Litecoin Partnership W/ TokenPay ?? Verge – BTC – Crypto Talk

Litecoin Partnership W/ TokenPay ?? Verge – BTC – Crypto Talk

litecoin Partnership with tokenpay?
what’s going on testing testing 1 2 3
it’s been a long time since I streamed I don’t even know if this is working but I
think it is so hello there I missed you I’m gonna stop this here yeah so I just
wanted to talk about some cryptos it’s been like way too long obviously for any of those who know me
I’ve been going through a transitional phase in my life I moved to Puerto Rico
I put a video on this page about that and you can check that out at any point
do me a favor if anybody does jump in let me know how the volume is I could
definitely use some assistance letting me know if the volume is all right I got
a AC running in the background so it might be a little crappy there with me
I’m so rusty i streaming right now and I don’t have two screens which I’m used to
having so this is weird for me yeah but anyway so yeah whether you’re watching
this before after the fact thank you for tuning in I know I haven’t been making
much of videos lately but I plan on it I don’t say I’m gonna kill this air air
conditioning just in case but yeah so I haven’t been making very many videos
lately because of the move and everything the transitional period and
so on and so forth but I’m looking forward to getting back into the groove
into the swing of things and you know just just sharing my insight on what’s
going on you know I’m definitely you know to be 100% blunt I’m out of the
loop on some things you know I you know one of the things I love about streaming
as I learned so much from the audience we kind of learn
together which is awesome you know I can’t even count how many things I’ve
learned from the audience so it’s just really cool so you know I figure it’s
time to dive back in start you know releasing some content today’s topic is
gonna be on a coin called token pick that’s one of the topics so now if you
know me you know you know I’ve been in token pay for a bit I enjoy it I dig it
and yeah it’s just I feel it’s a great coin and part of the reason why I want
to talk about it tonight was and part of the reason why I’m doing a video period
it’s just because you know it’s because I I don’t want to just make videos about
anything and I don’t want to just pump stuff that I keep getting offered to
pump you know it’s just not in my it’s not in my best interest you know I mean
don’t get me wrong there’ll be a time and a place where I talk about you know
products that I think are cool and you know people off for me to talk about
them they hire me whatever the case may be I’ll do that in due time but anyway I
didn’t want to really dive back into it with nothing much to say and since I’ve
been so busy and everything you know I just I haven’t had them whole lot to say
like I said A+ I got on the loop but you know I’ve been getting excited lately
about token pay and what they’ve been up to so that’s part of the reason why I
finally got in the you know got off my Possible Litecoin partnership w/ TokenPay Crypto Talk Possible litecoin partnership with tokenpay off my ass to make a to make a video so
yeah let me get to it the market is actually my turn here finishing back on
as to ah Puerto Rico is humid so yeah I mean we’re definitely on a down spiral
again you know we had a nice little jump up from around 58 you know obviously
depending on which depending on which exchange you’re looking at and so on and
so forth which pair but yeah I know on crack and they got somewhere down around
58 that’s this is actually what I’m looking at now because this is one of
the ones I like to use aside from Finance and everything but
yeah I mean we’ve seen 56-49 so I think it’s heading back down I hate to be a
pessimist but I don’t think the bear run is over or the you know the bear market
so over I do think we’re gonna I do think we’re gonna you know I think we’re
in for a little bit more of a down downward spiral maybe not a massive
amount I don’t think the bottom is far from wherever we’re at right now but
yeah this is just some sloppy charting I’ve been just you know just kind of
gauging what’s going on a little bit these are just random trend lines that I
drew but yeah so the markets obviously not doing great we all know that and
that’s also been you know to be blunt part of my reasoning for not wanting to
make a ton of videos you know it’s just I want to make sure that I’m not just
being a debbie downer there is a lot of great news to talk
about in crypto on a regular basis but none of it really affects the price
obviously as we can all see none of it really affects the price and makes
anything moon right now nothing is moaning because a Bitcoin and I’m an
event for a moment I’m really looking forward to a day where coins don’t
follow everything that Bitcoin does in order for that to happen we’re gonna
need we’re gonna need more entry ways more avenues for people to buy crypto
without having to buy a Bitcoin but anyway so yeah we’re just seeing lots of
red yesterday was the Green Day or actually maybe it was the day before I’m
slacking but yeah now now we’re yeah actually yesterday I think last couple
days have been just kind of going sideways yeah so actually from the 22nd
we’ve been going sideways – this dip but yeah it’s just it’s messy it’s messy
plain simple do I think it’s the end of the world hell no I think that we will
you know will rise again for sure as far as it looking like 2014 yeah I do think
it’s looking like 2014 yeah you know I’m not extremely bullish on Bitcoin if you
have any notice or on crypto no I you know I want to be bullish and of course
