I Just Sold My Altcoins. Facebook Changed The Game. Here Is Why! [What Is Libra Coin?]

I Just Sold My Altcoins. Facebook Changed The Game. Here Is Why! [What Is Libra Coin?]

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name is Aaron I just sold a lot of my alt coins for a couple different reasons and I'm gonna tell you which alt coins I sold in this video I make sure you watch the whole video today so you can fully understand my thought process and also if you want to support the channel hit the like button liking our videos it's a small thing you can do it does truly help us grow as a channel like the video and let's get this information out there to as many people as possible like I said there are two main reasons why I sold a large percentage of my alt coins and in the spirit of transparency we're gonna go over those reasons right now reason number one Facebook coin is here Facebook has officially released a 29 page white paper a press release even a video demonstration accompanying their announcement of the genesis of their new global cryptocurrency Libre coin hey make no mistake about it cryptocurrency has just gone mainstream and Facebook is leading the charge but what is Libre coin I mean what is it yes with it you'll presumably be able to transfer money all around the world quickly cheaply yes Libre coin is a mix and match of features from other popular crypto coins that you own you like like Bitcoin like hyper ledger like tezo's like aetherium like finance coin like coda like Yas and yes Libra coin is backed by a conglomerate of 28 elite organizations the Libra Association which includes companies like Visa MasterCard PayPal uber lyft coinbase but what is it what value does Libra coin provide what is Facebook's new coin all about so before we talk about what it is let's talk about what it is not it is not uncomfortable it is not unsensible it is not uninflated it is not hard money it is not trustless it is not decentralized nor is it even close to a blockchain it is regulated centralized closed permissioned yet it is here to stay and it will probably do some good so let's get a little bit more specific Libra coin will provide the world with fast cheap reliable payments without the need for a bank account they are banking the unbanked and you do not need a Facebook account to use it of course if you are one of Facebook's over 2 billion monthly active users or maybe you're one of what saps over 1.5 billion monthly active users you probably will be using it but it's bigger than that because it's also available on Android and iOS as a standalone app so where can you spend it where can I use my Libra coin all over the world implied in this project is that wherever the Visa or MasterCard logo are accepted Libra would follow suit this is Dante de sparked a the head of policy and communications for the Libra Association told coin desk in an exclusive interview just the other day fact is Libra coin will help a lot of people send store and transfer money and they already have a global user base for this unfortunately that makes a lot of these alt coins obsolete many of these coins I hate to say it but they're just not going to be able to compete with the biggest company on the planet I'm going to go over some of the old coins that I've sold at the end of this video but by the way guys if you like videos like this and you're new to the channel I invite you to subscribe here at Alta point daily we provide you with news perspective analysis on everything going on with cryptocurrency subscribe to the channel join the team but there is one more reason that I decided to sell a lot of my alts and the second reason is this number two I had a lot of alt coins sitting on by Nansen as you know Finance is blocking us customers so I had a few options I could transfer them to another exchange I could transfer them to another wallet or I could sell them for Bitcoin coin that I truly believe has the strongest chance of succeeding I could sell them and move them to my Bitcoin led that's exactly what I did now I do still have some altcoins I didn't sell all of them but I sold pretty much all the ones that were on Finance which includes stellar Tron – I even sold my V chain and nulls hey they could maybe turn out to be real winners someday and I'm gonna keep my eye on him but you know given everything that's going on I'm just I believe in Bitcoin more and more it wasn't willing to take the chance on these alts I hope you found value in this video it's not easy to reveal information like this I know this is not necessarily something that everybody likes to hear but what is cool is that coinbase is on the libre foundation so I assume it's going to be very easy as more and more people get introduced a cryptocurrency it's gonna be very easy for them they're