welcome to today's video hope you're well if you are news cryptocurrency hit the subscribe button and hit that Bell bow and smash on a like as well right crypto troves Tuesday let's talk about it at all coins dine why should we be worried if Bitcoin pumps and what should you do as an investor if you are holding all kinds let's find out right first feed first aetherium I'm giving away a 0.1 with you if you hit a like button if you comment and put something genuine I will put you into a random comment generator and you can win 0 don't want to Theo if we hit 500 likes over the next two weeks plug now simple that just hit the like button now I want to talk about this this is key this is fundamental as I've spoke about it a lot if you've been watching my videos you should know this is a bit mind depth of it if Bitcoin goes to the moon IE test certain areas I want to go over those areas in a minute at the end where could we go what should you do with your old coins now this is fundamentals do not panic do not be an idiot and always hedge a little bit in Bitcoin have a bit a Bitcoin have a bit of all coins simple really I'm majority in all coins per out there because I became incredibly wealthy from all coins in the past I just picked the right ones I just go for the ones with the right tech or people move money into it's simple really they're Satoshi values at the minute are really low I've been buying all kinds of human and all coins throughout this period I've been just trickling away at it I just add into my bags because I know what's gonna happen I've been through it a few times now I know it's gonna happen I'm not trying to be a big-headed but it's obvious new money's gonna come into the market very very soon if Bitcoin hits key levels also new money is going to end up from old coins into Bitcoin due to FOMO because people I oh no oh no my bitcoins dying they look at the Fiat value not look you've already lost anyway and satoshi value but those are Toshi values will come back and they'll come back very very fast when something happens it'll flip it will turn the screw completely and this is where the whales make more Bitcoin by ruining people who have solved their old coins up bombs now USD value of aetherium it's holding well it's a daily chart and this is kind they see if I flip this though to the Bitcoin value you're gonna see some addition I can hear next-door neighbor's dog and I'm expecting my dog to kick off in a minute please don't anyways so with that in mind let's talk about this first because you're gonna know it's a bit of a difference let's go to the coin base one oh this is actually on a bit of them of resistance area from the past I'm talking way way past so it's now spot so this was you know when it flips over this is not being below this for a long long time oh there's oh hello bear with me come on come back let's go to the wiki chart it might be easy there we go cool so let's have a look at this now can you see this this happened in in in one week I'm just gonna put out there this happened – did you buy this happen to ripple this happened to litecoin at the time it happened to it theorem at the time things move and things do moon now let me just look at this can you see this region here this is where we last were with aetherium this is interesting a theorem in my opinion is a great buy an opportunity in my opinion my financial rise already look at the satoshi value is even more so look at it these bumps happen a lot this is toshi values doesn't mean your coins dying it just means you want to make a hell of a lot of money if you are sticking to the cost do not dump your altcoins for Bitcoin when it moons trust me because yes short-term pain is you losing Bitcoin you're losing Bitcoin outright knots it's coming down but this is a region here that you want to kinda be worried about this is this year it's not that bad in reality you've already if you've been holding a theorem of a year and boy a Bitcoin when Bitcoin was low ie 6 K by this region here you've already lost but this is a reason why people are panicking about oh my god oh my god oh my god now when I look at this chart I thinked observe well let's look at from February and coming down it's a lot if you were holding if you bought Bitcoin but this is this is a keeping this right Bitcoin then was at 4 or 5 K lower than actually in about 3/8 you've lost 30 and Bitcoin but bitcoin is currently up 1312 K regions in that in that kind of distant kind of area a lot higher so in reality of hedgewood USD but this is where people are gonna fall they're gonna sell their old coins for Bitcoin even though you've lost Bitcoin throughout this whole period if you've been holding a theorem for a while you've already lost 67% of you you're a Bitcoin value doesn't matter it's gone God markets at it wait please wait I cannot stress this enough because what's gonna happen is people are gonna go all kinds of Bitcoin because bitcoins for mode I'm gonna go to the big lunch in a minute I'm gonna show another few charts as well because this happened this is historic it will pop and you'll see unbelievable groves like this randomly and it will happen when they get to key levels we are getting towards a key level of aetherium if this Bitcoin dominance – to come down or Bitcoin pumps a bit further this comes an even lower it's gonna go lower even more yes you're gonna lose me more Bitcoin but the phone was gonna be real when we break over that 1920 K barriers called blue sky breakouts there's nothing stopping again it'll keep going you see what it stops what will happen is the whales have been pumping this up from 4k we'll take a percentage of profits out a Bitcoin and going to go into an altcoin they'll go into a theorem they're going to like on they'll go into XRP with Bitcoin when are these prices can you bet what's going to happen to that Bitcoin value when they start doing it look at the gains I could possibly happen with the likes of aetherium I know that's just a random little pivot point a pivot point but it's previous resistance so if you got one Bitcoin and you put it into that at these prices for example and you wait an altcoin really happens as in a Satoshi bang and everything goes bang you've made a hell of a lot of money three and a half times your money now let's have a look at a few of the things to worry about now I'm gonna go to another coin I'm gonna go to xrp BTC why am I doing this so let me just look at I think it's baloney X is quite a good like time rule I'm on it yes it does you can see here I've already got some random squiggles these are previous old bangs now these are huge look at that one too you've got a three there they do I'm not saying that it's never everyone happening again issues to matter of when but what I will say is this a lot of all coins will die and I'm not trying to be dramatic you must learn and do your research and understanding exactly what you need to buy x-up he's a good one it's in bed with the banks for starters it's got a lot of banking punch she's got a lot of companies behind it it will get money it's number three on coin market cap people got what she bets 40 cents I'm gonna buy that all understandably they'll probably buy in USD but they smart people the