long term medium term I am but but anyway yeah I’m just kind of ranting
obviously the markets crazy it’s not very fun we’re just kind of putting up
with it hey what’s going on Carlos welcome sir yeah it’s just it’s it’s hectic out
there it’s it’s blood in the streets lots of blood so let’s take a quick look
at the winners and losers something I noticed earlier it’s changed a little
bit now but something I noticed earlier was Monaco was okay now they’re more
towards the bottom of the list they were up towards like the 15/16 range I think
earlier but yeah I’m gonna chat a little bit about Monaco in a couple minutes
I just found it interesting what’s going on with it it seems like they having
good news it’s it’s it’s it’s making some wild swings like it’s not looking
like Bitcoin is it not looking like many coins and I’m not on top o Monaco so I
don’t know the exact reasons for it other than you know my assumption which
is news but yeah it’s it’s just there’s definitely green you know but it’s not a
lot of small cat you know a lot of not all of them you cash up three mil or you
know volume up three mil 24 percent that’s awesome I don’t even know what a
cash coin is sitting out a hundred thirty four percent fifty nine thousand
volume for the last 24 hours yeah that’s probably like three dudes
got together and bought a bunch maybe that coins often I really don’t know I’m
definitely not talking smack on the coin but maybe they’re really deserve it
right now but yeah I mean there’s
awfully some losers man down eighty-eight percent beep coin I don’t
know why it but it’s got its ass handed to it alright so anyways let’s see
okay so token pay is doing good I have a decent amount of token pay full
disclosure and it’s for a reason it’s not just it’s not was it’s like a guest
one night like I believe in the coin I believe in this one along with other
ones but this is one of my bigger holdings and like I said earlier I just
been getting excited with what’s going on lately you know it’s it’s just it’s
nice to see it’s just nice to see the company making moves and it’s not only
token pick obviously I mean there’s there’s other really good news out there
and it’s nice to see I should be here so yeah they were up a little bit more
earlier just like many coins and yeah so I’m in this coin for somewhere around
the dollar and fourteen range so I’m still doing good you know I’m definitely
still doing good I got in at the IC o—- face quick
history on this point it was a big pain in the butt because they had issues they
came out and first they were like yeah USA is cool to buy and then they had to
back out of it for whatever you know legal reasons I’m taking it this is
around when things started heating up as far as what the security not just what’s
not a security people were getting non-disclosure statements I believe it
no not non-disclosure uh a cease and desist they were gonna let a lot of a
lot of coins were getting cease and desist order so anyway token paid backed
out of the United States which was a it was a mess because they had to end up
paying people back and you know it was just a pain in the butt so you know that
they’ve had their issues they’ve had their growing pains but point is is I’m
really liking what they’re doing and there might be a partnership with
litecoin which i think is badassery now I’m not
this isn’t something I’m 100% on or anything like that I don’t have any
inside news you know that the news I know of is his public news public
information and it’s a combination of things that have led me to believe that
this is a possibility they did file a non disclosure statement I believe it’s
called non-disclosure an NDA non-disclosure something I forget I’m
spacing which basically means you know they can’t disclose the information that
they’re talking about you know to the public to the media so on and so forth
as far as I’m concerned all right and so how this all started was when Virg got
the deal with mind geek Charlie Lee of litecoin and Derek Coppola pilatus had
some words you know like some banter not banter but like a little bit of
ballbusting and and Derek which is the head dude over at token faith he had
mentioned that he had mentioned to to Charlie that hey look you know this is
what we’re doing we’re we’re acquiring a bank you know you basically let me know
if you have some interest or want to talk and they shared a few words you
know in the public on Twitter and then they you know they
somebody must have contact you know want one of the other and and there hasn’t
been much talk about it yet as far as I recall another could be alright but they
did sign a NDA I believe it’s an NDA anyway they did sign that you know that
document so maybe that’s part of the reason why we haven’t heard much about
it right but one thing I did notice was very recently I got a I got a
notification from token pay eSports IO which
I believe they owned the domain but the website isn’t available yet you know
eSport style IO is coming soon which i think is amazing because eSports is big
business it’s a it’s a very big growing business and it’s serious it’s it’s dead
serious business I mean we’re talking billions of dollars and this is not some
small-time stuff so anyway token pay is getting into eSports all right and yeah
fully featured eSports betting platform license in coracle the consumer facing
site that integrates community features similar to twitch so it’s basically
gonna be like a twitch alright and twitch is not I mean twitches a you know
well-known but it’s not huge you know when you put it up against other
