Legit! Earn $100 weekly with CoinNess!

Legit! Earn $100 weekly with CoinNess!

Hello future millionaires! This is Aiza Mercado again and welcome back to my video! In this video, i will be reviewing this CoinNess App and how we can earn free bitcoins. Many fans asking me about this CoinNess application and how to earn using 4 ways. Alright! Wish granted and here is our video tutorial! Alright! Lets start now I posted this instructions on my Telegram channel which is Extrang Pera Online and ofcourse, first step is to register your account. Just click the link on my video description to register your account. Upon register, you can earn $4.5 for now and use your Google Account to create account. After registration, go to your Google Playstore and App Store to download Coinness. Look for “CoinNess” Good news! Both available in android and ios devices! Here in profile, log in here your google ID email address. Now, we set up first our profile Click “Settings”. You should verify your Mobile Number, Email address, Bind your Google Account, and Facebook account. We need also to submit our KYC to verify and can withdraw our CNN tokens. With regards to ID, any valid government ID can do but i preferred to use Passport, Drivers License and National ID. With the ways of earnings, Click “My CNNs” Then you can see here the 4 ways of earnings. 1) Sign up for free token You will get 500 cnn tokens when you register using referral link. 2) Add coins to watch list Here, click watch list then add the crypto currency you want to monitor. 3) Invite friends You will get 30 CNN for every successful invitation. Take note: You can invite 50 person maximum as a regular member of Coinness but if you are a Coinness Ambassador or Coinness Partner you can get unlimited referrals. 4) Share news/Market for CNN Select any articles in News Flash and share it on social media. Alright, with this “My CNNs” you will see here your earnings from sharing news, referrals and etc Question: How to transfer it to my account and how to withdraw it? Click “My CNNs” then select Equity. “Transfer to my account”. Transfer CNNs to withdraw. All CNNs you get by tasks will be transferable after 3 days Meaning, today’s earnings can be transfer after 3 days. Okay? Click transfer For now, i have 103 available CNN that can be transfer in my account. Here, click “CNN all” to transfer all available then confirm and lets check out now my account. 103 CNN is now on my account and can now be withdraw. Here, you can buy CNN from another user or you can withdraw it. CNN tokens are now available in the market exchanger like gate.io, bkex.com, oex.com, hotbit.io, bilaxy.com For now, this is just a short video how to earn with Coinness and how we can use the 4 ways of earnings. For now, will wait till i get my remaining 10k CNN tokens but do not worry coz i will post another follow up video how to withdraw CNN tokens to exchanger to trade to with BTC/XRP or any crypto paired with it. Just stay tuned for my next video. Do not forget to like, comment and subcribe to my Youtube and Telegram Channel coz im posting free apps, telegram bots, and websites where we can earn extra money online. Please follow me on my Earn Money with Aiza Facebook Fanpage and Instagram account. Thanks again for watching! This is Aiza Mercado and have a great day!


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