LIVE Bitcoin Bears BEWARE! July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

LIVE Bitcoin Bears BEWARE! July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

you well well well we're all back once again bring a friend it's Tuesday morning over here from crown skirt okay wish you a very happy and healthy and profitable and relaxing of course as well Tuesday morning over here from Chicago now Chicago Illinois and as always we got plenty to talked about Bitcoin has just been doing different things every fucking day that's made of the game fun and very very unique situations going on right now so with all of that said I do want to follow up with what we spoke about yesterday during the love live stream and the uploaded video because my god we're seeing things actually prefer as a lot more quickly than I thought it was gonna happen but of course that's why I time analysis isn't something that I think can really be done but price analysis is something that I think can't be done anyways oh you know at you know at the end of the day I always want to be wishing people want to be pushing people the best the best that happens the happiest as we say I want to waste no more time and getting a live scene right here right now as I do initiate that teleportation and there she is there she is wait wrong screen that's my turbine account I suppose I should start right here just because I am so holding all the same positions that we spoke about yesterday as the music dies down and the mood has been set deadmau5 get the fuck out of here because we got some very important we got some very important business get down and dirty into you right now but basically still hold these positions long because well we never really hit the area that I was looking for a 2d risk below I think it was eleven thousand eleven five or eleventh knows eleven six is what is where it's gonna be risk under so now because Bitcoin has taken the next leg up I just moved my mental stop up somewhere around probably twelve thousand what imaginable getting the charts just second I'm actually having a fresh look myself and with that said as always want to show that I have skin in the game want to show that well you know I you know not not not always on my positions gonna look great or you know not always do the workout but I do think it's important to be transparent as well again skin in the game the most important thing and I've just actually read this book called skin in the game buying the sim Talib fucking phenomenal if you're looking for a new read check that one out because my god really helps explain a lot of these concepts that I think go by the wayside in snow perhaps encrypt air currents Lin so with all that said let's go to the live scene right outside let's go to the Bitcoin analysis right here and we do see daily following through so more importantly we saw what we what we need to see yesterday to look for continuation and that was really just take out the you know the prior high of this swing high right here this local high whatever you want to call it right around 12,000 in 50 bucks it looks like so overall Bitcoin you know taking that next leg we did get to my next target of about twelve thousand nine hundred a few bucks shy of that we got to twelve thousand eight hundred eighty three and spot forty eight cents on stamp right here so close enough this close enough initiating the pullback after that and that's well you know just trading at the end of the day a lot of people gonna be selling this area just because it is kind of our prior you know another little swing high right here I mean in fact kind of the closures of those past daily deals I just want to make sure that I'm actually recording okay I am recording Mike is working it looks like as well and by the way hopefully today I believe it is today I'll be getting my main computer back I couldn't be more fucking excited holy shit I'm so tired of this laptop it's great it's awesome for what it is but my god man just the things that I want to do cannot be had by this laptop I'm killing the fucking CPU right now and the GPU running this hot and Ivan and I'm not even really I'm a very low bitrate and not even running half the things that I want to run so mana can't come soon enough but hopefully today and we can ramp up all the productions and do everything that I've ever wanted to do my life and everything and more perhaps anyways looking at our also ders we do see daily Stokes I follow me through so this was also why yesterday I was looking for that continuation why I said we were likely to resolve this consolidation to the upside the daily Stokes have been phenomenal in getting the overall trending move so the the crosses in the same side of the direction of the overall macro trend have been phenomenal so that means you know in this case the upwards crosses the bullish crosses ever since we switched around the mark cycle in about you know January February these have been phenomenal so we just actually cross it up right over here not only that but we actually defended against the bearish control zone so that tells me that the balton algos are basically you know buying off this region and the last time that we saw you know just a general cross up was riding over here on the 9th or 10th of June which one which was when price action was around eight thousand dollars led up to this next six thousand dollar trying to move over the cup you know the next two three weeks and time before that was actually writing over here out of this 5500 airspace leading up for a move from 5500 to almost 9,000 actually so these have been pretty fucking good and let's actually pair this up with another you know another confluent chill factor and that is the daily RSI so you'll notice that the RSI has an exponential on it and when we see the when we see the RSI across the upside of the exponential while daily Stokes cross the upside as well so this is happening you know simultaneously those lead up into some pretty nice moves so we do see an example right here Bitcoin has regained and confirmed above you know above the exponential on the RSI and more importantly we're also just also in between the bullish control zone in the neutral zone right in this region so that tells me that the overall consolidation the overall malaise of this you know phase is well likely you know likely to be resolved to the upside it's a bullish consolidation and the time before that where we had you know a very similar setup we had you know we had daily so across the upside right here on the 10th of June what else happened on the 10th of June well actually on the 11th or 12th of June we saw the RSI cross above the exponential as well and same thing right on over here so you know all those areas getting it and when we have those confidential factors typically we do get some nice moves especially coming out of the same sort of base so I do like the setup right here it is I suppose it is a little bit concerning that we are kind of redlining the historical volatility percentile it's so high but you know it can certainly stay high for quite some time and Bitcoin overall it's actually still consolidating as you can see I mean we're not really we haven't really resolved the overall consolidation until actually break back above about twelve thousand nine hundred twelve thirteen thousand and close it daily above there until that happens you know still just kind of consulting from a higher type of perspective of course lower timeframes they're training they're having all sorts of fun but but you know I always want to kind of pull things back because I see a lot of people truant you know getting stuck in like the minutiae of the lower timeframes which is you know it's fine man I'm not here to be your dad or tell you what to do it's just for myself in sharing my experience it you know right now is the time to just make things easy for yourself this game's already fucking hard enough so when in doubt pull it out in the higher time frames you know have been quite quite generous recently and again that's just how I'm judging these trades right here I have no real reason to close these as long as the structure remains and the structure is as long as we're above about twelve thousand this little swing high right here I'm completely fine holding long I mean it's more importantly looking at the overall structure in the moving averages we're above all major movement averages we are we have the Golden Cross you know months and months ago and we're above the yellow 21 and my rule is is that when you have the Golden Cross and you're above the 21 well I'm not bearish off of anything that looks like that bearish meaning like a much more deeper retracement you know for the people who are talking about it move down to like 90 200 or 85 hundred I just don't think that that's even appropriate to talk about in topics you break that area it's just not not even reasonable what's up in possible turn my mum says my mom says you over five nanos well god dammit that I've had enough your mom she's fired get the fuck out of here just kidding sorry I'll be get a new audio interface tomorrow as well so that's so so so my artistic clipping of your your earholes probably gonna go down a little bit do pause about that I get I get again points about this every day I'm probably not gonna stop doing it but I also want it you know I just want to say hey sorry sorry about it anyways looking at daily right here you know all major moving averages are getting that nice divergence away from each other we're seen at the purple 200x bench moon average really get that deference away from the blue 3 7 X minus mu never so the longer-term time frame trend is real fluent version of a cup and handle is all along the way we're breaking above the you know the last prior local high so to me this is you know this is overall good this is overall healthy and I do think that we break this actually further to the upside I will have some targets much further you know much much higher as we move along and this actually is really starting to look like a cut like a again of really really fucked up version of a cup and handle but we have seen these in the past with with Bitcoin land let me just get over to this really quickly it's gonna be is it gonna be a shit coin request is it gonna be yo Bitcoin oh man what's up Randall McMurphy how you doing my friend yes there you go go Bitcoin go fucking love Bitcoin oh man I love you Bitcoin it's a great song by little Frank Sinatra everyone start singing now that's awesome anyways yes so you know if we actually do break above and start closing daily dildos above about what is it about twelve thousand five then yes I do think that this will actually initiate you know a measure move much higher and again and this is not good technical analysis what I'm doing but I have seen this work out in the past and cryptocurrency land it's a making and basically making a new formation up because this isn't technically a cup and handle but it's it has the same indications because it is a real cumulation we do see the same sort of implications you know apply and it actually would be pointing towards about $14,000 so if we can get that next daily little clothes anywhere above about 12 for 12 5 I would be looking for a move like that and that's also gonna become fluent shal with based or a prior high which I think you know is gonna be a natural you know a natural target from this timeframe perspective and you know for from my own personal opinion I do think that we work our way higher over time but of course it's always important to to you know identify and separate the lower timeframes from the medium timeframes from the higher the macro timeframes and you know when we're talking about a daily we need to incorporate and you know in adhere to a daily you know a daily schedule so to speak speaking of I have absolutely no daily schedule man I am still severely jet-lagged holy shit man when I go to sleep I wake up every like two hours it's so awful I can't wait until this is over but I really do appreciate all the people have been reaching out to me with with what's it called ideas on how to get rid of it it's very very helpful and I'm just doing my best right now but unfortunately unfortunately last night was another night of a little bit less than optimal sleep so with with you guys so that let's actually go down to the lower timeframes now and then we'll go to the and we'll go to treaty more macro timeframes a little bit later but lower timeframes are actually showing a lot of things right here so we'll go over to bit Mexico and so we do see this nice sell-off about six six six 69% right off our second target right here in this blue box territory but if we've just grazed barely but hey close enough is close enough a lot of people a lot of boss algos are gonna be having to target within this region remember now is the measure move based off of this ascending triangle right here so you know a lot of people just gonna be targeting this area and getting rid of their cones you know so to speak within this region just by the nature of their programming so the pullback to be expected now comes the real game do we break back down below this blue box territory right here if we do I will have to de-risk I will be happy to do risk as well and that's currently coming around about twelve thousand two hundred so it depends how how conservative you want to be let's say both are equally as valid we have we have both twelve thousand pivot and twelve thousand two hundred it depends what time frame you're really looking at this on but I'd say that twelve thousand two hundred is probably the better way of doing this so I'm just gonna get rid of this twelve thousand area right here and in run with this guy so as long as we remain above the bottom of the you know the the bottom of this blue box territory right here which is actually outlined by the to our yellow 21x countryman average I do think that this just just overall kind of follow through and you know just kind of melt higher if you want to call it that so overall that also means if we actually do break down below twelve thousand two hundred close like an oddly double below there I'll be looking for a move back down at the very least to twelve hundred or sorry twelve thousand but I do think lower you know lower after that we probably come back down and test and retest this trendline right here the same kind of trendline that's been holding us up for the past what is it like we had you know half week of events which is coming around about eleven thousand five hundred eleven thousand six hundred but I'm not really leaning towards that happy now I do you think that Bitcoin does you know consolidate this region spent some time going sideways but I don't necessarily think that we have that much retracement to be had here but again my opinion is irrelevant I do not trade my opinion technical analysis what I trade because my opinions fucking bullshit if we break this area I'm happy to do you risk a little bit and I'm happy to actually take a trade off here and that is just you know again equally as valid of you know the trades you know the trade idea force it's not financial as my French revisor this is not a signal group holy shit man I've been getting so many so many messages about crown do you have a signals group you know can I join your service group I don't have signals group that's exactly what this what this is not about you're in the wrong place if you're looking for a stimulus group I give out all my positions freely I show you exactly what I'm thinking exactly what I'm doing there's really no surprise with what I'm doing I mean I mean I'm sure like paid groups fucking love this because I literally just give away exactly you know everything that I'm doing for free but you have to realize that you know I'm also trading options against these positions so they may or may not may or may not apply to you and you know I can take you know I can be completely wrong on spot direction but can but still make money based off of options and right now I do have a little bit of I did actually add a few likes to my options right here let me actually bring it up and come on baby there it is yeah so I basically shorted some more out of the money calls for premium once we got up to about twelve thousand twelve thousand seven hundred twelve thousand eight hundred started selling these thirteen thousand five hundred strike calls on my streamer account then these twelve thousand five hundred strike calls once we you know took a little bit more of a tumble down and then to kind of you know hedge it up I did actually put on a little bit of a strangle a very fucked up strangle on the eleven thousand five hundred strike so I basically have a whole you know basically a couple spreads going on plus a strangle Plus straddle and short some short some out of the money premium but this is this is actually getting quite quite fun now so I've been having a lot of fun of my streamer account just cuz it's big enough to actually handle real positions now and again this is an account that I started with about five hundred dollars a little bit more than a year ago with and again you know you can you can watch that account grow over time and what I really want to show it that with that account is yes I did get a little bit lucky here and there absolutely no doubt about that but more importantly you know over time with you you know with with just following very simple rules and being very patient you know you don't really only takes a few trades with with with with good risk management and good and good and good leverage to kind of build something up and you know you know it takes time right it takes his time but everyone's always looking for the Grand Slam and I really want to be the person who says hey you don't always need the fucking Grand Slam in fact one of the things that my mentor used to always beat into my brain he said hey man hit some goddamn singles right now we need some singles baby we need some fucking signals saying not signals but singles if you're familiar with baseball so in baseball you know I'm sure that most people know this but a Grand Slam it's like you know the biggest of the biggest homeruns it's you know it's bases load it's like it's like the biggest deal ever very rarely happens and it's you know it's massive now for you know for or singles though though you know that's probably one of the more easy things to do and what I just missed on over here what's up the x-factor is it gonna be a shit corny request can we can can you lose on a strangle and straddle absolutely you can you can lose you can lose on on anything man it is you have to be you have to know how to cover yourself if things go against you that's how you don't let mean you can lose on any position ever I mean it's it's it's all a