HUGE BITCOIN BREAKOUT IMMINENT!! | What Is "Real Money"?! | Satoshi Symbol?


48 thoughts on “HUGE BITCOIN BREAKOUT IMMINENT!! | What Is "Real Money"?! | Satoshi Symbol?”

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    0:44 Bitcoin
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    7:30 Satoshi
    10:22 What Is Money?

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  • What about deflation? At one point, bitcon supply will reach its peak but world GDP will still be growing. Little amount of inflation is needed to encourage people to spend their money, if not, we will all be holding our money waiting for the price go up and the economy will be stuck

  • Lionel Delalande says:

    Karl thanks for your videos, I enjoy them a lot. although I understand you have to make a living out of your daily job on the channel, I feel uncomfortable with the constant ad regarding bybit and leverage trading which is very risky, I believe by now people following you made up their mind on using it or not and for newcomers you don’t need to do it on each videos and in such length.
    Keep up the great work 😉

  • Social Crusader says:

    Carl great job, sir. I would suggest two things. Integrate numbers into your emas which correlate and during bull markets if you are only using one of the average lines (open, high, low, close) I recommend using the high average because bounces off the highs of the moving average channels are bullish and bounces occuring on the low of a moving average channel is apparently weaker. .382x.382=146 360x.618=222 (second most prevelant angle In nature) (137.5 being the most prevelant 360x.382). When it comes to corrective supports 146 barely beats out 137.5. Plot the 146 and 222 High EMAs, backtest them. Keep it golden, brother. ✌❤

  • I agree with something I read, that BTC will top out when the Satoshi is valued at 1 cent (US), so a $1Mil BTC – within the next 10 years

  • Hi Carl, I think that the interesting part of Bitcoin it's probably the thing that this asset will be the real standard on a fully digital society.

    Right now we're moving from a paper society build when Gutenberg invented the printing to a fully digital society build on Internet.

    Right now, with Internet associated with QR code, we're not with the necessity to print much paper documents as it was 20 years ago, when Internet was starting.

    Blockchain should definitely kill this paper society, and all wealth across the world should be transfered to the crypto-assets who aren't build on paper as Fiat Currency are but with Electricity.

    Buying Bitcoin is vital right now. Anyone who refuse to buy Bitcoin could be affected by the end of this paper society.

  • Agree with you Carl, re bitcoin being the best form of money ever created. I feel gold will be userpt by BTC for the first time ever. Especially over time. We are in for a hell of a ride.

  • A few weeks ago I said to fellow crypto investors: “Wait for the day when you go on Coinbase and Satoshis are priced for sale because BTC is so valuable.”

  • To anyone who believes that bitcoin taking over the dollar is impossible, ask yourself this: What would you prefer – a currency over which an unelected institution in the USA has complete control, and which has only ever become less less valuable over time? Or a global currency over which no single person or institution has control which has only become MORE valuable over time?

    As a non-American who prefers assets which grow in value, I know which one I prefer. That is a very good reason to believe Bitcoin will become the new standard. I'll let you in on another reason – most of the world, with the exception of half the American population and the American government, does not like the fact that the US Dollar is the global reserve currency. They would love nothing more than for bitcoin to succeed and the American dollar to go up in flames.

    I think all that makes it a little more than a possibility

  • Good video. Thanks for the true and i hope its clear for al. Share with your friends and familly. It time for a big bullRun

  • Mate I LOVE you but that stretching wire from your headphones is making me itch 🙂 get some wireless ones 🙂

  • Cart, I get that you're a bitcoin maximalist but this bitcoin taking over the dollar is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE… you really think the US and the rest of the world will let their economies fall because of bitcoin? I don't think so.

  • Dominik Dolančić says:

    Chris, in the case that we are using only crypto instead of fiat currency, how it would look like after many of people lose their access to the wallet? We would have less and less money so that era would takes less then this one with inflation. Or how would you explain that?

  • ivan favalezza says:

    As a graphic designer, I can say that is not credible to get a reliable symbol after just one day of design. This is not how good projects work. In fact, the results are too similar to signs from the past. That clearly means still no ideas.

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