How to trade AWC on Binance DEX

How to trade AWC on Binance DEX

We are proud to announce Atomic Wallet Token as one of the first projects, moved on Binance Chain. AWC is listed on Binance DEX,
the new decentralized exchange! To trade AWC on Binance DEX, you need to unlock your wallet or click on the “Create a new wallet” button. Read the wallet creation tutorial. Create a password and keep the “Keystore file”
offline in a safe and secret place, because there is no one who can restore it. Get your mnemonic phrase and make two copies of it on paper to safely store it in two different places. You can also get your private key that will allow having access to your funds on another wallet. Make sure to write the backup phrase correctly
and click “Continue”. Then select the Mnemonic phrase in the correct
order to ensure that your copy is correct. It is very important because mnemonic phrase
will allow you to restore access to the money and create a new password to your wallet. Now we need to top up the balance. Copy your BNB public address and send Binance
Coin to your wallet on Binance DEX. You can see the deposit on the “Balance” tab. Click on the trading desk. Set the price. Set the amount. Click “Buy AWC” and enter your password to
confirm the placed order. Order is created and on these tabs, you can see details and your total amount in the right corner. If you want you can use the search in Atomic
to get your AWC-BNB address and send AWC from Binance DEX to your Atomic Wallet. Download the latest version of the app at and enjoy your crypto being safely managed!


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