hi everybody so today my iPhone 8 came in the mail finally and I'm so so so excited sure that didn't say my address yeah okay I'm really really excited to unbox this with you guys have the iPhone 7 plus right now so it'll be kind of interesting to kind of see what's new about it so I'm super super excited so let me PS box so I have my scissors I just want to make sure it doesn't show my address because that's not good could you imagine you guys see this so oh my gosh okay so I guess they also give the receipt as well and yeah this is the one I got the iPhone 8 plus rose gold I got it in 64 gigabyte because right now my I don't need any more you know what the phone looks like this well this is what the box looks like I mean huh so this is the box and it's so so gorgeous next to it now it just says iPhone and yeah so it's 64 gigabytes in the new gold one the reason why it's got 64 was because right now my iPhone 7 plus is the 128 K I barely use it I'm literally I can let's see what how much of it have any three gigabytes available so 128 – I use like 50 gigabytes yeah so I've used around 50 gigabyte other day on Friday my phone was supposed to originally come on Friday and then went to the UPS Store and it wasn't there because they were gonna deliver like they missed my house so they I went on Saturday to the UPS Store to check if they had it and they didn't so they had it today which is today is month so next business day and yes I went to the Apple store actually went and looked at it and I actually liked it the white one more so I was thinking I should exchange it for the white reddish or if like the store is gonna even have a stock so I might if you stuck with this one but I think they're both beautiful I just think I would prefer the white one more Oh other way other way so right away designed by Apple California and some papers and stuff in there oh my gosh it's like a really heavy this looks white to me in the lighting so in the box you'll see the headphone and then the adapter which I totally need because I lose them all the time and then under they had phones obviously is the wire so and then where is the dongle oh it's in the back yeah I guess that's it and then I guess water if there's anything on the bottom oh so this is actually the box now you can't even take this thing out I thought that would have been done for something I believe but I guess not as the iPhone 8 and the Rose I don't know if it's the lighting or at my house or something it just looks totally white to me it does not look gold at all but the sides are gold and then this is the iPhone 7 plus they look exactly alike it's literally just a different color and this one is like a really heavy the front even looks exactly alike you can't even tell if I put them side-by-side I want even know which one that I'll need is but yeah oh the back the the bottom there's no writing and over here there is this one literally just feels heavier let's turn it on why isn't it turning on I'm pressing it oh there you go let's take this off I don't know if I'm ready for this so pretty fuck okay so it says we can set this up together hello English United States nope I'm in Canada quick start if you have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 bring it nearby to sign in okay ant nearby how do you do it I don't get this where do they usually put this thing goodness what happens when you have long friggin nails it's hard to operate especially putting a swimmin oh my phone is currently setting up right now I think I'm gonna have to use it for a little bit to kind of see if I like it or not to be honest I really think that it's gonna be exactly the same as the iPhone 7 plus which is what I have right now so of exactly the same the front looks exactly the same like the back looks exactly the same was just a color this one is like a little bit heavier yeah by the way what do you guys think about iOS 11 right now because I have it on the iPhone 7 plus I've downloaded it the other day and it's horrible like it's draining my battery like crazy so I don't like it so it's backing up right now so I'm gonna try to play around with it a little bit more and I'll keep you guys posted if I like it or not I am thinking of getting the iPhone X and then trying to see what that's like too but I mean the only only reason that I want to I'm not stepping towards that of the design I'm not a huge fan of the back cameras going down way downwards I like it like this and also off of that I have like a million cases so my case I'm not gonna fit my phone axe you know so yeah that's my dilemma right now but I'm probably gonna get it anyways so stay tuned for the unboxing and review on that one but for now my iPhone 8 I'm gonna play around with it and I'll keep you guys posted on what I think about it so yeah okay thanks for watching and I hope to see you guys next time


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