gonna get involved with Libre coin but it's going to be very easy for them to get on coin base and buy Bitcoin or whatever coin they want make no mistake about it this puts cryptocurrency on the world stage and I really do think that this is a net positive for Bitcoin besides do we really think that Facebook won't be collecting our money transferring data Facebook Libre coin doesn't need kyc they have so much more data on their two billion people not just names IDs addresses phone numbers they know your family friends real time historic locations what you like then you know about yourself and now they know your wallet – it's the best kyc AML out there and the most important part of the facebook announcement is that every user of a facebook property will get a digital wallet eventually that means almost a third of the world will be on boarded to crypto currencies like I said this is incredibly bullish for Bitcoin I think I want to know what you think in the comments below does this make you are you selling are there alt coins that you think will not be able to compete with Facebook coin are they're all coins that you think we'll be able to compete let me know so who is going to own the Facebook content the person who puts it there or you the person who's putting the content on Facebook always owns the information and that's why this is such an important thing and why Facebook is such a special service that people feel a lot of ownership over right this is their information they own it and they they also want to know of course I mean they want to share it with with only a few people right I might upload a photo on that I only want to share with a few members of my family or my friends from high school and you know and it's really important that only that information only goes to those people so just to be care you're not going to sell or share any of the information on Facebook what the terms say is just we're not going to share people's information except for with the people that they have asked for it to be shared good stuff all right let's take a quick look at the price then I got another bonus clip for you in just a second and we'll see what people are saying on Twitter so taking a quick look at the price very similar to yesterday we're still consolidating near the 2019 highs you can see that we dipped below the 50 hour moving average for just a little bit but we are actually we got back up and we're staying up and right now bitcoins price is nine thousand one hundred and seventy this was the our chart if we go to the day chart we can see I mean you can see that we're consolidating near the upper price point this is good this is what we have seen and many over the last few months this is what has happened weed bitcoin rallied up consolidation then rallied up against we'll see how how high that can get taking a look at the week chart looks good and actually let's move on over to Twitter see what they have to say Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos says Facebook's Libra isn't a real blockchain makes me more bullish on Bitcoin Mike Novogratz tone vase so within 24 hours of Libra coin paper multiple governments US Europe calling for review and this project is totally centralized and compliant now imagine if they even suggested something decentralized people just don't get that only Bitcoin Mesa seed can't replicate can't replicate 2009 to 11 that's true I mean that is a hundred percent true whether you like tone bass or not that is true bitcoin is everything that Facebook isn't take me to the buffet Justin Tron from Charlie Shrem bullish on Bitcoin I Twitter is blowing up with people who are bullish on Bitcoin and only Bitcoin especially as opposed to Facebook coin bit coin be your own Bank Zuckerberg I'm the Central Bank now proof of mark as it were this really makes me appreciate just how unstoppable Bitcoin truly is Libre made a wise choice with its consensus mechanism which neo happened to make four years ago Oh somebody bullish on neo like I said they took bits and pieces from a lot of different crypto projects you can read more about it links are in the description it's pretty interesting get your popcorn ready Libre will serve us with endless entertainment as whipping-boy of regulators who now think bitcoin is smaller than their problem okay alright guys that was the video for today hope you got value my name is Aaron look forward to our face reveal video coming sooner than you think and I want to end things with this gem right here sweet baby Ray's barbecue sauce that is going on the ribs sweet baby Ray's do the sweet baby Rose sweet baby Ray's is very good sweet baby Ray's we have just applied the sweet baby Ray's sweet baby Ray's sweet baby Ray's maybe throw some sweet baby Ray's on the ribs and take it from there Wow


