How to short Cryptocurrency on Kraken

How to short Cryptocurrency on Kraken

yo what's up guys is piracy the crypto pie and today I'm going to show you guys how to short on crackin calm the link will be in description below guys to make an account etc right so all you need to do is go to crack and calm you go to account right you make a new account create an account after that you put some security on there like 2fa after that you get verified and after that you're done with that part guys and you go on to the next website so let's get in there so you go to trade Kraken calm the link will also be in description below for that and then from there you see like this chart right so we're looking at etherium USD here on the top left you see all the basically the coins on here if you mean Bitcoin you can use five times leverage on so that's some other coins that you have three times etc but you can see that yourself so guys over here on the right side we have orders trades and positions right so orders have none I've no positions and obviously I've done a lot of trades but I'm not going to show you guys because I don't want to brag or anything right so guys then basically from there on the top here we have buy and we got sell right by is for long sell is for short or if you're non leveraged then you can just sell your coins right or buy it so but we are interested in shorting the market here so we click sell and we go to leverage of five that means you can use five times your money you don't need to necessarily use five times money you just can write you can also put it on two three or four so in this example guys we're going to just pretend that we're going to go short when he theorem reaches 465 460 dollars all right so when it reaches 460 dollars we want to go short so what we do is we make sure that it's on sell on limit on leverage of five and then amount we do three theorem and we'll do a price of 460 dollars right so make sure it's on leverage right and then we just click sell it will tell you the type is limit leverage five mounts three a price for 60 okay so everything's alright and then we just click confirm right and now you will see that that's a short order placed right here which you can see here basically right it's the 460 that is our short order right there so once you've done that guys and your short gets hit let's say the price all the way goes up there for some reason right now then obviously you want to protect yourself and you want to put a stop loss right so in case it goes higher you don't want to just see yourself going going to right so basically when it is 465 guys you want to be out of the market right so you go what you do is you go on the buy side and then you go you keep it on limit or you go to stop-loss right since you did a sell order before in order to get out you need to buy it back right so you will do is buy on the stop-loss on five times leverage you do three etherium and you type in 465 now then you click buy right that's the stop-loss I'm not doing that right now but you could do that right and then if it hits for 65 or higher you will get me out of the market and you will lose whatever the percentage is is in between this right so if the market goes up when you're short it's bad for you right you will lose money so you want to obviously have a stop loss and protect yourself that's why you do that so guys after that if it does drop down and you don't get stopped out right let's say it goes all the way to 445 and you want to take profit all right you want to take profit let's say it's at 446 and you want to take profit at 4:45 so we're taking the example that it is at 446 and you want to take profit at 4:45 the way you do this is you go once again to buy letting go to limit you have your leverage on five you type in three aetherium and you type 445 right then what happens is an equally by what happens is when is 4:45 it will buy back the three theorem that you borrow up here and you will keep the difference in between the 460 and 445 so the percentage in between is what you make now there is obviously something in between as well right so when you are borrowing money you will pay about 0.02 percent every four hours on crackin it's called a rollover fee when you execute your order you also pay a fee so there's fees attached to it but guys still when the market goes down and you're in a short you'll make some good money right so it's good that you learn how to short and I'm glad someone asked for me to do a video about it that's why this video is right here right now and you know guys that's pretty much how it works so you just go short on crackin and you make money right that is how it works you can also go short on other exchanges such as bit max BitFenix who OB but I personally use Kraken right so that's just all the exchange as well and they sure have a lot more pairs some of them but who needs more pairs when you can go five times leverage anyways right that is enough percentage that you can make so yeah you don't really need all these other pairs right so anyways guys that's pretty much how it is and that's how it works right so also guys I have a Twitter as well make sure you follow me on twitter it's slash hyegyo's and i also have a twitch TV channel where i go live every now and then to stream when Krypto is dropping right oh give you guys a shout out on on the telegram and on Twitter where you know I'll be like oh I'm live on twitch and you know I'm covering like the current drop on Bitcoin for example right so you guys can be there immediately because making a video when something's dropping all of a sudden is really hard but to go life is one click away so yeah that's that's just something I'm I plan on doing so make sure you follow me on Twitter and twitch as well slash BIOS and slash PI goes so make sure you follow there also guys if you're not in my telegram yet join up with the crip top ice block where you can ask me any question can ask other people questions it's just a great chat box to be in right so join up with that and also guys join up with dr. tobias feet where I post all my videos I post about upcoming I cos when I find a new ICO I'll tell you guys the white list for it you know if I think it's good I'll tell you guys the white list for it and then you can always decide later whether you want to get in or not it's not that easy to get in though I see us is definitely pretty hard to get in but um if you do get in often more often than not you will make a nice profit so it's definitely worth it anyways guys both telegrams will be in description below and if you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe hit that post notification button and if you got any questions at all leave a comment below and I'll see you guys in the next video


