good Sunday ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show listen glad to have you guys here now bitcoins been on a tear she's been on a tear guys I predicted that it wouldn't break through $10,000 first try smash straight through it I predicted and I thought there'd be profit taking after past 10,000 no she's holding up there ten thousand eight hundred and something let's take a look at the church lets get the church started right here and take a look at what's going on crypto currency right now bitcoin is ten thousand seven hundred and forty three three hundred and twenty five point nine billion let me just take a refresh of the page three hundred and twenty five point eight so it's holding right in there with a Bitcoin dominance 58.6% three hundred and twenty five point eight billion dollar industry now at this point and what we're looking at is light cleaning one hundred and forty bucks now you know like coin I don't think it's gonna be the big story this year but I think I think that bitcoins going through a metamorphosis and what's happened what's happening is we're going into a bubble again but this bubbles gonna be larger than the last twenty thousand dollar bubble and like all bubbles she's gonna pop but it's gonna be the next time Bitcoin goes up that like coins really gonna come into its own you know we might we might get up to I don't know on this on this bubble that we're going into now we might get up into maybe the eight hundred dollar range but it's that next bubble is coming after Bitcoin this bubble bursts Bitcoin does the same thing probably loses eighty ninety percent of its value right then it goes into the next hyper bubble there's gonna be the real big one that's gonna be real massive and that's when like coin I think it's gonna move into the second position next to Bitcoin I think it's gonna be bitcoin and litecoin and I think like coin is gonna move up to about probably anywhere between 15 to 2 to 25% of a Bitcoin so like coins not gonna be like it is now it's gonna be massively much larger this is what I think like coin even at these prices right now you know all some some some of you out there right now a profit taking on like coin well there's nothing really wrong with that but I would tell you not to sell all of them that you're smart not to go out and sell all your like coin because I'm gonna tell you like coins gonna be the coin coming up it runs on the same basically the same profile as Bitcoin except there's four times more coins that would that would put the actual price when it really comes down nitty-gritty and leg clean gets to where it's going of about 25 percent of a Bitcoin you know which which by that time bitcoins not gonna be $10,000 anymore no no no now if Bitcoin if like coin was 25 percent of a Bitcoin right now you'd be looking at $2,500 like clean you see how under price like coin is but Bitcoin when like coin gets to that 25 percent of a Bitcoin price that clay is not gonna be $10,000 that Bitcoin is probably gonna be a quarter of a million dollars so what's that gonna make a light coin worth well boys I'll tell you don't sell all your light cleans off that's what I would say to you don't sell them all right now it looks awful tempting for a lot of you guys some you guys bought it 25 bucks 27 bucks and I was telling you guys like coins great you know back when they were like 27 bucks and I was just a couple months ago for crying out loud now 140 bucks and some of you guys are profit taking there's no real harm in that but I'm just gonna say don't sell them all okay now let's take a look at Bitcoin itself ten thousand eight hundred and one by gosh she's staying strong she's staying awful strong but it looks like looks like this last little leg up is over now or coming to a close and bitcoins starting to go along weezing in but what strengthless has in the market this year is gonna be the year for strength and I think this strength is gonna carry into the first quarter of 2020 before the bubble Peaks and I think it's gonna peak in the first quarter of 2020 then I think she's gonna roll over you know but by the time she rolls over we might be looking at maybe a three or a four trillion dollar industry this is the kind of bubble hyper bubble we're gonna go into and you know an awful lot more people are gonna know what bitcoin is when this next bubbles over an awful lot of people are gonna start to know what it is so when the price falls off of this next high in this next type of bubble I don't know how high she's gonna go for some reason it just keeps sticking in my mind 60,000 dollars a coin just keeps sticking in my mind I don't know why but that's just what's sticking in my mind that the bubbles gonna peak at that now I mean that could be anything don't even listen to what I just said don't try to use hats financial advice but that's just what I keep getting this recurring thing sticking in my head $60,000 I don't know why but we'll say we'll say maybe maybe that's completely baloney it might shoot right past a hundred thousand you know and if you guys listen to what I'm saying you might try to sell at sixty thousand and then it shoots up to a hundred thousand and you're all mad at me for saying 60,000 but that's just keep sticking in my head sixty thousand dollars anyway let's move on global money laundering and the global government is always to go to this money laundering stuff you know they keep going back to that but they're gonna use it and they're gonna use it and it's not getting really worn out it's enabling them to to to crack down on cryptocurrency says Frankford london cryptocurrency firms will be subjected to rules to prevent the abuse of digital coins such as Bitcoin for money laundering a global watchdog said on Friday first worldwide regulatory attempt to constrain the rapidly growing sector is is is being taken place right now it's called the fa TF financial last action task force it was set up thirty years ago the tackle money-laundering and now I guess they're gonna have to tackle Bitcoin in these crypto currencies I guess they're gonna first tackle them on the exchanges it says a move by the fa TF which groups of countries from the United States to China and bodies such as the European Commission reflects growing concern among international