How to Move Google Authenticator to a New Phone

How to Move Google Authenticator to a New Phone

hey guys crypto dad here again and today I'm gonna show you how to transfer your Google Authenticator codes over to a new phone so let's get started so I did a video on how you set up Google Authenticator and I thought I would show you a video on how to make the transfer if you still have your own phone it's pretty straightforward process and you most people that are able to figure out how to set up Google Authenticator could probably transfer it to a new phone if you still have the old phone but I thought that I would demonstrate this process now I'll also do another video on how to setup Google Authenticator on a brand new phone if you have lost your old phone and that's a little more difficult the the key there is preparation so as I go through this particular video on how we transfer from phone to phone I'll bring up a few things on preparing yourself in case you do lose your phone so without further ado let's move over to the big screen here okay so I've got screen sharing setup now this is the old phone so this is the phone that currently has a copy of Google Authenticator running on it and as you can see I have multiple accounts now as it turns out in order to get all of these accounts transferred over to a new phone you will have to do them one by one that's just one of the limitations of the way Google Authenticator works and the security I did another video where I did a wipe and restore and thought that I was going to be able to do it from an iTunes backup but apparently that only works if you're restoring to the exact same phone that you wiped the same device so to speak I went out and got a new phone and did a restore from backup from iTunes and I had a blank copy of Authenticator on there so this is the way you're gonna have to do your Authenticator so let's get started I've already on the new phone I already have the my Google account my main Google account but I have not done my daughters so let's give that a try and going to login to Gmail now that this is my gmail account I want to switch over to my daughter's gmail account and her password I'll enter her password okay all right well it led me in all right so it didn't require me to enter the password I guess because I had this for whatever reason it must have recognized this machine if it were a brand new machine that had never had signed into this account we would have needed the two-factor authentication just to get access to the account in this case we do so we go over here to settings in Gmail and ok all right so we go over here to accounts and import and change account settings we go to other Google account settings there may be a quicker way to get to this I'm not sure and so we once sign-in and security and we want to scroll down here to 2-step verification now it has been it's on it's been enabled and it's asking us to sign into the account again now here we are we want to change the phone ok so we're gonna click change phone and it wants Google Authenticator from an iPhone I'm using an iPhone you may be using and then it wants me to scan it with the new phone ok so now we're out the interface this is the new phone and this is the phone that I'd like to add this particular Google Authenticator – so I just enter a Google Authenticator and as you can see I only have the one account set up so far this is going to be a bit of a laborious process but you will have to get through this if you need to move your Google Authenticator to a new phone so I'm gonna add a new account and I'm gonna choose scan barcode and give access to the camera and it scan the barcode and then we'll choose next and it wants that code that we just scanned so there it is well can't see it but it's 2 6 0 0 8 so that is the verification that needs to be done in order to move this email account the two-factor authentication for this email account is now moved on to them but the new father okay so you'll notice when I was able to sign into this account from my browser because I had signed into it before so I did not need the two-factor authentication to get access to the account and then when I went into the settings the only additional step it needed was the password I had to re-enter the password for the account to get to these 2-step settings and when I chose to change phone it just had me scanned from the new phone and added it over now that is basically going to disable the old phone so if I were trying to gain access to this account and it asked me to enter a code the code generated by the old phone would no longer work okay now in that case I didn't really need to enter a code for the old phone because I already had access to this account but let's try a different type of account and see how that works we're gonna do coinbase those of you who are into cryptocurrency most likely have used coinbase and if you have not enabled two-factor authentication I highly recommend it but let's just assume that we need to switch over so we'll go over here to coinbase and we'll choose sign-in and I have a test account here so I'm gonna sign in now here it's asking me for the old code now in this case I have the old phone this is not the scenario or we've lost the old phone so I go over to here to Authenticator I need to go down and find that particular account that we're interested in it's a coin base crypto dad test to account so there's the code there okay so that gives us access to the account all right and so now what we need to do is go over here to settings and security now that we've gained access to the account using the old phones Google Authenticator we can regenerate a secret key and then scan it with the new phone and that will switch over the code to the new phone so let's give that a try okay so the idea here is that we're going to regenerate the secret key and this time we'll use the new phone ah okay so it does need the old phone I'm just gonna go instead of switching between them I'm just gonna go ahead and use the old phone oops so here we are using the old phones key in order to generate a brand new one all right and then I'm going to take the new phone launch Google Authenticator and then I'm going to click tap the plus up here and choose scan barcode and I'm going to scan that code there and you'll see there that it's been added to my Google Authenticator on the brand on the new phone so from now from now on I can use this new phone to log into my coinbase account whenever it needs the two-factor authentication code I'll use the new phone keep in mind that this disables the code on the old phones so if you try to access this account using the old code it will won't work now I should also point out at this point that this put this code up here is your backup code this code will come in to play when we've lost the old phone so if we've made note of this secret code put it in a text document or printed it out on a piece of paper and hidden it in a very safe and secure location we can use this code to enable two-factor authentication on a brand new phone using Google Authenticator very similar to what I just did only in that case you'll be working from this backup code as opposed to having the phone generate the code so you don't definitely don't want to reveal this code to anybody because it can be used from any phone can activate itself with a Google Authenticator to access this account so we want to keep this very safe and secure so that's the one thing that I'll point out in this situation coinbase had the regenerate secret key which allowed us to activate a new Google Authenticator account using an phone not all cryptocurrency accounts have this feature so let's take a look at one that does not have this feature so we enter the past the username and password choose login to go through this little puzzle phase and it's going to want the Google Authenticator code now this is the code from the old phone so once again we're assuming at this point that we have the old phone we're just transferring to a new phone all right so I'll just pull up that account and enter the code all right so now wow that we've gained access to the account using the Google Authenticator on the old phone we need to go over here to our settings account settings and down here to Google authentication so what we need to do is disable and it wants the login password and the Google Authenticator code from the old which will enter here and once we've satisfied that we now have a Google Authenticator now it's disabled on the account and so that is basically the only way to transfer to a new phone is basically we're just going to disable authentication using the old phone and once we've done that we've just right away will re-enable using the new phone so we just go back here I'm gonna screen share again ready to go I'm going to choose Google Authenticator so I have the app installed as you can see on the new phone so we'll just go to the next step and it just wants us to scan that code so we go to our thent occator we hit a plus we choose scan barcode and then we just lift the phone up to the screen of the computer and scan that code and there you go it's been added to the new phone so now this new phone will be able to access the Google Authenticator code for this account level 2 and notice that this account also has a secret code that can be saved and on in a text file or printed out on a piece of paper and you would use this code to set up a new account on the Google Authenticator should you lose the old phone I won't go too much into that but you would just hit the plus and instead of hitting barcode we would just choose manual entry and then you have the option of naming the account whatever you want to name it and then entering that key there into the lower field and tapping check and then you'll have just like we did here it'll be added down here and it will start generating codes for you and that's it pretty much so I hope you enjoyed this video if you enjoyed it give me a thumbs up click that little thumbs up icon down at the bottom if you liked my video and would like to continue to watch and support my channel I encourage you to subscribe and you can also click the little bell next to the subscribe button if you'd like to be alerted whenever I post a new video so hope to see you again and thanks for watching