28 thoughts on “How to short Cryptocurrency on Kraken”

  • At 3:57 you talk about taking profit, why would you than select 'limit' instead of 'take profit'? i cant follow.

  • Moonboy Montgomery says:

    The concept of short selling was always a little bit too abstract for my brain. Maybe a malfunction. Your explanation comes close to triggering some of my sleeping neurons. Thanks alot.

  • How long can you leave a trade running ? Say if i wanted to short btc at 4200 down to 3000. Or do the rollover fees kill the margins. Also one last thing…. with a higher leverage why is it easier to get liquidated sooner ?

  • How much reserve to need to maintain? I hear of many people getting stopped out early by the exchanges, even when they had good reserves.
    As a simplified example, if I had 500usd on my account, and shorted one eth at 100usd, the exchange would allow this, and at what price may they close my position if its rising? (one for one, no leverage)
    Also, does every exchange that offers shorting, also allow stop orders?

  • CryptosAndTokens says:

    Thanks for the video, mate! Are you still shorting? Great time to short and right before capitulation!
    I plan on starting with a small amount and experimenting. 🙂

  • Thanks for the video. Made my first short trade yesterday. Turned out I set my stoploss too low – too careful 🙂 Thanks again

  • Can you set up these 3 transactions all at one point in time in advance or if you try that will the system get confused?

  • Thanks for the info. I watched another youtuber go through how to short on Kraken but your had the most detail. You mentioned that Kraken charges 0.02% per 4 hours. I am assuming that if we leverage lets say 3 times then we would have to multiply the btc price times 3 and then times it by 0.02% to get the 4 hour rate. Am I understanding correctly?

  • Can explain a little more about how much money you have to put up when shorting… I.e. can you short with a couple hundred or should it be more and how that goes with leverage? I see people short 5x leverage but I don’t understand how much fait/bitcoin they are using. Much appreciated.

  • Okay so if you are shorting why are you putting the sell order at a higher spot than where the current market it? Is that so you have more room to react if the market rebounds and you can close the position without losing money? How do you make money from shorting, this video is confusing in that aspect. You lost me when it comes to placing your sell order and then doing your stop loss, how do you profit from this? If the market goes down, you make whatever percent it goes down from your short order placement??

  • so you are only shorting when you click at least on 2x leverage? i tried to "short" without leverage but it ended with a failure because i had no btc and it was a normal sell what makes sense. i find it kind of bad that you can not short with 1x.

  • Lead In Marketing says:

    Thanks for making the video. I have to be honest, it's a little hard to follow. I recommend, before talking about actions, that you first clearly explain what you are about to explain… I.e "shorting is when you….. This is different from regular trading because…. You make money by……." Etc…
    I appreciate the video, so no thumbs down. Thanks

  • Brett Simberkoff says:

    So you are shorting 3 ETH 5x leverage so its technically 15 ETH at that point right? You don't have to put 15 ETH in the sell amount? It will automatically 5x your sell order even if you only have 1x the amount?

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