is just a fucking it's just it's just a what do you want to call it's like it's like a straight-up Vegas at all hours a day just to you know here for you to make for you to take advantage of a few it you know if you want to anyways we do have a few good things on the two-hour dildo timeframe happening not only over testing this white Tron it's simple which is very important for the next sort of leg in my opinion but we also have a two hour dildo Golden Cross in the making actually confirmed on the last tick between the green 50 and the purple 200 X bench moon average which are now starting to gain momentum away from each other so I would look for this to actually break this next level probably get that next continuation relatively soon that would be my you know my read on this and I just missed some over here what's up a K 11 holy shit man cheer shared what it I don't even know what that means man but you know what I like it and thanks for those triangles man really do you appreciate that that's awesome that's awesome man again massive massive thank you for that a K 11 Jesus Christ man I really get excited when shit happens on Twitch it's like twitch seems like it's own community you know it's like secluded right it's like sexy anyways so Bitcoin that would be might that would be might look on the lower timeframes yes we can still keep these blue boxes in here now but they're not they're not as appropriate anymore very obviously I mean that this this one down here is completely not even appropriate right now but you know the bottom of this support still does hold merit if we do break this to the downside the buys from the shorter term time frames will change and I'll be looking for a move back down to about 7700 and perhaps beyond and then we'll kind of you know talk about bearish targets if that were to happen but for right here right now you know we're hinting at it we're heading out another breakout is what we're doing and if we can confirm once again this next to our dildo time frame above the white turn it simple which is about 81 79 spot one in 10 cents then yes I would be looking for that next leg probably up to like 84 50 to 85 50 ish region or 8600 whatever you want to call it it's all the same to me man again I don't like to be too exactly these things just it's like it's easier to say when I'm kind of spitballing these ideas and one second while I take a take a sip of this water speaking of Oh ma'am I'm gonna look back on this video and say wow I really need a light holy shit again guys for anyone for anyone just joining right now I do apologize for whatever reason I forgot to bring my and now I'm realizing why lighting is so important so again I do talk about that or maybe I'm just in a witness protection program either either either is good enough for me and back on into the charts so overall you know lower timeframes are pretty damn clear right here range is like this biases to the upside next breakout above about eighty 180 we'll call it on a two-hour delta closing above there that would look pretty damn good to me now let's actually move it up just a little bit let's go to the four hour four hours looking constructive just basically flagged out and now I'm getting ready for another move to the upside in fact we do see for our Stokes heading down right now so Bitcoin spent sideways for the past one two three four five six ticks Stokes have been down but no damage to price action has really been done just holding up above this prior resistance now turned support so again this is construction this is constructive this is this is good looking at you know sorry I forgot to cover the one that when our time frame as well when our strokes have been getting price action extremely well and they are actually having a fresh cross back up to the upside rejection the bear control zone just by the way not only that but we did regain the exponential all in the RSI so again you know lower timeframes are constructing and now we're gonna pair it up with the higher time frames are just second after I get to this comment it what's up a trebuchet New Zealand New Zealand hey thanks man I appreciate that and I haven't seen him before him and so was so so good to meet you and welcome and in well it's good to like finally say some say say some words have some words anyway so now let's pair up the lower in the medium time frames with the higher time frames because this is where the stars start to align right and while the lower time frames are kind of consulting and starting to you know poke their head up once again we go over here to the 12 hour what is a 12 hour look like we just had a beautiful retest of the yellow 20-1 your numbers will notice the uprising slope very very good not only that we do see 12-hour soaks still to the upside although our kind of losing momentum here to be fair but technically still to the upside and I would get more you know what I would get more weight to that although you know now that I look at it there is it's gonna be aware of right here we do have a little bit of a trendline to kind of compete with but more importantly it you know something that takes you know presidents on top of that would be the daily right over here and do folks have had a fresh cross the upside and knees up and just damn good with these settings and again you know I I have my own special settings for for the Stokes actually share them in one of my videos but basically these have been damn good for calling tops and bottoms especially with with the macro trends so when I get across the upside on the map you know with the macro trend which is now up then yes you know those are pretty damn good during the bear market when we got the cross to the downside those were phenomenal signals now the counter trend ones not as good but they still do operate you know decently enough to you know to to make a trade off of but the ones you know typically crossing like this as it gets back above all major moving averages most importantly the yellow 20 Mike's bench moon average and as we start you know as we start to have a fall on bullish posturing on all major moving averages with the purple 200 getting above the blue 377 on likely the next tick I would be looking for this to actually have a little bit of a shot up so again my biases to the upside here you know you know and it has been for a while and I would you know that's again the trend is your friend until the end the trend it's not the most sexy thing of all time yes sometimes it can take some time yes the market can bore you to death when he's going sideways for the last like week and a half over here but that has been the overall feeling of this market and that you know that has been the correct read it's just been taking his time and it you know again that's that's one of those things that I think tests a lot of people's patience and really fucks with a lot of people but at the end of the day you know the market can't be viewed in the span of like five minutes especially five fucking minutes but you know like even a few days it does not make a market even a few weeks doesn't make a market it's like it really operates on like a three month schedule really is what we're looking at so keep that in mind that's you know when you have a good overall hold on the market it's likely to continue anyways going back down through the lower timeframes I difficult to cover these six hour which I wanted to mention some here we do seat six hour Stokes headed still up so these have been very resilient here also I did forget to talk about the two hour Stokes as well which are creating the nice trendline we do see this trend wait I guess on bit Mexico yeah we do see this trend line forming on the two-hour Stokes you remember I'm keeping I'm keeping very specific eyes on the two-hour right now because here's the thing and let me just kind of piece together this this whole case I suppose you could say and we do have the two-hour Stokes getting down to this trendline this trend line of support which which has been running up price for the past for the past like three days or so it's a two hour time frame so you know that's that's quite a long time for that and till we are getting down around it right now in what's happening we are actually getting across or you know or some counter-trend momentum going on right now with across the up side not only that but where's this cross happening at right at the edge of the bullish control zone telling you that the bull is already made in control what's happening on price action right over here we are grinding up that yet that white turn it's a moon average which is the gatekeeper for that next four up for that next intermediary move in my opinion probably up to about 84 50 to 85 50 regions somewhere in this region right over here and then what kind of reassess this time goes on but remember putting that in line with the higher time frames and looking at the bias there you start to see the whole picture and I do think that that's quite a big case right now for Bitcoin and I do believe that it does break it up to the upside and I mean like I said for full disclosure I am long right now I'm happy to be long this position not not fully getting it obviously I took off my short hedge when Bitcoin was down around like that 8050 ish region on that last kind of spike down and then I tried to add a little bit more at 80 139 got filled on basically fuck-all and now I'm and now I'm just kind of writing it to the upside so I really have no other things to do right now I'll be managing at the same point that I'm that I managed to yesterday ride around 8100 I do believe that that is still appropriate if Bitcoin does break 8100 to the downside I would be a little bit more cautious but keep in mind we do have a golden cross on the two our total time frame as well and with all these things kind of paired together I do you know I am I'm pretty damn comfortable being long right now and and of course it's always a game of you know it's always getting a game of Risk Management of supporting resistance and risk management most importantly and and so I you know I'm happy to I'm happy to take on that risk for this position doesn't mean it's always gonna work out no it doesn't mean it's always gonna work out of course you got you guys have seen positions that don't that uh that don't work out but over time statistically speaking that's where the real money is and that's what I hope to have shown anyway so let's go check out CME's I haven't haven't looked at CME's just yet yeah CMI's are actually looking pretty good right here Cimiez have already confirmed above that white 200 simple on the 2 hour which doesn't hold as much merit for them let's go to the daily for a second Daly's looking damn good daily actually had a pretty fucking good clothes above the red 10 symbol and what do we speak about during this morning's video that is likely to come back down and give a little bit of a love tappy tap into the you know into the red temp symbol and that's exactly what we got just few ticks away and I do believe we rally off this area at least try to rally up this area before first and foremost before anything else what else do we have on this time frame yeah look at this Daly Stokes are still down daily soaps have been down this whole fucking time this whole time this whole time while price has just been sideways too up it's just been floating up we've seen this so many fucking times it just allows he also does to reset and then what happens really I mean it's basically telling you that we're getting reacquainted and then we get the same you know the same action as this guy right over here the same guys that's right over here this guy right over here this one right over here this one right over here all these very violent spikes to the downside they get no follow-through we get these very very very very very violent spikes to the downside and then zero fall through yeah all those are dirty by the way else is going through all my clothes and she's like smelling them like hey you don't have to smell you wait no no those are clean those are clean but those ones are really fucking dirty anyways so yeah you know CME's right now actually trading 8205 so they're turned to good 50 bucks above spot right now um so I do like that you know I really do like that I do want to check out the weekly ansan CMI's I've really checked out this in a while and the weekly still leaves a lot to be desired you know if I did have to offer up the bearish the bearish case it would be looking at the weekly the weekly does scare me a little bit just because we do have weekly stove's crossing the downside we really haven't seen these guys cross to the downside in a very like sever since February of this year and typically speaking they do get some damn good moves especially in these more critical zones not only that but we did have a pretty nasty long-legged og total right here with fall through to the downside so and also a rejection off the top trolling demand so all these things would be on the more bearish side does that mean that Bitcoin can't get does that mean that Bitcoin can get wreaking mode in this region and then try again higher it can in strong markets it will but that that does hold a lot of merit and I don't want to make it sound like a full-on rosy picture even if the lower timeframes do move up a lot of a lot of work needs to be done from the higher time frame perspective in order to really you know undo all of that mess now here's the thing we can go over and look at the other top check coins are sorry well I guess they're not really chick ones and lead in the market but we can look at something like B&B an in like poin which had a very similar set up right this is BMB right over here which a massive massive massive Doge dildo right over here with fall through to the downside just the exact same chart it's Bitcoin essentially and then what happens this week girthy green dildo the upside holy fuck this thing's just absolutely smashing it I mean vmb just makes new high after new high and I do believe that well have we had our fall on target and we up to thirty six and a third my target is still about thirty-seven and accorded a $38 I do think that we I do think that we make it there in fact I might have to rebuy this I might have to actually revise this target but I think it might be a my it probably ends up being the same yeah but I'm gonna guess what this ends up being the same and what do you know it it ends up being well we've actually already kind of got in there huh yeah so BM B is getting damn close to that area so what I would I be getting aggressive with it right right here right now probably not but overall BM be on the weekly does say stay long I mean they're there there's absolutely nothing bearish about this chart right here on BM B and even so BM B did have weekly so across on the downside but they're just gonna be hanging out in the more critical zone for the bullish territory just because well that is that is okay when you are trading extremely strongly and BM B is the definition of extremely strong trend right now I mean one again one of the best charts in cryptocurrencies also followed up by litecoin boat you know both are are of equal strength I think like ones maybe a little bit stronger like when extreme looks during the powerful move over here and here's the thing you know like coin did it already hit my target or did it not hit my target I mean 146 was my target we got up to about 144 and a half that's pretty fucking close so I suppose what I could say about misses like coin is that I wouldn't be getting greedy in this region although I do think that it is gonna get it is gonna give another try to the upside most likely but I wouldn't be getting greedy in this region just because we are closer I think we are closer to a major resistance then we are not so you know if you were riding this thing all the way that you know all the way to the upside I would maybe consider taking some glorious profits of course and of course this is not funded by someone Finch Weiser I'm also not your data I'm not here to tell you what you do I'm just you know if you know if I was in the situation I'd be a little more protective of the games right now doesn't mean that I can't continue on in fact when I look at the weekly this is incredibly powerful weekly and I mean looking at their weekly right here I you know I think it's still bullish but you know based off the lower timeframes I would say that it's probably you know it's probably you know it taking a little bit off the table always feels good especially after a run like this