companies but it doesn’t matter because if they can compete with twitch and get
even a portion of the users at twitch house I mean that’s powerful you know so it will be resold business-to-business
buy token gaming comm with payments and TP x VG and LTC so that alone right
there is a partnership in my opinion it’s it’s a it’s a partnership okay
whether it’s a tiny one whether it’s a big one that’s for each you know for
each person to decide golems falling oh that sucks non-disclosure agreement
Thank You Carlos I appreciate that man I need to pop this chat out I’m so
slacking one of my favorite things is talking and you know mixing and mingling
with with the viewers and uh yeah I’m not doing that right now so my dad but yeah so so they you know they filed the
non-disclosure agreement right and and now all of a sudden you have token paid
gaming which is obviously there are in gaming it’s it’s a part of token pay
it’s their company they acquired or they went through an acquisition with a
company called what the heck is the name of it I don’t know it doesn’t matter
right now I forget but it was a you know reputable company not not some newbies
like it was a reputable gaming company and they teamed up with them so to me
this is a big deal right as a person who holds token pay as a person who’s been
following token pay what’s going on a life side box welcome welcome so as a
person who’s been holding token pay and as a person who’s seen the conversation
with Derrick the CEO dude of token pay and litecoin Charlie Lee talking and now
all of a sudden LTC is being incorporated into you know payment
system with token gaming that’s badass to me like it’s getting me excited
he’s got me excited enough to start making more videos and to get back on
the horse because I’ve been slacking and you know I have some excuses I have some
valid excuses I mean I moved like I don’t know four or five thousand miles
away from home and you know dropped everything basically sold all my
personal belongings and all that stuff so you know I’ve been kind of getting
settled in here yes oh thank you so much temple rate for that I really appreciate
that because that’s another reason is there was an announcement made by
Derrick in a video that he did I feel bad I forget the name of the youtuber
but it was a it was an interview and yeah about a new partnership that
they’re gonna be talking about so this isn’t just because I’ve seen you know
like coin being you know involved with token gaming but yeah temple ray you’re
dead on III I think it would be seriously amazing especially since you
know like coin is under coinbase and under every other damn major exchange
and it’s like coin you know so I mean it would just be badass you know I can’t
I can’t express that enough I’m really really thrilled right now with what’s
going on with token pay I’ve been I’ve been kind of down like many people I
mean I’m not like you know walking down the street kicking cans with my head
down I mean but yeah I mean I’ve been I’ve been laid-back about you know
crypto I haven’t been excited or thrilled or pumped up very much but this
is starting to get me you know excited because I got a good amount of token pay
so why the hell wouldn’t I write and I have litecoin and I have xvg so it’s
it’s it’s an exciting time I think now again
token pay is not without their faults I mean they’re not a perfect company they
made mistakes you know in the beginning with you know offering to sell their ICO
to us and then backing out also their coins weren’t available for some time
but overall if you look at the time scale like they’re meeting deadlines
overall they’re meeting deadlines and they’re they’re hitting the things on
their white paper and they’re crushing them which i think is awesome
so here is the token gaming site alright so they’re helping people build casinos
they give you the whole back-end they give you you know they give you a
platform that you can build this stuff on so now me personally I’m not excited
about online gambling personally doing it you know it’s not my thing but I do
see the value in it because I know it’s big business I think it’s gonna be the
same kind of partnership with litecoin that verge has and more likely more than
likely litecoin is going to go in token pay to buy a bank yeah exactly temporary
I think the same thing I think that they are going to do it together I think that
because token pay for anybody who doesn’t know has nine point nine percent
stake in a bank weg Bank with the option to buy the whole Bank okay so
and that’s what they were talking about in the Twitter messages which you can
find they’re not easy to find they’ll probably be a little tricky but if you
go back into I believe it was on verges timeline actually or whatever their feed
their tweet feed back when they got that partnership with mine geek but yeah this
is what you know this is what they were talking about in public so I think it’s
gonna be badass I mean I think the partnership between all three of them is
gonna be awesome now I know a lot of people don’t like
Virg they don’t like really just most people don’t like Virg or I shouldn’t
say most but a lot of people don’t but I mean a lot of people don’t like a lot of
the major coins so it’s not a surprise you know but to me I don’t care I mean
yeah they’re having growing pains just like other coins had do I agree with
everything that Virg does and says obviously not you know they’ve made
marketing mistakes they’ve made mistakes just like you know other coins have but
I’m you know their community is still huge it’s gigantic and the fact that all
three of these coins right now are working together is badass because I
