Is Trump lying about Sweden?

Is Trump lying about Sweden?

hi everyone I’m a Swedish citizen I live in Sweden I’m originally from Bosnia but I came here as a refugee when I was a child so I can speak Swedish and I can read the news and I can read statistics and research and articles and I can keep updated on what happens in Sweden and so yesterday no some said something about Sweden we got to keep our country safe you look at what’s happening in Germany you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden Sweden who would believe this Sweden they took in large numbers to having problems like they never thought possible you look at what’s happening in Brussels you look at what’s happening all over the world take a look at nice so what really happened last night in Sweden nothing much we have the whole melody festival thing which is kind of a disaster I mean for your ears it’s really bad music but but it’s not really a political disaster so an unlucky special happened last night in Sweden however for the past year or so we’ve basically been importing rape Donald Trump is not wrong about Sweden this huge influx of migrants has been causing quite some problems sex crimes have increased severely bass houses and music festivals I mean the reports for sex crime on those have gone by a lot and in 80% of sex crime cases pertaining to bath houses this is the official police report 80% of the perpetrators were newly arrived like I mean we’re talking about grown migrants being put in the same schools as thirteen-year-old girl the results are always to say there’s mala stations there’s rape attempts their sexual harassment it’s crazy what’s happening in Sweden is nothing short of crazy the psych ward has been shitty for years but it’s even worse now if you call them and ask for a shrink you have to wait six months or maybe you just won’t get one at all if you ask for conversation therapy or cognitive behavior therapy you’re likely to just get denied I mean they’re going to tell you that oh you don’t need that but the real reason is the lack of resources the space health department actually came out and said that hospitals psych wards and the dental care cannot operate properly due to the huge amount of migrants putting a pressure on the system and don’t even get me started on the housing crisis before the refugee crisis even started we needed to build apartments the size of a new Stockholm in order to accommodate everyone and then we imported like a hundred thousand one hundred fifty thousand refugees hasn’t gotten better since then I mean the new norm nowadays is that if you’re a student you’re going to live with your parents for many years you’re not going to have your own place the waiting list in Stockholm is twenty years the prices for housing is going up I mean I can just list shit shit shit after shit that I shouldn’t have I live here I can read Swedish you can watch my videos and find out for yourself they all have sources in the video description the reason I make videos about my country is to improve my country because unless we highlight the negative we can’t change the negatives nothing is going to get better if we just ignore problems and act like everything is fine that’s a recipe for disaster and here’s the thing I’m not against immigration I’m against the insanely irresponsible way that immigration has been done both by the left and the right if we keep up this irresponsible shit nobody is going to have any confidence whatsoever in immigration as an idea eventually I don’t see how this benefits immigration of the concept or immigrants as people and don’t give me that shit about just llama phobia okay I have a Muslim background I don’t have a problem with reasonable Muslims I have a problem with shitty immigration policy have a problem with irresponsible politics and bad decisions by politicians that’s my problem and now we’re seeing these big media headlines about how Sweden has no clue what Trump is talking about so he must just be a big old dumb look that’s bullshit we don’t know exactly what Trump is talking about if they were to see his whole speech in its full context they could probably figure out what he’s referring to forget last night in Sweden what about this last couple of years in Sweden or the last decade in Sweden and it’s so annoying to see the media start picking at this immediately the guys clarified that he’s referring to this report that aired on Fox News I understand that people have a negative image of Fox News I do as well but in this particular case they’re not lying there is a huge problem with crime and rape and sex attacks sexual assaults molestation related to migrants this is the annoying thing about modern politics I’m forced to constantly defend people I don’t even agree with politically just because everyone else is smearing them to pieces okay there is no fair trial here so to speak the only ones who have no clue what Trump is talking about are the politicians and journalists who don’t live with these problems because they don’t live in the same reality as ordinary