Litecoin & LitePal: $99 Million Transaction Using Litecoin

Litecoin & LitePal: $99 Million Transaction Using Litecoin

hey everybody crypto mentor 99 how you doing still April 20th early afternoon and when I saw this tweet on Twitter I frankly didn't have my glasses on and I'm like that's an awful lot of zeros let me get put my glasses on and I read it and I stared at it and then and I don't I guess I've never really said this but in some ways I feel somewhat not like a news reporter but when I do these you know videos I do feel at some level a sense of responsibility not to just talk about goofy stuff and it's not like I'm exactly a news reporter that I investigate every story to the nth degree but I want to make sure the best of my ability what I'm saying I don't want to say it's from a credible source but you know what I mean I don't want to put up goofy stop so this seems unbelievable to me but that's good in a way because this is where we're headed in the Krypton space okay just because I can't wrap my head around it doesn't mean that it's not true it can't be true because this is true so get a load of this so on Twitter and you guys are all familiar with like panel so says litecoin is the payment means of the future today we witness an example of a true of the true power of litecoin and here's what I want to draw your attention to a ninety nine million dollar US dollar UF I mean you know Fiat USD a ninety nine million dollar transaction took place it was confirmed in a hundred and fifty seconds with the transaction fee of 40 cents yes I said 99 million dollars and that's the cool thing about I think cryptocurrency in the blockchain and decentralized you know the whole idea of deep decentralization and so this is not fake news so here's the transaction and I'm gonna put both of these links below and I'm just like whoa so here here's the the size the fear a time received mind time included in the block so let me break it down six hundred and fifty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine bit light coin was sent six hundred and fifty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine litecoin 0.99 fifty-seven and have no idea you know where it was going or you know if it went to an exchange if it but I have no idea I'm not my my pay grade isn't high enough to figure that out but I would encourage you you know I put stuff on litecoin about some of the prices that people are talking about and okay I just kind of repeat with what smart people say right and I get some flack for it a little bit some emails here and there but again 99% of everybody is so sweet and kind but yeah yesterday a 99 million u.s. dollar transaction took place it was confirmed in under two minutes with a forty cent transaction can you see the power of litecoin I think I can maybe I'll have a better understanding in the years to come but this's yeah that's amazing ninety nine million dollars go light pay and go light coin and go kryptos see you later bye bye


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