Litecoin (LTC) Price Prediction for 2018 - The Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold

Litecoin (LTC) Price Prediction for 2018 – The Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold

he'll descriptor coins and welcome to another price prediction video so I've done Bitcoin in its theorem so far and this episode I'm gonna be looking at litecoin and how it's gonna do in 2018 there's 21st of December 2017 and thank you for tuning into this video I hope it's gonna be useful so first of all let's look at the price history of light coin in 2017 it's been a pretty impressive year for light going just before April it was other than to coin base which you can see by the crazy increase and the volume and then it's been a pretty steady growth the met one major dip was during the Chinese exchange closure but since then it's been recovering very nicely until the big big surge in middle of December as you can see crazy growth and yeah it's been as you can see price wise he could become very rich by buying right at the beginning of this year and then selling it at the end of they are so very good ear for light-cone in general now we're gonna look at some of the bad things that could potentially happen to write : in 2018 first of all light cone has been in shadows of Bitcoin for a very long time and it's gonna remain in it many investors will consider it porn Sportsman Bitcoin and will either pick Bitcoin or even Bitcoin cash G to Bitcoin cash having VidCon in the name if Bitcoin solves the fees and scalability problems then night going might be seen as useless basically I mean that's the true fact also there's obviously a Syrian but a serum does have the distinction of a nice application usage so light-cone is not directly competing with it and there was a competition apart from Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash like who needs to worries about several other payment cryptocurrencies like vertical girls called as via KOIN as well and since like clean doesn't really have any special use from now for now at least it sees as the payment cryptocurrency you know it doesn't have any difference that's application like a theorem on it then all that competition well you know we try to be better than like going in terms of being used as a payment crypto regulations why wise litecoin might very similar it's just a bit Constance on my Keith areum it doesn't have any usage apart from being used as money pass you know the centralized internet money essentially so at the end of the day all the value is the rivets purely based on speculation just like with Bitcoin however there are some very good things about light control so first of all right coin will be one of the first three or four main crypto currencies available coinbase and converse is currently the main up he is by the mainstream users it's cheaper than Bitcoin it's cheaper than between cash and it's cheaper than a serum as well so users might pick it purely based on that now it must sounds a bit silly but it's not um a rhythm forms a lot of users that were basically starting with cryptocurrencies only picked light going because that just seemed like the best deal to do because it was the cheapest cryptocurrency and out of those four it will be the cheapest for quite a while probably it's also commonly available on all the other major exchanges and will probably stay as the mainstream crypto and is gonna be available on any future competitive competition to coinbase as well atomic swaps I'm not gonna go into details but it's basically an ability to swap a token one token to the other without having to use any type of exchange and nightkin already perform them with Bitcoin Commodore earth corn and D credit and in the future that will be possibly the biggest kind Y of people to get different tokens and exchange them for other tokens any cryptocurrency that will be able to perform that should increase in demand so light going already has that it one it's one of the pioneers in terms of atomic swaps all the development so if you look at the right controlled map they do have some other huge cryptocurrency developments planned out and that includes privacy smart contract and even I cos in the future sounds a bit crazy but that would they say based on that the future does indeed seem to be very good for light going some other considerations some litecoin might lose unpopularity of any other cryptocurrencies when any other cryptocurrencies are added to coinbase obviously currently it's one of the top formation of a book cryptocurrencies there but if any other big competition to light-cone is added then that would be huge disadvantage to light point however working atomic drops should increase the demand for coins as well and light-cone is one of the few currently that supports that so you know being among this crowd should boost the price as well Charlie who's the main developer of light going he sold always coins to focus purely on development they've been around 11 I'll talk about the subject whether it is good or bad for litecoin I personally don't like the choice but I certainly understand one why he did it he also recently announced that the team is working on solutions that could help to adopt litecoin in real life essentially and those include merchant processor adding to online wallet like one of the major wallets he didn't say which ones and also some kind of good trading platform and they're also gonna be one huge unexpected surprise which kind of proves that maybe he sold his right coins so he can show it a bit better and people can just say he's sharing it for his own gain you know he's just kind of doing those huge unexpected kind of clickbait surprises because you know he doesn't have the burden of owning rights of people Congress say he's doing it for his own gain which is a good idea actually if you think about it so there you go so it the actual price as Swift as with Bitcoin anything I've got three different predictions first of all the baby I would say five hundred dollars at the end of 2018 and that takes into consideration being overshadowed by the rights of Bitcoin Bitcoin cars worth going and gross going and general bearish sentiment in cryptocurrency people might view Bitcoin anything are safer investments in bearish climate and simply ignore litecoin neutral view I would say one thousand US dollars at the end style 17 that's a very likely scenario and this is a reasonable assumption it's only three times the current price it's slightly over free time so it's not that crazy and you know that's assuming the mainstream adoption of course the currency continues and light-cone is being one of the first points of entry G to be accessible through the apps like coinbase revolute SOS or bread as well and bread it will probably be one of the major competitors to Congress in the future polish V and it's certainly not crazy five thousand pounds per one right coin at the end of 2018 that's mostly if Bitcoin and serum do not solve the scalability issues then you know likely might be one of the few working nation cryptocurrencies obviously Bitcoin cash is gonna be there as well but litecoin is cheaper in Bitcoin cash and like I said that's certainly an advantage in terms of getting new users to buy it obviously the possibility of Bitcoin anything I'm not solving the scalability is quite low but it's something to consider as well I would say likely recently interesting development and an interesting investment I personally do not actually own any I think there are few better options out there but if cryptocurrency continues to you know get momentum adoption then only some litecoin might be a good idea because it's gonna be one of those first point of entry and it's the cheapest point of entry currently and a lot of new users were simply invested into it because it's cheap and it's out there available through the mainstream apps thank you very much for watching this I hope it was useful indeed my dog's making noises anyway if you want me to cover any specific cryptocurrency in this series just leave a comment below and you know I'm gonna pick the most interesting options in there if you like this series just give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more any questions that leave a comment below you know any other social media and as always I do love you indeed bye


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