• Shiv I have few important points to make about Libra coin.

    1) Facebook has a habit of gobbling up companies ex: whatsapp, instagram are best examples. There target is to get mass exposure, its like giving a bait and then playing with it

    2) Facebook is much smarter than bitcoin guys, the reason fb has a long term goal. FB is trying to enter the industry by using its social power then they will try to take control of eCommerce business by which they will get huge AD Business for sure as the top source of revenue.

    Just imagine it took hardly 1-2 yrs to launch LIBRA and get exposure when compared to Bitcoin which has taken 10 yrs.

    3) In terms of Mass adoption Facebook will be a threat to bitcoin not at present but in future, becz I am dam sure they will use LIBRA to attract users worldwide, once they buy the trust of uses that's it game over. Do note I am mentioning here about mass adoption + trust + security + fast & reliable + social power.
    ( Already they have whatsapp + instagram + fb messenger = Billions of users mass adoption)

    Also once they get billions of users on the table they will launch much more services which banks offers, even who knows they might come up with PUBLIC Blockchain which then can be a threat to bitcoin in the long term.

    4)However the beauty of bitcoin is decentralization by which BTC will always be there in future but only in terms of mass adoption BTC will fall behind FB.

    But if Facebook fails to get mass adoption then facebook will be out of the market.

    5)Facebook can only find success if LIBRA coin is accessible to top countries who use facebook specially INDIA 🙂 so if india gives access to LIBRA then there is huge chance of success in terms mass adoption. For example if I want to transfer money fast instantly to friends in US, UK or any part of the world where LIBRA is accepted I can use LIBRA instead of BTC.

    Also if I want to buy anything directly on facebook instead of amazon I can order within my Mobile app using libra coin.

    6) FACEBOOK will try its best to have multiple use case with LIBRA Coin like payments transfer, ecommerce, buying of adds with incentives etc

    In terms of bitcoin for some time BTC will get benefited due to crypto exposure, but in long term if facebook succeeds with regulatory issues & compliance's then in the long term facebook will have solid success than compared to bitcoin.
    Its a long way we have to wait and watch how Facebook will be the starting of the Crypto revolution – who knows AMAZON or Google may be the next or APPLE 🙂


  • Tushar Dongare says:

    Hum ise kaise buy kar sakte hai?
    indian people buy kar sakte hai kya?
    Kya india mai legal hai?
    reply bro🙏🙏🙏

  • Cannonball Teacup says:

    Not at all jazzed about megacorps jumping on this. It’s going to be very bad long term. Anytime you have giants throw money at something, be prepared to get screwed somehow. I prefer my internet monies not in control of people who would sell their own parents for someone’s spending habit history.

  • Shiv Bhai ye toh un-reachable hojayega jaisey hi IEO qatam hoga…..Jis kisikey paas bhi hoga Libra, woh Facebook key actual market price (stock) sey bhi aagey jaayega…..

  • Freelancer Akash says:

    sir Good News For Bangladesh Finally Bitcoin Regulations In Bangladesh prime minister Positive with blockchain technology

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