which is quite literally like 500 percent off the lows sorry almost 600 percent we're working off 569 % great number in a quarter and and again just extremely certainly streaming streaming straw and behavior so like whoa and looking damn good and now let's get back on over to mr. Bitcoin and see how he's doing so though you know those are the three most important in the market right now you know in my opinion we have litecoin BMB and Bitcoin all showing some you know all showing some signs obviously litecoin and BM be a little bit more progressed right now in comparison to Bitcoin but I would say that their strength does translate into Bitcoin and likely break in this area to the upside as well and that's kind of what I was getting at before is that hey this market typically moves together this market you know moves in lockstep it really has no true I mean its identity is like all in the same you know it's a very immature market is what we're dealing with and and when one moves the rest of them yet to move anyways we did disclose this last hourly house the hourly looking again you know deep decent alley just flagging out right over here we can't make a measure move all in this flag and let's just apply it right now if it does break to the upside which I think it's gonna give another try on this next hourly dildo and wear this wear this be pointing towards right over here probably towards about that 83 83 50 and yes so maybe a very low timeframe target but again I I do I do kind of stick with 84 50 to 80 600 that's that's really the next major area that I'd be looking at again all based off of the two-hour dildo timeframe right over here this 200 simple if we take that to the upside again which is about 80 180 then yes I am looking for those targets higher towards about probably around 85 50 we'll call it just kind of market somewhere in the middle and then ultimately you know I'm basically just be looking like something that we saw on BMB or like coin it's all you know it's it's all kind of one in the same but when we're talking about the lower timeframe so I do understand how that can be a little bit confusing because I might say one you know I might say eight 600 but you know higher time from it's like okay yeah we probably stopped here but we probably do continue on over time but you know a day or two worth of consolidation can really fuck with the mind sometimes anyways so that's what I really want to get out right there let me make sure that I've covered everything else I'll let's go check out GBC really quick ten and a half bucks and looking constructive as well in fact we do see two hours folks actually just having a having a fresh cross the up setting and gaining some gaining a little more momentum how did we look on the daily daily opened up and you know I would be able but wary of you know of another you know of another come back down to the Red Tent simple on on gbtc today but I do believe that it probably be bought in confluence with what we saw on spot charts looking at the daily right over here again fresh cross the ups out on the daily Stokes and these have been damn good and getting the moves I mean boat both highs and lows for this one each and every cross even if it's not like your critical zone has been pretty pretty on point actually sometimes sometimes it can be that easy so yes gbtc does you know does look like it wants them up here to me but I'd need to see those lower timeframes have a little bit you know a little little bit more it's a little bit sloppy here yeah it is actually a little bit more difficult to read I would say but yeah let's get back on over to mr. Bitcoin and actually look at some of the underlying market dynamics which I've actually been failing to show as some more recent times but we got the Long's and shorts right over here we do have basically I mean bit basically as far as I'm concerned parity on on both these guys we have about twenty and a half thousand open longs verses nineteen and a half thousand open shorts I'm sure a few these guys are heads yep we have about a thousand these guys hedge so really eighteen and a half thousand open naked shorts versus twenty and a half thousand open Long's that's really nothing to phrase to write home about we do have Long's pain and all you know obviously a shit a much higher rate not point naught 5 essentially verses a non-existent rate on the shorts but more importantly these margin positions can get up way way way way higher and I really haven't found any compelling data that that relates um that or that shows any sort of relation when they're you know this low I have found compelling data when they're very very high you know a mat around their stream sorry extremes or when they're extremely low but not right here when they're right when they're right in the middle this just hasn't you know hasn't really been the sweet spot for it and I don't really have any of you know I don't really have anything to say about that but what it does suggest what this does suggest more than anything is that we are gonna see a bigger you know we are gonna see a big move relatively soon probably within the next week I'd imagine going up here to the crypto a fear and greed index we are taking out of 63 right now 60 wait hey get off there Jesus Christ ah get off there again trading view my god hey and what's up on Twitch thank for Jonah on Twitch scro brigand good to meet you man and pleasure happy on twitch man thank you for joining on twitch so yes the crypto fear greed index is coming back up and again you know if I would have looked at this like what was it like four or five days ago we had that very aggressive move to the downside it would have been so obvious on this that this was you know to be bought up this coming into it you know into confluence with with the with the move down that we saw I believe it was right over here you know and what happened it just got reacquainted so the market gets extremely fearful just for a second and it kind of dips back into those bear market bear market sentiments just for a second and then immediately reverses and we're seeing the exact opposite of what we saw in 20 in 2018 where essentially a big point you know the the the Oscar was very comfortable in the more fearful zone and each every time it made its way into the greedy zone it would you know it get rejected extremely rapidly now it's pretty much the opposite we're getting quite comfortable in the greedy zone and each every time that we kind of push our way down into the fearful zone it just it's just it's gone it's gone the next day so again these sorts of things you know all come in a confluence together and and I do believe that you know just again in just an underline mark dynamic kind of pointing a little more to the upside right now holy fuck man I just sound like a fucking bull it's it's so it's you know it's it's so strange because I it's like an identity crisis right but shouldn't you know realistically shouldn't be aligning with either of the gangs the bullish gang or the bearish gang it's just Bitcoin has been bullish for the last four or five months so it's appropriate to be fucking bullish it's the right answer anybody's alright so I think that's about it for what I want to talk about let's get back down to the lower timeframes and what's gotten over it into the comments I do did I miss anything on the very low timeframe this is a thirty minute now it's too low too damn low man too damn low but yeah I'll just leave it right here and then holy fucking moly what's a what's up John Andrews hey what's up man um I think you said you were gonna wait for it 7,000 pullback to bring your bigger funds into the market you gonna actually do that now or no no no no I'm not doing that now no no no no no no no no this isn't FOMO time some phone what's on the market again operates in like quarterly blocks quarterly blocks of three months what's happening right now is just to be taken into context of this pretty of what pretty much is a FOMO rally that we're looking at at some point in time Bitcoin will have a pretty nasty retracement and I'm happy to wait for that sort of thing in order to bring my my main account funds back you know back in back into my main account sorry my my my funds back into my man accounts what I'm trying to say it doesn't just because I'm just because I'm talking about bullishness on the two-hour dildo timeframe does not mean I'm saying that word not you know we're not gonna have a pull back some point in time we will we will have a pretty nasty pull back at some point in time I do strongly believe that and yes 7000 is a legitimate target for that and perhaps even lower than that but for right now I don't think it's appropriate right now now again it's about the long term look on this the long term look needs to be taken into consideration you know three months at a time and we're still just within the overall guise of an uptrend so I'm happy with keeping my account the same way that it is right now but the next major down on the monthly is what I'm essentially going off of and look at the monthly right here are we gonna be having a major pullback on the monthly anytime soon unlikely unless I mean first things first here's what I'm here's what I'm looking forward to bring in my next major batch back into my main account is I want to see a higher low being set on the monthly when when we see that I'm happy to bring that back in but for right now we don't have that in fact we're not gonna be getting it anytime soon because first things first we have to first set in a local high then we have to come down create a little bit of a downtrend and then sit in the high or low somewhere just as long as it's above 3500 essentially so again it's gonna take its time and these are monthly dildos they're not you know it's not not it's not gonna happen anytime soon it's my point again this is a very long term look for that sort of stuff it ain't you know it ain't today tomorrow or the next day and it's sure as fuck it's not being judged off of a lower timeframe like anything below it daily or shit you know Eva even even up to a weekly just way too low to be gendered something like that off of anyways back on the comments see what else we got man he may he marrow Christian says like coin Bitcoin yeah let's go look at that like when Bitcoin Peron where is my like when Bitcoin parent there you are not point out 165 and how we look in here going back to the daily do we have a topping on the daily I do think that we have a topping on the daily it'll be confirmed as a local chop if we can move below the low of this wick right here at not point not one six one and then I'd be looking for a move ultimately somewhere down in this region right around here right around not point not one five one region let's look at the weekly though for a second is that you know is is this something to be a little bit more scared of um no I don't think so don't think so just yet but I would like to see it I would like to see it you know fully set itself I would but again I do feel quite wrongly about this on missus like coin if you do see naught point naught one six one taken out to the downside we will see it much further retracement into this region right around here and at that point I would be looking for a bounce in this region for right now looking at the lower timeframes is light is missus litecoin getting be accumulated right or wrong to the four hour 21 maybe but I'd still you know I'd still hold on that still have major stop losses right below this area right over here if this area does break yes I'm looking I'm looking for some more downside for right now it's okay I suppose you could say we do see for our Stokes getting way down there when price sections just been flat so that would actually be a more bullish thing in my opinion just because it's allowing that all sorta to reset but I would be very cautious of that I'm not calling a top right now but I would be willing to call a top if we do take out this wick right over here until then probably does go through a little bit of time of consolidation and then we'll figure it out from there so I would you know technically speaking until we can confirm that it's a local top you do want to be a little bit more you know a little bit more conservative and say you know technically upside is still you know still likely and within the lower timeframe perspective we could very easily move back up into this region right over here we're at around not point out one seven yeah we're not point out one seven would look about right so again keep your eyes out for that but I would you know it still be going with a former trend but keep in mind where that where that pivot exists where it actually flips around in changes and we're no longer doing that former trend and now we're gonna go out come have a more nasty more Nasari tradesmen boss accuses Adam BTC let's see okay what is this cosmos or whatever this thing is our new batch of shit coins has arrived maybe uh bullish pretty damn good actually probably moving up towards 8300 satoshis and I do like this as a very sloppy disgusting bull flag does work as one and we can't make a measure move on this and probably ultimately whoops it's not exactly where I'd be lookin towards probably somewhere around here for the full-on measure move somewhere right around 85 50 ish region are you enjoying here dinner else has a very nice smile a smile on her face because she's made herself some some food without burning the place down by the I shouldn't be I shouldn't be talking because I fucking set off the fire alarm earlier today it was not good either because well Finnish people take that very seriously apparently anyways Anton Petrov says do you think like when USD is gonna have a massive correction at some stage – yes I mean they're they all move together yes so yes like point litecoin vs. US dollar I would expect to have a pretty massive correction at some point as well do I think that it's happening right here right now nope again same same read on misses like kroner you know look at the weekly the weekly is still trending to the upside we need a first set in a local high and then we could talk about you know a major massive pullback and yeah I do you know I do think it probably happens around the same time that Bitcoin does it so again you know what watching one is like watching them all when it comes to the top caps in my opinion for the most part yes you have some rogues do you do some do some crazy shit every once in a while but for the most part they move together and I need sympathy water cuz holy mother fucker my throat is thirsty right now oh there we go so much better it's like energy just being shoved into your throat and that's gonna be cut in all sorts of terrible ways my god man terrible thing to say I met cousin says invested a lot in h.o.t please go check it out crown thank you uh you invested in hot what did they tell you man did they tell he's gonna sell it was gonna solve the world's problems do they tell you is gonna is gonna make you rich as fuck in their white paper because that's what typically these all couldn't say that they're gonna do to be fair this one isn't a complete shit coin because it hasn't made like you know new low new new lower lows and new lower lows over it's time it's actually it's actually created higher lows over time so so so I shouldn't hold my tongue this one actually is it's kind of is certainly better than than the plethora of garbage disgusting dumpster fires that I've seen that just go lower and lower and lower but what is this guy doing right over here I mean should you have invested all of your money into this probably not I mean it's Jesus Christ man this this thing is I don't know what the fuck this thing is I don't know what the fuck this thing does it probably does move up here probably does give a try higher towards well let's see yeah probably does point back up here towards 25 Satoshi's but something like this man again I just don't trust a chart that looks like this just doesn't doesn't it doesn't feel right not that not that feelings matter but um yeah I do think that it pokes his head up here rests the marks pretty much movement up so that one probably does as well longer term no can't can't say too much about something like that it's just yeah seen too many of those double-digit shit coins that's just kind of flop around for eternity okay Matt bisa that's not a white paper it's a napkin exactly what's up traitor fam how you doing man traitor fam back in the house fam hello fam how you doing fam Matt pieces hi crown could you please look at race