unique situation right so anyone who says that you that you can't that would be completely asinine what I would say though is it does give you a lot of options with how to manage positions and especially when pairing it up with my spot underlying positions right here again I'm about 17 and a half Bitcoin long so you know when I'm short those those in the money calls but also short some in the money puts sorry yeah sorry out of the money puts kind of lessons that up and I'm still actually long about 10 deltas on my account so I do you know that's probably what I'm comfortable with Craig Jace's could be double top what do you mean double top like get up to thirteen thousand nine hundred and then and then head back down I mean I do think that bitcoin backs off once we hit about thirteen thousand nine hundred yes very very likely but you I think that we reverse back down to new all-time lows no not really I'm not bear should all here man I'm quite bullish in fact I do you think that do you think that Bitcoin makes new new new yearly highs within the next couple months and I do think that you know what well we'll get to that a little bit later I don't want to get I don't want to bring up the plumber bullshit right now I really do feel bad about kind of you know talking about those more those more sexy topics which I know are really good for YouTube views and I know that you know people who are maybe a little bit newer into this space love to talk about you know you know Bitcoin to fucking 50 billion thousand it's like that's not even a number but it doesn't matter my point is is that you know Brett gets views and you see a lot of other youtubers doing it but I want to show what real trading is I want to show you know how to you know how to take these things over time because I don't even care what direction Bitcoin really goes as far as a trader you should be able to make money in all sorts of dynamic environments and that's really what options are for options allow me to really have it really have kind of a you know a pressure off mentality with with regards to managing positions because I can be you know we can be in a complete range as we have brick I mean really this has been arranged for the past you know few weeks within this guy we're just consolidating but I you know I don't care about the direction I can still make money based off that because you're you know you're basically to selling premium and pot you know pocketing the talk in the premium and in that you know that that makes it a lot more a lot more easy on the soul if you want to call the Juno says do you feel like you're still improving your trading yes absolutely 100% man you you know one thing that really learned is that no matter how long you've been doing this no matter how good you are there's always some room for improvement so nowadays you know you know a bad day today is like what a good day was you know five years ago but you know it so it gets it gets better and better over time and you know as you tighten things up and as you kind of you know know to notice a few more things and you know tighten you know just a little you know little piece of the puzzle here a little piece of puzzle there and just over time you know increases your you know it increases that you know that equation you know the the equation of risk management plus what do you want to call it risk management plus edge equals results you know over time if you want to that's that's not the right way of explaining it but you get my point right so yeah man you know it gets better and better over time you know something like I said I've been around some of the best traders in my life and they were all with even some some guys who've been doing this for fucking four years they're like yeah man I think I'm I think I'm getting better and after and actually I've gotten even I think I've gotten a lot better once I started doing the YouTube as well so it's been a little bit more of a selfish endeavor just because when I have two rheic splain these concepts I've to go back in my own mind and think about okay does this actually make sense do I even know what I'm talking about here or is this right and sometimes I'll say no actually this doesn't really make sense and I should let go of this and sometimes I say yes actually this makes sense now I've come to a deeper understanding and this you know now is you know it's is now ingrained a little bit better and you know into my brain so yeah absolutely man 100% you know I you know I've been doing this for about a decade now a little bit about a decade and and you know I still feel like I do get better yes absolutely Blair Blair says you're very appreciated thank you for hey thanks man I appreciate that man just a nice little message massive massive appreciation for that my friend and thank you Madame Asif gratitude so yeah Bitcoin does look like it wants to extend the pull back a little bit here I do think that we probably come back down and test the yellow 21 right around twelve thousand two hundred ish region but overall again my big point is with a stream like this is to not get lost in the minutiae of the lower timeframes I'm not I'm not concerned about the lower timeframes I'll only do you risk if we lose this area right here it's the higher time frames that say hey stay long and keep your Long's but also remember you know this may or may not apply to you because of course it's not fun interface and my positions are from much lower you know these December futures this would this was one Bitcoin out about a sorry the futures had about 500-600 or premiums so you know that was when Bitcoin was around eleven thousand one hundred eleven thousand two hundred you know these September these September futures you know 150 and not even had a premium on it to these perps really a 39 30 entry which I just fucked up a couple weeks ago really really embarrassing and yes I still make mistakes to man you know that's something that I could get better at right there is you know I just I was going too fast I entered into an order thought that I was doing it on futures and said I was doing it on purpose and then I destroyed that beautiful you know thirty nine thirty entry but that's okay you know it's more of an ego thing right because does it really change the entry no it doesn't I just added more contracts onto it that's really all that happened the you know the piano the piano and the you know in the way that it kind of operates so you know still remains the same anyways with regrets what we're looking at here lower timeframes we are seeing lower timeframes really start Shuba turned down we do see two our slopes down but you see our least oaks down as well and usually when I see these two things line up I am looking for pullbacks in lower timeframes however it's a little bit late to kind of talk about this you know on it you know on video because really the big pullback was you know the the the obvious area was right here from about twelve thousand seven hundred not that well this area right here yes it to get into our region but the second one right here once we've said in lower hi now it's the time to you know probably takes them off so what you know I do things with options I didn't take anything off my my spot positions but basically you know this is how I see it from a lower timeframe perspective this is what we're playing this is what we're playing between twelve thousand two hundred as a low and twelve thousand nine hundred as a high a breakout of this range is the next you know is the next kind of training move although to the downside I don't necessarily think I'd call that a trendy move but I would be looking for some if it moved down here towards about eleven thousand seven hundred is region and for back out to the outside then I'd be looking for a move towards about thirteen thousand four hundred region right here so that's kind of what I'm looking at that's next you know four hundred five hundred dollar move and right now we're just playing between these regions right here so there's really not all that much to be doing unless you are playing actually options right now and you know that's something that then you probably benefiting from that what's up rh do you think options are the key to trading for you yes absolutely this is you know this is where i come from man you know remember i was a market maker in equity options on on the floor of north doc change arcus so this is what i actually learned first and what i feel most comfortable with because options options are allow you to be wrong on direction but still cover yourself and still make money and so i feel like i have it's gonna sound really really stupid but I feel like I have fearless trading when I'm playing with options because I can enter into a spot position and and you know kind of throw caution to the wind in the way of course it's obviously going to be built you know based around these same concepts that you know that I'm sharing here you know around specific inhibits but I don't mind if it goes against me I'm not I'm not afraid of it of me being wrong because I know that if you know with a little bit of careful plan clever planning with options I can still turn that into a gain and and that's you know that's the whole thing but options I think really I think people don't like options because you have to start thinking in terms of risk reward and and you know not not hitting a home run every time I think most people want to be a moon boy or a doom boy to be fair meaning that they always you know want to see things go straight to the fucking sky or straight to the fucking ground and realistically you know with with options it's it's gonna be more of a range and you're gonna capture you know premiums and you're gonna capture ranges but you're not gonna benefit from the whole move you know if you're selling I never I never really buy premium either except I actually do have some long calls right now how long did it take you to become familiar with them I got really lucky because remember I was around some of the best traders in the world with we got some options when I first started and being you know basically you know under the tutelage of you know a couple guys who've been doing this for you know thirty thirty years was my first mentor and my second mentor was 35 35 years in about 40 years by the time that he finished and and and it took me still a while it took me about six months to even understand what the fuck it was took me about a year to be able to trade them and about a year and a half to you know be somewhat profitable with it but remember I'm kind of a slower learner man I don't think that I pick up these things quite fast but at you know but also to my benefit because I because I think that I do struggle with things at first it forces me to go a little bit deeper into into you know internalizing these things so I actually after like really really really really really think about it and because of that you know I I think that I come to a you know a good understanding of something instead of just like regurgitating a definition and kind of going off of you know robotics which is not really understanding something to begin with that's more just like you know robot computer behavior but anyways my point is that probably people could do it faster than me I'd imagine that most people could probably do it faster than me I am I'm a slow learner I've always been a slow learner but but yeah anyways you know not now I've been doing it for a long time so it's kind of like the back of your hand after a while but for right here you know Bitcoin lower timeframes like I'm saying I do look if it might have a little bit of downside we do see three-hour Stokes probably probably crossing the downside as well I'm gonna yes we do we see them across and down side these have been pretty damn good in calling a local highs and local Lowe's the last cross to the downside we had in this region was on the fourth of July so that was during this kind of toppy area right here at about 12,000 leading on for a move to the downside of about almost $1,000 right here so again you know I you know I do think that we have we probably do play out a little bit of down in the lower timeframes but higher time terms I want to be very clear and and very transparent with saying this I am still bullish on higher time frames so it depends wait you know how active do you want to be on trading do you want to be scalping the lower timeframes and fucking you know shitting your pants each and every time that we have a volatile move because these ranges are so fucking big or do you just want to focus on the higher time frames and and and be a little bit more easy on the soul what's up Robin Morris can you stick green and red dildos to that window behind you course can he'd agree to the point of Eid to correspond to your short it to your long and short positions actually I do have some things that I uh that I will be working on but like I said right for right now my my setup is extremely extremely small for what I wanted to have it's about 15 to 20 percent of what I really want to do and hopefully today I'll be able to set up most of it so perhaps by the perhaps my video upload tonight you know you know how most of it but I don't wanna make any promises because these dealing with these fucking shipping people has been such a fucking nightmare holy shit man these people are incompetent as fuck it's not even the Estonians anymore it's actually Americans and it's just you know talking with them is I don't even want to talk about it right now man I'm gonna do a bad mood anyways three-hour you know again do we have a little bit downside here perhaps and then same thing with the four hour I think that we do see for our stoves cross and downside as well yes we do so you know all of the lower timeframes kind of inter luding into the medium time for him saying hey probably gonna back off when we do see these things match up with each other we typically do you know at the very least go sideways and while I am overall bullish on Bitcoin well I do identify this as a very bullish structure I do think that we come down in the very low timeframes but remember and you know am I going trough this fuck no I'm not instantly going short at all on Bitcoin you know especially when it's in an overall macro uptrend just like last year I wasn't I was an interesting going long you know everyone was always trying to buy 6,000 I just wanted to sell anyways going through the medium timeframes we do see we actually do see a good structure here so you know mediums time frames I still find 10 that or that was six-hour this is 10 hour Turner looks fine as well 10 hour looks like continuation to me 12 hour also looks like continuation to me even though we do have this nice wick right here as long you know here's what you can say from the 12-hour perspective this is very very deductive type trading but it does work you know as long as we remain above the high of this prior 1200 right here which is about what is it 12 105 so kind of like the lower the lower end of that blue box territory I don't think that we have a pullback actually I mean I don't think that we pull back any further than that area if we do break this area so that one of two things can happen we can either close an hourly dildo below about 12,000 200 or we can just take below the low of this dildo at 12,000 105 on Mexico if one of those two things happens I would say immediately we're not immediately but very very very very like that we do come back down to the 11 7 region to 11 6 region I'm actually not leaning towards that happening you'll notice that the higher time forms are still actually looking good here here's 12 hour Stokes plenty of not plenty of room to go but still going and in still quite strong and they can certainly stay up there for quite some time and they will during strong training movements which I do think that we're gonna enter into an actual training movement once again and the reason why I said that is because we're gonna we're about to get to in just second by going on to the higher time frames this year to day to day is breaking this consolidation see very very clearly and obviously if we see a to date it'll close which closes later on at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time anywhere above 12,000 12100 I'm looking forward trying to move to the upside I'm looking for more look at this we're gonna see two day Stokes cross the upside as well and they're actually defending against the bearish controls are sorry against the edge of the bolts control zone so bowls remain in control as long as we remain above about 12,000 or 12,000 100 I would be looking over the next few days to see continuation from this region we also see two day RSI popping back up into the bullish control zone so again I'm liking like I'm liking what I'm seeing from the higher time from respect if it's the lower timeframes that you know probably a little bit of a little bit of down you know here and there but higher time frames what I'd be focused on right now as I do you think that bitcoin is getting ready to trend once again looking at the three day this is actually this actually solidifies my thoughts a little bit more we do see three day actually confirming yesterday's dildo above the prior high so that's confirms this as a little bit of a short-term local low and reversal pivot and I do think that we work our way towards this are this Nasseri well we've already actually got into this area so far but let's look at our momentum also there's a good old mommy chicken Tenney's all sweaters these goddamn didgeridoo oscillators right here which actually operating pretty damn well we do see three days so coming down this would be the most this this would be one of the more concerning things on the board right now I promise get to that chat in a second but I do want to talk about this this would be one of the more concerning things just because we have seen a similar signature like this in the past where a Bitcoin you know it'll get it'll basically get one bounce off of the critical zone after getting above it and then we get a flood down and those typically do call some pretty nasty retracement so you know an example right here we get above the critical zone boom one you have a little bit of a bounce and then flood down and then think them right over here you know boom one you know bounce it up right here on the critical zone and then flood down and then same thing right here and say anything right here so typically we only get about two tribes within that critical zone we're actually you know already got it right here and we are kind of you know coming down so that would be the most bearish thing that I can come up with but I'm actually not I'm not learning I'm not leaning towards that plane out I am bullish here to be very