people and the journalists their entire job is to act like these problems don’t even exist because they don’t want to benefit the evil nationalist party which is ironically benefiting the evil nationalist party I’ve said before that Sweden is what tumblr would look like if it was a country I still stand by that statement we have big problems okay we’re not the socialist utopian as our government wants to give off and our problems directly stem from our terrible terrible shitty politicians they’re lying conniving these they hate the people they hate the people both the left and the right none of them is in any acceptable shape they’re even trying to make it into a big deal that a former prime minister dissed Trump on Twitter I don’t even know where to begin with this one a recent study showed that 8 out of 10 Swedes don’t trust politicians they feel that they are disconnected from reality and are more interested in power than actually solving problems so let’s just let that be the testament here we’ve allowed thousands and thousands of people into our country and there was no way to bet those people there was no documentation there was no nothing so we’re going to keep our country safe that’s a good idea and I think you should do that because we didn’t didn’t do that Sweden felt it was racist to do H test when we got so-called refugee children who look like they’re freaking 40 years oh and in one case this even had a deadly outcome I’m sick of this moronic idea that you’re a racist because you like law and order how can these people think it’s inherently immigrant to not have ID papers that’s really the racism of low expectations and don’t even get me started on the rape we had one case there was a brutal gangrene really really savage sadistic kangri where Interpol said that the guys were well above eighty one of them was said to be thirty and these guys just said that they were under 18 and one of them walks free the others got less than a year in juvie not even prison but juvenile detention that’s the punishment you get for choking and beating and raping a woman for hours on end while you’re laughing because that’s what these guys did if you’re going to do immigration then you have to do it right because otherwise the only ones are going to benefit or they’re bad immigrants the ones to come to your country to do crime and just have no respect for your nation whatsoever good immigrants do not benefit from the government pampering with bad immigrants because bad immigrants make good immigrants look that it rubs off because people association aren’t going to be very positive so in the end it’s just leads to racism now tell me how does racism benefit immigrants I don’t see how this should be an inspiration to anyone and you know don’t even get me started on that Vice Deputy Prime Minister a lot of ours who calls out Trump recently yes I did a video on you and I expose you for the extreme hypocrite that you are and you blocked me on Twitter I sent you the video and you blocked me on Twitter an official state representative blocked me on Twitter for criticizing her that’s the that’s very feminist this woman give Trump shit because he called funding for abortion programs abroad while she herself as the humanitarian aid minister cut eight billion from the budget this is funny this was supposed to go to food clean water education and health care to refugees abroad yeah really the right person to criticize Trump over humanitarian issues right it’s like the politicians or just really they just care about getting their big fat paycheck they don’t live in the same reality as ordinary people they never have to experience the consequences of their decisions many make sure to live far far away from the multicultural dream that they try to push on everyone else and it’s just so tiresome it’s tiresome to see the journalists being in on this shit they saw auditing the power a long time ago they’re in cahoots with the power now and they don’t live in the same reality as ordinary people either I mean it’s so crazy to see all of these people talking about diversity and then making sure to escape diversity it’s just amazing to me that the Swedish media is more concerned about the image of Sweden abroad than the reality of Sweden they’re more concerned about their freaking image than women being rates and dissipating welfare when it deserts being negative because if people I’m gonna tell you if people knew half the shit that’s happening in Sweden you would consider us to be like some kind of weird social experiment you would you would think that we were some kind of soap opera some reality show this is the country that hands out bracelets to try and combat rape the country that invests millions on circumcision when hospitals aren’t running properly and the police are underfunded I hope that Donald Trump starts talking a whole lot more about Sweden because we are a warning example indeed Sweden is what happens when white guilt prevails over logic Sweden is what happens when you make political correctness the state religion