please alright sure of that yeah what's up what's up by the way Matt race Ferrari yeah yeah nice Ferraris got IPO putting it I I believe that we're putting in a top right here most likely I would be looking for a move and I would be looking for buys in this region anywhere around this region right over here right around 150 even nice little psychological number as well see what the weekly looks like for a second yeah weekly is gonna still be showing some upside momentum but I would be cautious with this one I'm not I'm not a fan of the way that these the the way that the daily looks right here I do think that the dailies kind of confirming a local top and that we prolly do you come back down around this region and and then bounce from there but overall a very good chart over a long period of time just in that more recent time I would be looking for a pullback after that massive breakout alright what else we got man video Joe says someone someone watched tones bikini show what what what's going on over here Raymond Muscat a what's up Raymond how you do man did did catch the move did did you catch the move you caught you caught the move a nice man good shit fam coin we need some fam coin over here if any way if anyone missed the epic intro you better FOMO rewind and listen say there you go see that's awesome can you take a look at craft KH ceases Andrew Gutierrez sure man a lot of people been asking out craft a recent craft craft Hines recently I'm guessing that people are wondering if it's put in a low right now I would say this is again that there's I've seen this so many times man I've seen this so many times where you have something where you just think it can't go lower bro it this thing can't go lower it went all the way from $120 or $100 down to $30 holy shit are you put in a low right now this be the low this is it this is definitely the low well it's got a lot of work to do I would not be willing to call any sort of a low on some like this until we move back up above thirty three and a half bucks if you can move back above thirty three and a half dollars I would be I would be I'll be happy to call this the low and that we're probably in a trend higher if you know for a good amount of time but for right now in the lower timeframes it's still struggling we've seen this so many time major massive moved down popped back up and wrecked and major move down and wrecked it's bad man it's super bad not like the movie either it's like it's like actually bad so I I don't trust that something's bottom to Intel you get that next higher high on a weekly when you can do that then yes I do believe that is you know it's it's probably bottom down and we're probably we're playing some good upside to be fair we actually did get a nice buy signal on the jewel right over here bouncing off the actual current low but how much more does that have to go that's already been a pretty damn good momentous move I mean we're talking about a yeah about a twelve and a quarter percent move I don't I think that's that's enough for the jewel right there hey what's up Christy how you do man had a sugar-free how to add a free super chat you deserve it love your love your show hey thanks man appreciate that holy shit I don't even know they do that I don't even know they do that that's kind of cool hey and in massive massive thank you man right that's that's very flattering so yeah you know daily right over here has a lot of work to do before I'm before I'm willing to consider any sort of a low but yeah the easy part already played out the jewel kind of given the signal on the actual low there anyways back in a good old Bitcoin and back onto the good old comments Christian says card Anya versus Bitcoin yeah we can look at that let's go look at Cardoni over here 11:40 sat um and again this kind of burning pretty much you know resolves all my thoughts on just about any you know any altcoin named XYZ whatever the fuck basically putting in triangles on the bottom breaking out of those triangles to the upside this one's hit our first target right around 1200 Satoshi's I do think that this one does move higher over time towards 1300 and probably putting in a major mark psycho low right around here that's essentially my thoughts so if you're you know if your favorite pet all corn or shit corner where the fuck you want to call it looks something like this on a weekly that's my general thoughts it's putting it a low moving higher yes we could talk about short-term targets probably somewhere right around here but ultimately I do you think that moves higher that over time and card ano no different than that lower timeframes I think that this is actually is coming back down to test supports and that's completely fine maybe a little bit lower down towards 1:11 even but I wouldn't be looking for bounces there and then and then reassess after that but for right now you know I you know I'd really suggest looking at the higher time frames because the lower time frames are gonna be very very very very sloppy and some like that what I dismiss um David wrote us hey what's up David how you doing man check out cldr CLD are they supposed to be TL DR huh CL CL CL dr alright cloud cloud era too long it didn't read too long didn't chart hmm what are we doing here just to make a major massive move down I mean this is again you know you get I'm guessing that they probably like an earnings report of some more they came out and found out no one uses cloud anymore or cloud sucks or cloud fuckin satellites crashed whatever it might be straight down there's there's nothing there's no analysis to do on something like this there's no analysis to do and some like this I you know I think it's incredibly dangerous you don't fuck it you don't try to catch the falling knife and you don't I mean I wouldn't even look to sell in this region I'd be looking to sell somewhere right around like six and a half dollars maybe but even off the lower timeframes we just had this major mass to move down I don't fuck around with something like this man if you do you know if you do see a move back above about five 45 50 I do think that you get that move to about six and half dollars but I do believe that that's gonna be a sell most likely again I don't I don't think that there's really any sort of real analysis doing something like this way way way way too young into this into this major massive dump and typically as the saying goes the trend is your friend until you know trend as you know as you know and this one just like you can see it over time just like slowly but you're like pouring it over it's like holding a glass of water and like it just slowly tips it in tips it in tips and it said something known alexey didn't seal of compilation plays in the background good ol let's lean it leading it to the upside hey what's up Rick thank you for that my friend the soft dance of the bit of the big corn should allow it yes indeed man the alternatives to take the spotlight as we chill in trend to the side it's up to the observer to notice see relations and for whom is noteworthy fair enough fair and I you know I agree fair enough I agree man pretty much this is the time to be doing some like that when Bitcoin is I in sideways not as a time before the all coins are shined and we are seeing a quite a few shine quite a few shining as of recent times I would yes I'd certainly agree with that let me get back on in the comments right over here what's up Steph they should have migrated to crypto with chart like that what oh yeah just put blockchain at the end at the end of your name and we're going to goddamn moon baby fit FTB crip says hey crown thank you for teaching this old man hey my pleasure man my average trading week is 2x my weekly pay fucking nice hey there you go man die and that's exactly what I'm talking about it doesn't matter a fucking old you are man it doesn't it does not matter how old you are every day living has become much better nice nice that's what that's fucking that's seriously amazing man that's that's really really amazing and congrats to you that's not easy to do it's not easy to do so Jesus Christ man I mean that's you know I mean that's got to feel incredibly liberating because you probably know you're probably on your job and you're probably feeling like you might be you might be in like some way stuck there cuz you know you need the paycheck but you don't really like you know you don't really like it or anything like that you know I totally understand that man I totally understand that but to be able to go out on your own and be autonomous and then make you quite literally generate your own money you're free man you're fucking free that's awesome super awesome Pig Bennet says hey crown just a question since I'm new here at lips do use different indicators for different time frames scalping versus for versus swing trading okay so do I use different time frames for different indicator or different indicators for different time frames not really but I do use different indicators for different styles so obviously I'm gonna be using my momentum oscillators my mom also ders like the RSI like stochastic like the Joule for for scalping and then for the longer-term swing trades I can still actually the Joule works pretty fucking often I wouldn't do but I use I'll use my moving averages moving averages pretty pretty versatile in that you know in that sphere as well and realistically there should be crossover in some way between them the way that you really want to get to is where you nail down your strategy first and then you add your indicators on top of that instead of trying to do every you know trying to be the jack-of-all-trades and do everything at once 0x damn it says mark BR @ 0x what is this zr x BTC let's go on Polonia x for this one this one's gonna have some some good price action history I believe and what are we looking at here again same thing it looks the exact same as car Daniel but not as a in its formation what are we doing right now is this a triangle is this a triangle that I'm looking at I think it might be a triangle and look at that baby and I do believe that this one breaks it to the upside as well just like Cardoni oh just still taking a little bit more time as you know as the weaker ones have been taking target would be somewhere right around about 4700 Satoshi's for that first major move and and then over time probably does you know move much higher than that I think that we're sending in a low here that's that's essentially what I'm thinking man that's pretty much my thoughts on just about every altcoin they're putting they're putting triangles in on the lows and probably work off those you know for the time being amen my pleasure mark Cody Hill says please please help low on funds please send tethers z/xdc BTC thanks Krunk man bitch wrecks and what do we have on the daily um nice move here very nice move very very very very nice move some from Zee coin I would say that uh this one's kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place hard place being the blue three seven seven exponential and rock being the two hundred exponential moving average right over here and also simple put a lot of weight on on all three of these things and I would say that's I do give the nod to the Bulls here just because it was a bullish breakout and I would be taking trades based off of the tronex pension boom damage down around here and also managing trades based off that as well and just go with you know go with you know go with the overall momentum on some like this looking at the weekly weekly looks fine to me I would actually be waiting sometime probably next week you'll get a pullback and you'll pull back somewhere into this region right over here that would be my actual chance to get you know to get my positions and if I wanted to you know if I was trading something like this so that's kind of what I think on some like that and pretty damn pretty damn good move to be fair pretty damn good move alright back on in the comments what else we got man if you've done Bitcoin I've missed it all hello Bitcoin us steve says says Brian Corbin yeah man again lower timeframes just kind of flagging out and looking like their passion for move higher I do want to see the two-hour double timeframe break this jointed simple and that's going to be my full-on confirmation for this next move likely into like the 8500 issue region hey what's what's up Tony Fernando aetherium hourly charts you wanted EMA what's a cross I mean it's okay we can look we can look at a theorem but I would suggest being careful with looking at very low timeframes okay so once across once across the 22 exponential let you move higher what do you think or is it or is it going to I mean it's that happened way over here man that's it happened ages ago happen age it's an ages ago man I I guess we're kind of late to the party but that happened all the way over here or sorry all the way over here when it crossed in 12th of June at 5:00 a.m. my time and it looks to me like it's kind of its kind of like constructing another little move over here it looks looks like it must move up with the rest of the market probably back towards that 264 s region and likely beyond I mean we're seeing pretty much everything that's marked do the exact same thing for our looks like a little bit of a flag and trying to you know trying to work its way forwards and that's you know essentially what I've been looking at right over there but I'm not sure what you mean by the hourly 200 exponentially across that ages it crossed out a couple day tour yesterday but it's an hour at least so it looks like it was ages ago right but yeah working off there I mean to be fair it it is working off there no doubt already keep it simple fam go with thee what was that what what are those emojis I've no idea oh the kiddies hey what's up crypto kitty how you doing Candice brian says a theorem us deep lust we can look at that we're actually just on that but some you know mr. buuder all versus versus USD same thing as Bitcoin right it's it's the exact same thing as Bitcoin we saw the same sort of break out yesterday above this blue box territory right over here it got retested earlier today and I do believe that this one moves up likely with Bitcoin I mean looking at the daily the daily looks fine to me I mean just looking at it like this the daily looks like it wants continue probably back towards 272 270 275 issue region we do see daily Stokes having a fresh cross the upside and we got in getting plenty erect getting getting that blue pill right on in we do see daily RSI has regained the exponential and we do see and we do see what daily above all major moving averages I like this I think this is a good setup and I do you think that it's ending up for a move higher lower timeframes just kind of consulting and looking like looking like they're getting ready for another move up to me and I'd be losing about 250 what is this 253 yeah 253 to manage off of actually could raise us up to here to 254 and make make it a little bit more like this actually let's let's redo and I'm kind of OCD with my with my charts here let's get rid of this guy you are out of there there we go and what's up on Twitter is that all ten cupcake good to meet you man good have you on twitch thank you for join on twitch ma'am okay let's let's see what let's see what we're looking at right over here on the on the comments you the prodigy says Bitcoin looks ready for a move up yeah it does look like it's quite mature right now on the lower timeframe so you know if we are gonna have this move it happens sooner rather than later I would say let's see okay Casey Costello says whoops just missed that hey crown I forgot why you don't use derivative or a scalping anymore can you please tell me again um I like to separate my scalping activities from like my real trading activities so that's that's essentially why and in for a dribble I treat that it's like my real trading activities just cuz I have access to both spot futures and options so that's that's plenty to deal with t Wiggins hey what's up what's up Wiggins crown is the banker from the game show Deal or No Deal you mean how he man tell how I've never gotten that one before but fair enough Howie Mandel huh all righty via BTC fam says come easy let's go look at that fam let's go some buy over here some viagra coin on Finance and what do we have on the daily ah not viagra coin not looking so good over here and look at these wicks I mean this is so scary I mean how could you ever be in something that does that just some like this this what the fuck am I looking out over