law enforcement agencies that crypto currencies are being used to launder the proceeds of crime countries will be compelled to register and supervise cryptocurrency related firms such as exchanges and custodians which will have to carry out detailed checks on customers and report suspicious transactions the fa t f said in the statement well you know these detailed checks instead suspicious transactions there was a time when when people could move ten bitcoins and nobody would say boo nothing now they'll keep cracking down they'll make they'll probably make it three or four bitcoins now before they reported as a suspicious transaction and later they'll make it one Bitcoin and then later they'll make it a half a Bitcoin and in the end they'll have it down to one hundredth of a Bitcoin will be reported and they'll do an investigation every time they'll probably make you wait while they do the investigation before you can remove your money from the exchange maybe they'll make you wait a week two weeks and they'll keep making the amount less and less and less until in the end you can't move fifty bucks you know without red tape and paperwork being filed and everything else having to practically give them a blood sample this is the way it's going you know and France France is right in there too France has created a g7 crypto currency task force but thou Francis connected into the g7 and this taskforce is gonna have a lot of power says France is creating a g7 task force to study how central bank's ensure crypto currencies like Facebook's libras are governed by regulations ranging from money laundering laws to consumer protection rules Frances central bank governor said on Friday Governor Francis Villeroy said the task force would be led by the note why are these names so hard for me to pronounce a european central bank board member facebook incorporated announced plans last week to introduce a new global currency called libra part of an effort to expand into digital payments it is joining with 28 partners it says no banks are yet part of this group of partners Facebook's announcement through a fast worried reaction from the US Senate Banking Committee who said it would hold a hearing on the plans next month I wonder if any one of those guys in the US central Senate Banking Committee who watched my show because I produced my show and I talked about just how powerful this is what Facebook is trying to do and now they're talking about this worried reaction from the US Senate Banking Committee you know perhaps not probably not probably didn't watch my show but my show showed how powerful this Facebook's coin could become and how quick it could become powerful because basically it's taking the power of that the central bank has and using it you know and so they're gonna it says it says Bank of England governor Mark Carney said Libre had to be safe or it would not happen and and included in this was that the world's major central banks would need to have oversight of Libra well that's basically they're saying that they're gonna take control the central banks well if we read what that says Bank of England governor Mark Carney said that the world's major central banks would need to have oversight over Libra well if they have oversights just like they're doing it themselves am I missing something here guys okay we got to have incoming on Bitcoin we're in the pre having phase right now huge gains expected in the crypto currencies says Bitcoin has been on fire lately since this time last Sunday it has surged almost 19% from the 9,000 price point traded at last weekend all signals are coming into alignment for further gains as it seems like Bitcoin is just getting started and yeah you know what I think it is just getting started I think what we're thinking at is is nothing less than gonna be phenomenal by but Christmastime I think it's gonna be an amazing amazing how high this thing is and I think that that's when they're gonna be starting to come in with institutional monies can start to move into the space and it's gonna drive this hyper bubble up to parabolic levels it's gonna do what it's always done it's gonna drop off but the next type of bubble after this one after this one bottoms and we go into the next type of bubble that's gonna be the big one because of the timing the rest of the world's financial system by that time is gonna be basically in shambles and Bitcoin is gonna look like the shining star you know when it goes into the not this bubble now but the next one past this one that coins gonna look like the shining stars in the world's financial system and that's when the the upper end of it how high it goes is gonna be unlimited absolutely unlimited then you know it could go high enough where it could break the back of what's left of the financial system and it could have a value transfer over in the Bitcoin of all of the worlds everything that's when light cleans gonna shine it's a number to coin and we're looking at light coin and Bitcoin the two of them working together unified to accept all of the world's value of everything now I can't begin to tell you how much the worth of these coins will be and by that time to the Lightning Network will be fully established and all of the use for the Lightning Network will start to take place and it'll become much more easy easy to integrate with them it'll become much more integrated into the system listen thank you guys for listening to this report and we'll catch you again on Monday and you guys have a great what's left to your weekend have a great time I don't know you know this is the time of year as far as I'm concerned this is the time of year for barbecues I love barbecues nothing can beat a barbecue you know and that that get some of that split at sauce it's like oh you put two chicken on the barbecue you know and you put some of that sauce on it that's got like sweet is sweet and barbecue sauce you know Kraft makes good barbecue sauce but you got to cook it for a long time into the meat you know I got to keep putting more on you know as it's cooking more and more making it I just oh man I'm gonna get myself hungry in a minute listen thank you guys for listening and we'll catch you in the next show bye-bye



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