Introducing GuildChat—An app that makes crypto simple for everyone.

Introducing GuildChat—An app that makes crypto simple for everyone.

Hey everybody Jared here again from BitGuild. Today I want to talk about one of the things that we as a company care
about the most, and that is how to push blockchain technology and
cryptocurrencies to a massive audience. So we feel that this technology that
we’re working with it is groundbreaking, it is world-changing, but from our
perspective it is very hard to use. If you’re to go tell your friend or a
family member how to purchase a crypto currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum or
Tron, how to send it to you, how to use a wallet, store a private key… it’s very
difficult and it’s not something that the average Joe can understand. So one of
the things that we’ve wanted to work on is a way to make that more accessible.
Today we are incredibly proud to announce one of the first new products
that we’ve been working on here at BitGuild, called GuildChat. GuildChat is a
social network powered by blockchain technology. It includes all the features
are used to in your favorite social network including chat, both one-on-one
and group chat – within those chats you can send text audio pictures and videos,
or you can send your GPS location. In addition we have what we call flow which
is a social feed for you to share one to nine pictures, as well as videos of
things you’re doing in your everyday life, and of course we have to have one
special cryptocurrency element in there which maybe some of you can guess, and
that is wallets technology. So in our first version we are going to be
enabling both Ethereum and Ethereum blockchain wallets for ERC tokens, as
well as Tron wallets for TRX and other Tron basic tokens.
So what do we do with these crypto wallets built-in to GuildChat? Well
there’s many things. You can use it like any other wallet to make payments.
There’s QR code scanning functionality, you can type in somebody’s public key
and you can send them funds that way. However we feel that typing in public
keys and scanning QR codes is not a very user friendly experience.
So with GuildChat being a social network with instant messaging
functionality, we’ve figured out what we think is a much easier way to do it. If
you’ve got a friend named Max, and Max is on your friends list, all you have to do
is open up a message to him just like you would do in Facebook Messenger,
WeChat, or telegram and you can right there send him cryptocurrency within the
message. So there’s one more really cool feature of GuildChat that we want to
tell you guys about, and that is what we call the coin drop. In group chats
anybody can choose to send a coin drop of any cryptocurrency on the Ethereum
or Tron blockchain to other users of that group. They can choose how much of
the currency they want to send, for example 500 PLAT, they can choose how
many drops they want that to be, which means how many people can claim those
coin drops, and they can choose whether it’s going to be a random or identical
amount. So I can send a 500 PLAT Coin Drop to the BitGuild
GuildChat group, and the first people that click on that coin drop will be
able to receive cryptocurrency directly into their wallets. Now this we think is
super fun, and it’s a great way to push cryptocurrency adoption to new users. As
long as somebody’s in the chat group they don’t need to go and create a
wallets if they claim the coin drop those coins will be there in their
wallet. So we mentioned last time about a
5,000,000 Tron air drop event that we were planning on doing – this is where
we’re going to do it over the next several months we are going to take five
million Tron tokens and we are going to airdrop them into our BitGuild official
chat channels. We’re going to be giving out the details very soon on the
specifics for how we do this, but look forward to it – 5 million Tron is going
to be given out in the GuildChat app and we hope that you claim your share. So
how long are we gonna have to wait before we can experience GuildChat you
guys may be asking. Months? Years? is it really gonna come out? Is it just an idea?
The answer is that as of right now, GuildChat is available in both the Apple App Store, as well as on Google Play. All you have to do is open your App Store, type
in GuildChat, and there it is – Free for you to download, free for you to
install the wallet and free for you to start sending coin drops. With this being
blockchain when we do something as a company, we do it with the community
together. We appreciate your feedback and we appreciate your support, and we’ll see
you in GuildChat.


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