here or this Jesus Christ man I mean don't you have nightmares looking at that it's like ah ah via huh probably doing the same thing as most Ultima this one is extra extra sloppy this one's sloppy joes with a side of fucking of news on top it probably does work its way towards 8 900 Satoshi's or something like that right over here and probably is trying to put in a low you know in concordance with the rest of the market but not the one that I want to be following right now just cuz it is certainly not a strong one it is on the weaker side of the equation so certainly not my favorite chart that I've looked at during today back on in the comments see what else we got man how a man tell that's good Probie TC says crypto days alright we can look at that Probie TC huh not familiar with this one um proppy proppy okay I'm bit tricks and hit PTC this one must be super old it's down around there daily again another variation of a triangle coming off the low again most alts look some variation of this in fact I think this one actually already broke it and it's actually some more like this we broke it out to the upside we came back retested it and we probably do come it would probably do rally off this area once again and I do think that it does hit the target somewhere right around like 3100 ish region again all the alts pretty much looks some variation of each other looking at the we claim yeah probably worse way up towards 35 over time let's see mark B says notice Karl from the moon it's actually brand the broken what I don't even know who I don't even know who that is but I hear a lot about him Michaels askin says Fett BTC up or down fam up or down fam just like a pull in a fire man's club yeah enjoy salty ground be for me thanks for that man really do you appreciate that because I actually do need more salt in my life let's see Fett BTC huh what are you making over there it smells good smells really good I am talking to you he made hotdogs what do you call them wieners can you say that for every one day year wieners what do you just had a bowl of fucking hot dogs in there eat some feed some real food for fuck's sake um since they don't have carbs shut up fair enough it's true anyways yes so so fat I do think comes down a little bit here probably probably back down to 26 or sorry 25 50 to 2600 ish region a little bit of rejection here I don't think it's cause for panic just yet I would I would keep my eyes on the weekly which are just coming back down to support but any sort of sorry any any sort of a break below about 222 sorry 2200 Satoshi's and I would say this is gonna come into in into some issues but for right now I do think that it actually does work its way off this area look do we have any sort we literally don't even have enough price section data for the for the weekly daily wants to come down yeah daily is bearish here so I I do think that the daily has some downside 2550 and then we'll reassess from there if this one gets much further down than that area I I would be very careful with it that's I'll put it that way Bitcoin poking up his head once again come on baby show me that powerful one hour till dough I'm gonna see how big and thick you can get man I want to see out I want to see your continued progress over money many many more months Travis will see says BTT BTC on daily please okay alrighty do we have enough data for this one to be on daily uh maybe yeah does want to move up probably probably back towards nineteen Satoshi's I mean it's a double-digit shit coin right so it's it's not it's really difficult to do like any sort of meaningful analysis on this but yeah it's a probably like nineteen satoshis very likely um what else we got man hey what's what's up Rick could we say that pros from the tradition from more traditional markets on average are more often going short no and could it be due to indicators reacting differently based upon based on unique market behaviors I mean that's a bunch of buzzwords there that mate that that that that our truce but do they actually play out like that and I don't want I I feel like I feel like you're feel like you're fucking on things that probably aren't you helpful to be on with could we say that pros from more traditional markets on average are more often going short no in fact no not at all especially for traditional marks for like the last ten years been in a straight-up fucking market since 2008 essentially going short introduce remarks would be a career any move for the past ten years I would strongly disagree with that do that do they go short short more often to hedge perhaps yes but that's that's a professional trader versus a retailer trader and that's for and that's gonna be for all marks professional professional trader in any mark is gonna be gonna be doing you know setups like that more often than a retailer who just like she just thinks buy or sell who up or down it's like how about how about we get a little more sophisticated with this so yeah and could it be could it be due to two indicators reacting differently based on unique market behavior I mean that's again but you know buzzwords that sound right but what's the real reason what's the real reason to hedge because in that way you have more you have more options to manage your positions than over time you can turn in what what might have been a loser into a winner and that's you know that's when you truly become professionals when you actually understand how to manage positions over a long period of time using using some sort of interplay between futures spot and and and in my case options is what is what I feel the most comfortable with in pub probably the most complicated one but but but the most powerful one at the same time in that way yes that will allow you over time to kind of do some like that but again you know that's that's a top of conversation for another day because holy shit getting to options is when I first started trading I actually learned two options and trading at the same time I would never recommend that to anyone it was very very naive on my own part I think that I drastically increased my learning curve not reduce the but increased about like tenfold Veritaserum plis says new era nine one six I have no idea what the ticker is for that one so you're gonna have to you don't have to type the ticker if if it's gonna be if it's gonna be a little more of a nastier coronate but something I mean basically I don't really know too many of like the super sub obscure alt or really any of the alts actually so please do include the ticker I'm happy to look at it just need to you know neat need to actually like nail it down okay uh let's see likes hit thanks for that third eye trader really do preach that really do appreciate that my friend marchello Dennis says crown crown crypto fam Jenny can you take a look at historical volatility low timeframes sure ma'am yeah um let's see this is hourly right here we are getting pretty low in the hourly which just say that this is revving its engines up a little bit but it's not that low see how low we can go before we start to get some behavior and here's a 30-minute right here and we actually did print some snake eyes on the you know just not so long ago about about a couple hours ago so I do think that this is kind of gearing up for a move here usually when we get in this range we do actually populate some pretty nasty move like pretty pretty violent moves last time we saw it was was early June during this during this soccer right over here setting up for this down and now we're kind of doing it once again so this one does seem to have what's going on over there what did you do you know and then this area right over here so the 30 minute does hold some merit but um overall still a little bit of waiting to go you can see from price section it is constructive though so I would get you know I you know I would give it the not but a little bit more patience in my opinion it's probably is probably to do it right I mean I suppose we could look at on the very low timeframes but you know it's a five-minute helpful for something like this not so much I mean obviously all moves are gonna happen are gonna start off when the five-minute gets very low but that's because you know a higher time term is gonna also be low as well so it's just it's just more concise to watch the higher ones feel like the big moves whereas a five-minute right over here's gonna tell you about some like this happening but again not you know not all that helpful when when when your hourly is telling you painting you a completely different picture okay back on to the comments smoke alarm nope not the smoke alarm just see I don't know the microwave alarm actually took up the smoke detector I literally ladies had to take it off man it wouldn't it would it would not stop it literally would not stop no matter what I did to it okay Kris says can you look at SN T V T USD okay s and T V T this is not this is not on training view unfortunately I do apologize about that but but unfortunately not on training view back on in the comments what else we got ma'am my wife doesn't believe me says I n sy looking cheap at the moment looking it's looking low this one looks low guys I don't know about that man I'd be careful with any time that I hear those words it's usually famous last words looking low Oh baby it's low as fuck it's low as fuck and if you like it at at 44 cents you're gonna love it at naught point no no no no no no no no not one cent this thing is a fuckin dog man it's went down all the way from a $60 $60 number to a penny stock avoid like the plague avoid like the plague Jesus Christ man what a dog of a chart what a dog of a chart yeah it's alone and it can certainly go much much lower well can't go that much lower it's it's only so far until zero but yeah it's a weekly kind of getting bought up here maybe I don't have a strong opinion on something like this to be fair but I do avoid anything that has a major down like this you know on that first pass for like longer term type shit okay over here let's see hey what's up Brian maker is the for our death cross then to our golden cross normal is it normal I mean it's not necessarily normal but what it's telling us is that the tides you know the the momentum is waning for the overall move to the upside so remember keeping in the keeping in context the longer-term look of things the longer-term trajectory we can still be bullish but it is kind of like another tick off the box saying hey be a little more cautious because usually you get a couple of snakes around on the for our death cross or Golden Cross before you get the actual trending move whereas a two-hour you know two hours gonna you know you can you can have plenty you're gonna plenty of crosses in there between the four hours we're looking at different indicators as well on the four out we're looking at the two that we're looking at simple so I'll need to I was looking at Exponential's so completely completely different not really relatable to each other actually Europa Rama says what exchange would use if you weren't trading options and stuff just looking for a good standard crypto exchange I'll still be using drivet I think it's pretty fucking good man de ribbit-ribbit is good Bob it's okay bit Mex is is a last resort if you want to trade on high leverage I just don't see how you can trade as professional where's a place like literally has system overload anytime you have a anytime you have like any sort of a move I think that's incredibly dangerous not to mention like they're quite literally it just feels like a fucking buck bucket shop so yeah those are the ones that I trade off of man I'd still try to off at Ribit Ribit is still you know still is probably the best interface as far as as far as I'm concerned um ray ace is crown you've been saying the alt whoops let's see I just I just missed that let me let me scroll back up I do want to read this comment okay ray a says crown you've been saying the alts look like they've been put in bottoms if you were in it for the long term would you get some alts now or wait until the big Bitcoin pull back towards 6,000 and lower would I would I do some now I mean it doesn't hurt to buy a little bit now but you don't have to let your whole goat load go in one blow you don't want to do that I mean ideally you don't you want to be kind of spacing these out in lots of like unless in quarter Lots or or third watts and then from there you can get in you know a little bit right now and then if you and then if you do get that move up then you can buy the pullback and then you can buy that next pullback after that you're not gonna get the absolute when I was at best price but that's good trading the moonboys think in all or nothing terms because they know that they have no skills and if they don't get in the apps we bought them then they're fucked so if you've been watching this channel you're probably not that person you're probably you're probably looking at this with a little bit more of mature mature I and in and out probably and I probably you know go as far to say that that's you you probably are already on that path so yes you know I you know if I was trading to shit coins and if I wasn't it for the long term I would be buying a little bit here just to like you know for Bitcoin did I buy in the ultimate low nope I didn't but I bought at thirty nine thirty I bought at fifty one fifty right here but that's for a more short-term position you know I'm happy to hold those for a while but I didn't buy the ultimate low and I'm not trying to get in my whole position on just one area I'm happy to do it over time so yeah anyways back onto the comments qkc ptcs is awesome den alright quart chain right q kc BTC i'm so curious what this actually is because i've just found out about what cork really is and its really a really amazing and holy shit do we have another triangle on a shit coin I think we do I think we got one more triangle on another shit coin and I've already have this one put in because well I believe I might have already done this one even probably does come back down in testy lower support of this area 280 but probably does bounce off that area that's all I can say about it right right here daily Stokes having a fresh cross down getting reject from the bullish control zone don't like that that's kind of a more more negative sign this area needs to hold it if if it fails to hold this area to a 280 you will have problems especially if you close any sort of a daily blow about 270 I mean that's gonna be that's gonna be interpreted as majorly bearish but you know if we're gonna go with mostly all coins probably is trying to set in a low right now and probably does work its way a little bit higher again you know they pretty much all do the same thing hourly just set in speaking of let's see how the three hour actually set itself because it just closed as well that's the highest timeframe closing the students we did regain the 200 temple on this one and let's look at our also does for a second nope not that there we go and let's see yeah three hours folks been coming down actually three hours tops coming down well price has been stagnant so again just allowing the also to reset we do see three hour RSI has just been crawling up above the exponential on this you know you know overall you know I'd like to set up enclosed you know what you could call a nice bull wick into you know on this support to me probably does come back down maybe test like 80 140 and then and then and then gets a little bit of a try higher all right back on to at the lower timeframes back on to the comments cagnetti own twitch says us which folks are just are just gonna have to entertain ourselves what how dare you how dare you spliff inator how dare you say something like that now let me get on Twitch over here and are you a trader or trading educator says Marcus RL I'm a trader first and foremost man that's why I show my my streamer account this is an account that I created basically just for like my streaming activities to you know to do trades weather stuff with very very a very low amount so my trader first and foremost man and then I do these live streams bait mainly because I mainly because I liked when I became a traitor I was lonely I mean that's really what it comes down to man like I actually legitimately got lonely that's why I named it crown script okay because I felt like I was living in a fucking cave I this amazing apartment in Chicago like on the 44th floor of this of this building but I literally like almost never left it and and it just became like almost destructive in a way