21 thoughts on “LITECOIN UPDATE!! 6/28/2019! WHERE TO NEXT?!..”

  • Clarence Wood says:

    I have been accumulating since the 20$ range, loaded up on LTC at 114$ when it had support at 50MA, I am not exiting till we shoot past ATH @ 750$ by EOY

  • TwelfthRoot2 says:

    I added to my LTC position at $119 and if it keeps falling I’ll be buying all the way down. Then if LTC keeps going up to $500 I’ll probably sell there and buy into ETH or LINK maybe for a couple weeks before parking it in a stablecoin awaiting a bear market for BTC or LTC. The beauty of having fiat on the sidelines ready to get in the game.

  • Marek Wlodarski says:

    Chris, you are one of the the best youtube creator i know. Thanks for your commitment in our movement.

  • With the RSI being so low and starting to go up I think the price will follow up. I have been looking at all the charts and after the RSI is low the
    price comes back up 85% of the time. It takes it 1 to 3 day but it does go up.
    BTW, I am Very New to crypto & very good with numbers. <-<-<-<-<- Don't listen to me. Do what you think is right!

  • A year from now, these current prices will be to drool for. Sure, it may go down under $100 under a magnifying glass, but zooming out to the bigger picture, up!

  • what is bitcoin? who has all the digital info on US citizens? Who truly controls the internet? what is agenda 21? who's idea was it to have a one world currency? where did that person work? where was that person's true alliance? Why is the Fed buying all the gold and no bitcoin? are the fed low IQ? why would the fed hand over the treasury so easily to digital currency?

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