very clear and you know again for the higher time frames I am bullish on them what do we have on our sorry I I do think it's worth mentioning this as well we do see the green 50 exponential moving average crossing the upside of the white 200 simplement average right here of course this is you know not a huge it's not not like a huge deal anything like that we're just getting more lower periods above higher periods which from a longer-term time frame perspective you know operates well looks good to me and well I do think that you know I do think that it just strengthens the trend to the upside the last time that we saw the the the green 50 exponential moving average cross the upside of the whites wanted simple we actually did have a pretty nasty dump in fact is this and I don't mean to call up the fucking fractures right here I fucking hate the fractal talk whoa that is a huge fly out there oh my god that thing's massive my god man that would scare the shit out me if I saw it anyways anyways why am i talking about that no one cares anyways my point is that you know I'm not I'm not talking about fractals right here but more importantly this just does you know setting the long the longer term strength and the 50s bench moon average on the three-day total time from actually does become a pretty nice base from a long term training perspective so coming out of the bear market of 2014-2015 you can see that we actually never even really break below the 50s potential in fact we just tested a few times but each and every test is is a major buy we have so we have a couple right here the next time happens right here and I don't think we yeah I don't think we get anywhere near it until the you know the highs put in a few years later so my point is is that going forwards here the 50 exponential the green on the you know on the on the Tuda or sorry three-day total time frame I do think is you know that's that's going to be a major governor price action going on words and force and you'll notice it actually lines up with something else that I've been talking about for a long time as well and that is this dotted trend line that goes all the way back here to the genesis of bitstamp the one kind of outlined by these red the these red arrows which is a great indicator of what phase the mark Sekulow we're in when we're below it it's a great accumulation phase but also selling on selling on the trendline it's amazing and and once we break above it that is you know your bull fades essentially where you know you want to be a buyer in that trendline now if you know if you can so you know we go parabolic after breaking out of it right on over here once then twice blow off our top come back down in base on the same trendline here all throughout 2014-2015 then go parabolic again and blow off her top and then we actually break to the downside right here also confluence hole with with what we saw on the break on the on the 200 X mention moon average on the weekly both very important so cancel it with each other and we do see you know the same signature as we saw right and over here as we saw right on over here in in 2019 where you know as a good accumulation phase and once Bitcoin breaks back above it again well what happens nice and glory times and you see that Bitcoin does respect it we have retested multiple times here and we're you know where's that 50 exponential moving average gonna be coming in around it's probably gonna hook around and line up with this region right here so let me get onto the let me get onto the comments cuz I just missed a couple and I feel like I feel really bad I miss people's comments John Addison says bro my mom is the worst flier – hey hey good man what's up John Addison Sam says how much of your profits are from spot versus options um I don't think of it like that man I don't think of it like that because it's they're one in the same you know I don't I don't really separate the two they both work together so I'm using I'm using spot in you know it in confluence with my options so I options to cover my spots so it's like which one does it come from well both really I mean which one which one comes first the chicken or the egg it's it's like saying where'd you get your what do you get your profit from a stop loss or or a take profit it's like I don't know it's depend depends it also doesn't really matter it also doesn't really matter they should be used together with each other more importantly so I hope that does help but yeah this trendline still very much robust and I would say that this trendline you know unlikely to be broken anytime soon as you jus see when we do get above it you know in the past we stay above it for quite some time and we actually you know relatively speaking we just got above it a couple months ago so I do think that this trendline is be a base of price action you know and you know I kind of like a low governor or sorry a low or a potential low guide or if you want to call it that basically calling the lows you know probably for a couple years to come at the very least and that would imply that we could actually you know look at price action going forwards here I won't do this too long because I've done it I've done a million times I'm gonna believe this stuff for like the more long-term analysis but if you were to just go to the end of 2000 just go to the end of this year at 2020 or sorry beginning of 2020 you know this trendline would come in right around about 13,000 if we just go another you're out to be coming in right around I think like 30,000 or something like that right on over here yeah it's that this is beginning of 2021 so yeah 31 32,000 so you know longer term I am bullish on Bitcoin I've been bullish on a big one for for a while now and I'm still maintaining my bullish stance let's go over here to the weekly for a second weekly weekly is looking like continuation for most importantly as well and here's gonna be the big thing for this week no pun intended but if I put on the TRO under bands you'll notice that were actually pushing the top 20 band once again as we spoke about was likely yesterday so with regards to this I would say that at Bitcoin does close this next weekly anywhere above the top strongly band which is guess what yeah I mean guess where it is it's right above that next pivot of 12,500 then I would be looking for the training move to begin and I'd be looking for Bitcoin to you know take stabs actually much higher 14000 extremely likely I mean 14,000 extreme likely 15,000 and 16,000 also on the board so that's what that's kind of where I'd have my eyes on for the next big training move in the next big indication of that likely to happen I want to see I want to see this next weekly close above the top Trender ban again that's 12,500 remember though that's gonna be confluence show with confidential it sounds like confidential with the lower timeframes as well so I really like that these things match up with each other but this is the top of our blue box territory right here so I would go as far as saying that hey if Bitcoin does break above this region it pick one actually closes above this region on a four-hour total timeframe right here we're likely to see the weekly fall through so I would you know either whichever one happens first I'll be taking trades off of for the more long-term next training move again targeting you know targeting areas much much higher like I said from a lower timeframe perspective 13/4 gonna be an area of interest then of course 13 9 14 thousand and fifteen thousand after eleven sixteen thousand after that so the weekly will set that one but of course that doesn't you know that doesn't set in stone until a p.m. on Sunday Standard Time so it's you know it's got it's got quite a quite a ways to go and I'd take a sip of this water make some damn thirsty right now ah there we go I noticed realized I've already been talking myself for an hour or so I'd half an hour here I'm gonna get on to the comments right now and just one second as I go to the lower timeframes actually let's keep these guys on why not and let me bring up the comments right here and there it is What's Up daddy confetti there he is my fucking man gotta love man yeah when did you percent present risk is about right that I think that's appropriate for most people when you're beginning when you're beginning to trade and you know you don't really have a full set on way or comfortable way of managing risk probably the best way to do it is is is with training wheels in the way that I think of it with just like hey I'm only gonna risk you know one or two percent of my account on this trade whatever it is because remember the more and more that you know a big fallacy that a lot of people have and this is something that's actually included in the technical announce program but I guess I've enough for you here just because well it is important – it's in anyone can figure this out but the bigger loss that you actually the bigger drawdown that you have is it's not it's it's an asymmetrical risk reward with what you need to get to get back to break-even so let me explain them in a roundabout way if you take a 1% loss it really takes only about a 1% gain to get back to break-even however if you start to really hold that on to feel like a 10% loss or a 20% loss or god forbid anything above there Jesus Christ but you're gonna have to get you know much much much much much more percentage gain just get back to break-even so if you take like a 10% loss I think you need about a 13 to 15 percent gain in your favorite just to get back to break even with the 20% loss is probably like 30 to 35 with anything above that it's like holy shit what the fuck are you doing I'm just kidding you know of course I've you know I made I made that mistake in my past as well I don't want to judge anyone here it's you know it's something that I think a lot of people go through myself included and and well you know at the end of the day it's it's a great learning lesson you don't want to hold on to losses it's very important to cut losers fast in my experience hold loo losers turn into bigger losers winners turn into bigger winners so it's it's really counterintuitive if a lot of people would just want to hold things out and said I won't sell it a loss and this this position I I bought it on a good level and I would not I would not so tell us or here's my favorite one here's here's my favorite one if guys listen don't you know guys guys don't you know it's not a loss until you sell it's like what the fuck did I just hear have you ever heard of opportunity cost you dumb simple-minded fuck are you kidding me there's an opportunity cost of being in a trade that is going in your favor rather than holding on to a trade that is sticking a massive red puffs cold or green pops cold dildo in your bunghole and you're getting shish kebab all the way through that's terrible it's always more empowering more and more more proactive to cut your loser short and that gives you that gives you clarity because you can step back reassess and go back in and now you're fresh you have a fresh trade you have a fresh opportunity of a fresh day and you know and you're batting and you're basically back you know true to square one right anyways let's see let me get what I just missed on over here and let me scroll down here where is it what's up Juno's thoughts on trend on trend trade style chop into big wins I don't know what you mean by that trend trade style you mean like just trading with the trend that's I think it's probably one of my favorite it's probably the easiest on the Solway of trading I've been doing it with this position right here basically just holding a base long here from these perps in these September futures and then adding on with these December futures or whatever you know or whatever as their leg that I have and you know yeah building positions over time yes if that's what you mean if you're basically just talking about you know basically holding on to training trades and just adding you know at specific consolidations and pivot points then absolutely yes but I'm not exactly sure giving your terminology the exact meaning that you're looking for so I might be off there andrew morrison says link BTC please sure man yeah let's go check out to good old linkers over here dinky link Eeyore that's not a good name for it Oh down at my it did hit my 25,000 target it looks like a little bit actually under there do we hold up this area I do think that we bounce off this region actually I do you think that we bounce back up and test around 28,000 Satoshi's I I do I do overall like link again this one's just coming down to the yellow 21x entry wound average and just like we've seen throughout this whole move right here just holding it creating higher lows along the way do I think that we hold this one over time I'm not so sure about that but I do think that at the very least on the lower timeframes we get a bounce off this region and probably head back towards this region maybe even as high as let's actually get let's section just bring this one down maybe even this highs for right here to about 29 329 400 overall again still I do like link from a higher time for respected but but but keep in mind this is a reversal right here this is confirmed reversal and now we get to figure now we get to play the game of how low do we get to go so I'd say target one has been hit probably SPECT a little bit of a bounce here and then I do feel like this one does come down lower the reason why I think that this one comes down lower is because if they coin is gonna start trending you know I'd say you know in the next week or two then that's gonna put pressure on it you know because it's being marked versus Bitcoin right if you're looking at it versus dollar it probably looks a lot better but this is your Bitcoin dominant story right and your Bitcoin dominance right we've been bullish on this one for a long time and I'd still be bullish on it I still do you think that we have a measurement pointing up towards 69 in fact we just saw a break out yesterday holy shit man so all the people calling for guys it's all coin season right now guys don't you know it's all coin season they've gone isn't it we'll talk about what Quinn's in a second I but you know this to me is it's just creating descending trying right here and I think that is up it's actually ready to break in fact we can make a measure move off this baby again a very very crude way of doing this but let's just see what it lines up with oh my god does it line up with this next area right here does that also line up with this measure move right here off the flag from from way back when what the fuck is this technical analysis wizard eat shit I hate it it's bullshit it's a bunch of bullshit sometimes it actually does work not all the time though but sometimes it does work and we do see you know that is line up with tentacles as well we do see 200 exponential internet simple coming in around this area also nice horizontal and all higher time frames are looking bullish so I do think that all coin season is a postponed perhaps indefinitely not not indefinitely I don't think that all kinds gonna like go down or I'd like died like legitimately died I think I know there's some more aggressive minded people out there who say that all all coins are going to zero I don't know about that I think that that's pretty unlikely I think that a lot of them are gonna be completely irrelevant I think that most of them are gonna be completely irrelevant but there's certainly gonna be a few ones I think it'd be naive to not think that there's gonna be at least a few ones that are gonna be legitimate but I linked you'd like perhaps one of the more legitimate once it looks you know looks looks a lot better than most things you know what what I see most people doing it and please don't hate me for doing this but I'm just gonna pick on card Dona once again cuz Cardona is fun to pick on but what I see a lot of people doing is they're like okay guys listen I've been waiting for all season for the last year and a half and you know what and you know what I think it's here you know why I think it's here because look the is what's happened we've gone down 81 percent we can't go lower it's like okay alright so buy it right there and then even if you buy it at the fucking low and then it goes down a little bit more guys we just went down another 52% any news what happened here sideways we're all even get a little bit of a pump but what do we do we just said in another lower high and then from there another another fucking 71% down move so what I see a lot of people doing and it's very it's very very very very bizarre I don't know where they get the spell from but what they do is this they say hey guys we've gone down 92 and almost 93 percent you know what that means we're definitely having a target right up here you want to get in the next thirteen thousand five hundred percent trade get in right now unbeknownst to them yes it is thirteen fifty percent to the upside there but you're not guaranteed to get up there and I've certainly seen many things that never get up to their prize ever again just look at the OTC markets absolute garbage resolves there and we see plenty of garbage in the altcoin market as well and guess what you know a 90 percent move is always a 90 percent move and a nine percent move from 680 Satoshi's down is down to about 100 right so again my point is that you know percent you know your marked off your percentage gains or percentage losses so you know just going like 90 percent down from ultimate high means very very little if you're if you're just gonna blindly buy in these regions anyways let me get back onto the back on in the comments here I feel like I just miss some where is it hey what's up what's up you'll turn yotan do you sell as soon as it reaches your stop losses even if there's high volatility why what would high volatility have to do anything with that do you sell as soon as it reaches your stop losses even if there's high volatility I mean well I think that man I think volatility is turning into a fucking buzz a buzz word now volatility is extremely useful extremely powerful but I'm not necessarily sure that's the right context to be using it in and I don't mean to I don't mean to make an example out of you anything like that just I just don't really understand what sure what you mean by that statement do I do I always sell when it gets to my stop losses well I mean that's that's the point of a stop loss so yeah that's otherwise what's the point man one of the biggest one of the biggest mistakes that I see a lot of people making and definitely I made this my dis mistake myself and some and I still do struggle with it man it's not you know it doesn't get any easier but it's like when something approaches your stop-loss you're