so in that way I wanted to create a community just because it would feel good to be able to talk to someone when you're doing this you know at all hours a day man in fact I used to do live streams two to two times a day now I just do live stream one one time a day on on weekdays and and then and then just a regular video upload so yeah I would even consider myself an educator either I'm not I'm not an educator at all what I am is I'm just sharing my experience that's all I'm doing I don't think of myself as an educator or a teacher or anything like that I'm not I'm just sharing my experience and whatever you take from that is you doing something you're doing something and for that reason you know that's that's how we can kind of come together as a community not just as like a what you know like a like of some fucking you know Jesus but just more more of like you know where we're all equal right where we're all equal and that's kind of what what I'm more what the kind of community that a brother felt foster rather than like some people coming out there who want to be like fucking seen as the guru right anyways back on the comments what else we got ma'am what else we got man thank you says I'm from Chicago too bro hey hey hey awesome man yeah man I used to live in River North a beautiful place and shit wouldn't mind moving back there pretty fucking awesome but you sell a program yep I do I do I do sell a program so how is that not being an educator well for the people who want to invest in something like that there whenever send free free and open to but again man do I spend all my juice did you even know that a cell program did you drive it do I ever talk about some of the program probably not man most people don't even know that I do so yeah I'd probably probably disagree with that um but anyways de vie nous says institutional crypto platform backed will begin testing its first product physically delivered Bitcoin futures on July 22 second July 22nd the company announced in a blog post on June 13 so that's today hey not bad man so you get there's your news and I just missed a chat what do we got going on right over here a mod hey what's up a mod you one of the best online educators have had again man I don't I don't want to think of myself that way because it's not sustainable like I don't want to think of myself that way I want to think of myself is just sharing experience and then you can take from that however you want and that's and that's better and then it also makes me feel like you know we're all here together it's not like it's not like one person at the helm and then and then everyone else no I want it I want everyone to be equal because then I feel like I'm a part of a fucking community man and then I feel like I'm not so basically you can be a traitor and educate us as Derek Christopher I understand that man I just don't I don't want to be seen as that I don't I don't have any sort of I don't have any sort of intend to be seen like that Bitcoin move in we got a twenty dollar move to the upside right here could this be the time that Bitcoin busts out of the topside resistance and makes its way on to the 84 to 8,500 region or are we gonna see more the same well I'd say a little bit too early to a little bit truly to call this bitch but overall looking good we do see the hourly had another tick up on this on you know on hourly Stoke so I do like this let's get rid of this guy right over here and not not not relevant on this timeframe and we do see our the RSI looking very constructive within this region I like this man I do like this overall setup if we can take out this this prior wicks high at about 80 205 I'd say that that's probably gonna be good enough for some continuation for that for this for this formation as a whole as you know as a nice little bull flag say you go Bitcoin run free my little Bitcoin run free have your little freedom you have you a little basking the Sun and looking at my positions right over there good stay and stay nice and true and there you go Alaskan warrior says I panicked bought the bottom and was hoping for a move lower I panic bah wait I panicked bought the bottom and was hoping for a move lower well sometimes it actually works out doesn't it and there you go Bitcoin getting very nice and girthy to the upside and believe that we're gonna see that continuation that we were seeing that we were looking for yesterday happened run right in front of our very eyes and there you go very very very very nice move very constructive just coming back down testing the blue box territory that we broke out of yesterday and upwards and onwards and lovely fucking lovely oh and Prescott says what Fiat gateways do you guys use any besides coinbase Gemini I think Gemini is quite good and then anything outside of there I can't I can't really speak towards I'm not a big fan of corn-based but I don't know I get I guess if it works it's fine Leon van der wits Hudson says crowd to use a standard standard do you mean standard dose standard RSI parameters I'll tell you mine like standard deviation standard RSI parameters you mean like a 14 period yeah most often yes I do use a 14 period not not not always but most often yes hmm my wife doesn't blame me says one day are a side channel breaking out and up okay let's go check it out or we did talk about this during the mornings video and let's see if would sleep we can recreate it right over here we do see this guy well we don't really happen on the one day actually I mean you could you could look at it like this you could look at it like this it's like a falling wedge which I'd actually put well no still a little bit more of a falling channel I I guess it still works as a channel yeah it works is a channel and we have regained the exponential on this guy as well that does tell me that we are constructing it and probably do break this to the upside these are more likely breaks you up side and actually I do put a lot more weight on formations that I see on the on on all site it's like the RSI then I do on price action funnily enough already back on the comments crypto kitty says it's all a bowl trap and a bear trap just have fun thank you fair enough fair enough dare Christopher says your opinion on the volatility indices like tea mix and VIX you ever traded them yes I have and I don't like it I used to trade you vxy it's not fucking fun it's not it's not fucking fun man I don't enjoy yeah especially you know it some people some people can make a fucking killing on them and you and you certainly can and and I certainly know plenty of people who have but myself I do not enjoy many I'd rather actually have I'd rather actually look at stocks that like have you know let you know like actual stocks essentially cosmos cosmos hey man we're diverse cosmos it looks the exact same pretty much you know Bitcoin pump and have a look uh kind of not really I mean it I mean just just actually sold off about forty bucks from the hive but but overall yeah I do like it have you looked at a theorem yet yep and I'm guessing that it's probably moving up as well here and probably gonna be reaching towards our 264 area not so not so yep but overall again looking at this looking at the for our this is just consult this is a nice this is a nice healthy consolidation and it is prepared for a move to the upside I would say probably to work towards like the 270s number and above um-hmm okay what about the three days Bitcoin Stokes's Alice Leone's I mean we can look at that and they're gonna still be down at imagine and again you know this would be rounding out the bearish case for this it certainly would we do see three-day Stokes actually headed down below the critical territory which it's usually the time where you do see some pretty nasty move populate so it is you know it is consideration and like I said it's the weekly and the three-day that do show some pretty some pretty compelling bearish scenarios but based off of what we sent off of like when based off of what we seen off of BMB I do I you know I do think that it's possible that we do get a little bit of a fake out here and these guys actually end up spending some time trending in the more critical zone just because those ones they've been so strong and we do see Bitcoin really fighting for it and on the lower timeframe is very obviously rheic you Malaysian so I would say that that is less likely in my opinion what's up a k-11 Green dildos all around today fuckin yeah man let's get those green dough's out and flying around and get these disgusting messages off my training view again okay all right let's see um man there's I I really would appreciate if you do need to meet if you do need to reach me it the worst way to do it is on training viewed plea its its best on discord if you really want to reach me Steph and says nano BTC thanks a bless you we can look at Nano for a second nano BTC on Finance and what do we have here yeah probably is trying to move its way upwards again most also trying to put in try to put in lows right now I think that this one probably does work its way back up towards 2200 Satoshi's 22 50s region what I dismiss over here it what's up Rick a blind man walks into a bar and a table that bastard fuck'em let's string him up and then since I got wrecked FOMA when yesterday at 80 join it and stop lost at eighty said oh Jesus man seafoam you phone me to answer the stop loss you know a bear at a bad area I actually pretty much did the same I didn't FOMO but but I did have a stoploss in a bad area but that's you know that's the progression of make like less and less mistakes as I've talked about it you know going on words and upwards so yesterday you know I had that stop-loss on a position which ended up being profit it was it was essentially take profit but it was the wrong thing to do it was it was bad trading on my behalf but of course what do you do after that what do you do after making a bad trade go make a good trade there's all there's an abundance of opportunity there's there's there's you can there there's always a next trade there's always a next trade now say as you know as you get more and more comfortable as you get more and more experienced your bad days your bad days turn into you know get better and better essentially okay what I just missed on over here holy moly man that's a long message it would stop serious laughs how you doing man thanks for all your help and the time you took to give me a few words after I screwed my account amen my pleasure man I you know I I can sympathize with that man I've done it before myself and and it really meant meant a lot to me when someone else came up to me and it had a little bit of a chat with me because I didn't I like II until you actually go through that you're you're not you're you it's hard to relate to someone who has not going through that so so I wasn't happy to do that man it's it's you know it's it's it's it's one of those things like just fucking talk it out it's gonna be okay if you can stick with the game typically speaking those are major learning points anyway sorry I didn't even read your whole message been working on myself before getting back in just wanted to say that those few words really helped amen my pleasure am I totally my pleasure man and again anytime man at you know anytime you want to talk about something like that I think it's really important man it's really fuckin important because I can't tell you how much it helped enough when when one of my mentor spoke to me the first you know the time that I blew my account and just to be able to speak to someone like that and then understand that he had a similar experience himself this guy who I looked up to for so long who who incredibly successful incredibly fuck successful he's telling me that he law you know he was releasing a million dollars in a day – it's like Jesus Christ it's like oh my god okay so the world doesn't end you can still work off that it's still very devastating it still really hurts it feels like a punch to the stomach you feel like you feel like how can I go on after that but you find a way mount you find a way if you really want to do it you will find a way and it sounds like you're the kind of guy who who comes back you try to learn from it and that's exactly the kind of person who will be successful over time so that's awesome and that's that's super cool Jason Russell says can take a look at manager man sure um okay man aha ma na BTC it sounds like Nana um let's see daily is this another triangle on the lows it is a triangle on the lows I think it's a triangle on the lows it might be a triangle on the lows holy shit I've got another goddamn triangle here probably comes back down and tests 680 is region though probably does come back down in test 680 I feel like I just missed something on Twitch a wolf EU cases as a move to 10,000 still in the cards and could that initiate the sell-off yeah still in the cards still could initiate a sell-off although I don't think that 10,000 is really like a target I think like 95 hundreds of target then maybe like 10,500 if we were to like really you know wrap the upside engines but of course that's really far away from we're really far away from that right now let's see Jason's silic says thoughts on Adam alright man we already looked at that before but we can look at it again 8 Adam yeah this cosmos right cosmos yeah a little bit of a rejection here on the lower timeframes it looks like but what's a 4-hour looks like difficult difficult to get this one nice little following much coming off these coming off this run I do you think that this one does break it to the upside and does work its way towards like a 200 ash region that that would be kind of what I'm thinking on this one overall this one does look ok we do see for our slopes crossing back up to the upside I do like what I see here looking at the daily you know pokin his head back above I do I do you think that it hits its target this target before anything else and then we'll kind of reassess from there but yeah overall you know okay oh you know okay and it looks like it wants to looks like it wants to try a little bit higher okay already can you take a look at Yas please sure man sure let's see EOS down around where's my EOS there we go 656 where all the mods man I feel like I haven't said hello to the montesque as beats here is is is Bilbo t bagans here is his caretaker here where are where are my friends alright back on – whoops Yass Yass probably me doing the same thing that bitcoins doing I'd imagine I'm actually a little bit a little bit more lackluster Lee but the second that we see EOS retakes 665 I do think that you're gonna see a similar move to Bitcoin probably move him back up to the 7 and a quarter ish region I do feel quite comfortable that it probably does do something like that for hours looking constructive right here fighting on finding top of all these moving averages I do I do think that this one breaks it to the upside again we do see for our Stokes still headed up what about daily daily have daily are very far down there and and with and with and with EOS kind of redeem elated within this region between the 50 and the 21 I do think that it breaks it out to the upside and probably moves its way back towards like $7 region and then what kind of reassess from there but again most this market does the same thing now it's a little bit of a laggard right now however all right back on to as a comments mods are asleep time to show my back there he is calves what's up man good to see you calves as always my friend as always counts the master of ceremonies AES as short of beware or I'll release magic Chi buff chief our ball chief fireball I'm talking about Cobras over here baby click clam on Oh Christian says what about icx BTC or oMG and greetings from holland hey halt in my favorite country man one of my favorite countries at least until I until I go to Switzerland we can look at icx on Finance and what do we have here we can see another try is this another triangle it's another triangle it's a triangle all right we got a triangle baby how's this triangle broken out to the upside I I think that we're gonna end up redrawing this one probably but technically it has broken out to the upside and kind of failing to break out so far not so much of a break out III wouldn't I wouldn't I wouldn't get optimistic about this thing until I can break about 500 Satoshi's we can do that then yes I would I would be looking for that next major leg up but right now coming out of some pressure actually okay what I just miss over here um hey what's up Turkish how you do a man who's up