Kellyanne Conway Reappears, IMMEDIATELY Implodes on Live TV

Kellyanne Conway Reappears, IMMEDIATELY Implodes on Live TV

We haven’t heard much from Kellyanne Conway in the national media after that pathetic embarrassment of the so called Bowling green massacre that of course never happened and doesnt exist that she mentioned on tv she mentioned that and then basically stopped doing national media I don’t know if she’s been in timeout long enough that now she’s out of it Or if things are just getting so desperate for the trump administration that they figured hey, let’s put her back on TV But she appeared on a number of programs over the weekend including on Fox news to talk about the growing trump Russia scandal Let’s start with her appearance on Fox and friends She went on Fox & Friends to talk about how it’s just no big deal that Donald Trump Junior met with a russian lawyer and a russian lobbyist and blah blah blah blah blah and I want to prepare you for What we’re about to see in here. She is about to move the goal posts and use projection and Blame Hillary to try to distract from what’s going on? But she moves the goal posts herself by accusing others of having moved the goalposts Sit down get the kids out of the room because this is really really bad. We don’t want to listen I’d show them janet Jackson’s breasts ten times before I showed them the atrocity that I’m about to show I’m not even going to watch Yeah Pat you pat’s leaving the room himself here is clip number one of Kellyanne Conway’s immediate implosion over the weekend Even the goal posts have been moved. I mean we were promised systemic hard evidence of systemic sustained Furtive collusion that not only interfered with our election process, but indeed Dictated the Electoral outcome and one of the only people who says that seriously these days is still hillary Clinton And I one believes it. We know why she lost It’s obvious and and frankly you know when I was campaign manager in those last several months I you know when I needed negative information about Hillary Clinton. I don’t have to go very far. I looked at infiltrate Clinton Yeah, so listen they’ve been swearing up and down that they never met with Russians They never talk to Russians russians didn’t help him with the campaign in any way. That’s now undeniable They’ve moved the goalposts to the Collusion wasn’t illegal and instead she says that it’s others who are moving the goalposts then she gets asked a specific question by the bundling Steve doocy and She goes back to Blame Hillary Clinton, but Kelly I’ll call you up all the time and say hey, I got some dirt on her and would you take a meeting with them? The President said yesterday that kind of occurrence happen all the time Well it does but in the case of Hillary Clinton It was fair to say yeah Let’s talk again about Hillary Clinton now contrast this with what Kellyanne Conway herself had to say in January Listen to how definitive. She was here Did anyone involved in the trump campaign have any contact with Russians trying to Meddle with the election? Absolutely not and I discussed that with the president-elect just last night those conversations never happened I hear people saying it like it’s a fact on television. That is just not only inaccurate and false Is the president what it does undermine our democracy? Nobody was involved there was no contact. We now have proof in writing So this is bad enough, but if you can believe it it gets even worse She then went on ABc’s good morning. America and claimed with a straight face that the real problem here is James commis leaking of information that’s the problem according to Kellyanne Kellyanne what we have to go the Information was sought from the campaign and those denials were allowed to stand for many months. That’s the bottom line. Thanks very much You’re done. I wasn’t in the meeting I was in the meeting but people amended their disclosure forms, and I think the big bombshell this morning is Jim Call me disclosing confidential information Conversations he had with the president I stated quote private memos that’s something Americans should release oh yeah focus on that these are liars of the highest order this is shameless dishonestly and at this point It’s indicative of panic and a question for a lawyer would be at what point if any legally speaking? Do Kellyanne Conway’s persistent public lives become part of the cover-up would you be willing to have a serious conversation? With Kellyanne Conway cuz I don’t think I would be able to learn oval projection shifting the goalposts I mean, there’s no intellectual honesty there And we can’t even agree on what the facts are because she has alternative fact I would have a serious conversation with her if she were capable of doing that and less substantive But just as wacky here is Kellyanne Conway doing rhyming while holding signs up on Fox news I just want to review in case you run out of time, and this is how you see it so far This is to help all the people at home. What’s the conclusion? Collusion no we don’t have that yet. I see Illusion and Delusion, so just over clear everyone’s forwards conclusion Collusion, no Illusion Delusion yes, I just thought we’d have some fun with words assessing these grover where is the day perhaps yeah when the Indictments come in I hope that she’s going to spend her time on something other than picture sign of Words on how to fit whatever you would even call this nonsense. This is insane making it easy for the Fox news audience to understand Yes, she had to speak for the lowest common denominator Folks, what is going on here? 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100 thoughts on “Kellyanne Conway Reappears, IMMEDIATELY Implodes on Live TV”

  • @4:55 the worst of this is i would not be surprised if this is how she councils trump on various matters.
    who else would not be surprised by this?