49 thoughts on “I Just Sold My Altcoins. Facebook Changed The Game. Here Is Why! [What Is Libra Coin?]”

  • Hey Team. I still hold altcoins. I sold the ones that were on Binance Exchange for Bitcoin. My portfolio is more consolidated now. I am trying to stick to only to coins I believe in. And of course I might enter into more alts if an alt season is confirmed. Don't get mad at me because I have a different strategy than you. I welcome many different opinions and am still trying to figure out the best way to invest in this market. I will still report on quality altcoin news and am actively looking for altcoins that will succeed in the coming bull market. If altcoins succeed, nothing would make me happier. Appreciate you Cheers!

  • Facebook should be regulated into oblivion. Its the complete opposite of what bitcoin stands for. Also the government is looking to ban libra, which if they do, nothing of value would have been lost. RIP Libra.

  • douglas prostock says:

    you have until sept with binance.. Countries and big banks will see this as a fiat parasite.. they will stall and shut this down for fear of becomeing obsolete.. the hornets nest is being stirred as we speak..

  • I encourage all of the cattle to use libra. It further legitimatizes BTC and when they all realize crypto is better than fiat the FOMO will come running to buy my BTC (at a premium of course)

  • i did the same. i could care less about libra. but with the binance news im not going to take the chance that even if some projects that i believe in moon i wont be able to cash out because theres not an exchange that that coin is listed on. my portfolio is majority BTC. to me thats just the common sense approach . i do still believe ETH LTC and ADA are also going to still be the last ones standing. im almost feeling like if its not on coinbase its a gamble.

  • Reyner Rodriguez says:

    This channel is becoming garbage.
    You should change the name to BitLibraCoin Channel.
    Hope you did not sell your XRPs.
    LOL,you don't have any.

  • Gerald Draper Jr says:

    Mini Bot Mini Bot Mini Bot Mini Bot Mini Bot Mini Bot Mini Bot , Mini Baaaahaaaat! 👍🏽GO Italy 💪🤗yeah! Central Bank gets a major 🚨 🖕🏽 🚨as the Euro breakaway continues. Who's next? Germany? France? Yeah Baby! Take your time. Screw that. What the heck, ALL ABOARD ‼️ This is the beginning of the breakaway for all to see that we can succeed without the Central Banking Cabal Bastards! Now for our New National Currency. Bring it! Who is ready⁉️👎Down with that enslaving debt instrument. Hey, you know that bad boy pissing on the Ford or Chevy logo? That's me pissing on the 💵 Federal Reserve

  • Rhodium Movies MC says:

    It might be a good idea to sell all your altcoins. But dont you think it will be good to keep VeChain? They have alot of patents. And i dont think it will be competing with Facebook coin, because it got a diffrent purpose.

  • Hey, not sure if this is on your radar, also read the projects whitepaper, its to do with the replacement for the IMF SDR for central banks on the stellar blockchain. Not sure it might be nothing, but check it out dude… https://www.paysxdr.com/

  • Wow sold your Stellar ? That a pretty solid one ,but makes sense I guess. Libra just killed altcoin season. Cardano test net this Friday for the long awaited Shelley, sadley I think Charles is a little too late.

  • Wait.. you sold all your altcoins for a stable coin (Libra)that will more than likely not increase in price.. or are you buying more BTC? If you're buying BTC..that makes sense

  • Douglas Taylor says:

    Good call on selling most of the alt coins, but you should have sold all of the alts. BTC is the only real decentralized block chain.

  • Strategic Endeavors FX says:

    only bitcoin ethereum litecoin xrp and maybe a couple others needed in my opinion get rid of the junk coins and move into the best projects

  • Is it because Binance is not US friendly for many Cryptos you are cutting alts? I'm an Aussie and don't have that problem and see many alts (such as HOT, ZIL, etc) as great projects I don't want to get rid of yet!
    Changing all your Binance alts seems drastic if you have half as many as I'd imagine you do, no?

  • FB coin is just an AOL type of intro to crypto just like AOL was back in the day. FB coin cant compete with real blockchain tech.

  • Just a Casual Observer says:


    This is not a spam post. You dont need to be a high level analyst to determine Libra is a trapcoin.

  • fb has shadow profiles of people who never even used fb, just by analyzing the network of the active 2 to 3 billion users.
    funny polititians suddenly care so much about privacy when it comes to money lol

  • Don’t you care about your followers, you do your research properly and warn your followers about Facebooks end game!

  • Remon van der Meulen says:

    Coinbase is giving away $50 of Stellar (XLM) and they just force you to watch some learning videos about what Stellar is and how it works. It's not that bad a deal though, vids are like 2 minutes and they give you a one question quiz at the end of each one. Not trying to spam referrals or anything but it's a good deal https://coinbase.com/earn/xlm/invite/7532fjsv

  • This is my top 5 altcoins Cardano the most professional team assembled ever, Digibyte has already solved many problems of blockchain, Apollo the all in one currecy, U Network turn the online contents in useable assets and BABB banking the unbanks

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