always like I think I'll just move it down a little bit and then it approaches your stop-loss again you're like well I think right here it's gonna turn around so I'll just move it down just a little bit more and then I'm gonna come down there you're like wait just one more one more one more move I promise no more lower not going lower bro this stop bus will not be lowered and then what happens again it lowers until you're basically on until in in losing your whole account Robin Moore says do you look into fundamental fundamentals fundamentals what fundamentals do cryptos have man Kryptos don't have earned as report they don't have dividends they don't have forwards outlooks I don't have conference calls I don't have they don't have CEOs I don't they don't have they don't have real fundamentals except I mean you could maybe make an argument for the the miners having fundamentals which I would agree you can do that because they're gonna have revenues they're gonna have they're gonna have things that are tangible but understand most people use fundamentals in the completely wrong context most people think like fundamentals means we have a good team and and we have great marketing and you know what we just rebranded our we have a new logo great fundamentals that means absolutely nothing or guys we have an announcement don't you know that means fundamentals like what the fuck fundamentals is perhaps one of the worst words in cryptic current when it comes to actual currencies which you know bit or or commodities like Bitcoin is or lease house to find there are we don't we don't really price them five fundamentals we actually price them or our you know dividends earnings reports that's that sort of stuff with Bitcoin it's a currency so we don't really have that so the best thing that you can do is really is really govern it with tentacles because and I know people are gonna push back on the statement but let me let me explain first as I can't explain and where and why do technicals matter probably matter more here and the reason why tentacles matter more is because that's a way that you know the people who are moving this market are gonna be are basically valuing these things that's that's the best way that they have right now there's no way that you can say you know what guys and people people and people think that this is a fundamental so I'm just gonna go off the deep end here and say you know what guys bitcoins gonna have backed and backs good daddy backs gonna come into the room and spank all these bad cryptocurrency boys we're gonna go to goddamn moon you're gonna we're gonna wish you didn't short it's like I'm bullish myself but I think this is just asinine statement that's not a fundamental that's just another exchange offering your asset to trade on that means that people can both buy it and sell it from that exchange it's not a fundamental so there's no such real thing I mean it's not that there's no such the real thing it's just the way that we the way that we value you know currencies and commodities is different than you would talk about fundamentals on like equities right which you have real fundamentals there in in in crypto currencies not so much now with regards to all coins will they be fundamentals there well yes you would imagine that at some point in time there will be fundamentals on all coins right because all coins will they have they have working products right they have working products right because that's how you get your revenues report right wait right revenues reports all coins working product oh fuck man I've been up ended by two months again it's goddamn manipulation it's like most these things don't even have working products so don't so of course I don't have earnings reports or fucking rent or revenues or forwards outlooks or dividends or anything like that so even the ones that would have fundamentals don't have fucking fundamentals it's all promises for the most part now yes there's probably a few here and there that actually do have fundamentals maybe they have like user bases perhaps is something that you could go off of but there's no like there's no like really good way of doing these things right now and for the most part mostly things don't have major using user bases so again this is coming from somebody who is who is a big fan of cryptocurrencies I you know I'm sorry you know I I mean I I suppose I'm more of more of a fan of Bitcoin but I do think that there are going to be some successful all coins but again man when it comes to fundamentals it's just the wrong term to be using encrypted current slant now could you you know could you say that the code of these things is potentially good fundamentals maybe but then again then you have to be an expert coder to understand if this is good code or not and so I'm not an expert coder I've spent my life Center G learning technical analysis not how to code so you know if when I go for that stuff I go I go listen to someone like I've been on tech who's a fucking genius and I've been on tech as a genius because not only can you speak the language of coding but he can also speak the language of human beings so he can explain it to you in a way that actually makes sense so that is of that so if you're not if you're not familiar with either non tech which you probably are but but but if you're not he is amazing for that reason but again it's like you know people always talk about great fundamentals well are you an expert coder no does this does this have a working product no okay great fundamentals bro so yeah man you for the most part that's what I want to be focused on more tangible things a pieces can we look at MIT beuter all USD for all my homies sure man yeah let's go check it out um after going on a massive tirade there so I bought that probably knowing his fuck no I know there's gonna be a lot of people to screen with those statements but uh hope you know you know hopefully I'm getting hopefully I'm being heard correctly anyways mr. Budrow right here looking very similar to mr. Bitcoin I do think we did hit did we hit my target of 320 nope not yet no we got 318 spot three spot three that's close enough but I do think that we have more upside here I do think that we're probably consulted with in this region right here and slowly but surely just melt up towards 330 region and I'd say over the next couple months probably $400 I like what I see a mr. buuder all here daily Stokes gonna be crossing back up to the upside fresh cross right here last last time we saw across from this region was 10th of June coming out of this base so a nice about $70 move from 250 to 3 twentyish region and I do think that we're kind of doing the same thing here you know we actually do see a falling wedge I fucking hate wedges but this is one and I would say that short term target Perle gonna be somewhere right around medium term target somewhere right around about 330 335 longer-term target probably 400 bucks mr. Bureau looks good to me and I do think that this one has more to go weekly looks very good right here this is a good structure and we are breaking the structure the upside so I do you think that this one does start trending relatively soon alongside Bitcoin right alongside Bitcoin of course I would change my bias on this if we closed a four-hour dildo anywhere below anywhere below about 285 this would leave structure but I don't think that that's what's happening right now and we could even afford to move back down to 304 and that'd be completely fine from the more immediately bush doctor what's up policy over there men are lovely and trusty moderator I hope all our moderators are doing well today calves beets I knew he was somewhere in here caretaker as well gotta love caretaker and and I see Frank Franken goes over there as well man how you doing my friend let me let me scroll back on up and I feel like I just missed a bunch of them I promise I get to them right now let's see um um okay did I get that one uh let's see okay yeah okay there we go okay I'm right on track now I do pause about that Timmy tee says when to use futures instead of perpetual examples it depends on what you're trying to do so the reason why I use futures is because when I'm putting on more long-term positions there's not going to be funding costs as you would have with perps so with perps each and every eight hours you either pay or get paid depending upon the in rate and so if you're gonna be holding something for a long period of time and you think that you might be you know pain for that well it's probably you know it's probably more optimal to put it on futures and and not have to worry about that at all but remember you could also get paid to hold that position which actually for this position here on my perps when I was holding it for a long time I was I should get him paid to hold that so you know I'm actually didn't do it perfectly here but my point is is that I know it depends on what you're trying to do and then and I usually I typically I want to use perps for more short term time timeframe training but I've been holding that position for literally you know five months now so that kind of goes out the window right but generally that's what I want to do anyways what else we got baby what else we got Yolen says sorry I meant when our oh he gets my stop-loss limit 2% well our OB is it depends off of right your ro is gonna be based off of your your leverage and if you're on exchange like bit Mexico then you're probably choosing your your leverage through some sort of bastardized version of a fucking bucket exchange essentially it's it's bullshit man it just it just promotes gambling type mentality when you're trading when you're trading from like hey today I'll do 5x leverage or how about today 20x leverage I'm feeling really really good today how about 50 it's like that's bullshit and it means nothing but you'll see a lot of the time is you'll see peep okay here's what I love to see and you see this all the time on crypto Twitter and crypto reddit and all these great places and you'll see people they'll they'll block out they the actual PNL and they'll just show the ROI or our OE right here let's say guys fourteen thousand percent on a trade I'm amazing it's like did you actually make fourteen fourteen thousand percent no this is not a fourteen thousand percent trade this is what I really made right here this is just bullshit it means nothing it's just based off of what I put on to put put put up to put on that trade and I'm using cross right let right now so that's a big secret that you'll see a lot of people use and the reason why they don't show their actual P&L is not because they're there they're like scared someone's gonna get them no it's because they don't want to show that they're usually running about like five contract long and just using cross leverage and then they can show that the ROI and say hey man I'm a great trader you look at me I'm so good follow me join my page and and I'm amazing so whenever you see that sort of shit you know I'd run the other way and you know I and I have a lot of examples right here but these percentages meaning mean nothing this right over here this is actually real this is tangible this over here it means nothing I don't give a fuck about them and I don't care if it was a it was a hundred billion person it's it's it's it's it's out of context is what it is Michael else's went from not 0.5 Bitcoin to not point 8 Bitcoin in 10 days with your help not much I know but I'm a noob hey man gain positive gains or positive gains man you should never think that way that's positive products progress and if you are a newer then you should be very very happy about that man that's awesome you know don't don't thank me man thank yourself because you are doing I'm not making the trades for you man I can only share what I'm doing that's all I mean of course legally as well I don't you know I don't really care to be a signals person so you know if I'm not making if I'm not putting in the trades for you then you're doing it man so so thank yourself man I'm you know I'm happy for you man that's awesome that's fucking super awesome John Andrew says what are your plans regarding hanging out of hanging onto your perp long position in terms of maintenance margin feasible to hold it until all time high and say 2021 I mean that's now we're making a lot of assumptions there I don't have any plans to let go but I'll put it that way you know I cover it with options when I need to and and I just and I just eat the fees if I do end up paying the fees but over time it technically should kind of even itself out with the funding because you know sometimes you get paid sometimes you pay restring well it's thinking of shorting a pound versus u.s. dollar also a theorem Bitcoin short if you're in Bitcoin short probably fine let me go check it on then we'll look at a pound versus dollar theorem Bitcoin short mm-hmm yeah it doesn't look good here the problem is is that I don't is that we are kind of still are we still hold on to sports no we're not do we have new lows do we have new lows to 45 to 47 no we do we did not have new lows just yet but the second that you see this low taken out yeah you probably do have a nice trade kind of gonna probably probably go into free fall down to this level at about not point not to two five eight again most things versus Bitcoin I'm not gonna be looking too damn good you said also pound versus dollar let's go check that out house how you know how the Brits doing over there have your fourth of July and then now we fuck your fuck your pound to Jesus Christ man that's so awful yep and I'd be bearish on this man and let's say if you are short this you are certainly on the right direction of this one probably coming back down where's the next level probably somewhere down around here about one one spot to four even as we're looking towards kind of where the spike low is actually right here oh I guess already have it in there but we're breaking this point right here if we actually confirm below one one spot two four eight sorry one spot two four eight six then I would be looking for this next move down here over time it's like it's looking bad man the pounded the pound is in free fall is what it looks like Bitcoin Bitcoin backing off backing off a little bit as we spoke about on the lower timeframes it's got onto it right on over here let's see if we do make a beeline to the bottom of this blue box territory right now perhaps not right now but you know again over time perhaps let's see um Robert Carr says litecoin USD please sure man let's look at this beautiful bitch what's she doing what is this what is this lovely lady doing at 119 and a half 119 is about six – lets go to a daily and what do we see here on the daily I'm gonna Majan that missus like point is you know running with the rest of the market actually getting actually kind of not not looking as good as the rest of market actually certainly a laggard right now but still playing between the yellow 21 and the green 50 X bench moon average I do you think that you know if it comes back down to the green 15 tried trades there it's been working for the past week or so you know it works until it doesn't of course and let me just rest my my phone is super hot right now but you know looking out of momentum also there's the good old chick antennas all sweaters we do see actually daily Stokes back to the upside and daily RSI is daily our daily our saw it's actually still being wrangled so I say like when certainly on the weaker side let's see what the weekly looks like speaking of no pun intended once again um you know I I don't really see significant downside until we actually break below that daily 50 it's also gonna become fluent with the with the weekly 10 and that's around 1/8 let's call it 1:17 and a half so that still thinks some more sideways here and probably pops back up towards 130 ish region over time it's just this one's a laggard it's not leading the market it's kind of on the slower side um ok let me get back onto this override over here see Robbie Stowe says hey crown a fake ground beef beyond please oh man those bastards actually saw that shouldn't be in the what's it called earlier in the supermarket dy and D beyond meat it looks disgusting dude oh my god man how can people eat that Stu did this one this chart looks fine though probably does probably does pop back up towards 165 and a half first target and then we'll and then we'll reassess if and when we get there but I do think that this one has a little bit of upside here 1 6 and what is this 160 yeah 166 we'll call it 166 looks looks looks like it's trying to hold those low so okay for now um did I miss anything else let me just make sure I don't want to don't miss anyone right now there we go okay got Robert car and got Reese okay awesome all right so let's get back onto the you know one of the comments running over here cheats cries man come in come in like crazy they're coming like crazy David Rove in ski says could you check out nano charts sure man sure but can't promise you that I have too many nice things to say about it and it probably probably gonna be I'll be aligning with the with the way that we were looking at the Bitcoin DOM is strong on the on the higher time frames yep still looks like absolute dog should garbage Wow Jesus Christ man just put in a little bit of a you know the symmetrical triangle off the lows so you know technically these are equal opportunity formations but they they typically do break in on the side of the former trend so this one again another you know example of the trend is your financial the other trend so I would say that you know as long as long as we remain above this level right here as long as long as we're below one sorry 1200 Satoshi's I do think that the direction is down overall this is this is this is it doesn't look good to me and again with the Bitcoin Thomas chart looking bullish you know it's it's hard it's hard to really make excuse for some like this look at the weekly for a second what does a weekly look like um I mean yeah here's what I can say it's not gonna be too helpful but if you're going off the weekly it's a pretty easy way to trade this we put in a doji Dillo on the on the last tick so if we did trade above the high of this doji dildo at 1300 Satoshi's and yes I would be looking for I'd be looking for a move actually all the way to probably 1700 or like 60 and 50 to 1700 Satoshi's but by the same token if we do if we do take this up and Road and break this to the downside and go below the low of this guy at 10:37 on Finance and I'd be looking for new lows overall and this is this is a chart that's only ever made you know lower lows and lower highs this is a fucking god-awful try this this deserves every ever every last one of these every last one of these five out of five s right now