hey YouTube what's going on Chris here want to bring you all an update on an interesting article I came across this morning what it says here is rising institutional investment setting pace for future crypto growth and I thought this was important because basically what this going to go into is all the different market cycles that Bitcoin and these Kryptos have experienced and what you have to remember guys is each cycle there's gonna be a different component that makes it work and I truly believe that this time the bull run is going to be from these institutional investors like last time it was retail speculation that was driving the big blow off top that we ended up having in 2017 and with institutional money coming into this space guys I truly fully believe that we'll be over a trillion dollars at some point soon here and you know it may take another six months or whatnot till we get there another year but a trillion dollars is definitely around the corner you think about just even the gold market alone is over seven trillion dollars and you think about all the money that is out there in the world and we have to remember that this is a global space so that allows so much more money to be able to come into it and funneled in from all different areas around the country so want to dig into this a little bit here not going to read too much but there's some key points I wanted to touch on here guys if you like these videos in terms of bringing your articles different things like that some of the fundamental news let me know down low like subscribe to that notification bow and we'll dig into this so this is on coin dust here guys that says rising institutional investment setting pace for future crypto growth and this is by Sebastian Sinclair and he goes on to say financial institutions have begun to enter crypto with a quickening pace setting the tone for the remainder of the 2019 2020 what makes these years different from once priors the speed of professionalism taking place in the market according to our sources oliver vaughn Landsberg a financial services group with digital assets speculate ism drew comparisons on the various bull runs experienced over bitcoins lifecycle with the exception given to this year's fundamental growth now listen this is very interesting because remember we had the big blow off top in 2030 we had 17 and that's just how these things keep repeating themselves the market cycles guys they're cyclical the 2013 bubble was driven by technocrats and darkweb trawlers in the 2017 rally was led by the whims of speculative retail traders 2019 'the growth belongs to financial institutions who are diversifying stale portfolios and finally have the professional machinery to do so so being able to keep your coins safe guys on hardware well as different things like that or having a good site like a coin based Pro that's basically backed by insurance that's the thing big money needs because they can't have millions of dollars getting stolen by hackers what they need is a secure place to be able to invest lots of money and now we're starting to see that and it goes on to say last month in the UK alone 9 financial institutions for banking and over-the-counter OTC trading were brought into the fold by BCB that raised the count to 32 most of whom came on board this year then it goes on to say this is a fundamental shift in client profile compared to last year which was dominated by crypto projects looking for liquidity and then take a look at this guys this chart that he had up here and that goes on to talk a little more more than you can read yourself but take a look right here month to month market capitalization you can see how this volume is coming back in you can see we had a bullish engulfing candle right here old resistance becoming new support and now we're making a nice little move out of there and basically guys what you have to realize is as institutional money comes in these prices because they're deflationary currencies many of them you know with a set amount supply when big money institutional money gets injected into them they can run very hard very fast and that's what we're looking for is that institutional money to where we can actually have a nice steady uptrend with higher highs and higher lows we don't just get these blow-off tops where you know the retail investors are throwing money and then they rip it right back out when they see us basically go parabolic and go straight up so you know these are the things that we want we want to long bull market for cryptocurrency we don't want just another blow-off top but with institutional money coming in and they're trying to accumulate as much as they can now they're gonna be holding it for longer which would allow us to be able to set these nice higher highs and higher lows and when you're standing on the sidelines and you want to get in and you're seeing an uptrend you're waiting for that dip and that's when you want to be able to jump in there and that's what a lot of institutional investors are looking at right now then it goes on to say here guys basically a resurgence began on February 1st of this year when the total value closed above 130 billion for the first time in over two months marking a strong shift in sentiment and trend with a hint of institutional interest by then the upward chirp dreck trajectory has been checked by steady increases in growing bullish volume seen by the large bars on the monthly chart backing the trend remember whatever the trends going up you want increased volume with that that's the most important thing you don't want the price to be rising on low volume then it says now above 300 billion growth seems very plausible given Kryptos recent recent bullish fundamentals however that will also depend largely on how the industry navigates the upcoming regulatory framework and guys what you have to remember with this we're gonna have all different types of rules and regulations everything coming in so there's all different things that can really affect the market that we want to pay attention to and that's why fundamental news and staying up to date on this stuff is so very important as well but you know guys we're in early institutional investors are just now looking at this the last cycle was the retail investors and also think about it you know all the people who sold out say they were holding they had bought at fifteen thousand dollars and went down to five thousand dollars they were scared they sold out now they're seeing Bitcoin rise again the FOMO when this institutional money really starts pushing prices up is really gonna make people crazy and that's gonna make them jump back in and we really could see some strong moves so just be prepared be ready have the coins that you want to have ready on hand accumulate what you need to accumulate because at some point guys that rocket ships gonna be coming so you just want to bring this to you hope you all have a wonderful day like subscribe notification bell if you like these and I do believe some institutional money's coming in guys so let's just be patient be calm we need to know how to trade so we can take profits when they're staring us in the face take care of my friends



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