India's Central Bank Authorizes Cryptocurrencies

India's Central Bank Authorizes Cryptocurrencies

hey everybody crypto mentor 99 how you doing first day of February it's a sunny day here but it's a cold day I was wondering when I would end up doing this video because for those of you that follow me I've been talking I don't know three four months maybe five four or five months about how I've got my eyes on Africa and India as far as new cryptocurrency projects and lately well lately the past couple months I've been doing videos how India the Central Bank of India has been not very crypto friendly not very crypto exchange friendly and in every video that I would do I would say it's just a matter of time before India gives in their central bank gives in changes their mind and I will be glad to do a video today's today I saw this last night I could not believe it so breaking news India central bank authorizes cryptocurrency according to a report by CNBC the Reserve Bank of India RBI has authorized cryptocurrencies the news comes after an elongated tussle between the cryptocurrency entities and other stakeholders in the country and the central bank in fact the case has been taken to the Supreme Court but is still awaiting a ruling the report indicated that the government is working to ensure the rules and regulations are put into place to oversee the working of virtual currencies in the region this is a huge relief to companies and other crypto entities in India I love this next paragraph the crypto community in India is also going to benefit massive from the new development we expect that with this new ban lifted that banking support for crypto exchanges will be lifted as well good news all the way around let me know what you think but I thank you India for making the correct decision to authorize crypto currencies see you later bye


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