whales who have been accumulating Bitcoin and USD value in Bitcoin and they've got a load of money to spare because their bitcoins worth a lot more will go a Bitcoin into that and it'll go boom your ban and it will i'm not joking it will it's happened five already showing you there's so many different ways there and so many different moves these are monumental pawns they're huge look at that I'm dead is a 56 day seven I'm not saying sir I happen again because this is obviously a very very low value or is it it's not much lower look at this region here it's not much as no it's nowhere near as that's crazy so you've got to understand that these poems are real these do happen even if you are getting a twenty to thirty to fifty two hundred percent game Tony ah Satoshi lobbies from entering these regions you win now let us look at this right let's just zoom in a little bit I know I got a Fibonacci on here and this is all from years ago and it's totally invalid it's gone below that now but let's look at a few little things now let me just remove on my drawing Jagan let's just do something cuz look at these highs here this was made 2018 we also hit there in the end of 2018 as well that there is a crazy game crazy gay that's two and a half times your money if you've got one Bitcoin it's a lot of money it makes you a lot more money so that is X up here now I want to look at one more litecoin now why am i picking the bitcoins what's obvious isn't it the ones I've been around for the most usually work best it's baloney AXA Quran ya planning to do again look at these regions here pop pop pop they do they do moon they do moon and all of a sudden you're gonna see it now like kind of the minute it had a pop at the start here it's coming back down and this is looking more likely to retrace to it better zone than the previous ones I've looked up it's already one below the golden pocket 7 8 is the next region it could go all the way down to here it could but it also may not but the one thing that you need to look at more than anything is this chart here the bitcoin dominance chart this is a very interesting chart it's a very obvious Chatwin look at issues the bitcoin dominance ignore there's no y than that but bitcoin dominance over the past has been a lot higher because of all coins but what happened last time in the bull run was this both we went all the way down to these levels and the old coins went to the moon the old coin dominance grew as the Bitcoin dominance repel prayers these price spikes in Bitcoin value and the US devalue the win freakin flame so this big overall lesson is simple what will happen when Bitcoin hit certain levels this will keep going up okay this could keep going up this could also top out here now in reality we're on the far away maybe about two to three points away if Bitcoin just moons randomly and then Cooper down it can validate and verify that this region is a potential topping point and we could start coming down but there will be a lot of pain for people a lot of people will see their Satoshi values vanish and they will start panicking they will just go straight into Bitcoin now if I go to Bitcoin but just got to BTC let's look at some areas okay we'll do USD obviously this is obviously all-time high we're not that far away what people will do is they'll see this moon and they'll go to different areas now if you look at the weekly timeframe and the key levels it's kind of obvious when you look at it now we're at one region here okay that's one there we know that we've stopped and turn around we're gonna use that this region here is also number one 16 3 regions and then evolves you got the tops okay if you start seeing Bitcoin I'm not joking tests in this region here you're gonna see a bit more FOMO if it breaks out it goes to here you're gonna start seeing people sell their old coins pretty much I think anyways and then from there on you're gonna start seeing people go oh my god this is crazy and everyone and their dog will come in and it'd be crazy doesn't mean that all kinds gonna die though the clever people will make a lot of money and I'm gonna be obvious with you and honest the people that are buy-in with big coin are these flaws in all coins will make money because what's gonna happen is it's obvious it's really obvious people who've been riding this way for long times will just put a bit of money into big into all coins and make more be con they will wreck people because all the people that have jumped in to this hot cauldron here that's FOMO in will get burnt because Bitcoin will eventually retrace hey welcome down aunt obvious it's already had little retracement it's not fully finished yet it's not not ready yet when it does come down and it comes down quite aggressively the old coins will pump because what people have done is they've gone it's going to all guns cuz they're really really love their upkeep sport there are key levels the pump and they will pump they will pop for weeks they will just keep going mothers do mmm some coins would go up to like 673 percent so we'll go to a hundred cents um I got about thirty five percent it depends what you're buying but honestly top of the tree historically etherium has done it X up here Tony litecoin has done it xlm has done it there's over coins as well I've done it that likes of Virg Z cash they're all the coins that have been around for a while tend to pump but it's all about you do not get caught because if you've already lost Bitcoin because you've been holding the theorem for long time yes you made us deepak dollar dollars sorry but your bitcoins worth less if your Bitcoin start retracing in value you've losing but if your aphelion starts going up in USD value and also in Bitcoin value you've got Bitcoin what is one Bitcoin in value to always one beacon as a map if you've got all kinds it it verifies and validates and changes what Bitcoin you've got every hour of every day because of old coin movements it's obvious so lesson do not follow into Bitcoin at these levels if you are holding all coins fair enough you can buy Bitcoin but do not be removing yourself from a position that you've got for example me I've got litecoin been holding it for a while now but in reality it's hemorrhage and Bitcoin but I'm up a lot in USD I could cash it for cash and put it into my bank right now and go to the streets and just buy it or load of stuff I'll be quite happy but in reality I've lost Bitcoin but have I not really because I bought that in reality when Bitcoin was down at the three K region the 4k region so in reality I've still made money but people will lose money from doing the opposite they will literally buy Bitcoin at the wrong time it'll start coming down they've lost money there are all kinds of pop it's like a seesaw effect hmm I'll just go so there you go on his fourth lesson kind of fast as well it will happen hey sorry it's just my over when don't worry about it a lot of people asked about all coin advice yes I speak about all comes all the time I give you good from the mentors I give you good like technology stuff but don't buy yet that's a trick do you not buy yet wait if you are gonna buy though buying Bitcoin if you've got big profits use a profit only it makes more sense