21 thoughts on “How to Move Google Authenticator to a New Phone”

  • If you have lost your phone and you don't have a backup…
    Essentially you need to attempt to log in to each site that requires 2fa. After the user name and password screen it will ask you for the 2fa code. There is usually a link that says something like "I don't have my code" or "I lost my code".

    Some sites like Microsoft provide alternate ways to provide 2fa such as text or email

    Gmail on you computer may be able to allow "change phone" in the security settings if you are already logged in and your computer is a trusted device.

    Most cryptocurrency exchanges will require a verification process to disable 2fa. This usually requires scanning your ID and sending a selfie that has specific requirements like displaying ID and writing the date on a piece of paper.

    Each site is different. Most have waiting periods. Once you have disabled 2fa, you will need to re-enable with your replacement phone

  • Magma Sunburst says:

    My old phone with authenticator died, and I transferred access to my new phone. However, my exchanges are still sending the codes somewhere, but not to my new phone. These exchanges don't have the prompt you mentioned in your pinned comment. Any idea how to get them to send it to the new phone?

  • i found this difficult. Like many other tasks that I found myself stuck or misunderstanding a step you have saved me again..thanks Cryptodad!

  • Hi. Rex
    I’m after some advice please, on setting up my first coinbase account. When I scan the Google Aunthicator code, the 16 digit code does not show up. Ive tried it using Samsung Note 9, and iPad Air to scan bar code.

  • cryptosause cryptosause says:

    Looks Like Binance as of today changed website and coinbase maybe a new version would help people But I did have success thank you!

  • cryptosause cryptosause says:

    Perfect! Changing my samsungs over and you did coinbase & binace too.. still have many more to do but new subscriber here!

  • Femke Vermeeren says:

    I scanned the code from account of a friend. The problem is that she needs my phone with the code to enter her account. How can we fix this, that she has the code on her own phone?

  • WellnessbyChoice03 says:

    I had my phone wiped and reinstalled. I did not back up my authenticator codes– do you have a YouTube on what to do to for Binance, Bittrex and KuCoin?

  • Nice bro…I wish
    I would have known this when I changed my phone….nevertheless I was able to get access to all of my accounts…..this video would have saved me the head and time…

    Thank You Kindly….

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