mean if you think about it token pay has been out for maybe getting close to a
year now not even and they’re in talks with litecoin which has been around for
a long time so it just goes to show you that like you know the technology and
and the marketing and the professionalism behind token pay is dope
af basically dope AF enough for you know for for litecoin to take them seriously
and get into talks with them you know I haven’t messed with GNT yet I’m gonna
have to check that one out bridge is not too bad if token Paik can get where
verges I’ll be really happy he’ll yet temple ray I agreement I agree it’s not
that bad either man I mean I own a fair amount of it you know I guess I don’t
believe in everything they’ve said and done but yeah I’m you know I believe in the
company I think that their marketing is good in a sense you know they’re not
perfect but III like them and I’m glad I got doing them you know something that I
noticed recently too which I find I find interesting is it took a long time for
Virg let’s pull up the chart for Virg to get back down to where it was before the
news about Mikey all right so verges they had a huge
run-up once they started talking about this new partnership and that was
probably somewhere around here let’s see yeah so yeah I believe it was somewhere
in March they released news that they’re going to be you know talking about a
partnership and they’re raising funds and so on and so forth right somewhere
around here place obviously jumped up nice nice
got up to 1430 sets somewhere around there but it took from April to June to
drop back down now obviously they had a big you know drop-off right here but
it’s taken a long time to get back down to where they were before they started
talking about the news so I like that I think that’s a good sign you know I mean
it didn’t drop back down to their you know their pre news release or should I
say pre pre news release you know of somewhere around 300 sets but anyway so
yeah I think that’s badass I think this is the reason why I think there is a
possibility that there’s going to be a you know a relationship a business
relationship between token pay and litecoin and that’s killer man
obviously we already know they got it with Virg all right let’s see what else
what else did chat about ira showed you this oh yeah so there is some other good
stuff coming out it for anybody who’s into token pay it’s going to be somewhat
old news but I’ll just skim through it for people
who are interested in token pay and want to learn more about it so they do a
report this is their medium post they do a report every month they call the toka
pay ecosystem report and the last one was pretty good let’s see I think this
is it not that’s the older one let me see I’ll just click on this so the last
one was pretty good I mean there was some good stuff remittance is huge in my
opinion right we want cryptocurrency to get involved with remittance with you
know national and global remittance which is basically the transferring of
funds you know so say I’m you know I go to the Philippines and I do some work
and I want to send some money back to my family that’s that’s remittance you know
that’s so they’re not only working like I think that’s a major focus of of tokin
pay and that’s that’s a that’s a damn big deal I mean once once that ball is
rolling I mean a lot of coins want this you know it’s not it’s not I guess you
could say brain surgery I mean a lot of coins want this a lot of a lot of
cryptocurrency companies organizations they want to be involved in this right
and this dude is doing it man he’s out there in other countries setting shit up
so it’s badass man cap or more I’m not sure we meant temple rabbi cap or more so yes so he’s building relationships
with these people also Tam bunting it looks just like a little tiny store not
a big deal I’m not gonna lie at first I was just like okay yeah another tiny
little shop that accepts crypto cool you know but then I realized what this
company is and this also is a remittance company all right you can see right here
money changer and money remittance so that’s killer
and and this isn’t just one they have 1,000 plus of these locations across the
Philippines I believe it is let me see here
Manila yeah so been around a hundred eight years over 1,000 branches so you
know for those of you that already read this I don’t want to talk your ear off
about this but I think that’s pretty badass for anybody who is interested in
token pay learning what this what these people are doing like what what this
dude eric is doing for the company where he’s going and where he’s trying to
bring the company alright so other than that setting a
business relationship with big big gosu big o sue is one of the biggest blogging
cryptocurrency companies in Korea so when they and and also for anybody who
doesn’t know a major major portion of token paise coin holders are in Asia
it’s huge in Asia like I’m pretty sure bigger than the United States well
probably also because of the fact that they backed out on the IC o—- which
sucked but so anyway yeah I mean it’s kind of like you know it’s it’s just
good stuff it’s good things you want to see because when it comes time to get
the news out and get it to the masses you know like maybe they teamed up with
litecoin you know stuff like that you want you wanted to get out to the map I
mean that would be out to the masses anyway but so what else yeah they went
to the verge currency Amsterdam meetup which seemed like a pretty good event
this is an hour-long video I’m gonna watch this later I’m probably gonna
watch it on YouTube and I’m going to fast-forward it you know like watch it