Jesus Christ down my god pathetic absolutely pathetic and I know this one's Nicolas Martin's favorite coin so hey man you're gonna be paying your mom that you've got it you gotta fund so you gotta find your stratus coins to pay your mom now because Jesus Christ who's gonna clean this flashlight you've that lazy bitch if this flashlight gets any more dirty it's gonna turn into fucking cesspool that Nano chart looks like my god man just awful fucking awful man what a what what a fucking disaster in most these charts look mostly almost of shit coin charts look some like this you know it's in like I said I don't really see any real ups out on this as long as we're below 1250 if we break above 1250 then yeah talk about a move towards you know 1650 and 1700 but for right now you know not a big fan of that chart okay let's see official KJ s pieces high ground best wishes from so what's one awesome man I really I really want to go to Switzerland I feel like Switzerland a place that I'd like to I'd like to live some some time where would you put your stop on Bitcoin well understand where my positions are but I hope that I was pretty damn clear with with house dating this at the beginning of this dream I need you risking a little bit below 12 below about 12 150 12 200s region below basically this blue box here if we take this out to the downside I don't really want to go and I don't want to be fully neutral but I do want to be risk as I'd be looking for a move back down here towards buttons 11 6 11 7 also understand my positions been I'm in from much much lower so that may or may not be relevant to you and again this is you know these are not signals I'm just sharing what I'm doing Paul Hodge since its high ground what's up Paul can you take a look at eat ECG okay so if you're in classic somehow gone on to somehow got into an OTC market grayscale investment trust that's great have ultimate have ultimate confidence in them after that let's see let's go to the daily does have some upside here though I would be bullish on this I do you think first target of 24 24 and 1/4 very very very but very likely and second target gonna be browned 27 and a half dollars I think that this one actually pops up here a little bit this this looks fine or it I shouldn't say that it looks fine but it looks like it wants it more upside absolutely yes um okay already what else we got a crypto squad says hey crown can you check out pound vs. CAD okay alright to ship coins against each other let's do it let's fucking do it alright so uh let's see this put on a daily holy fucking moly even the pound can't beat the beat the Canadians Jesus Christ man oh my god oh my god wow man I I feel bad for all the people in England Jesus Christ man your your currencies getting absolutely shrek I mean this this is like a legitimate bull this this is legitimate you know case study of why I would be looking for for four places to kind of put money into to to hedge against you know currencies like this so again you know big you know whether that's Bitcoin but then it's gold whether that's silver for the variants in people out there whether that's you know the dollar for for most the world web that's you know just maybe the euro whatever it is certainly isn't the pound man I'd want to hedge against that so other people who are just holding their pal not good not good at all I do think that this one has a little bit lower to go probably down here towards 162 and overall this chart this chart is awful so you know I'm not I'm not saying that I can't break lower but I would say that's you know we probably get stuck in a range for a little bit of time as we resolve this region probably bounce back up over time to 166 and then we'll play from there but overall I would say that's a bearish chart longer-term even if it does bounce back up okay all right what's up mark testa I'm in Chicago – bud what time do you start scream I mean it's it's the same time every time n 10:10 a.m. Eastern Time so 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time and in good good to meet you man if you like Ivan seen you before what's up Jimmy's brother or if you feel free to send a message though Juno's says Canadian dollar a good dollar some simmer down it actually it actually it's actually okay man you know for all the shit that Canadians get um here's how it's doing versus the US dollar I don't really check these ones out too much but I'm just curious for my own for my own knowledge yeah coming down so so so the real dollar still ruin you guys but overall okay Scott Patterson says where is the Q and T chart going well if it's an altcoin probably not doing too well right now seeing that Bitcoin is on the stronger side no this one's actually that's this is actually one of the better charts so okay so let's talk about this for a second when you have a chart like this which is contrary to most shit coins this tell you that this is unlikely to be a shit coin it's actually probably okay most most most shit coins are just going down down down down down and with no stop in sight this one actually training to the upside so pretty fucking good and I do think that this one probably does probably does try to try to rally from this region yes we do have a little bit of bearish divergence going on right now but I see this more of a consolidation actually and kind of getting ready for you know another try higher well and again the weekly does look top yesh you know what it's probably best to leave this one until until the end of the week and then read judge it because if the weekly ends like this I'd be looking for a retracement probably back down here towards 8687 hundreds of Toshi's but there's still a lot of days left and the dailies not giving me too much do we have a rejection here kind of target from a daily perspective would be about 84 85 yeah so I still wait on the weekly but it's gonna really dictate the next sort of phase of that one let's go check it out Jesus Christ man these are mark eden Edel says seen that seen that pound breath don't call it a graph man don't call it a graph it's a chart it's a chart makes me so grateful that basically all my money is in is in dollars or Bitcoin yeah man I hear you and I don't mean to be the fucking autistic guy saying hey it's a chart it's not a graph it's a chart golden gold chart it's like I don't I don't mean like them and I apologize it's probably fucking annoying I understand that but it's just one of those things where like when I see someone saying hey man I don't like this graph of yours I guess it's just my own conditioning right it's my own fault but yeah man you know again if you if you are English or if you do hold pounds this is a real situation man we're looking at something that's actually having trouble so Bitcoin down getting down to it to the lower end of our blue box territory here let's see what happens now do we actually bounce from this region or not a little bit of let's let's go down to a very low time frame all right we have a we have a bounce of 50 bucks here so not bad or how many bucks yeah about 50 bucks 60 bucks hey not bad there he goes it's still holding for now but a little bit droopy ish actually Paul Paul Nick Leo says hey cram is my comment sorry man if you you could just repost your comment that make things a lot easier because it is difficult to kind of go back and find them okay I found it I found it Paul says welcome back to the US thanks man now that your now that you're here how you trading on on your regular platforms I hear I hear all us customers I hit the US customer wall for for margin accounts yeah so the way that I trade on de ribbet because I am a US I am living in the u.s. right now is because I'm incorporated in Estonia so my business entity for my trading activities is is an Estonian is an Estonian company right so that so the way that the law interprets that is that it's not me and American trading on this it's actually my Estonian my stone Ian company which I control but it's Estonian so Estonians completely completely find a trade on it so again I've been getting a lot of questions about this as well don't don't just take my blind word for this there's a very specific way of doing it consult with a fucking business lawyer you don't want my advice and I'm not a professional lawyer I'm not I'm not anything like that but I can tell you that if you go if you go pay up for a nice lawyer they you know they'll set you on the right path and it really doesn't call so that much man and if you are serious about doing this fucking do it Mandy there's no reason not to and of course you know it you know there are plenty of countries out there that have very very very very what's it called powerful powerful tax laws that can benefit you so that's why I say about that and I chose Estonia um let's see already hey what's up Frances James how you doing man greetings from Seattle hey awesome man I love Seattle welcome back wise Chicago Chicago is my favorite city in the u.s. actually definitely my favorite city in the US I love just the skyline here I love the I love being in the center of this fucking massive metropolis I think it's absolutely gorgeous here there it feels like it feels like there's just so much to do and it feels like a very lively city I also like that it has multiple seasons and and it's and it's not New York so it's like it's like everything good about you New York but like without the bad shit and I fucking hate New York so so I'm you know I'm in love with Chicago as far as US cities goes so I do want to set up a longer-term base in Chicago and then I'm also gonna set up a longer-term base probably in Stockholm Sweden so so yeah let's see but that's probably me about a year away uh let's see where's where's Legion go I see him I see him there one second my friend elysian says sub-grantee US Swedish kronor USD could you check that real quick sure man SEK USD okay so we are bounced by the way just well we are here we are bouncing off this trendline you do see you know Knight you know nice we're coming up we're about about 85 bucks off this area right here so again this is this is a direct example of how you can just scalp these things very very simply right you know a hundred but this is basically a hundred or trade in the span of five minutes I mean $100 trade is always a 100 or trade remember when people are clamoring for 100 trades when we were you know at the $3,000 level so again you know the you know this is a very deductive way of trading do I think does that mean that we can't break down below of course we can but if we break this area below then that's when my my buyers kind of switches there okay so we look at the Swedish kronor versus a US dollar and I can tell you man the Swedish Krona were fucking or Iceland kroner whatever the fuck it is fuck that currency man I did not realize how much money I spent on fucking on beef jerky there I bought like five packs of beef jerky is like six it was like 80 bucks wait wait wait what I mean I mean it's it's fine if a out but I'm most like wait hey wait a second I'm not even full man what the fuck so like that's like the most I've ever paid for a meal that wasn't in a restaurant looks bad looks pretty fucking bad man probably coming back down towards uh not point 10:45 I'd be bearish on this man just a very this is the chart of a shit coin right here that's weird those so so Sweden isn't isn't isn't on the euro I mean I knew that they had crowns but yeah that that's for that's very strange Emma it's gonna devalue D like she's like crazy Wow even against the dog which the dollars getting to valued itself I mean fucking Trump came at a Trump came out and said I want a weak dollar it's like whoa I don't think of a president has ever said that that's that's that's new territory all right let me scroll down over here and what else did I miss what's up John Addison quant is Tim Draper Sun coin okay so okay so it's it's got like some actual legitimacy to that well again man I I don't know anything about you know what's going on that coin but when I look at that chart I can immediately tell you okay whoever is do ever playing with this one they they they they they they they know what the fuck they're doing man it looks literally different than most shit coin charts absolutely okay let me ladyboys sir I don't know what their preferred gender pronoun is a Asian Alexa Smith what Midwest winters suck I actually enjoy it man actually enjoy having multiple seasons I enjoy the snow I grew up in San Francisco California so we never really had snow or really rain for that matter and I absolutely hated it man it kind of like wears down on you um Mario Casanova says Sweden is a test tube for a cashless society and two RFID everyone um I think that there's actually multiple multiple nations doing that right now I know Czech Republic is basically signed into laws that they're that basically makes it very very difficult to use to use you know paper money so yeah cat mother says quality on Twitch much better yeah I do love twitch ace breaks on twitch says the reason Trump wants a weak dollars because he's in the process of taking down the Federal Reserve banking system I don't know about that I don't I don't know about that man but he does seem to know that game so perhaps I mean I mean he's friends with Robert Kiyosaki so they've been talking about that for a long time I don't know if I mean it's that thing that they can't even do is the real question I don't know about that man that's that's that's that's not them that I even I I'm not even qualified to speak on that man protein cookie charts Oh generic cheerio you want some more didgeridoo action in this bitch well I'm sure that we'll find some as soon enough Lorenzo korte says hey crown can you look at em TLO alright let's see em TLO Martello technologies okay this is on some sort of Canadian exchange I don't know what the fuck this thing is man but probably gets a free ride towards its prior highs of about 130 region and then then I'll be looking for a little bit of counter-trend pressure back on a Bitcoin Bick still holding up above this above this bottom trendline right here not bad still playing within the blue box territory still hold it up oh okay alright um hmm I miss the days when when Bitcoin versus yen told you what to do yeah man William Jones those were the days man I bet you remember that it was it was it was a great like little cheat code there Steve enrollment romant a says that gee speak Estonian nope how do you say 12 months in Estonia it's actually caught it's like it's like it's like eat cock or something like that it really is it's like eat cock or some like that like the 12th of December it's like it's like I like I like sucking dick or no it's like something like that man let's see Simon Rasmussen says can you explain you please explain while you sometimes head short against your long position instead of selling some of your long position what's best and why I do it with options more often actually and the reason why I do with options because it allows me to keep my underline spot position but still take profits on that while still holding the the the the the risk profile of that of that one spot position alrighty um um Kaz beat says wheat dollar should pump shit should should should bump Bitcoin well Bitcoin Trey's against a dollar right so yeah I would agree and now Bitcoin about a hundred that low so again if you did take a scalp off this area hey good job and now your hundred bucks up and again not bad man not bad at all torque see says if you ain't got a hundred cent of your net worth in page seven shit going to you a little bitch of your big point in trash Fiat and go dumpster diving for some gem moon lotto ticket shit Queens well I'm just reading the comments I'm not necessarily sure that I agree with these sentiments but fair enough fair enough get your didgeridoo out and start start farting around drink 7up says I'd say Trump just knows he'll get short-term economic gains yeah that's that I think that's more likely Trump knows a game because it sorry and again not a political statement I'm not a political person I don't hate or love Trump I don't hate or love any of these politicians I'd rather just focus on be my own autonomous you know governor for my own life as much as I can be instead of being reliant on the on who's King but as devaluing the US dollar yes that would allow you to put you I mean basically if he's if he's kind of like shit talk in a Fed saying hey don't raise the interest rates what he's doing is he's making it easier to print more dollars and when you print more dollars and you can inflate the economy more you can keep the stock market up and what's his favorite thing you know what's his call card four for the next election well legalizing weed first and foremost but but more but more importantly keeping up the stock market and house and what's the best way to do that keep interest rates very very very very low make it free to borrow money essentially alright Bitcoin there we go now there are another 120 another hundred thirty dollars up from those lows not bad man not bad at all okay already Eklund says holding alt instead a Bitcoin has been stupid so far it's been stupid pretty much ever since 20 18 months but it's all it's pretty much always been stupid is this about to change soon I mean I hope that you've been listening man because I am not at all in any way at all bow bearish on the Bitcoin dominance chart man Momo seize all coins are gonna be pretty much irrelevant in the years to come there's gonna be a few very successful ones and I think we've seen perhaps a couple of them today but most of them man if you're if your shit coins not been doing well it's probably not one of them if your shit coin has been doing well during that during the past year or so then it probably is one of them but if it has been doing well that's a damn good sign that's yeah probably it might it might pump in the future you know it might pump and dump again but is it one of the better ones no I'm very unlikely scammers exposed this crown what do you think we should do as a community to get rid of fraudsters in the space I often go commenting on crystal ball analysis videos criticizing them but they don't seem to care well that's cuz they they they don't care and they probably just blocked you anyways so you're so you're prolly just wasting your time really so what do you do I mean the thing is is that you don't do anything by you don't you have to lead by example so what I hope to do is I hope to show that I have skin in the game and that you know I you know and I'm transparent with my positions that's the best way to show like you know I you know I I guess I'm doing what I'm doing for the people who don't do that they kind of destroy them they're at their own self so I won't name any names here but you'll probably