When I started, I was living in a disadvantaged area in Paris north suburbs. Today thanks to my activity I have the possibility to travel all around the world which is why this video will be in english. To make you more comfortable you have the possibility to turn on the subtitles in french See you in a minute! The political impacts of Bitcoin. Hi my name is Xolali Zigah and I’m your high return investments expert. So you know that everyone is talking about these new technologies. You have seen the Bitcoin spread all over the world this past few years. If you go in the streets and you ask someone: “Do you know Bitcoin?” And his answer is no, you will look at him like : Are you serious? Where have you been living these past few years? The Bitcoin is everywhere. But what about the Bitcoin in politics? What does the government think about it? So we’re going to see if the Bitcoin and the government are compatible. First of all you need to know that the government is always late when it comes to new technology there are always late. They are like: “What is this geek thing? What is this nerd thing?” And they don’t pay much attention to it and then they started to show something they started to see that something really strange was happening within their population. And now they are reading that many people become millionaire with Bitcoin with crypto currencies, many people can exchange some money all over the world without and behind their watch. So when they noticed that they started to say: “We need to be able to control that.” But because they are late they don’t know exactly how to control that. So basically what they do is they just tax without knowing the technology. That’s one of the first points of the government they are late, they take bad decisions. But the governments they are always seeking for new opportunities whether it’s opportunities when you create a new business or if it is opportunities when you create money with a new technology. So right now there are seeking opportunities when you want to invest with Bitcoin but they are not just seeking opportunities on Bitcoin they are seeking opportunities on the technology behind which is called the blockchain. Right now you have the former IMF representative who was called Christine Lagarde she was really a crypto currency lover which is something really rare in the political sphere. Because she was saying that we need to follow this new trend we need to follow this new technology but of course this is something that needs to be regulated because we don’t want people to do anything with that. We don’t want people to be bad with this new technology So they are really interested in it and in politics there’s something really important they want to see if they are able to do the same, for example you have Venezuela that has created their own crypto currency which is called petro. There is Sweden that was talking about the e-krona the Krona which was a state crypto currency, so it means that when governments see something new like this but maybe with good potential and good opportunities behind they start to imitate it so that’s another point about politics with Bitcoin and with cryptocurrency. Right now because most politics are afraid of it, they say many people will do bad things even if is 0.1% of the population that is doing bad things with this Bitcoin. They say “This is something really not good for them.” So instead of accepting it they want everything for themselves with their own way and they leave the people with nothing. So my points and what I think about that is that the governments need to accept this new paradigm because there’s something shifting this a disruptive technology As you may have noticed, when there is a disruptive technology like the internet when it came out first of all people will laugh about it, governments they laughed about it then they say “It’s something wrong you should not use it.” then they start to talk about something else “Maybe we will do something safer.” “Maybe we will do something that is controlled. ” Then at some point they say “Oh my god, this is really working?!” And at the end they accept it because this is the only way for it to be alive. So that’s my thoughts for today on the impact of Bitcoin relating to politics I wanted you to know how it is today, how the politics are acting in this field and why it is important for you to follow it, for you to grasp this new technology and to see if there are opportunities in order to grow. So if you are also excited about this new development, about this Bitcoin about cryptocurrency even the blockchain, if you want to know if you can participate and if you can grow your business and your portfolio in this field feel free to send me a message and I will be glad to answer you and to discuss about it. Because this is really something that you don’t want to miss. As you may have understood, handling investments correctly can give you the life of your dreams. So now, if you wish to be guided to learn the best solutions adapted to your profile I invite you to click on the link below the video in order to make an appointment with me so we can further talk about everything that can help you have high return investments. There we go, that’s all for today! This was Xolali Zigah expert in high return investments. See you soon!



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