like you know a quarter speed or maybe even half speed if I can just to skim
through that because I already skim through a little bit there’s good
information so these dudes are bouncing all over the world you know like I’m not
going to go through all of this token Swiss sounds very interesting to me too
this is gonna be big business in the future so basically long story
short token Swiss is kind of like it’s kind of like an investment like an
investment company or investment bank all right so what they’re gonna be able
to do and they have 10% stake into this as well so I believe they might have the
option to buy the whole thing as well like they do with weg bank but okay so
what they’re gonna be able to do is they’re gonna be able to convert like
really really high numbers like 50 million dollars worth of crypto you’re
gonna be able to convert that or they’re gonna be able to sell that to to the
ballers to companies you know and that’s huge
so other than that they recently bought back 800 I think it’s eight hundred ten
thousand of their own coins at a higher price and obviously the ICO which is in
my opinion a good sign all right that takes balls they’re
attending more gaming shows this dude sold this car what token pay somebody’s
selling a house and I say that stuff doesn’t doesn’t really get me excited I
think it is cool you know but I mean that that’s to me that’s it’s almost a
little gimmicky it’s great and I want to see that one but I’m not gonna lie like
I have zero interest in selling my my token pick coin so when I see stuff like
that I’m like yeah you know I’m not paying anybody for a car for a hunk of
metal I’m not getting rid of my t pay for no hunk of metal you know like
that’s where my mindset is so yeah when I see stuff like that I don’t get too
too too excited I mean I think it’s cool but anyway so this is another thing
that’s cool they met with Florida University you know to talk about doing
tuition payments and campus payments using the using the coin so I think
that’s another thing that’s awesome oh yeah oh yeah while I got updated thank
God cuz I had some money in private that was
locked up there first while only allowed a number one ring set no a
number three ring size for a minimum but you couldn’t send out a private with a
three and you couldn’t send much out like very little if not anything so
that’s a great question temple ray let me get to that in two seconds so the
added chain X dot IO which is not a big deal and they also I mean it’s good
obviously you want them on a lot of exchanges the more the better
current current exchange there’s another one and then also coin 2001 and then
crypto Pia so I personally don’t want it to be
added to by Nance I don’t want it to be added to cool coin I don’t want it to be
added to bid tricks yet I don’t want it to happen during this crappy-ass bear
market that’s just me maybe I’m wrong maybe that’s a lack of you know you know
knowledge I don’t know I just don’t want it to happen right now I would rather it
happen when the market is booming and this is something that the CEO has has
mentioned you know in his telegram group or not just you know CEO but like other
people on the team they’re not they’re not like rushing they’re not like
scratching out the heels of these big you know exchanges and I think that’s
good in my opinion I want them to join those exchanges when the market is is on
the rise not going down so I don’t really care you know you see a lot of
win exchange when exchange when it when good exchange I personally don’t care
but anyway so yeah lots of stuff going on okay now as far as oh yeah this is
cool to farm extracts calm looks like they’re building a relationship with
them and I think that’s that’s killer too
yeah I agree says temple ray cause if it goes on a good exchange it is it’s not a
yeah it’s not going to matter too much exactly
it’s not just like all of this awesome crypto news that’s been coming out for
the last like five six months there has been badass shit like really good things
happening in the industry but it doesn’t matter because bitcoins going down it
doesn’t matter because mount GOx decides to sell a bunch of Bitcoin which they’re
not doing anymore so that’s awesome you can Google mount GOx sell-off and
I’m sure you’ll find one of the latest articles that they’re not gonna be
selling anymore Bitcoin I guess indefinitely or for a while and they’re
gonna be paying back the people who lost some money in that exchange but anyway
so yeah it’s I think it’s what was I gonna say yeah I think it’s awesome that
yeah I don’t like her topia neither man I don’t like it
thanks for chiming in will but yeah I just think it’s I think it’s awesome
that they’re not on any major exchanges yet you know with all the good news
that’s coming out it doesn’t really matter it doesn’t have major effects on
coins and if it does it’s a jump up and then a freaking slump down and then it
catches up with it you know with with bitcoins downward trend but anyway okay
so where do I think it’s gonna be now of course I’m gonna be optimistic right
because I know all of this stuff I’ve been following the company you know I I
follow what they do and I’ve learned a lot about them so I’m gonna be more
optimistic than maybe the average person would be that doesn’t know much about
the coin so I’m just going to forewarn anybody now in advance because you might
be like whoa whoa no I don’t think so it’s not gonna get that high you know
but I personally think that it can I’ll just put it like this okay short-term
actually I should say more of a medium short-term I don’t see much happening