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  • Hi! Wha do you think about pundi x now?
    It’s going downhill fast..
    Aboard ship?
    I’m holding 10mi +
    And not sure what to do now.
    Pls advise
    Much appreciated!

  • Warwick Dillon says:

    ya content is good for a small channel & I Love the Graphical Remainder to subscribe with sound affect , didn't have much to say for ETH Giveaway ,so there is some channel Feed Back.

  • Ash great video again, i did it worng first time you make me right telling me soon in telegram group. Thx for all your time

  • Cryptoversity says:

    Best time to buy alts is just after big BTC pumps, not before. Buy back when BTC to particular alt ratio is low and always ignore fiat value.

  • always great to listen learn ash you no my predicament had no choice but besthing i did beacuse ive been making good profit off of a very very few alts,i was nearly reqt,you no there still gonna fomo in not all but nows the time when the new newbees are comin in two,like throwing chum in the sea for the sharks,the amount of scammers i see here on a daily basis sinse btc started doin its thing…thanks mate

  • I agree with you, been buying and holding alts for the past 2 years, buy a little btc too, but alts are the future. Thanks for your video!

  • powertoachieve says:

    A lot of people will make the same mistake has in 2017 bull run.They will learn a hard learned lesson. By chasing btc mooning and selling/ignoring altcoins.

  • So the basic idea is if you buy your alt coins in btc always you will be ok. Then when your alt coins hit the top sell back in bitcoin and wait for the next cycle to happen.

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