for the K fam meet up the cave fam made up man first we need to get a island and second we need to get a super yacht and then well and only then can we have a cave meet up it's probably to happen with bitcoins at $20,000 man that's gonna be so much fun holy shit and I've actually been thinking about that quite quite recently you know it would be very very cool actually to actually rent out a villa or maybe even just buy a villa I'm sure that they I'm pretty sure that they're quite reasonable and somewhere and somewhere like Spain or Thailand and could just do something like that and it'd be pretty damn cool be pretty damn cool anyways what else we got Elias boo not says what do you think about the 4chan prophecy a Bitcoin we are going to 990 200 by the end of July I don't I don't know anything about fortunes prophecy and ID what I do know about for chan is that probably probably not trust them for financial devices so yeah Alex driver says D GB weekly analysis please how low will she go let's check them out let's check out d g/b BTC on Polonia ax man does anyone even remember Polonius anymore it's great exchange yeah this one this one a very obvious just wow this one's just obviously a piece of shit holy fuck d g/b just completely complete rejection and flop Wow Wow I I would have not been expecting that thank God I don't trade these shit coins but yeah this one I would say it's probably heading back towards his prior lows of 127 well kind of reassess it after that I don't know how Bears don't wanna get on something like this just because most all coins seem to be put in lows right now but d g/b is not putting in a low g DG b is looking at ugly AF very very bad very very disgusting yeah this is your daily right here date you know date daily does look like it's it's gonna try to put in a low but week least we've got a lot of work to do man it's got it's got a lot of work to do I think I think a little bit lower before we try anything anything else maybe like 130 to 127 region and then we'll kind of reassess but needs to have a good reaction there otherwise otherwise big big problems big problems villa in Ibiza please oh I'm down I'm in baby I'm in I've actually never been do I beat them rad black but I'm guessing one of the Canary Islands must be great for that kind of shit though must be must be amazing Shawn par par pot says let's look at not a piece-of-shit coin and look at link actually let's do that yeah link one of the most strong coins in the market one of the leaders as well actually funnily enough isn't on hey major exchange it's not for finance but we do see a little bit of a comeback right around here I do you think that this one has a little bit of downside probably back down to the two tests of twenty one exponential right around 14,000 so she's I do you think that it probably tries to bounce up or at least piece together bounce off that area but overall I do think that this one's quite constructive so while we do have the daily stove's Crossan and downside no do you think that we have some downs out here I you know while lower timeframes probably do bounce off this area probably do you had lower over time do you think that it gets picked up probably somewhere in this region here between about 12 513 to 13,000 that's kind of weird be looking towards and an overall would still remain bullish on this for the more longer-term just based off the weekly and I do think that that area is gonna be a buy if we do get down around there because the weekly is still bullish it's just a lower timeframes that look like they want to have a pullback and I do you think the pullback has some more to go so lower timeframes a little bit more of a pullback higher time frames still bullish plus island this is dr. Lewis nice I like that too okay Jason Russell says can you take a look at man a man to please daily we literally just looked at him and we literally just looked at it and you you were the one who asked me about it did you even did did were you even watching it's doing a triangle coming back down to 680 it's it's it's a shit coin look listen man if your if your shit coin chart if your pet chick well this one actually does isn't making new lows Oh fair enough all right never mind never mind still creating a triangle dome and still looks pretty uninspired crowd why don't you trade a theorem says inverted Quasimodo there's not enough liquidity and don't really feel they need to man I have my hands full with Bitcoin I'm completely happy with what I'm doing right now I don't feel the need to be in a million different coins it doesn't make you better trader to trade a million different coins at once it makes you better trader to make money if you make more money than you're a better trader if you trade more coins doesn't necessarily mean more money Mellon me lon musk says loom BTC spicy fundamental spicy fundamentals what does that mean fam loom BTC over here on let's go bitch Rex straight down on the lower timeframes yeah probably went back down to 90 85 and then we'll reassess from there if it does lose 9 85 then we're probably to come down much much further towards 8 80s region not a fan of this one on the daily weekly looks ok though so I would say that the weekly does probably get bought back on up somewhere around this region over here at around $9.99 80s region and and then we try again higher but for now a little bit more of a pullback I would say okay Evan white says hey crown have you looked at bat B to see what's up with Evan let's go look at a bat B to see how about that bat BTC on treks and what do we have here we got a daily daily coming down daily looking droopy eye I really don't like to setup I really don't like to setup man really don't like this next level support is 30s 3750 now do I think it's actually gonna get there do I want to be bearish on no but I mean the weekly is better the release is fucking bearish we the weekly is bearish be fair again I have a very difficult time being bearish on this though right here I feel like most also trying to put in lows and i and i'm and imagine that bat probably does as well you know maybe it does hold off of this 4,000 ish level here but technically yes if I had to get my straight-up opinion on it I would say probably does come back down to 37 50 and then we'll kind of try balance attempt there is probably what does happen I bet coin let's see how these positions still doing well still doing well all right good good awesome great and let's go back on over here okay in back on over here okay Benjamin says hi crown after reaching 8500 area what is a key areas the key support to watch key support from 85 I mean well supports gonna be somewhere down here like it like what we just broke out of basically somewhere right around here like 81 50 to 80 200 I think you mean maybe resistance what's what's the key reason well no I know I guess you are meaning support yeah so somewhere down around here between about 81 50 to 80 200 would be the key support that's what keeps this drug does the strut the bullish structure an intact if we start to lose that start to violate that then you got some problems but for right now looking for this move to get a little bit higher is look is looking good to me duh it does look like it wants little bit more em okay Shane Overton says can you look at you AAA okay what is this you is this United no it's under armor under this is under armor I thought it's just you a I used to trade this one it is just you a it was literally just you I traded for like one day right mm-hmm I guess they must change their ticker weeklies coming in right into resistance man I'd be looking for tops in this area I'd be looking for sells in this area and we do have a little bit of a top you dildo right here so I do think that at the very least you get a pullback over time back into this region like right around $25 ish area that's pretty strong resistance on the weekly I wouldn't I wouldn't trade against that but not trade against up okay mizore says yo crown what's up oh sorry men's or how to make profits in bare setups assuming zero flat zero zero Fiat embarrassed asset wait what how to make profits in Bear well you short I mean I I I guess I need I need more color background to really understand what you mean by this just cuz this conversation could be taken like a million different ways exposed says that's insensitive I'd like to hereby apologize to any who I hurt with my statements I know it's the real condition that and Yvonne will find a cure soon XR purge I mean peanuts hey exposed how dare you how dare you big from press-on says white litecoin is struggling like one's been one of the strongest ones why is it struggling right now well it's kind of like had you know kind of like hat it's nice little run and whoa this is not that's not like that's that's not like when let's go to like one right over here I mean to me like winds actually really came later right now I think like coin is gonna actually give another try higher towards 139 and probably probably back towards one 40 41 42 I still think it's quite possible that like what actually does hit my target of 146 but we're pretty fucking close already so and I don't know did it already get hit did it in order to get hit that's that's close enough right there that's pretty fucking close alright back on in the bit cones and back on to as the comments enj BTC fam let's go check that out film enj BTC it's gonna be maybe putting in a triangle maybe it's putting in a triangle maybe it is definitely put in a triangle holy shit it's like this chart read my goddamn mind right now we're putting in triangles all over this bitch prod comes back down here to 7 to 18 her to satoshis and probably bouncing off that area triangle is it a triangle it actually might be a triangle Zil BTC please said started from the PIO TM what is P o TM Zil BTC fam on maybe I guess I guess by Nance um what's this one doing yeah I do think that it pause back down here towards to what is it's like 266 region and then we'll kind of kind of reassess it but um I'm gonna guess what the weekly looks okay yeah weekly looks okay is a rejection so far the Red Tent symbol but I'd give it some time I get I'd give it some time I do like this as you know it's kind of like a turn around dildo right over there looking at weekly Stokes we are pointing back up I do think that it probably tries to put in low as well with the rest the market but for now shorter-term probably does come back down into this region like to 65 to 70 years region and then and then kind of reassess it from there but I would be looking forward to hopefully reverse crown the triangle trader I'm gonna tell everyone bastard you bastard I'm not I'm not a powdered traitor I'm not a pattern traitor I swear I swear I was with my Stokes the other day I promise what's the worst thing about what's the hardest thing about rollerblading telling your parents that you trade patterns there you go [Laughter] Sean pauper's says can we stop the shit coin wheel let's talk about how to get chicks how to get chicks first don't tell them you're invested into magical net money because they're not gonna understand what the fuck that means exactly second I don't know man Vegas is a good place oh yeah some gunk on my keyboard not like that the bad context of conversation Frank Abel says fam fam sharing experiences and having fun without building dependence on it is a heist it is a high level skill crown just because you can't just because you claim not to teach doesn't doesn't stop us learning hey man I'm learning I'm learning as well man when someone comes up to me and says hey I know this about that or hey I'm a miner and I know this and in this and this is where you and this is where you might be a little misguided or this is where you should be looking about the miners that's extremely healthy when I learned to in natural communities all about in fact just just yesterday just yesterday one of the guys from the discord one of the guys from a discord hits me up he says hey man I know that you've been eating a lot of shit ton of ground beef and and here's what you should do if you know if you want to make it even better take you know use this salt and cook with this sort of specific oil it's like holy shit man I don't have fucking time in my day to figure that shit out so thank you so much for telling me that because I that that really does help it really really helps and that's exactly what I mean it doesn't even need to be with directly to trading because that sort of thing will help me actually will actually help my trading that you know by by tangentially speaking but overall you know it just makes my life better in general and that's exactly what community is about man so I don't want to I want to consider my eyes I want to consider everyone on the on like an equal playing field that's what I always say is you is an egalitarian society where you're only as good as your last trade but there's always a next trade so net you know never a lack of never a lack of opportunity here QM says Josh flat Oh cutie um on let's go Bitcoin on maybe Trex Trex gonna have some good price action history nice move on the lower timeframes higher time frames yeah probably wants to works way up up as well I do you think that you get another test back into this region right around 44,000 satoshis most likely looking constructive to me daily Stokes gonna pretend across back up weekly weekly looking like it's constructive as well trying to put in a low probably does work its way towards actually like 50,000 satoshis I'd say overtime I like it man III think it's trying to put in a low man just like most things in this market looks about the same as like a card ano right XRP please says come easy fam alright let's go check that out fam where's my XRP fam over here let's see I guess vs. the bit cones what you want to look at maybe you want to look at verse starved if so just let me know are we sitting in triangle is a triangle getting destroyed right now maybe let's actually go look at the dollar valuation dollar valuation is poking its head up so I said during this morning's video that I was looking for x RP to move it to move it a little it's a little caboose up and I do you think that I'd still be looking at somewhere right around 40 G's 42 cents region putting in a nice nice triangle right over here actually and I did you believe that that is likely to be resolved to the upside overall again looks looks good to me alrighty um I heard him talking about miners what about miners bell the bell like I see how you doing man how you doing balle what's up Bally poor what do you think of tone Vaes te notifications surface ma'am it does he really have that he will show it he'll basically like sent send you a text if if you get a 9 well oh okay okay okay okay I mean Theron I guess he's an entrepreneur he's he's an entrepreneur a fair enough you know fair enough there you go I've no I've no words many Alvarez to take round is there any resistance around 80 200 280 220 I mean yes it is this area right here are perhaps not 80 200 280 220 but it's the 200 simple on the to our little time from that I'd be really going off of right here this has been such a great guide for the for these past moves both the white turn it's simple and the blue three 7-7 exponential any time that Bitcoin gets lost below the chordae next minute I'm sorry the turn is simple on the two hour it actually gets accumulated between these two moving averages we've seen this for the past four to five months in this area right here in this area right here in this area right here for a second another another example right over here and and then well before that it was you know in a downtrend so complete opposite but my point is is that each every time that that that Bitcoin does that and then breaks out back above again the white turn it symbol that's when your next big move actually does typically populate itself so kind of seems to me like where she's setting up for another move like that here you'll pair paramore says hey crown you told me a good exchange a few minutes ago did you say derp but I can't find that at all yeah it's – ribbit man actually have a link in the description of this video it's an affiliate link full disclosure you don't have to use it if you don't want you just type in Durban at the top of your screen but if you do scroll down in the description of this video there'll be a link towards towards de ribbit and that's that's that's what you're looking for also check out their test net – man again if you are new at a trading but you don't you don't want to put up like real money before