you know I see maybe a small climb or maybe even you know lower maybe down to
the late dollar range I should really be using Satoshi shoes though but anyway
right now it’s at – 30 – 30 – 40 to 80 oh nice okay so
yeah it’s a 46,000 satoshis yeah I mean I wouldn’t doubt if it goes down a
little bit more I just wouldn’t you know I just think it’s gonna follow Bitcoin
exactly exactly well we’ll mortis I just it sucks it is
what it is though you know but yeah okay so let me get to the point so now what
I’ve waited in consideration and and I do this a lot I compare coins right I
compare coins total circulation you know Sona so forth you know that
that’s kind of the way I look at it all right and monaro as an example I compare
I compare token paints on Manero fairly often because they have a lot of the
same features token pay does have more features I’m not sayin that tokin pay is
better than Manero I mean you know I do feel as though that it’s just but I do
have a lot of respect for Manero I have respect for where they’ve come from well
you know where they’ve been what they’ve done what they’ve accomplished you know
I think it’s a great coin I think it’s gonna do well I think it’s gonna go back
up to where it used to be but as far as community the community’s bigger in
token pay as far as options the options are bigger and choke and pay or you know
more I should say more options now I’m not saying it’s better all the way
around I’m sure you know there are some things in the narrow that might be more
solid of course because they have longevity but anyway Manero got up to
$400 right I think it was let me see mineiro has been up to around $400 range
and what is it 2.9 million Satoshi’s so almost $500 has been up to that’s huge
right and even even before the craze even before the crazy I mean it got up
to 3 million Satoshi’s right so you know monaro has done amazing with just being
a privacy coin and somebody please correct me if I’m wrong but for the most
part Manero is more of a privacy coin and maybe a store of value but it
doesn’t have a whole lot of other things going on and that’s okay I mean you know
it that’s that’s fine the narrows Manero Manero is awesome you know it’s done
amazing but so here’s my point so you have token pay which in my opinion you
know has more options and a bigger following and so on and so forth
I think in the 2 to 3 year range token pay can absolutely do at least half of
that if not more than that that’s 2 to 3 years maybe maybe you know I mean it’s
all going to depend on Bitcoin you know if Bitcoin stays in a bear market for a
while then none of this is gonna happen but I don’t think it’s gonna be too too
long before we see you know another $10 token payment because it was at $10 at
one point so I don’t think it’s gonna be a ridiculous amount of time for it to
get back up to $10 now obviously this is depending on the market let’s say
Bitcoin starts to climb back up again nothing crazy more of a gradual more of
a realistic rise let’s say it gets up to 9,000 in a month and 11,000 and four or
five months or something like that I don’t know I’m just you know randomly
talking Bitcoin I mean token pay in my opinion while that’s happening with
Bitcoin and the market is gonna be up past the ten to fifteen to twenty mark
25 you know but yeah I mean I think you could do what mineiro can has done now
another thing to take into consideration is it does have more max supply tokens
has 25 it’s fairly close to Bitcoin bitcoins at 22 million and Manero has what is it 16 17,000
I mean million yeah so 16 million so you know obviously it it has more but it’s
not a ridiculous amount and I think that’s one of the more that’s one of my
favorite parts and that’s one of the reasons why I put in what I put into
token pay is because I like I like their coin count and I like their supply it’s
not too crazy you know let’s see whoa says everyone thinks they’re gonna get
rich quick however the bull run was only for two-week period last year but after
six years of mostly nothing just waiting for it to bull like crazy again I know
man I know I can’t wait to I can’t wait I’m I’m gonna be patient but I can’t
wait in due time I strongly believe it’s gonna happen I
they just think it’s a matter of time you know the media doesn’t scare me you
know they like to say Bitcoin dead you know the haters like to say bitcoins
dead it’s died how many times I think it was 300 it’s up to like 320 times that
the media has said Bitcoin has dead you know has died and it’s it’s it’s dead
and forget about it but anyway uh temple says will I am in
crypto for the long term same here even if we don’t have a bull run this year or
the next some day crypto will go on a boy yeah I agree I don’t think it’s
gonna be that that long I hear where you’re coming from
but I personally don’t think it’s gonna be very very long time for it to come
back I think like I just caught wind of somebody saying India is lifting a ban I
think what’s gonna happen is countries are gonna live bands certain countries
obviously I hope I really want China to lift them in and do whatever they got to
do come out with their damn regulations already like get it done get it done
make it happen lift the damn ban once that ban lifts
China is huge on crypto and I think that’s gonna be one of the
I could be wrong of course but I think that will be one of the catalysts I
think we’re gonna need a perfect storm the same way Krypto took a shit with the
perfect storm because it kind of was it was the futures market it was you know
all the damn lending platforms crashing and you know giving Bitcoin a bad name