notice a lot of people around the crypto the crypto YouTube space they've stopped or they or they never show positions they never talk about anything like that but they're probably you know people are starting getting more more apprehensive about it it's you know it's it's very very questionable when someone talks a big game but they never show anything because there's no reason not to show anything and this is why I created the the streamer account right here it's for this reason exactly so that could just show that I have skin in the game and again a very very powerful concept when you don't have skin in the game then it's it's extremely questionable just like what what is your what is your real motivation so how do you get rid of something like that you lead by example so what I'm doing is I want to show these positions because then perhaps people will see this and they say oh okay well you know that's you know that's that's that's that's different right no one else very few people are doing that but after I started doing this I've seen a couple of it I've seen I've seen one other person doing it in fact someone who himself does not claim himself to be a traitor as sunny decree man and I've MC I have so much fuckin respect for sunny man that's awesome he he himself says that he is not a traitor but he's been showing his positions recently and he's actually been doing pretty fucking good but my point is is that he's showing that he has skin in the game and that raises the bar for everyone else so now everyone who's not doing that over time they're gonna be they're gonna be exposed they're gonna be caught out and people are gonna start asking hey why don't you show this there's no reason not to it's just a streamer account I mean you know you don't to build it up like I did but you you know it doesn't need to be a doesn't need to be it's like super big or super small or anything like that just needs to just need to you know there's just no reason not to is my point so over time I think that people expose themselves man I think that people really do it to themselves you can't get too far in life by scamming people that's the problem and you can't you it just can't be done at some point in time the game runs out I found in my life oh there we go and I saw the move hundred fifty dollars off the loan out I found in my life that it's much better to just focus on doing something actually legitimate because even if you are gonna scam you still have to spend energy right it's not like you just got a free ride to fucking Lambeau land you know you know you might get away with it for a little bit of time and it might be a little bit easier at first but over time it's actually easier to be legitimate and that's really and that's really what I've what I've learned during this channel man is just it's like you know and you know anyone can go on anyone could go on the youtubes and start scamming people telling them all sorts of crazy things I mean you got Bitcoin Bitcoin fraud manager sorry Bitcoin fund manager you know talking about you know water slides and fucking fire poles and bullshit and you know all sorts of crazy things but it's like here's the thing in life you have to work at something why not just work at something that's legitimate to begin with because the results gonna be the same man you have to use that energy it's not like you just it's not like it's not like it doesn't take any energy to fucking scam either it's just it's ridiculous man it's a waste of energy so I think that first and foremost you have that you have that route and then second also people are just gonna expose themselves man over time people have figured out that bitcoin fraud manager probably not legitimate people have figured out that perhaps some other more prominent names in this Bay which I'll just leave unnamed right now may or may not you know be legitimate and I'll just kind of leave it at the leave at the space of if they don't show their positions probably a good signal that something weird is going on there it's very very very very very very very very bizarre for someone to talk about something someone to profit off of something but they're in our sorry someone somebody to profit off of telling people how to do something without them doing it themselves that is very very very fucking weird and here we go we have another oh my god 200 almost doing it bucks off the load now so again if you took this trade there you go we're getting to the tops of blue box now so I would you know if you are trading the lower timeframes it might be a good time to not get you agree although you know you know let's go let's go look at like an hour early for a second how does the hour look like yeah our Lee's getting rican late along this area look at this nice wick that's what it looks like to me so if we actually do close this alley above the yellow 21 I think that Bitcoin just gonna grind it out and probably hook back around but it's again it's gonna take its time right the lower timeframes need to kind of reset if this is gonna remain bullish from this region here anyways so again you know to kind of put it you know cheap to put in the back burner people are people are basically and expose themselves man you don't really need to do anything man people figured out people are smart dude people are fucking smart you know it's it's it's it's not hard to figure out transparency is absolutely needed to encrypt doses Michael age I mean that is kind of one of the things of crypto currency right is that when it's on the blockchain it's one honey immutable public ledger it's the most transparent thing like in human history that's what it is so you know just kind of follows that you know it just kind of follows right Eklund says how do you manage your time to have strict working hours okay so it comes down to what I'm doing but you know I prioritize things that are that are needed to to go towards my ultimate goal so my ultimate goal right now is to build is to build up this YouTube channel and build it you know and keep on trading but both those things kind of one and the same for me so in order to do those things I need to have I need to make sure that my health is taken care of so the way that to take care of my health is I need to is is is what's is what's called I need to get a full night of sleep so for me that's eight hours of sleep I need to have a decent diet for it for me that means eating mostly meat no carbs and I know that people would disagree with that but I've just I just found that I've had the best results with that and going to the gym at least five at least five days a week also meditating 20 minutes a day also reading books every day and what else do I do and also sauna everyday as well or usually everyday so those things are best for me so I prioritize those things that help me get towards my ultimate goals which right now are trading in this youtube channel because I've been having a shit ton of fun on this YouTube channel man anyways um um yeah if they have if they have a patreon group and if they have a patreon group and they don't trade themselves that's very strange it's very very strange again if you're profiting off of telling people what to do without actually doing it yourself that is questionable I put it that way so I won't name any names you know you probably you probably know more people than me but for myself you know and this is why I don't have a paid group I think if I had a paid group that would be fucking questionable I'll show you exactly what I'm doing I'll show you a show I'll show you why I'm thinking what I'm thinking I also have my programs as well but those aren't fucking paid groups they they won't tell you exactly what to do they'll only give you the the tools and then you know it's been it's up to you okay alrighty what else we got baby um drink 7up says anyone know why we couldn't just have the centralized smart contract leverage or if it's been done well the problem with that is that if something goes wrong who do you go to right now if something goes wrong you know you can contact you can contact exchange support if you have to central exchange who do you contact if something goes wrong right that's the issue fabien says can you look at the three-day Jul yeah we can look at it in fact it actually did have a little bit of a little bit of a nasty move funnily enough but I'd still do you think that it gets picked up so it's right here when we bring it up so we actually did crack below the super-slow also too right now but on that last tape but I do think that it gets picked up and we do create a higher lobe from um from this first drop right here I do think that overall it still gets Marsh up in this region price action is following through and I do think that price action takes Presidents here we're probably setting up for a more longer-term longitudinal signal most likely okay already Lear on t says discover crown and the depths of reddit last December oh my god asked about trading and one response wasn't worked round hey that's awesome man I mean that's and that's that's the way that I want to keep it man I want to keep this place more like word-of-mouth just because then it attracts more people like the people that we already have and the people that we already have I've had just a fucking pleasure speaking with and meeting and I met it I've actually met a couple of people in real life who have ended up being like really good friends it's I mean that that's awesome man I mean again man I want to make sure that this place does not turn into one of those perhaps one of those other channels that attracts the kind of person who's like when when long when short when moon when dumped you know that kind of bullshit which is just it doesn't help the conversation is just taking value it feels fucking strange it feels dirty it feels really fucking dirty for me I mean when people when people message me and say hey man I have this position here and I want to know exactly what you do it's like no it just feels dirty man it feels like someone's take is feels like someone's taking value from you so that's kind of person I want to stay away from in this in this community and how do we do that we don't do it by like you know we just do it by sudden an example man and anyways what's on over here yeah come on baby scroll on down there you go there you go I do my my computer gets here AP says crown jewels really work I've seen them work I know a couple of traders who do use them and they're and they're profitable I can say that do I use them myself no it's I mean it's just basically kind of based off of fibs right it's nothing nothing to Morton much more complicating that I didn't check my phone just for a second here because I'm curious do we have this come on yes okay beautiful already um okay so hopefully hopefully I do get my computer delivered today that would make my life so much better already back on to the comments sorry and did I answer that question properly let me scroll back I feel like I might have not done it justice okay Dugan tools really work I seen them work yes use the square back tracked it and basically called some very nasty dumps in reversal is this coincidence I mean when you're when you're back testing things you're gonna especially with something that is more up to interpretation like that where you kind of plot it yourself like a fib retracement or again or you know or whatever it ends up being yes or or a trend line for that matter as well it's yourself a past prior action right so naturally it's gonna match up with those areas it should have those confluences so then you have to be asking yourself okay did I did I do a good job of separating my bias from what I'm looking at over on over here and that's where that one can kind of get you but I have seen it work in the past yes so I I can't say that it has been done and it can't be done more importantly okay back on in the comments here okay techno boy says hey crown can you do options as a demo account you can I believed I believed that Durbin has has a test net for options I do have a link to in the description to do ribbet it is an affiliate link so again do you not feel obligated to use it it's all good but I do believe if you go there you can sign up for a test net account and you could see why you want to be able to trade options mom and that's actually really good way of doing it man a lot of people ask me hey man how much money do I need to start getting traded zero do a test net do a test net for a fun for like half a year first there you go and I do want to say welcome to everyone here as well as I do you see a lot of people kind of joining in I do apologize for not for not personally welcome you but I do want to say hey welcome to cave and pleasure to meet you all I'm looking forward to having these conversations as well who cleans your windows well no one right now man as you can see they're pretty fucking dirty in fact I just moved in here so they I would imagine that they should be a little bit more clean but that one has looks like some bird some bird didgeridoo business all over it so unfortunately you'd have to wait until that way until they come back around with the long ladders and clean this bitch up um okay let me just scroll down over here let me should take the sin of this water as well I'm damn thirsty Oh also on the back you know back to a scammers exposed question if they're streaming from their parents house maybe also a little bit maybe also a little bit of a signal as well I don't know it sounds a little bit weird to me but fair enough okay it's hard says test does not reflect the real order but yeah it does not reflect a real order book but it's still trading right you still get an idea of how to do it okay already can't used ribbet in the UK massive taxes um some ground beef coming up so in some more so with regards to that higher an account man if you're a traitor if you can register as a traitor you should you should have logged a lot of tax benefits and it shouldn't be it really shouldn't be anything more than 20 to 25 percent okay already Walter Walter says I'm new can you can you teach me how to read a chart definitely check out my playlist titled technical analysis 101 that's dedicated towards newer people and hopefully you know and I think that that's gonna be a good place to start so it's completely free it's on my youtube and check it out okay I'm sure one of the one of our lovely moderators will close this soon enough let me get back on over here John Addison says fully man I hear your talk I won't name any names but yeah again it's it's all about skin in the game and it's all about skin in the game you know even if you're not a good trader there's no reason not to show why he'd says hey cracker you'll get or auger holy shit man I haven't heard logger Cola in ages our EP Europe versus the euro okay we can do that alright on crack and I guess this one trades a powerful move Wow massive girthy green dildo here probably as probably probably does sell off a little from here I do think that we do see a little bit of resistance here we come back down to about 14 34 but I think that that's gonna be a Buy so I'd be I'd be looking to be a buyer right here to be looking for a move actually higher I think this one's gonna I think that this one's actually gonna pop up towards like 19 or maybe even 21 over time and there you go a Bitcoin back above to 2,400 they're beautiful fucking beautiful fucking move there and again this this is why I love a very very very very very simple of trainings just support and resistance you know you see us come back down test the bottom side of this area right here and then back up now did I take this trade myself no but I am it's for that reason this is why I was managing on these areas and this is why you know wait what's up Bali boy how you doing my friend good to see it good to see you brother I hope you are feeling better man it's a I hope that you are feeling better my friend tone-tone kirby hype waves what the fuck is that name talking about you really talking about volatility all of a sudden oh man Amen I mean I'm not the person who came up with the volatility in fact more credit to to jabal I pour here for for bringing all these volatility indicators to myself because these are some that I had a lot of access to in traditional markets which I didn't really have great access to in Kryptos markets so Bali Pro actually put mostly is indicators together and just looking and just speaking out this dork of volatility percentile right here I do think that we're gonna see this probably expand on the hourly I really like the signals from the hourly and the daily actually well sorry you see hourly daily and 30-minute that seem to get this really really well and the alleys getting pretty low I'm curious what the 30 minutes looking like 30 minute probably did yeah 30 30 minute called this called that okay nice nice but overall you know you know I'm not the first person to think about by the way but while we are here with mister ball I pour the man the myth himself let's look at the expected moves range and we do see that we're kind of just we're kind of just hanging out right in the middle of this region right here I know that you did give me access to an updated version of this my friend but I haven't had a chance to really look over it yet so I'm not comfortable speaking on it cuz I want to make sure that I like I you know I understand what I'm looking at first before I present it but this right here I do understand and just operate between the first and deviation again this is expected moves based off historical volatility ranges and this has been getting it pretty damn well and you know what Bali I think after doing this enough I do think you're right that the 15 length is better I think that 30 30 in some unique situations gets it better but the 15 is is gonna be more accurate more often is what I found actually so yeah we do see the top of the range of this first innovation the most likely region is actually at around 13,000 300 the bottom is actually right around 11,500 do those match up with our pivots on you know on price action doesn't match up with tentacles yes it does yes it does we see 13,300 right here and we see 11,500 right here so any move outside of that range will resolve the more the more medium term to long term timeframe look on this guy so I really really really really really really really liked it when those things okay what else dime is Mike P says any goals for yourself when starting percentage per week when I first started when I first started no I my goal was to not get rekt and I got rekt as fuck when I first started Matt and this is this is me with like literally some of the best traders in the world teaching me how to trade I wasn't good when I started man I was fucking bad I was really fucking bad