you actually start trading right okay hmm um okay alrighty Cody Hill says King cry just just Krong I bought Yas at 670 – a week back when it erect to erect Yas USD yeah we are look we already looked at the man I do think that it moves back up to $7 most likely if you know if my memory serves me correctly if you see Bitcoin take another leg up here you're gonna see EOS take another leg up towards that seven dollar region but need to see Bitcoin actually break this territory first so we got 24 minutes and 26 seconds left to go if we can actually close this next to our dildo above this 200 simple then I would be looking for that next leg up hey crown what is obv says Exodus obv is on balance on balance volume it's an also – that basically just aggregates buys vs. sells not my favorite indicator and something that I found to be very misleading during you'll probably notice no one start no one was talking about the obv indicator during the bear market that's because the obv has been found to be very very unreliable during actual downtrends and downtrends are well usually where real traders are made so obv I don't think it's that useful oh me see plea Oh me see go please please please all right man we can look at he meets ego but I can't promise that I have anything anything remotely nice to say about it this is maybe at the top of my shit list for shit coins I mean any any time you see a chart like this it's like what the fuck am I looking at this is this is garbage on a chart and then and there was lit on fire and pissed on with gasoline but what do we have here what do we have here is this a triangle is this another triangle I think it might be another triangle holy shit holy shit fuck it's another goddamn triangle its triangle inception on this bitch do I think that it moves up off this area probably probably does most also trying to put in Lowe's this one probably tries to put in low as well Daly Stokes get a little bit tired there what about the weekly house will be looking like weeklies just consolidation I do you think that this one moves up in tests like 27 700 then probably beyond towards 33 500 ish area weekly stoves frost backups yep side as well you know I do think that it moves up here like most the market all the all the all coins all the shit coins look about the same again all coin Chicoine used as a complete term of endearment not as a term of I don't know of mean in 10 I guess Q and T is the strongest coin should should I foam Owen I don't know about that man I don't know about that can you take a look at AT&T sure man sure AT&T where where is it uh uh um what what is the ticker for it it do have to put in an and goddammit where is where's the ansible oops there it is alrighty here we go AT&T incorporated and let's go to a daily ok AT&T this this one's a little bit interesting kind of creating a bear flag right now in a way I'm doing something like this but is this the right read on this is the real question is this the right read on this let's go to weekly and check out what it's doing yeah I would say that this is actually likely a bear flag but no it is a bear flag but you're gonna you know laugh but I do actually do think this one breaks it up to the upside this is a good setup here with the weekly Stokes cross back up to the upside and also price section finding finding support above all these movement averages here I think this one actually moves its way up back towards 34 bucks technically it isn't a bear flag though but I don't think it plays out like that the Junos not triangle usdcad oh you bastard Geno's thank you for that man USD CID right over here on oh and a– and he said one hour looking for 133 okay um one thirty one thirty three four six zero so that's all the way up here um okay I need to go to a higher time frame really get this one actually but while we are here in the alley hourly Stokes back up like that hourly hourly Jewell bouncing off this region right over here good hourly RSI has regained the exponential okay also good let's look at the higher time frames for a second yeah I do I do think that it does give a test towards this area but 130 ya 133 40 yeah yeah I'd say actually even a little bit harder than that probably right here right on the red tent simple and the dailies I'd imagine that it probably does get a test look at daily Stokes actually looking like they want to cross back up to the upside and price action looking like it's having a pretty damn pretty damn good movement off that you wanted exponential intro on it simple I think this one has a little bit more upside to go I think that you're putting in a low right there actually I just minced another one I do pogs about that Essex hammer says that USD T um we gonna be looking at another trial probably not another triangle if this is versus USD T but we can't do that on Finance and what do we have here actually is kind of putting it someone trying a little bit of a bull flag right here a little bit of a bull flag I suppose you could say something like that or if you want to call it a triangle symmetrical triangle or bull pennant whatever the fuck you want to call it does have a measure move on it if it can if can't confirm to the F side so they can't confirm to the upside anywhere above naught point naught naught 771 then I would be looking at a target an implied move of around naught point naught naught 8 5 right around here but ya lookin constructive looks like it wants to move up I think it's okay I just missed another one let me get let me get down to that Jason Russell says thank you for everything just a nice message that's all thanks Thank You Man I really appreciate that that's awesome thank you Jesus just really flattering that's that's super cool all right back on a Bitcoin how we doin mr. Bitcoin we got 20 minutes ago 19 minutes and 35 seconds left to go for this next two hour for hour and eight-hour deal that you all set themselves in stone so the waiting game begins but anything above 70 we're sorry eighty one eighty I do like anything above eighty one eighty for this next close and I think that we do get that continuation towards the 80 500 ish region somewhere that somewhere around here and so far looking okay but 20 minutes is a fucking eternity encrypt occurrence land so do keep that in mind as well the prodigy says crown can you please take a look at BCH BTC Sherman trunk which has been forming since April okay BCH BTC triangle since April huh I'm guessing I'm guessing we look at this one let's go – lets go – gee Dex I don't really know which one's the best want to be looking at since April huh so this area right over here no that's not a triangle I would not identify that as a triangle this is an incredibly sloppy chart is what it is but I do think that it is a bullish consolidation that does does eventually lead towards some upside probably back into this region here about naught point naught 5 7 thank you for that and so let's go to the weekly for a second yeah weeklies holding up holding up heroic lis above the yellow 21 expansion damage so I do think that it does it does actually try to you know move its way up here you know from here it's getting accumulated along this line as we do see weekly Stokes get a little bit weaker to the downside which does tell me that's likely it's not gonna take too much to get these guys across up – yup side so anywhere above naught point naught 5 185 and I do like you know do you think that you get that next move into this region here so yeah I I do think that it you know probably does fall through the upside not a triangle though I wouldn't say that's triangle ok webdev newbie says crown how important our counter closes I see a lot of traders waiting for them but do they really mounted that like that yep they matter they matter more more than anything else to me actually more than anything else where the dildo closes it's telling you where the boss algorithms where it wanted that dildo body closure otherwise you're just getting intra you know intra shit data which is you know very flighty and floaty and you've probably seen you've probably seen dildos that that that have traveled you know millions of points in just in you know just an hour so you want to know where the Boston daggers want to target that for the for the clothes not where the intra you know in Trudeau to Lea's what I dismiss along no twitch twitch scale what's up Scagnetti thanks for that man crowd saw your crown sorry related position on ustream account and for the first time I'm I'm in position lower than you looking up nice hey no well done man that's I'm fucking happy for you man there you go there you fucking go you're taking it and you're doing now you're doing better you're literally doing better brought a smile to my face there you go there you fucking go man that's that's super awesome that's super fucking awesome man and good on you for taking action man super cool um back on choose a comment down here don't che me L&D versus aetherium I just don't understand why you want to charge something versus aetherium I guess maybe you just want oh my god it's on hit BTC oh my god oh my god what the fuck is this shame what the fuck am I looking at – dumpster fires being charged against each other probably does move its way up here a little bit probably does move its way up here a little bit probably back towards whatever the fuck this number is what is this like three hundred nine thousand whatever ethers buta rolls the fuck you calm okay alrighty BRD versus BTC man I don't know why that's in all capitals man what was a br br DBT see what is this bread bread coin oh Jesus Christ what if what are they gonna think of next what are they gonna think of next um pretty good move here pretty good move here let's go to a weakling um I do think that this one has a little bit more upside actually I do think that this one does try back towards 7100 satoshis I think it's got I think it's got some more to that run I think it's got a little bit more overtime you know that's a little more of a long a you know the longer term look here's what the lower timeframes look like here yeah too many what's in this area don't like that don't like that come on Bitcoin show me your power um bodyguard says crown litecoin has 6x do you agree by now as foaming and retarded no well I mean it depends on your strategy it depends on your strategy like if I'm buying now for a scalp for the next hour is that is that buying and retarded fuck no if I'm looking at a longer-term trajectory if I if I maybe own like a five year like a two-year horizon probably not the best time to be doing it right here but again I do think that it's gonna have a pretty massive massive pullback probably the next couple months but I'd still be waiting for that that's that's probably next big one Cass beat says why use caps it just makes you seem ignorant yeah again I just appreciate it you know if if you use all caps just like speeches just like spam a message it's it doesn't help the discussion because then it then it then it might incite like other people to do and then she becomes like a fuckin you know cesspool right so it's but it's better to just kind of ignore that kind of shit rocky G says hey crown how you doing hey thanks man thanks for asking I'm doing all right I hope you're doing well thought someone Bitcoin tops it will flow into all coins Cena's also putting in Bitcoin comparison lows just like when Bitcoin topped at 20,000 um yeah kind of I think all to do best when Bitcoin goes sideways and doesn't actually dump to all damn hell or pump to all fucking heaven I think all to do best when Bitcoin sideways and consolidate as you've seen so I'd say yeah that probably does come after Bitcoin stopped and then it goes into a serial into a period of consolidation and then he probably get your big down where the where they won't do well where they likely won't you do well there okay already mm um Steph says drunk really helps me arse I you you still give positive and friendly advice when when we get wrecked really helps me to stick stick to it when I want to bail I mean again man here's a thing you know if you are feeling dis if you are feeling disenchanted with learning how to trade or learning how to do anything understand that this is a skill just like any other and it's gonna take some trials and tribulations in order to get that skill under you know under you know under your belt we just make sure that my my cell phones well and good over here let's see did I get that right alrighty cool nevermind all good so yeah you know when you're learning the skill it's not gonna be a straight it's not gonna be straight line there it's gonna be it's gonna be a pretty true it's gonna be pretty fucking hard path really and I'm not in might here to tell anyone that learning how to trade is gonna be easy it's not I'm here to tell you I'm here to tell you that trick that learning to trade it's hard as fuck at least it was for me but you can't do it it can be done and you know it's for some people might take longer than those I think for myself it probably took a little bit longer than the average person but but again you know it's one of those things where you have to come at it from a learner's mentality where you're always learning because you never truly become a master even my mentor who had been doing this for 40 years he was still you know he would still say stuff like I don't fucking know or here you know you'd say you're tough like you know it's just it's just there's just nothing to do here you know stuff stuff like that was very sombering to see that you didn't you don't always have to be doing something and more important it's okay to make mistakes you'd always say it's okay to make a mistake just just get out of it as soon as soon as you make it and then you're ready for the next trade and you keep yourself alive and you live to fight another day and that's how you keep yourself alive to have more repetitions over time which is where you do become a professional over time where you actually do it you know attain that mastery level um okay already what else we got ma'am what else we got it's easy to trade just not for profits as paranoid yeah there you go two men there you go you know it takes its time but just like anything if you speak to anyone who is a master of their craft like a world-class athlete or a world-class businessman or a world class realtor or a world-class fucking speller whatever it might be they spent their times and they they've had plenty of plenty of failures and I can tell you and I can tell you myself that I've had my own failures of course I've gone broke before man I've been like legitimately broke like zero dollars my brain count going to the grocery store and not being able to like buy anything that kind of shit that kind of broke and that was one of the most enlightening and helpful experiences for myself ever because I knew at that point I did not know better than the market because at that at that point I did think I knew better than the market you know that's what led me into that and so I learned okay you can never know better than the market you have to accept what the mark tells you so we need to reconstruct a new frame of reality that incorporates this you know this truth of the world so that we can operate and actually succeed you know with trading and and then and then over time you know you come back and you learn those very painful lessons but a painful lesson is only painful because it burned something into you that you will remember forever and you remember forever you construct rules that you will never fucking violate once those lessons happen and that is why it's very very important and unfortunately most humans not not all humans but most humans do Lu do do learn the most through pain you have to you have to go through pain in order to want to make a change you won't change until you have gone through pain you probably aren't interested in in learning how to treat you probably aren't aren't interested in in like listening to someone else talking about trading until you yourself have have have you know had your own trouble with trading you know for myself when I first started you know out you know as dogshit man and then basically my mentor my mentor basically picked me up and he basically took me took me under his wing got very fucking lucky with that but again those sorts of things those sort of experiences are so fucking important so fucking important towards anything it's not just with training but with anything and that's why that's actually why I love trading so it's just an Al Gore life in general you know it really