How to let WINNERS run in Day Trading? Gap trading, Price targets $FFHL $FL $DPW $RKDA

How to let WINNERS run in Day Trading? Gap trading, Price targets $FFHL $FL $DPW $RKDA

Are you struggling with taking profit too
early and leaving too much money on the table? Or even just forming a trading bias long or
short on a stock premarket? in this video i will show you exactly just
one simple thing you can utilize that will significantly help u solve these problems. And no, its not some fancy signals, or indicators,
or this $5000 DVD that I’m selling to fund my lamborghini. No, nothing like that. as a day trader you already have this tool
already. And that is, the daily chart. I know it sounds too simple to be true, but
i promise i will show you exactly what you should be looking for on the daily chart and
how to use it when trading intraday runners so you’ll know how to create your own pre
market analysis, and let your winners run and make massive profits…. After you smash that like button. Thank you very much Now if you’ve seen my videos on how to find
stocks to trade, and how to draw support and resistance lines, you’ll notice that there’s
one thing i keep on repeating over and over again. Look at the daily chart. Start analyzing the stock on the daily chart. And there is a good reason for that. The daily chart is the most important chart
to look at in day trading, and in my opinion, even more so than the intraday charts. The daily chart tells us historically where
the most significant levels of buying and selling prices exist. Thats what form the support and resistance
lines we day traders draw. These are levels where large buyers and sellers
step in. Lets start by taking a closer look on at the
low float hot stock on friday $FFHL. On friday this stock gapped up to 3 dollars
premarket from 2 dollars close the night before. But before just blindly longing the stock
and hoping to make ten thousand dollars in 5 minutes as many gurus out there market to
you, we need to start looking at the chart, on the daily chart. Heres where you can do a quick 30 second technical
analysis and drawing support and resistance lines as I’ve showed you in the previous
video. You draw lines at these wicks of the candle,
because that shows aggressive selling in these areas. As well as levels around where the candles
seem to base. Thats the support, the price levels where
buyers step in on the daily chart to buy the stock. Now looking at this daily chart for FFHL at
a first glance. It looks like a pretty sketchy and choppy
chart right, all the spikes are sold into, and the stock never could hold its gains on
the daily chart. So its easy to form a short bias on this stock. That’s the story the daily chart tells me. But the daily chart also tells you that this
stock usually has an average low daily volume of less than one million. But within the first 20 minutes of the open
on August 23, $FFHL this stock has already traded 5 million shares. And an important tip for all you traders,
unusual volume, usually leads to unusual activity. Especially when this stock has a low float
of only 1.1 million shares. Knowing all that previous 2 pieces of information,
it’s even more important for us to look at how the stock is trading at intraday day
premarket around the daily chart levels. All these lines you are seeing now in this
premarket chart, were drawn from the daily chart as you’ve seen earlier. So seeing that the closest resistance levels
to the current premarket trading price is $4.50 and $5, and knowing that the stock has
a low float, trading above average volume, its safe to form a plan that if FFHL can break
and hold above that $4.50 and $5 level, it as more room to squeeze and run higher in
dollars. Why? Because the daily chart shows so much room
to run after the $5 level. Look at all this empty space, there is no
selling pressure above the $5 price level. There’s some around 5.70 from years ago, but
really the major ones after $5 resistance was around $8 and $9. If the stock is low float, breaking above
daily resistance level and the chart shows that it has a lot of upside, you better let
that long position run. I mean, you don’t have to, only if you like
money. And if you like money, you’ll also remember
to smash that like button if you haven’t already. Because every time you don’t do that, another
sheep gets killed by the day trading millionaire gurus, and that honestly makes me really sad. But on the flip side for FFHL, if that important
$5 level you’ve identified failed to hold, then that’s a sign that this stock is no
longer an option to buy, but a better gap up short candidate instead. And this stock FFHL would have sold off the
spike like it did the rest of the daily chart. Now another example of using the daily chart
to determine where the stock has room to go, let’s look at $FL, foot locker. On Friday Aug 23. Foot locker gapped down overnight due to bad
earnings report. They missed on revenue and lost money per
share. So fundamentally it’s easy to form a short
bias on that negative news. But how much room the stock could possibly
sell off? That’s where we turn to, again, the daily
chart to find out. So looking at the daily chart on $FL, you
can determine the usual behavior of the stock just like we did earlier on FFHL. Foot locker, this stock has a history of gapping
down and selling off even lower. Vice versa, when it had good news, it will
gap up and push higher. All these gaps you see on the daily, that’s
an important technical as well as psychological concept that you must understand in day trading,
and we’ll come back to talk about this in just a little bit so hold on tight. And as we did on FFHL, let’s draw out significant
support and resistance levels on foot locker. So knowing 36.50 is an important level for
foot locker. If that level fails, the stock has the room
to sell off all the way down to 33.5. Vice versa, if the stock can hold that 36.50
support strongly, it has a chance of pushing back up technically towards 39. So if you are utilizing my gap up short or
day 2 short strategy of shorting the pop at the open or the break of the premarket low. Do not just take profit when you’re in the
money 30 cents or 50 cents. After short the pop at 38. If the stock has room to go down 5 more dollars. Scale out along the way. Perhaps cover some around premarket lows at
36.50’s. According to the levels you’ve drawn from
the daily chart, the stock could possibly sell off down to 33.50’s. Of course that doesn’t mean it’ll go down