and it was a long process so my goal was to not get rekt I didn't have any sort of gold election page till I make make X percentage a week the problem is is that when you're talking about technical analysis you're talking about statistical narratives that set up long term success so when you put yourself on a weekly schedule it's actually too low I'd say monthly schedule is probably the lowest that you want to go but remember it's it's the over its over time with more and more iterations is what's gonna is what's gonna you know have is what's gonna you know is to satisfy those statistical equations it's not you know if you just have one week I mean what if you don't get that made trades if you don't have that many samples then naturally you know you might not you might not get those areas and then it's like okay well what are you gonna do you can't do anything about that in fact the thing is is that the market only gives what the market gives you can't take from the market what it does not give and if the market does not does not offer up the opportunities then there might be weeks where you don't even take a trade in fact there was weeks there was weeks during during 2018 where I did not take trades do did you recommend an LLC to start again when you're first starting man I just I wouldn't trade with any money I tread on a test net and just learn for a while learn for like learned like four to six months without trading any real money then after that you know you know how much money I put into account hundred bucks put in a hundred fucking dollars and trade on margin trade like trade like 10 lakh contracts and and and and don't do anything more than that there's no reason to put any real money at risk I mean again man I know everyone wants to get started you know as soon as possible but I'm here to tell you that it can be done learning how to trade can harm some be done if I learned how to trade and anyone can fucking do it man I'm not the smartest person in the world and it can be done it's also a really fucking hard man I'm not here to tell you that there's a magic pill for this there it's not a magic pill you know it's it's all about having the right information and then getting the experience over time over multiple years of you know experience and that is what's going to and that's what's gonna make you you know successful over time again the you know studies show about 3,000 hours of practice will make you pretty damn competent you should be pretty damn good after 3,000 hours after about 5,000 hours really really really really really good in about 10,000 hours it's typically where you find like true professionals of the are so so again you know just yet get your iterations in but with the right information then over time trust the process that's what I'd say about that okay what else did I miss baby what else smack oh my god man it's moving so damn fast what's up what's up mr. land how you doing my friend yo thanks for the stream good to see you man good to see it can you can you take a look at spy oh yeah yeah let's go look at spy man we haven't looked at spy all today to 296 and a spot 75 getting picked up right here right off the yellow 21 so it did hit it did hit our target to the downside of 295 okay I like that and I do you think that would probably get picked up here let me just make sure that did I get any good okay I didn't get any calls from the fucking people um but that's okay looking at daily I do think that we work our way up here again it's just holding a red 10 simple as we work away upwards and onwards inside you said can you take a look at spy horizontal 296 bot 47 okay what time frame are you getting getting this off of to 90 to 96 spot for seven I'm not sure would you are you putting it right here you could put one right here I'd say it's a little bit more it's a little bit more appropriate just a smidge higher right here actually right around 297 even if we do break back above this region right here I do think that we work our way back towards 298 actually if that if that does happen getting lots of play what are your thoughts on lower timeframe when our 21 holding okay one hour um yeah it's you know it's playing off of this MIDI is Tuesday right so that means tomorrow is Wednesday and 10:00 Thursday Friday dumb song sorry but there are bi-weekly aspirations on this so spy is extremely difficult if you're if you're trading traditional markets I would not trade spy I would only look at spy as like a general governor of the overall trend of the overall direction and then I'd trade individual stocks on top that because spy has by weekly bi-weekly explorations for options so there's a lot of games played and realistically honestly the best way I've found to analyze spy is just by looking at which which strike trades the most which one are taylor's buying the most in code the opposite of that because you're brought they're probably gonna get absolutely fuckin scream pod smash in the face once again as I search for words again very very very very jet-lagged still actually so yeah if we do get back about this Harry 297 then I'd be looking for a move back up to about 298 region and I'd imagine that probably what's traded the most on you know as far as calls puts go it's probably the 297 strike so you can't imagine that there's gonna be some some fuckery going around there but again I don't I don't except myself right now it's my mentor who actually who actually sometimes hit me it hits me up he says yeah these the 297 strike as traded this many times you know watch out for that but I don't really see it here anyways I I do I do think that I do think that actually does work its way up here I'd be bullish on spy man I am bullish on spy we do see a lease to the upside we do see how the are side it's coming down to the neutral oh man this this is okay just Austin between the bullish and chill zone in the neutral zone getting kind of picked up right now actually put do we have any bullish divergence here as well no no bullshit i virgins here but i do think that this one does try try illegitimate towards not 297 now do you think that we should take it out to the upside and do broker way higher I'm bullish on traditional markets man um oh shit everything else okay nice alright okay back on the comments here what else we got man Frank Eagle says crown please stop with the 10,000 things no that is not been debunked Frank it is not been debunked that is true for anyone who wants to do something that is legitimately professional we're not talking about someone who just wants to do something you know at you know out of G's in level we're talking about fucking professionals man and this is this is a game this is a fucking game so that does it I do think that this applies that has been my experience with it and that's been an experience of others man so disrespectfully disagrees strongly it's respectfully distri extremely strongly Jesus Christ Frankie to times says hey ground very very part-time trader and newbie treating small amounts I mean I'm sorry to go back to Frank's thing basically what you're saying Frank is that you don't have to put in the work you don't have to put in the work or time to get good at this fucking wrong I'm sorry that's just fucking wrong fucking wrong man you have to put in the work and time pretty much everyone does unless you're like some sort of prodigy which I don't think I've actually met anyone like that okay okay so Frank Frank to Times says trading small amounts what do you what'd you use to trade on the go what do I use a trade I don't trade on the go man what the fuck you can't you can't be half a gangster man you can't be half a fucking gangster being a part time trader good luck with that I'll be trading higher time frames I'd never trade on the go like you're gonna try off your fucking your your your screen good luck good luck man there's gonna be there's people who who are who are looking at this all day every day with every fucking you know at you know everything at their disposal and you're trading with your fucking phone good luck with that man you're you're in a competition and I would not suggest doing that man I would not suggest doing that okay all right what'd I miss here Roman says what's the what's a Bitcoin prediction today sold at twelve eight hundred what bitcoin prediction I don't know what you mean by that I have no idea what you mean but this is not a signals group I know we did we just say that we had resistance at twelve thousand eight hundred which we did see and we did and we did so off from that region but now it goes back to neutral here I don't I I don't have any strong opinion other than what we're seeing right here we're just playing between these two these two sports and resistances any sort of a movie outside of this range in the estimate we do probably another a little bit of a trying to move okay already scammers exposed says crown sorry to ask a sec what dude all good man all good but I want to purchase your advance program soon funds in a trade at the moment all good man could I please can i play in yeah man just hit me up on discord or email and we'll figure it out but again you know if you'll really hear me talking about my programs because I want to make sure that you kind of self-select into and you make sure it's a good it's a good investment on your own behalf retha read the read the reviews and understand that you know if really the only the only type of person who should be ever invested in those things is someone who wants to do this in a more professional sense which may or may not be you I don't know and I'm not here to be you know your dad telling you not to or to not to it's just I know that most people are not going to be that kind of person so I can I can always say the blanket statement of hey if you're if you're ever questionable about it don't do it it's you can get away with the free content completely fine no problem hey what's up can't be long time no see man crown can you tell me if I sell all my positions to put a long or short hint you bastard so you're gonna sell all your stuff and then I get to tell you a longer short sure a man short long there you go can't lose crown do you miss SF know I hate San Francisco San Francisco is probably one of my least favorite cities it's fucking awful Walt WTC US – oh my god Walt and chain all right you want the fucking one chain bullshit whoops that's he TC just as just as interesting walden channel again this is this is a fucking coin that literally had a competition where they fucking they scam the competition for like literally fifty dollars that's in never in no way shape or form gonna be good and I bullish on this though actually I am I actually am bullish on this and I think that it comes back up to 350 but god damn you know every time I hear of Walden China it's like like how can you in how can you in good faith invest in something like this when they had a scandal like that go on I mean it's not it's not like people make an excuse for them saying oh come on it was only 50 it was only 50 dollars yeah it's like yes it was only 50 dollars that they literally did not want to pay out to whoever would have legitimately won that contest what does that tell you the legitimate company legitimate company ever do anything like that could you imagine I don't know what what's legitimate company could you imagine fucking McDonald's ever doing that could you imagine fucking Bert can every day it's like all the fucking fast food so you get you at my point I do think that it pops up here but Walden chain I mean this all I've to do is just look at this chart right here and says didgeridoo the whole way down fart fart fart fart fart god-awful SF equals socialism that work I don't know shame shame shame what's up Kirk Henry Robert says most profitable asset for me past 48 hours Deutsche Bank douche bank shorting and looking to write it down into the this your ta on it would be appreciated as always douche banks been going down for a long time it's just simple DB right yeah okay got it got it daily going down into the abyss well you did catch a nice local high now do you think that it has a little bit more downside here probably 710 extremely likely other than that I mean this one's been beat up so much wow this one's been beat up so I mean it's been beat up so much you know the trend the trying to defend into the trend the trend is well the trends about 11 years 12 years strong ever since made mayo 7 not bad but um i mean this is the chart of a shit coin man and this is gonna be my analysis all right guys we're down 95 percent so you know what that means you know what that means guys we're down 90% can't go lower and we got 2000 percent to the upside by you're on the wrong side the trade you moron it's like all right um genius I would say that you probably back down to 710 and then from there you know the trend is down Matt your the right side of the trends so you can play it both ways you can either take the you know you can either take take a little bit off when it comes back around there of course not for an inch of ice or you could you know or you could basically play the position played the Trent and have a stoploss you know at you know at the current local high and then move it down the next time that you know perhaps puts in a local high to wait two ways of trading that depends on your disposition man I can't tell you I can't tell you what to do anything more than that though okay already um okay all right Elliot Elliot Alderson says crown can you please check out a Bitcoin as fee as it's been doing pretty well during the pump okay all right um bsv is a ticker I believe I guess do you mean versus let's look at it versus US dollar I'm curious how this guys doing on finex okay so still trading there okay yeah it's it's it's kind of its kind of just wetting itself into this region right here putting in what you know perhaps an ascending triangle right probably does rally off this region and probably reaches 12 it already hit my first tiger right here but I'd say I'd say probably products it products right choice 335 probably hits 255 say hey what's up inverted Quasimodo crown love the new intro and music thanks man I'll be happy to create music for the channel if you want actually I'd love that man I'd love some I'd love some community-generated music man that'd be phenomenal actually especially if you can do it in the same like if you can do in the same tone as as what I currently have or something similar to that that'd be fucking phenomenal but then again you know I also want you to have creative enterprise as well you know what I've what I've learned the most is when people truly have a knack for something you don't tell them what to do like the the the guy who did who did the intro you know I he asked me hey man like what you know what do you want what what should I do for this do you have any idea it's like nope you just do whatever the fuck you want cuz you're a goddamn genius and I'm gonna trust whatever you do is gonna be good and that's what I've learned man just get out of the way when someone when someone wants to do some when some when someone's you know motivate on their own accord they can handle that just well enough Sean Sean par pot says link USD please okay we'll go check it out you haven't checked out link versus us arm I'm guessing that one's probably pulling back as well this region I don't have a strong opinion on how far we get but overall they're trying to steal your friend right and we do have this trend line still you know still very much valid here which would be coming in like current trajectory yeah if somewhere right around about 245 250 so it could be that we actually come all the way down there but I don't a stronger peen on that overall I like it I do think that we rethink that it pulls back further but first and foremost I'd look for a move back down here towards about to 288 I would be looking for a bounce off 288 probably back up towards you know 3 315 maybe 320 and then and then we'll reassess from there but probably does move low a little bit over time and there's miss one right here whoops what's up what's up Michael fresco thank you for your fits hey man my pleasure um can you describe your daily routine sure I mean if your instant insurer I so I wake up I usually try to go to bed at around either 9 10 or 11 you definitely before 11 but usually somewhere between 9 and 10 I'm gonna get about 8 hours of sleep so I wake up somewhere between about a 5 5 & 6 and once I wake up you know I meditate for about 20 minutes just kind of sit naked and think about nothing pretty much sure or just let whatever you know whatever once pass through my mind pass through my mind then I go and if I'm drinking coffee for that day I'll drink some coffee or if I'm not then I'll go and and make some ground beef and then I will then I'll start looking at charts start you know start talking to people on discord you know start start looking at all the things start start going through my fucking email inbox which gives me anxiety nowadays oh my god man just too much dude in the eye again I don't want people to like you know not not not hit me up it's just it is it can it can be a little bit overwhelming sometimes so I so so so so then I do that then I do this dream so do that for two hours that started about 9:00 and then around 11:00 and and then then spent about an hour just kind of chilling then I go over to the gym workout for like an hour hour and a half then go to sauna and take a shower come back do eat once again so I eat somewhere around like three or four so that and that's those are my only two meals I don't I don't eat anything outside that region so I basically do intermittent fasting but my fasting window is while I'm sleeping more often and and then after that you know then I'll post like a standalone video which is gonna be around like five or six Chicago time now and then after that I like to kind of start to wind down and read a book read you know listen to something that's like listen to something that I something that I'm interested in but that's also educational that I can use and and then after you know do that for like an hour hour and a half two hours and then after that then then I'll kind of indulge in the bullshit and and you know watch something like stupid like you know I recently I've been watching this oh my god there's this great channel there's this fucking great channel it's called geek zone and this guy does like Lord of the Rings lore and it's so fucking it's so it's so lame and it's but it's so great at the same time and I get really really into it I love Lord of the Rings absolutely loves Lord of rings actually actually just ordered a sword that is that is based off of what it yeah it's so fucking strange man but hey I love it dude so I so that kind of helps me you know