which you know I’m not gonna lie I’m a little guilty but there was just so many
things you know there was other bands from other countries a lot of negative
news you know it was just a mess it was a mess back then but I do think the
futures had a lot to do with it as well like right after that happened the
drop-off was just crazy I think the pump up the rise up was huge
maybe tether was involved I don’t know you know who knows I think it was a
perfect storm and I think we’re gonna need another perfect storm for things to
start happening again or a monster monster bottom you know which will
motivate and bring in that capitulation I believe it’s called banding based on
fear yeah yeah and and money and greed in my opinion too you know yeah China
unban would be dope life-sized box I’m looking forward to it man I’m really
looking forward to it but yeah I think it was based on you know not only fear
but greed you know they want to tax what they can tax and you know I mean they’re
like Banat now tax it later and unban it you know after the fact you know that’s
that’s my opinion you know you know I mean granted yes there was a lot of
shady shit going on last year you know with ICO is running away with money of
lending platforms running away with money a lot of people running away with
money so you know I mean I could understand you know there being a need
for regulation and shit some somewhere I don’t know just not overly regulated of
course you know I think we’ve got about five ten years till crypto is mainstream
yeah man I think that’s safe to say dude you know I think that there’ll be a lot
of money to be made within those five or ten years you know and and and it will
always be one of those things where it’s like even
now to this day you you I’m sure everybody knows somebody that’s like ah
you know I don’t mess with those computers you know obviously most people
do but but there’s still people out there they’re like I don’t want to mess
with those computers you know maybe maybe you got caught up in the chat like
in the it like Auto blocks certain words so maybe just you know switch your
letters up or something but yeah so alright what else did I want to chat
about I don’t want to talk talk the ears off I’m probably already been on for
half an hour at least it’s been a while I haven’t 45 minutes damn I haven’t made
any videos lately so I got a lot to talk about and I’ve been I’ve been reading a
little hot lately just trying to catch up on the markets and trying to know
what the hell I’m talking about and get caught up and get back in the loop you
know because I’ve been out of the loop man like I know a little bit about
certain things but I feel like I’m so out of the loop on the general consensus
of the market you know it sucks you know I’ve been slacking so I’m trying to get
back into the swing of things I miss like talking with you guys and learning
from you guys and sharing anything I know but yeah so obviously I’m crazy
bullish lots of Schilling on token page took token pays the bomb in my opinion
another thing that I noticed and I was mentioned this earlier about the
communities I mean I like some people ask me like oh how do you figure out you
know which IC o—- is to invest in what which coins and communities one of my
always go to whoa said you said media talking bad about BTC and lying and I
said that they said we wouldn’t have our current president I see you’re saying I
see what you’re saying so yeah I mean community is one of the things I look at
in coins you know I look at how fast their community is growing how active
they are how involved they are and actually ET ETA is one that I’m
really fond of their community my buddy Dave is in it and yeah you know
it just came to my mind oh yeah tons of fake news man it’s it’s ridiculous
it really is ridiculous the fake news in regard to crypto but yeah so community
is one of the biggest things token pay has been around for less than a year
they got seventeen thousand four hundred people in their telegram and manera
house seven thousand that’s ten thousand less which do you know I mean that’s
significant and that’s not you know that that’s just telegram so that’s huge to
me that’s important to me I want to know that the community is huge
and that yeah this is something I noticed earlier okay so another thing
Monica Monica has been doing some crazy shit I just wanted to bring this chart
up real quick and share my interest and dumping some money into this coin and
just setting a sell order at a silly number like this has been interesting
how and I think this is because of news but yeah the fluctuations have been
quite interesting on this one but yeah I’ve been looking at it I’ve been check
kind of just checking out their social media and it looks like they’re trying
to make some moves man and I like that and the Monica has been
around for a bit why don’t they go back from all ties
there’s a sense I remember their ICO was around the time I started getting into
crypto yeah yeah yeah July 17 but anyway this pattern I was finding this
interesting and they were kicking ass today too earlier they were up quite a
bit they’re up a lot on eath but yeah this company is all about crypto cards
which has been a it’s been a mess to be honest the Swift car was doing good for
a while I’m not sure if that’s still running but some of the cards have been
a I think it’s because a lot of the
companies were all dealing with wave crest and wave crest was a believe it
was a bank and everything fell apart basically long story short issues with
Visa MasterCard I believe but yeah so we’ll see what happens with Monaco I am
interested in dropping a couple bucks into it just because of their wild swing