really is an allegory for life and so we'll teach you a lot not just about how to trade but about yourself and your own in your own kind of shortcomings in your own you know where you have where you maybe have deficiencies or where you might not trust yourself or where you might be afraid and all that kind of stuff and it's very revealing in that because when you do have your actual money on the line you are actually making your own decisions that is a life-or-death game in a way and and you will be shown all of those insecurities about yourself extremely quickly okay cool um yeah man I mean that's that's what it's about just pay it forward I mean you know one of it one of the best things that my mentor told me is like I'm like how do I ever repay you like how do i how do I ever fucking repay you he's like you don't you just pass it on that's what someone did to me no that's what someone did me it's like okay alright I'm that how it works you know and this and this is not just a way this is almost a selfish way of me passing it on just because well I'm like like I said this is I like having the community around I like being able to talk to people I don't like to be fucking lonely all the time so yeah man it's it's you know it works both ways right anyways okay cool all righty what else we got man what else what else we got yeah all good Spencer man all good Spencer an OG in the cave as well how you doing mr. Spencer what I just missed on twitch over there let's see aka $0.11 he liked that man yeah man I can talk about that about that kind of shit all day I mean really you know you know if you're not ready to make mistakes you're not gonna learn anything you're not gonna learn anything think about like when a baby's learning to walk they fucking fall down on their face like a billion goddamn times before they learn how to do it but now you probably don't even think about it you don't even think about walking even though there are so many different processes to get down first before you even learn how to do that right you know you're bit you're basically simulating like a fucking fall every time that you walk it's just you pick yourself up with your other foot you know even thinking of it not like in that very basic sense you know kind of brings you full circle just because when you start to try to do really really it really really complicated shit no matter what it is it doesn't matter what it is it's all the same process it's literally all the same process just a different you know a different area whatever it might be so the same process of becoming a professional you know you know mentally in it's like an athlete it's the same process is become a professional trader or the same process of becoming a professional like Ryder or something like that it's all the same thing you you learn you learned through those mistakes and you learn how to persist and then over time you just have to trust in that fact that if I if I keep on doing if I keep on getting more experiences if I keep on getting these reference reference points it's just a matter of time given granted that I have the right knowledge that I will you know I too will become a professional and there have been studies done on this and it's something like about 10,000 hours to become quote/unquote a master at a skill although you're probably gonna get pretty fucking good at around around our 3,000 so there you go and if you're like me and you stay at these charts all hours of the day like 10 hours a day 12 hours a day then it's probably not gonna take too long before you there it's really I can take too long hey what's up cpt Z thanks for that man I learned my most valuable lessons as a trader and the secret ta there you fucking go man there you fucking go Bitcoin sorry body guard says crown but what about a 70 year old man putting his entire 80 thousand dollars into big connect he learns from mistake and recover from from this shit well I mean we don't know about his overall count value but this is why you want to get those experiences while you're young because then that gives you more time overall and with more time comes more opportunities and with more opportunities to get better you'll have more reference points to go off of and that in your brain will burn all of the necessary things in order to in order to be able to deal with all these very diverse and adverse and adverse situations as well so you know if you are 80 years old I don't know if this is a real story if this is just like if it's a little bit of a troll but if you are a tease year old and you just wasted eighty thousand dollars some thick connect well hopefully you live hopefully you live a lot longer okay man I'll put it that way and and and again who knows maybe eighty thousand dollars was nothing for that maybe $80,000 was like literally less than 1% of their net worth well then then you got plenty of top then you got plenty of plenty of ammo too to keep on practicing with okay Felipe Bello says um crown I bought your program last week on ta and I just want to say thank you you put a lot of work into it and it shows great content like your life feeds hey men really happy to hear that it's so fun I so fuckin awesome when I hear shit like that man just cuz I mean yes I did put a lot of work into it but more important you're getting something out of it which is what is intended to do like it doesn't mean anything if I put a shit ton of work into it and then no one gets anything out of it it's like that's that's not the that's not the something goal I mean shit man we've actually had a couple of guys go like actually quit their jobs and go full on full full-time professional trader like who started they started like basically when I released a program like a year ago but it's really fucking cool it is really fucking cool to hear because I I remember talking to these guys when they first came in and they were telling me they would tell me what they wanted to do and now they're doing it and now they're fucking doing it man you can see the smile on their face you can see you can see like the light in their eye as they do something like that it's just like where does that lead towards you don't know the positive effects the ripple of positive effects that can happen just from just from a simple switch like that you just you don't fucking know it you just don't know it anyways Bitcoin about four minutes and 47 seconds left towards us next to our four hour an eight hour total close and close themselves and send themselves in stone if we can't get this next to our dildo to close anywhere above a eighty 180 which we are two and a half dollars above right now I would say that this is likely to be get some continuation up until the 8500 probably like 84 84 50 to 85 fiftyish region somewhere in this area right over here so do you keep your eyes on this we got four minutes and 26 seconds left to go I'll stay on for this closure but I want to read some more comments in the meantime Bitcoin damp in suspense emits I don't know about that man maybe on the five minute a little bit of a dumping dump here but yeah it's kind of coming under pressure I suppose for this you know for this very dramatic event we can stay and and hang out on the lower timeframes to crack time frames you guys think $10 town is dumping there Joe I need I need like five hundred dollars or more at 4-4 dump äj– Bartek celery says he got recommend simply put it's when you don't exit the position against market fair enough fair enough greetings from the Netherlands hey what's up rainy how you doing man good to see you man let me let me get back on to twitch what did what a twit just do Scagnetti says remember everyone at everyone money is great but lifetime is the most precious asset 100 set time is the most precious asset you can always get more money you can always make more money you can't get more time you can't get more fucking time so what's more precious time fucking time for sure if you get rekt in the markets learn and move on 100 sent there 100 cents it's always a learning experience if you let it be I've seen recent stories of people ending themselves due to horrible trade learning learn yeah exactly man and believe me when you make a horrible trade when you make that first horrible trade you will think of her love of event in your life shit man I mean I you know it's it's a dark topic but we can we can get into that too man but that is where the biggest growth happens when you get hurt that when you feel that much that much pain that's gonna create an equal amount of growth if you keep on working towards it if you take the you know if you take the losers way out where you just accept the loss and you accept and accept the accept the failure that's when you don't experience any growth and when you actually devolve you actually devolve on that or you stagnate which is also devolving as well because you are getting over you're losing time so that that whole equation goes down as well but yeah man there's there's always a next train there's always a next rate in a market with an incredible abundance of opportunity like this holy shit and in your life off something like that is is is you know it's it's quite it's really really sad just for that reason Oh Bitcoin giving it up in the last few seconds of this don't do a Bitcoin don't do it come on baby you got a hold up above this eighty one eighty ish level or else or else you've been a very bad boy let's just check out how the two hour for hour and eight are gonna be ending here we do have two hour right over here to our to our is still finding its way up and I do think that the two hour is probably gonna pull through regardless actually but again that's just my opinion I do not trade in my opinion for our looking looking decent as well for our could have a hood up could very easily have a pull back into 80 150 ish region but I would be looking at that as you know it's just as just that a pullback a tower a tower looking okay taking everything off yeah we do have a nice bullish engulfing a tower so I do like that we are gonna be getting a bullish cross of the yellow 21 in the green 55 right over here and also on top of that we do see it our stove still headed upwards and onwards we do see a tower our aside very constructive and working its way through the neutral zone after a prolonged stay in the bearish control zone so one minute and 33 seconds left to go let's see if we can pull through on this baby we got five bucks above the pivot point come on Bitcoin dude do your magic I'm gonna see how big and thick you can get man paranoid says did you watch the that film out of time hysterical Justin Timberlake nope no no I can't say that I have day what's up daddy can feffy there he is Bitcoin I can't take it anymore come on baby come on you can do it mr. Bitcoin everyone join hands and sing the praises of our good Lord and Savior goat Jesus who will bring Bitcoin up from the depths no holy in that way can we all have salvation Stephen Dury CEO says Modelo beer chef's salad for lunch huh interesting nice Lachlan Smith says is this just gambling how do you learn from gambling losses it's it's random what the fuck do you learned this is not gambling and that's it if that's all you got from this you're 100% misguided and what this is looking like this is all about statistics and about risk reward yes there is there is an element of surprise obviously yes it's it's not it you're not you're not ever gonna get one humber cent certainty on some but with statistics we can come up with actual formulas that will give you the cess you know over time not everything's gonna work out though it's not fucking random it's only gambling if you're a gambler which yes most people are and it sounds like you are not really aware of how of how to actually take that next step into being a little bit you know taking these a little more especially and thinking in risk/reward terms and and hedging terms and point you know and point it in that way rather than just all-or-nothing muunour nothing it not in most moon or I'm wrecked well then then yes it is fucking gambling and you're probably probably will and effect over time but that's you know that's the easy way right that's the easy way and usually the easy way is not is not gonna be the most rewarding way okay already what else we got man we got 30 seconds left and there it is hey closed above not bad not bad so the two hour does closed above the each one it's simple the first time in about a about 10 days yeah about 10 days and I just want to remind you that's before I get off here so I'm gonna start I'm gonna start to wrap up things right now but basically this is very significant to me because we do see the 2 hour 200 simple getting taken out to the upside this is our first close above in a you know in quite some time we did we did accumulate between the white twin and simple in the blue 370 on experiment we've seen this exact same setup many times before we saw it right over here where Bitcoin broke down below it off of a very nasty red dildo party stay below it Okemo to be between blew three 7-7 exponential and the white join is simple once it broke back above the white turn it's simple right over here then boom we tested a little bit and upwards and onwards the time before that was well obviously right over here if we can get down to it same sort of set up breaks below the white joint and simple on a nasty red dildo party Rhea cumulates on the blue 377 exponential and then once we break out back above the white turn and simple upwards non-words and what about the time before that right over here you know same thing right over here and same thing right over here and before that was well basically when when it was a bear market so it doesn't you know it kind of kind of completely the opposite actually looking at this right over here we do have a golden cross on the two hour dildo time frame yes bitcoin is coming back down a little bit but I do think you know I would be leaning towards the upside here I do you think that bitcoin does continue the upside overall I'll be managing my trades that as long as we are above this pivot right here this this this eighty what do you want to call like eighty fiftyish pivot maybe eighty one we'll call eighty one hundred as long as long as bitcoins above 80 100 I do give the knowledge of the Bulls and I do think that bitcoin gets more continuation again higher time frames are still looking like they have some upside we do see daily daily a daily stoke still pointing to the upside we do see daily RSI has regained the exponential as well and and we do see that Bitcoin has regained all major moving averages so I do I do like that as an overall set up and I do think that you know after Bitcoin has a little bit of a pull back on the lower timeframes I do think that we get some continuation I would only change my mind I would only change my mind and and go back to neutral if Bitcoin does violate this blue box here if Bitcoin violates about 80 100 to the downside I would no longer want to be long and I'd probably be looking for I probably looking for some probably looking for some downside all the way to well below 8,000 again them and then we'll talk about that later but but for now all is well and good and I'll kind of leave you with that I'll be back on tomorrow some more video and live stream analysis looking forward to see you there as always want to wish you well and take him


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  • Thanks for your honesty in gains and losses. Helps to know every trade is not a winner even though some people on YouTube try to make you think they are always in the green.

  • I love your video bro, I think you are the best trader in the space. and very happy person, you are a very good guide, I'm learning a lot. looking forward every day for your updates and opinions, keep up. thanks mate. I always put likes 🙂 the only moment that I put a mute on the audio, is when you sucking up water from the bottle, sounds horrible, sorry but I just had to tell you lol, but of course you can do what you want.
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    Hey Krown, I've become a fan lately. Learning frantically about technical analysis with your videos, plus just cracking myself up all the time. Can I ask you for a favor to share some more of your targets on stop losses? I notice that I time my entries right a lot of the times, but I just get stopped all the time as wel. Would be great to have some more perspective on that, mate! Keep up the great work! Thanks a lot!

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