at night I want to be winding down and then by the time by the time I'm done doing that for like an hour hour and a half then I'm going to bed so yeah ma'am other than that you know not really anything else some sometimes and won't go to the gym and and still would go for like a walk or something which I think it's kind of kind of like it's a meditation in and of itself but you know just some like that man I'd like to keep keep it relatively simple okay what book you reading right now the book that I'm reading right now is called it's actually called a skin in the game by Nassim Taleb I've actually read it twice so far and that's the thing it's like four books I have to read them about about three to three to four times before I actually get it I think so I'm Rina for the second time and I'm like starting to get it a little bit but that's kind of that's kind of where that conversation before was born from Erik Lance's crown you talk about this reading thing often do you have any courses on I'm not the person you want to go to you for reading man you want that you want the you want the university of audibles what you want hey all the best view as well mr. O'Mara Kelley Kelley be Mitch King says Game of Thrones took over Lord of the Rings fans fuck'em fuck I mean actually Game of Thrones is kinda is except if we just took you've season one through five I'd say yes but I don't know man Lord of the Rings is so much fucking more epic the stakes are so much more higher man you know what's his name token token created a hole he'd like created languages in a whole world I mean I guess also Game of Thrones did that as well but you get my point oh my god I'm looking at my I'm looking at my Khan I'm looking at my phone right now it's just like more and more and more and more more messages oh man I gotta have to hire someone to I have to hire someone to fucking handle my invite this is too much two kings three penises crowd you need to get grounded to the earth to deal with your jetlag it will reset your circadian rhythm barefoot in the grass or dirt the best does that really work I'm curious I'm curious about the science on that but fair enough Mario Casanova says Manny Alvarez only criminals are allowed to carry weapons in Chicago thanks to thanks to the socialist kind of actually true the murder capital the world where guns are illegal let's see Jeff sorry I just missed your comment Jeff Jeff Jeff Florida says any books for better risk management I don't suggest books for that man I don't think that books are really good for trading I think books are good for a psychology of trading which which I love I love I love trading in the zone by Mark Douglas but for books man I'd rather read books about psychology for for risk management that's something that I would rather learn from someone who actually has fucking skin in the game when someone's writing a book on a strategy it's almost I think it's almost irrelevant the second that they kind of publish it and also on a book like how do you go through all the unique situations that you need to go through I mean you know even with the technical announce program when I'm doing it on video it's still like okay did I cover all the situation's possible and it's like and then I have to go back and just keep on adding them it's like you can't do that with the book man you can't all skin soul the person you made the book it's like what if something is unclear or what if something changes I don't like books for trading man I like I like experience for training and like and going off going emphasis and modeling someone who knows what the fuck they're talking about it's proven them with it's proven that you know says how do you deal with driven having to refresh every 30 minutes I I don't I get really about I've get really mad at my phone I get really mad at my computer and phone that's what I do I mean it takes 15 i well I just I just I just manually refresh it but you can use a different link to it it's like mercury ribbit calm maybe something like that someone in the program discord will have it and sorry I just realized I'm stolen link BTC here Bitcoin back above 12 400 so we did we actually just see it we didn't see a pretty good move off this region not bad it's Bitcoin you to regain the yellow 21 on the hourly um looks like it again we're seeing we're seeing these rising wicks once again you know volatile move to the downside then just floats its way yeah man it's I don't know why drib it's doing that it's it's it's only a new thing as of like what you know like a couple like a month ago not Chicago dirt go back to the country yeah fair enough crypto kitty I hear ya I hear ya do you only trade Bitcoin says Walker sell yep I only trade Bitcoin man I you know I need to look pretty a Bitcoin and I don't I also you know when you're trading all coins I don't have the time to research into them to know if they're legitimate or not so I'd rather just kind of sighs cept at all and just go with Bitcoin anyways calluses crown what do you think about the all the moves in the NBA offseason are you a warriors fan I'm not really I mean like I kind of but I think I'd rather just focus on shit that's more relevant to my life rather than focus on an other grown men which you know fair enough you know congratulations to them they're fucking amazing they are professionals they put in the hours they are incredibly incredibly impressive but I can't be asked to fucking sit down for two hours of my day and watch other people play as for it it's just not fulfilling for me Copenhagen says when is it a good idea to buy for a long term hold two years already to get some but I still need to buy for $15,000 when is it a good when it well base about I'd be looking at how our time frames and then base your analysis off that and again I can't give you anything more than that because that's I mean that's I mean that's that that's up to you man I can't tell you what's good for you I can only tell you what's good for myself acid USD please is that a real ticker we can look at it if it's real what does acid tray for about 10 $10 a tab oh sorry um it's never going down if never going lower now it's it's been tried been trolled once again bastards Jake Quinn says you skipped my donation man sorry man I don't I don't I don't intend to do something like that it's just it's very difficult to reach see sometimes Jake Quinn says we look at xlm stellar Bitcoin pair sure probably I can't look to you well but sure um all right don't get mad at me man don't get mad at me please do not get mad at me uh oh man we have didgeridoo action all over this bitch this thing looks like a goddamn piece of garbage probably does bounce from this region though oh my god I have a hard time looking at this price action insane that looks healthy that looks like an asset that I want to invest in the long term fryer not the best chart of all time do I think that we bounce from this region probably yes probably probably does bounce back up and maybe test around 12 maybe even 1213 and Satoshi's I think that we bounce anywhere from the current region that we are right now all the way down to maybe 700 so it's kind of a wide range it's not you helpful but this is this is a bad chart man this is a really bad chart I'm trying to look for I'm trying to look for reasons to like it we don't really see bullish divergence here what about a weekly none here either what about what about even like a very low timeframe I don't like this either man I do think that this one does get a bounce somewhere in its current region you know over the next couple weeks but I'm not a fan of this chart at all again this that this one just going just nose-diving I don't like I really don't like this I really really don't like this so yeah it probably does bounce somewhere between here and 702 Toshi's and probably bounce targets gonna be somewhere around like mm maybe around a thousand satoshis you know at the lowest and maybe like 1200 at the highest let's look with lists of what the wiggly says weekly tends around 13 yeah I don't know how much I trust that man all right so Bitcoin now $230 off that same air that we spoke about a little bit earlier in this video so not bad not bad at all and let me get back on over here okay all righty and let's see what else did I miss mm let me scroll down over there all right Frank Eagle says crap before you tear tear me a new one in public do some research psychological science don't care I don't care it's I've seen it I've seen it in practice man I've seen it in fucking practice it is irrelevant to me if you want to do something at a high level what you do have to put in the hours you have to put in the work I go at the risk of sounding sounding ignorant I just I just blindly I finally kind of side something that I do you apologize Frank it's in no way intended to be offensive towards you but I do feel that you're the statement that you said I would just completely completely fucking disagree with I mean basically we were saying is you don't need to put in the time or work in order to get good at something to get really and we're talking about really fucking good we're talking about a world-class level that has not been my experience in anything and that has not been the experience of basically and you know any anything that I've read anything any people that I've met I just I can't I can't agree with that in good faith basically what you're saying is you don't need to you don't need to put in any work he's just like it just comes magically nope I couldn't just couldn't disagree more man couldn't agree more holy shit okay crypto Kevin says hey ground things for all the Conte is it strangles and straddles for option plays I mean those are some option plays yes there's also spreads there's also covers there's also all sorts of creature patterns as well Theodore says good sir crowned can you just just growl man can you give us some rules of thumb regarding the sizing up positions it's not my my opinion on that is gonna be subjective right so I would say up here here's a general rule of thumb if you enter into a position in your heart starts beating or you start feeling anxiety your position size and it's way too high put it that way way way way way too high okay um Eric dobkin says I'm an opera singer 10 years of consistent practice with a real master guiding you whoops let me just your comet just waiting by my face 10 years 10 years of consensus practice with the real master guiding you all disciplines likely are the same yeah and that's a great quote by by Miyamoto Musashi or whatever the fuck his name is the guy from the book of five rings right he's a fucking City he's like a warrior samurai who got into like hundreds of duels and won them all and like in crazy odds as well and you know what that's that's been my that's been my experience is that the way you know one thing is the way you know all things so if you know the path to mastery in perhaps opera singing for yourself it's the same process of getting to mastery in another in another area it takes time it takes it you know it takes the practice it takes the guidance of someone who's already kind of been there but overall you know it can be done if you do fall in that process and it's pretty much the same general things different skills although you know you know I mean like I could I could try to play basketball for 10,000 hours I'm never gonna be a be at the at the level of like an NBA player but I could get pretty fucking good from my own level is kind of what that would suggest torque C says how did you first hear about Bitcoin actually I heard about it when I was on the floor of no star change ARCA and I think 2013 it got into it got into like NBC or Bloomberg or something like that because it just had rallied up like a significant amount it did I think it did one of its blow off tops from like 23rd 20 2012 or 2013 so they're talking about it then that's the first time that I heard of it then my friend from college hit me up about it a couple years later in 2015 2016 and that's when I actually started to get into it or did I buy right away I did not buy right away did I think it was done magic and money I didn't really understand it I didn't really think it was anything I just I was like alright what the fuck you can buy drugs with this awesome great eye that's like like I think to most to most people who are probably under 40 years old who grew up around the internet you probably intuitively know or perhaps you tell me you tell me if you agree with this because I've always felt this way man I've always felt like you know the world is gonna move towards some sort of some sort of a currency I mean one of the things that separates us is is the lack of basically trading in the lack and the lack of currency conversion so for myself actually recently I recently experienced this when I was living in Estonia I wanted to transfer I wanted transfer money from my American bank to my Estonian Baig and actually couldn't do that I actually couldn't direct I couldn't just directly call up my American banks I hate transferred over no it was a whole process which took fucking forever it was extremely difficult and honestly I shouldn't even have done it because it was it's just not even worth it but something like you know magic enough money wouldn't make that so much more easier and I think that you know the world is going towards that the world's also going towards transparency which I think Bitcoin offers up as well um okay all right oh my god man it's already been 2 hours um cock ah the reptilian dollar there you go III to believe in our reptilian overlords notion in the comments yeah it'd be appreciated it does kind of destroy the community for the people who do who do actually come here you know it to be a part of something rather than the people who just want to take value anyways I'll answer one more and or do my best to answer one more and then I'll get on to wrap it up wrap this bitch up so may no chances how did you analyze predict the second retest of the blue box bottom why wasn't it more more probable for us to directly move up after the first touch because all our Ramon Tomas odors were still pointed down so we saw our lead down we saw to our down we saw 3 our having a fresh cross down we see and we saw for our down as well so all those things to me looks you know said that we were likely to give it another another you know another test did I did I know that it was it was gonna definitely happen no of course not I didn't know that was I'm gonna happen but it was more probable absolutely yes and more importantly you know that's that's the whole thing with it is that when I'm trading like this you know I'm just I'm only taking trades within this region right here and within this region right here if I'm even trading this region which I'm not you know I'm trading I'm trading from positions much further back you know from this area right and over here and my point is with that is that you know there it's it's only a response to price action when it gets to areas not not anything between Sony's I'll start to wrap this bitch up right now and of course the two blue boxes from the lower timeframe perspective still very much valid we have 11th out or sorry 12100 to the sorry 12150 to the downside if we do break 12150 to the downside I'll be looking for a move down to about 11 7 11 650 which i think is a little bit less likely to happen although hey if it does happen I will de-risk below this area right here I'm happy to do risk my positions but I won't go full neutral I'll just I'll just you risk a little bit by the same token if we do break above this blue box territory right here which is 13 or sorry about 12 9 to 13 thousand then I do think that that has the avalanche of effects bring us much higher next hour he's gonna be about 13 313 400 also confluent with the top with the top of our first ambition well unexpected moose territory and then top of that I do think that we just see the flood of you know of all the hard time frames kind of lining up with this structure really being resolved and then you know 30 or sorry 14,000 would be a target and then we'll talk about higher than that but for right now lower timeframes kind of rule in the day still in an overall consolidation on the higher time frames but lower time frames playing around in some pretty obvious ranges so again you know this area breaks looking for looking for a test down here by the same token if this area breaks I'll be looking for a test of this area right here I am overall bullish but lower timeframes you know do you have an opinion on whether we break this error or not I don't right now I don't hire time frames that do depending on lower time frames not so much just playing the ranges and nothing else so with all that said I do want to wish you owned this uh it's Tuesday yeah hey HAP HAP happy Taco Tuesday it was a pleasure to speak with you all I hope to see you soon and I do want to wish you well we back on later start with more video analysis so take care and perhaps season


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  • Thanks for all your input Krown, i try to watch the first 10min update on your live streams as it starts at midnight here in Tasmania, also I don't understand why people complain about how fast you talk when they can just slow you down to 0.75 on the settings 😂
    again thanks for all your content I feel like I learn something everyday, cheers

  • Hit Singles: Krown, I really needed that. I also needed (as of your months and months of saying it), don't get caught up in the lower time frames in crypto.
    Thanks, man. Learning so much from you. It's insane. You, man, are insane in the membrane.

  • scottydoeskno328 says:

    Love everything about the show. The only thing I would recommend changing is that when someone gives you a super chat, the computer reads it out. I would just get rid of this feature as it's muddled as fuck so there is no way to hear it on our end but even worse its just noise in the background making it harder to focus on what you're saying.

  • I liked your Tone when discussing YT'ers showing or not showing their positions when profiting from talking about it.

  • Can you go over your strategy for selling covered calls or link me to a reference? I have a lot of gains in $SPY that I don't want to sell out of, but still want to profit off dips. Right now I just sell calls ~1 month out above resistance points but I don't know if this is the best strategy. Thanks and appreciate your content!

  • Eric you beautiful man. Please don't ever stop with your daily youtube content. You have been part of my daily crypto routine for a while now. Just want to say thank you so much for the entertainment and the insights.

    Much love from the Netherlands!

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