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    What happened last night in Sweden? Try asking what happened last year in Sweden.
    I see the media mocking Trump over a poor choice of words, while completely sweeping the reality under the carpet.

    Please share the video and help make a fool out of the fake news media.
    Regardless of what you think of Trump, in this case he is not spreading misinformation.


  • anonymous Amine says:

    i like you're ideas alot ..i like the way you say no to the refugees policy ..its all right i can't say more
    but you need to understand that theres a deference a big one between U.S.A and svergie !
    because what is happening in you're country and in AFGHANISTAN and in IRAQ and in SYRIA . is because is because of mr Trump and Obama and Bosh administrations in the middle east .
    they need to take the refuges not you !
    so from the beging you can't destroy a guy's home ans expect him not to come to you'res .

  • I agree & I support trump , its like the politician's/government's are making choices to ruin there own countrys and not in touch with reality.

  • In the 60s or 70s, Sweden was among the richest countries in the world. Then socialists were voted in and now they don't even have money for basics and have imported rapists and terrorists who create no go zones. Bad choices people voted for.

  • This Canadian and Many smart ones would take Trump in a SECOND, to replace our moron bitch PM who knows exactly what's happening in Sweden , Germany and Britain, and going way out of his way to do the same thing to us. ON PURPOSE! aND YA ONLY NEED TO HEAR 30SECS OF TRUMP TO KNOW WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT FOR SURE!!!!!

  • This Amerikan radical 50 km west of the White House at 0155, watches you because I don't speak or read Swedish. If I want to know what is happening in Sweden I get the lowdown from you.

    Yes, you ARE a warning of what is coming to Amerika. It's probably not news to you but the chattering class, the power elite and those who write about them, spend their lives in "bubbles" where they are insulated from the consequences of their poor policy. They live their lives out of touch of the reality they impose on everyone else. Here too.

    One thing you need to realize: it isn't ACCIDENTAL that your leadership has the policies they have. It's by design—to turn Sweden into the Third World shithole that your "bad immigrants" come from.

    Respect to you. Deus Vult

  • An American here first off I wanna say thank you for having the balls to be honest and say the truth. You deserve a much larger platform and you have not said one thing I disagree with in the 5 videos of yours I've watched. I almost feel the governments know what they are doing do it's world wide chaos and roots so they can pass martial law and a one world gov. What would be the quickest way to do that? Pack free countries with ppl who don't believe in the values of the land they are out in

  • Hon från mp kommer ifrån min stad som idag har massa droger, brända bilar, knivhuggningar mm. Men den tiden var det ett fint ställe

  • Media censorship never works no matter under an authoritarian or a free country people will search for the truth, but most importantly…

    … you can't kill the truth.

  • There ain't no Kingdom of Sweden, it's called the Islamic State of Sweden (Vadå Kungariket Sverige? Det finns inte längre, det heter Islamiska Staten av Sverige). For those of you who don't understand, it's a joke. The truth "hidden" in a joke.

  • Globalist want to destabilize all Western Nations so to force all of us to accept there concept of world government the migration explosion is the tool

  • Thank you for affirming that president Trump was not wrong in what he said. Socialism/communism sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Down with world socialism/communism

    In the states for example, not any mainstream news media outlet from either political situation is covering what is happening with the yellow vest movement. Why? Because they don't want us Americans doing the same……revolt in a major way! And by force!

    But you may now see the media starting to cover it because Great Britians leftist population of citizens are now also using yellow vests. THE YELLOW VEST IS A CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT. Therefore they are trying to muddy the waters enough in that respect so that now the media has an angle or narrative to report from. Etc etc etc.

    This is a war against the new world order! Globalism, U.N. Agenda21, Albert Pike's letter of 1871 etc etc etc…….. World!!!! Wake up!!!!!!!!

  • I heard you say in one of your other videos that swedes are scared of Russia, I have a solution to your problem get your military to start a fight with Russia intentionally get invaded problem solved you might have to learn Russian but the immigrants will too and Russians don't fuk around with immigrants

  • My family immigrated to Sweden 11 years ago, we came from Israel as legal immigrants, wanting to live in a safe environment where you don't have to worry about your house getting bombed (so before the immigrant crisis). The first years were magical! Many things that were not free where we came from was free here! But that was according to my child mind, later I my life when the immigrant crisis started, I really noticed that people were glaring at me differently (probably due to me coming from the middle East as well) and some tried to avoid me. I also noticed that vandalism became more common. My bike has been vandalised and stolen many times and cars being burnt up also became more common! The Swedish government barely addresses these issues and the new "regering" is complete shit! It has come to the point where my family actually wants to move out of Sweden and live somewhere else!

  • People's Front of Canada says:

    Sweden used to be a feminists paradise.Not surprising that feminism ruined it.The problem with sweden [and canada] is that people are so afraid of being called racist,they ignore actual crimes and stick to their narrative.I'v been called a racist and a sexist but it doesn't bother me because I know its not true.I have a backbone,but many people today don't.Much of the west is in very deep trouble from these feminists and their bullshit, made up, first world problems.At this time,these loony leftys have power but the window is shifting and people are waking up.I see a massive backlash against them coming soon.Lets hope it doesn't involve violence.