there 100%, but it could. And according to what we saw earlier on the
daily chart, this stock tends to see continuation after the gap down. So there’s no reason to get out of your short
completely unless the chart tells you to do so. And of course, just like FFHL, if a support
level on the daily chart reclaims and holds, that’s a sign to get out, and perhaps going
long the bottom curl on FL instead. So this is how you let your winners run, by
seeing how the stock is reacting to important support and resistance levels on the daily
chart, and if that level breaks, whether there is room to run to the upside or sell to the
down side. This is why it helps to set up your intraday
charts along with daily charts side by side. Now that we’ve gone through the daily charts
that show you room to let your winners run, lets go over the charts on the daily that
shows the opposite. $DPW. On monday August 19, this stock gapped up
to $9 after previous day close around $2. Now this is a well known low float stock that
I’ve traded a few times in the past. This stock can squeeze in dollars. Now before we get overly excited and just
buy the stock hoping that this will run to the moon, we always need to do something first,
you got it, start from the daily chart. So as we marked the level premarket of $9. You can see there’s a lot of overhead resistance
around $10 and then possibly $12. On the downside there’s support around $7. And just like the first chart FFHL, this stock
DPW shows a history of gapping up and selling. Yes sometimes it holds its gain. But the difference is, DPW daily chart shows
historical dilution like most penny stock companies. Thats why you see months of downtrend and
gap downs, and many reverse splits. And there never seems to be any real buyer
large enough to overcome the selling. So bias wise, the chart tells you this gap,
is most likely not going to hold. But that doesn’t mean you can short anything
that’s up to much. This is where the daily resistance levels
come in. if DPW can break $9, which is also the premarket
high, it has room to go to 10.40s dollars, which is the next level of resistance on the
daily chart. But after that , the chart shows multiple
levels of selling around 10.60s, 12.70s and then 14. So if you were long at the open and held after
premarket high break at 9. This 10.60s level is probably where you should
take most of your profit, and watching how the stock reacts to 10. You can see on the intraday chart, yes DPW
broke 9 and then quickly broke 10 to a high of 10.60’s. But it got rejected pretty fast in multiple
3 minute candles. If it was a true strong break out, it should
be holding around that 10 area. Seeing how DPW is reacting poorly to this
major resistance level from the daily chart, if I was long, I’d sell the rest and get
out, or set a market stop loss. If i was short, then the 10 area would be
an area to start scaling in short. But after the initial push to 10.60s and failing
to hold 10, the stock quickly slammed down from 9 to 7.70’s. This is why you must use hard stops, market
stops, limit order stops would not have taken you out on this low float stock. And after seeing that the premarket high failed
to hold and DPW broke premarket lows, the stock confirmed as a gap up short. So you can see on FFHL, FL, and DPW, how the
daily chart can help you with forming a trading bias, as well as the technical price levels
you need to use to react to when trading intraday. This helps whether you are long or short. And allows you to know whether to scalp for
50 cents and get out completely, or to hold on to your winners, and make 2 or even 3 to
4 dollars a share. Now let’s come back to talking these visual
gaps that stand out on the daily chart. As you can see on this FL chart, sane thing
as RKDA. gaps on the daily chart, tends to fill. Or at least these stocks try to push and fill
those gaps, both to the upside as well as the downside. Lets look at RKDA daily chart can
see a huge gap down from 5 dollars to down to 3.80’s dollars from June. that tells us 2 things. There are a lot of longs trapped above 5 dollars,
so if the stock ever comes back and try to push towards 5, thats a major resistance level
where the bag holders are likely to sell. A second piece of information from this gap
is the 4 level. That was once an important support level after
$5 fails. Previous support can become resistance, generally
speaking. So if RKDA could break and hold that 4 level,
then the stock has room to push towards 5. Gaps create these psychological price targets. It doesn’t mean it will always hold that
breakout and fill the daily gap completely like RKDA had done and more, but generally
speaking, if it breaks the bottom level of the gap, buyers will try to push it towards
the top of the gap. The same thing works on the downside as well. This stock $FL has broken the 36.50’s to
the downside on the daily chart. And right now its in the middle of a visual
gap on the daily chart. So technically speaking, it has room to fill
the entire gap down to 32 dollars. Again, nothing is 100% guaranteed, but the
daily chart is there to show you what tends to happen with this stock in the past, what
kind of bias you should form long or short technically, and the price targets of where
the stock could potentially go to on the upside or the downside, which in turn will give you
a general idea of if this position is a scalp for a quick 50 cents only, in and out just
like, or you should be holding and scaling out the position and let your winners run
without leaving a ton of money on the table. If you don’t know how to draw support and
resistance levels on the daily chart, I show you in detail in this video. Charts are basically visual representations
of where the big buyers and sellers are, and show you areas of emotional decisions to buy
and sell. So rather than waiting for your MACD and RSI
to cross and the stars to align and the stock market god to shine a light on your position
to tell you to buy or sell. Start with the daily chart. Like I’ve been stressing in my videos about
overnight long strategy, gap up strategy, and how to read sec filings video. The daily chart will tell you more story than
any of the gurus’ chat room alerts. If you found this video useful, please remember
to tap that like button and subscribe. It really helps with my youtube algorithms. I make quality day trading videos like these
every week, and these videos take me 10 to 12 hours to make. So if you wouldn’t mind, i’d really appreciate
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