that they had in May because that was a big dim jump on some news it was huge
I think it jumped up like 130,000 SATs if I remember correctly yeah I think it
was about 130,000 Satoshi’s so anyway temporary says can’t get out of crypto
this cause I should be a millionaire now I found out about Bitcoin in 2011 it was
$32 then a couple of days later I forgot about it and read that in July 2011 it
went down to 2 bucks yeah man it’s been a hard situation crypto man it’s like
you got a really like understand what the hell is going on why is it going
though why do people want when nobody wants to buy it you got to understand
the technology and the potential behind it in order to buy it when everybody
else is selling it but that those are the ballers right now those are the
people that are like laughing at the price of 6,000 and our could care less
because they own it for 50 bucks or a hundred bucks or a thousand bucks you
know like it’s the ones with the balls and the ones that see the vision of
Satoshi and you know and those who came behind I’m like coin aetherium you know
it’s an interesting situation it’s I’m not gonna lie ha dling has been one of
the hardest taste I’ve probably ever done you know huddling crypto it is not
easy man the life of a hollow don’t get me wrong I have a stash that I
buy and sell with as well but huddling large sums of crypto as it just plummets
it’s not for everyone but like I was saying in the chat room earlier today I
in this statement which is I don’t know who said it but it was it went like this
it went something like this traders who you know buy and sell crypto
to make more crypto whatever you know they buy $100,000 Lambos and hollers
who’ve been holding forever long term they buy $1,000,000 yachts so I thought
that was funny and that’s that’s pretty much where I want to get aside from my
you know my small trading but I think that is about it
I’m gonna end it on that note I appreciate you guys for tuning in and
hanging out you know and for anybody who’s watching this after the fact you
know thanks for thanks for swinging by and appreciate it I still think about
that often yeah man it’s I think trading is good you know it’s it’s a really good
skill to have being able to buy low sell high
learn the charts learn support and resistance I mean that stuff nobody can
really take away from you you know it I think it’s everything anybody who’s into
crypto and into stocks should learn that stuff at least the fundamentals because
I was going to invest into what but yeah I think that everybody should learn it
you know it’s not the easiest thing in the world but you know you can literally
just start with support and resistance if you could really figure out support
and resistance and you have a really great foundation and there’s so much
content out there to learn about support and resistance
there’s tons tons of information for free too so anyway that’s a long video
it’s nice to be back I feel good I feel happy to be chatting and sharing my
opinions yeah you got it life size I appreciate you coming by man I mean it’s
it’s it’s awesome you know for not not streaming for quite
some time to have three four or five people hanging out and biessing with me
that’s awesome I can’t thank you enough so yeah I plan to get back on the horse
start dedicating more time to making some videos and just trying my
best to share value share value or simply just share the latest news you
know it doesn’t for me it doesn’t have to always be about spending three days
researching stuff Thank You life size I will definitely I’ve been enjoying it a
little too much life size block and that’s part of my issue right I’m like
lazy in a sense I don’t know I’m kind of just milking the fact that I went
through this big gigantic move and I’m just milking it a little bit too much
but Krypto is talking about stocks that’s very interesting man stocks have
taught me about crypto I took what I learned in encrypt Oh over two stops I
got a buddy of mine that’s into a lot of marijuana stocks he knows his shit I’d
recommend checking him out rich live TV a rich TV live shame on me for not
remembering that but yeah I’d recommend checking him out he’s on top of some
stuff he’s doing well I admire his work and his his persistence on his channel
so I recommend checking him out he’s he’s interesting cat but anyway
so again thank you guys I am on steam it by the way this is my page right here
Joey rocket films and yeah check me out you know I’m not huge every once in a
while I’ll score a decent post you know I’m just random stuff since I moved to
Puerto Rico I’ve been making random videos of my little adventures so you
know yeah it’s fun it’s just kind of documenting my life and I’ll probably
start putting crypto bits on here and maybe I’ll put this one on there too or
actually I’ll probably upload it to d2 I’ve been getting into B tube lately but
anyway thank you guys I do appreciate it then wheat stalks going to be going up
really good soon and I’m sure yeah temple ray Canada Canada just got
approved for for recreational so that’s huge I guess it goes into effect in
October so that’s badass that’s gonna do really well for some people
my buddy rich has been holding some of them stocks for a while now and he could
probably name all thirty just off the top of his head but all right thank you
guys so much I really appreciate it I’m gonna get out of here and get some rest
and yeah start researching for the next vid thanks again so much guys I really
appreciate you tuning in and have a great evening
take care


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