  • Thanks for sharing truth ..if the US doesn't do something about screwed up immigration policies it'll turn to a worst nightmare. …I think I'll go get half way drunk now…not to escape.but because I'm disgusted at the whole situation…oh yeah…I'm Hispanic…and. I back up Trump on the wall.

  • Political correctness is more than just some silly garbage that we can laugh at, it's national suicide. I hope the Sweden Democrats win and fix all the damage that your traitorous government has done to your nation.

  • Our country has become something else entirely, if you compare to what this beautiful country once was. I HATE the politicans here in Sweden, they are a joke. Every day you hear on the news about: Rape, gang rape, sexual assualt/harrassment, crimes, cars being lit on fire, murder, and so on. Imigrants come here, some actually behave and work and really are respectful. Others, on the other hand, come here, acts like gangsters and sees our women as sex objects. We give them opportunity to go in school and get a proper job, but some spit in our face and are deeply disrespectful towards the teachers who's trying to help them! I wish that does who committ a crime here shall be banned from the country, no exceptions. I hate what my country has become.

  • kick-man edwards says:

    Holy shit man…. The parallels are scary similar. I'm glad I ran across ur channel. I only hope we are able to make a real change b4 it's too late, the point of no return is approaching terrifyingly fast.

  • kick-man edwards says:

    I'm hoping Trump starts making a real impact… I don't see anyone else that would. Republicans are just as weak and ineffective as democrats here in US. Trump was the outsider that needed to come in to (if absolutely nothing else) shake up the bullshit scam artist that have clogged our political swamp. I pray he will actually drain them all out.

    At the VERY least he's exposed ALOT of the shadiness and disgusting practices that are our norm.

  • lee , rory steele says:

    But it's nothing bad about Sweden I think it's disappointing think it would happen because you think there gov are think of there people not like some country .all the best .

  • Anton Goddard says:

    Man I am traveling Europe ATM. Currently in Germany, been to Denmark and Sweden. I am so annoyed with Political Correctness here, I am from California. And yeah Europe is crazy, beautiful place. But so freaking radically left wing, you can't even have a discussion here unless you navigate the political correctness mine field here.

  • You speak a lot of common sense , the problem is that Fox and it's pals are hated so much that no matter what they say people refuse to believe them truth or fiction , I met a guy from the former Yugoslavia when I was in school in the early 90's enver was his name a cool guy just got on with things , he and his family were nice decent hard working people and I agree that migration handled badly effects the order decent man/women/child who need a safe haven , Ireland is heading in the direction of Sweden now slowly but surely. Keep on spreading the word of common sense and fight the blanket stupidity that some from the left are peddling . Thank you

  • This story seems to be the same across the globe, citizens being forced by their politicians to go in a direction they do not want to go in. My question is this: Who/what is the driving force behind this quest for open borders? It certainly isn't being orchestrated simply by ill informed politicians in each country affected.

  • That's why I use to say Europe is facing doomsday blah blah blah….. Muslims fuck your sisters, mothers…….. Slit your throat, chops your head off beat up your cops hahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha…….. Die well Europe.

  • Yeah I am Swedish and my mom who also live in Sweden have like 5000 patience, and she is supposed to answered them all on her computer.

  • xDanikus43 ᴴᴰ says:

    Even though I live in the other european country and want to move to sweden, I'm up for making it more difficult to move there if that would increase the safety around.
    But as from my point of view, Sweden hasn't lost yet. (tell me if I am wrong but) there's still some hope since refugees are not allowed to be in riksdag

  • All these problems are exist before the refugees came to Sweden. He is a big lier but lots of idiots want to belive him.

  • I'm glad the Vikings are dead… they are blessed for not seing this.
    The last memories they had was being killed by Christian Saxon soldiers and that is an honorable thing for them.
    If they saw this? They would have killed their own souls

  • When I wonder what hell the globalist leaders of Canada are nose diving towards, I just look at Sweden…and then shit my pants! Sweden has lost its little mind!

  • Please Help us kill the KKK Party the enemy's of Abraham Lincoln The Democratic Party who keep hate alive and Black people with segregation until today! Keep your support with the Democratic Party for 200 years more and expect different results!may God Bless you Good luck!

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