  • Kellyanne Conway used to be attractive, well-spoken, and somewhat respectable a year ago. Then she threw her lot in with the likes of Trump. I swear, she looks like the life has been sucked from her.

  • Jamie Pritchard says:

    Obviously she's a fucking moron, but can you imagine having her job!!?? Having to defend the Trump administration! It can't be easy for her

  • Kelleyeanne needs to just disappear. I mean she's done nothing but yap and yap. Her Bowling Green Massacre is a joke, Alternative Facts, well that's just gold painted bullshit shiny turds. Hilary is not in office, at all, Trump is. Conservatives can't pass a bill, they obfuscate like a mother, and damn they need to go. That's like saying there is a fire, but no smoke. Kelleyeanne would hate me, cause I'd call out her bullshit EVERY chance then finally hand her ass a muzzle..

  • Gregory Samuel Teo says:

    don't forget, guys: kellyanne once did stand-up – and failed spectacularly.
    this is just a continuation of that.

  • "What's the conclusion?
    collusion? No. We don't have that yet"…… it's almost like she knows what the conclusion is going to be……🤔🤔🤔

  • Thomas Schmidt says:

    "FLASHCARDS"….{The words you were looking for are "FLASHCARDS" }……Yup…..those little word- squares that Kellyanne Con-Way flashed before the at-home-audience …..those thongs are called : FLASH CARDS………

  • You guys made a joke about dumbing things down for the Fox audience…I bet you that's exactly why they did it. Fox viewers and Trumpists are so dumb, they only understand slogans and words that rhyme because freedom.

  • Brain dead moron thinks the election is still on.Does this woman want to have an affair with Hillary because she is so obsessed with Hillary it shows this woman is mentally unbalanced

  • To those who follow Trump please do your very best worship him let him be your super hero pray
    to him let him be your very own God but be aware he he will eventually use you as his personal piss bowel

  • Monster Universe says:

    Comrade Kellyanne ConArtist's nose gets larger every time she slithers her way in front of cameras!! 😱😱

  • 3:44 "I wasn't in the meeting. I was in the meeting." Did I just imagine her contradicting herself within the space of a second? I thought she'd been nudged sideways because she was becoming a bigger issue than the big issues she was sent out to cover up.

  • Kelly ann needs a good old fashioned beating then thrown in a KGB jail cell with nothing but a bucket that she can shit in and piss in that also double as what they put her maggot infested food in.

  • Liberty Hussein says:

    After the Bowling Green thing, she was not seen for approx 6 weeks, then reappeared with a younger-looking face. Clearly had a face lift.

  • soren pedersen says:

    lol trump and russia scandal. show me any fucking proof you fucking idiot. Not a SHRED of evidence has been brought to the table. even cnn has said its a fake story for ratings. you people are fuck wits

  • I want to block this channel of Socialist Nazi cancer. Honestly the left is clearly the home of the immoral perverts and child raping vermin. Which support the PROVEN Low IQ levels of the majority of the left.

  • Everyone else does it. Problem is she does it so well. Believe me these words magicians are taken notes. Jealousy is a bitch.

  • I would love to see you David Pakman have a chat with KellyAnne – That would be memorable – I am sure of that.
    Please you be able twist her tongue in a know… Please – Please, David!

  • look like she had a facelift. You can put sugar & candy sprinkles on shit but it'll still stink 💩 so go back to the basement Smellyanne!!

  • The NeedTo-ImpeachNow says:

    With all this slander and bullshit LYING KellyAss always aims toward Hillary, If I were Hillary I'd hire a hit man and have this bimbo LYING bitch assassinated or more aptly — EXTERMINATED! Or better yet sue this delusional LYING T-rumptard flying propaganda BITCH for LIABLE!

  • johnmburt1960 says:

    Anybody notice that the day after the election, she not only said bluntly that there was absolutely no meeting, but that if there had been, it would have undermined American democracy?
    I guess she does tell the truth once in awhile.

  • Ladonna Brock says:

    The fuck this bitch talkin bout? She's brain dead. What corner did they get her from? Please send her back.

