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Is a hoverboard safe for an 8-year-old?

The answer to this question will depend on the abilities of the child. While it is true that all kids are different, there are many who are less than 8 years old and have greater security in their movements than others who are older and achieve their goals.
It cannot be said that, in general, the best hoverboard for kids review provides security to those who are younger, but if you have all the skills and want to learn how to handle it, you can achieve it in a very short time. The most difficult aspect to master is the balance and, at present, modern equipment has achieved a perfect balance that will not have any difficulty for a child.

Is a hoverboard safe for an 8-year-old
Experts in the field say that scooters should not be used by kids of 8 years or less, without the supervision of a responsible adult. However, the industry that promotes the sale of these artifacts has made a promotion aimed at the smallest of the house, so it has become the best gift for them.
The recommendations of use are oriented, mainly, to the child being well protected physically. This is achieved with the implementation of helmets, protectors such as knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, and accessories for the dolls.
With all these accessories it is possible to prevent physical injuries caused by falls, which could be very serious. This aspect and the supervision on the part of an adult person are fundamental to avoid the risks of fractures, abuses, contusions, and others.
Now, you must know all the specifications of the scooter and find the ones that are most suitable for kids. The speed that could reach should never be higher than 20 km / h if you buy one of lower performance would also be ideal.
The conditions offered by the skateboard must be checked thoroughly, in order to guarantee a safe ride. Among these aspects is the ABEC index, which is a certification that validates the bearing of the vehicle depending on its tolerance.
This value is applied to the level of rotation of the scooter, so that, for an 8-year-old child, an ABEC 1 bearing must be selected, with the purpose of helping it to maintain equilibrium since it does not move as fast and can control the scooter better.
The issue of batteries should be taken into account so that unpleasant accidents do not occur. For this reason, it is necessary to check that you have a UL 2272 certification as a confirmation that has been subjected to rigorous performance and safety tests.
Among the most common checks are the protection against overloads, avoid short circuits, conventional temperature levels, load balancing, tests related to dielectric voltage, levels of vibration that reach when rolling, resistance to shock, falls, to water, and the external effects of the environment.
As for the motor, it is subjected to demanding overload and rotor blocking tests. In addition, fire resistance checks are applied, since, in older models, there were problems of combustion in the batteries that exposed the safety of the user.
Another standard that the scooter must-have for an 8-year-old child is the CE quality seal (Conformité Européenne), which validates the correct assembly of the wheels and guarantees that there is no element that could cause cutting wounds, in case happen a fall.
It is also advisable to review the regulations that are in force in the area, for the circulation of this type of vehicle. The idea is to carry out the activity in areas less traveled by cars, such as parks or specific areas for this activity.
Finally, you should perform constant maintenance and periodic review of the pieces, to check that they are in good condition. The instruction manual is a good guide to know what to do in case of any damage, it is advisable to read it and consult it before activating the scooter.

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