  • shonenlad one says:

    She is a caricature of a joke at this point, to any serious minded, critical thinking person. Hope she goes down in flames with her leader and the rest of those unpatriotic, lying, enablers.

  • Treasonous white trash that morons trust, a guy that lies 90% of the time to them and everyone else, yeah, he says what he means alright, he means to lie

  • He didn't commit treason he just worked with an enemy nation to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton.  Kellyanne Conway is just a ditzy crazy blond moron.

  • So true. We went from ‘it’s not the crime it’s the coverup..’ to ‘it’s not the lie it’s the leak.’ finally to ‘It’s not the treas’n it’s the tellin’’. I know I’m connecting the dots.

  • She was off-air to get some of the previous "facial improvement medical treatment" improved – but her eyes are now asymmetric.

  • Want the truth about Trump and his family???? Trump Tax Returns NOW…. This will show you what he does not want you to see… No new tax bill untill he shows his… Period…. Copy, paste and share..

  • The evidence of collusion is on the way Kellyann you dumb arse lier …….hahahaha……FLYNN HAS TURNED AND KUSHNER IS NEXT….HAHAHA

  • George Thompson says:

    hey kelley,..maybe you can teach sarah huckaBS to do the special things you did,…in the high school boys room stalls ???? then that fat ugly lying cunt can just bj her way through the fake news corp.

  • Traitor to America we should retract what the United States did after the supposedly defeat in World War II when we took in all these Russians they're the ones that is so quick to tell people to go back to their country send their asses back to Russia.

  • You won't understand Kellyanne's delusion until you get a firm grasp on psychopathy/ narcissism specifically.

    Do your own research, but here's a start:

    There's a name for folks like her, flying monkies.. Read up:

  • David, I much find your handling of the Conway lying and misdirection very useful, clear and illustrative of her techniques. Further, by preanalyzing and dissecting What we are about to see in the short video clips you present, I find you are giving me the words and concepts to understand how I've been so confused and distracted from what;s really going on. I've very much known that what they do is vexing and frustrating, manipulative, but I've not had the mental tools and acuity to decipher and defend myself from these professional manipulators. Your methods used here, I find to be "exactly what the Doctor ordered"
    Like OMG "Why have I not heard this before?" "Where have you been all my life? Well since Trumpism has started victimizing us? I'm serious. You're not "Namecalling" and the other superfluous methods used by the opposition. You are instead "calling a spade a spade" (Certainly not meant to have racial overtones) Rather precisely you are showing us what tools and mechanisms are being used against us, and in such a way that we can use those tools to defend ourselves and thought processes, that we can once again own our own mental faculties to serve meaningful objectives, inspite of the onslaught of "eye wash" thrown in our faces. Conway, Huckabee, Scarmush (misspelled), throw such a constant onslaught of ABUSE in our faces, we can't get a breath, can't clear the eyewash to get our bearings to see the truth among all the debris. They have a "patter" of constant dense intellectual abuse, that I among others haven't been able to make sense of. They know it, and make good use of it. It's a science, a studied system of abuse of power and the "Microphone". As I think about it, I'm beginning to think, maybe a form of BrainWashing? am I right? I'm a retired Electrical Engineer, had mental capabilities, but not much political capabilities, but about this(political developments) I'm really angry. I never thought I'd need to deal with crap like this, but now apparently I'm going to need to "tool up" and get involved a bit. I had felt, at my IQ and responsibility levels, if I worked hard to develop my career and capabilities, I could hit "Cruise Control" and let others more capable than myself in those areas manage the political environment, only now to realize that those "high IQ" political savvy individuals were lining their own pockets instead of executing ANY civil responsibility. I'm angry at myself too for my mistakes. I've been looking all over for anyone who seems understand in a meaningful way, what's going on, and speaks in terms that I can respect and understand and learn from.

    How on earth have we gotten this far. How have we accomplished so much in a positive way. We cared for each other and acted cooperatively for the betterment of all, not in the self interest of the few. I believe the rules that got us here are breaking down, and we need to cooperatively adapt and evolve and reconstruct that which moves us all in a positive way. Need your help. Thanks. Comments appreciated.

    P.S. David, The more you disable her by exposing her techniques, the more you disable her power!!! Please continue. Thanks.

  • She's still talking about Hilary. Does she know that Hilary lost? She still trying to divert attention with her alternative facts. Hahahaha Give her a job on Sesame Street

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