How to Get FREE Crypto Airdrops - Void Token

How to Get FREE Crypto Airdrops – Void Token

yo what's up guys Andy here with another episode of tap lab and today we're talking about some free cryptocurrency that you can get and it is through an airdrop on the Tron network with a deflationary token called void so void is a TRX token one of the first deflationary currencies built on the Tron network so what this means is whenever there's a transaction one of her void is transferred between wallets it's gonna lose some of its supply so as it goes down and supply theoretically there will be more demand for it and the price shall rise there's some information here bill on the Tron network starting at 10 million supply so has a really low supply to begin with ten million and three percent is burned on every transaction there's also a white paper if you want to check that out and the unique thing about void is that there's depth so you can play different decentralized applications and games with void and I'm doing some of that right now I'll get into that in a second so as people play those games as they play the DAPs they'll be transferring their void or route and that will cause the supply to reduce it looks like they just added Texas Hold'em a poker game with void I haven't gotten a chance to play that but I've been doing the staking dad so if we've look here on the supply page we can see if their remaining supply is only nine million nine or twenty nine thousand so they burn about seventy thousand void already that's in a pretty short period of time you know about a month or so void is also available on exchanges so you can go to these exchanges and trade your void so I'll go ahead and show you the exchange replic so you can see one void is being traded for between six and seven TRX you know the orders right here going through so people are buying them for seventy rx selling for sixty rx plus the current going price and one TRX is worth roughly three cents right now so that would make one void token worth about 21 cents you can always check here on coin market Capcom to see about what TRX is worth so it's worth 2.8 and so almost three cents we'll just figure 21 cents is what one void token is worth the price has been going up quite a bit and I would expect for it to continue to rise especially as a deflationary token so let's talk about one of the depths and then I will show you how to get the free tokens through the air drop so the depth that I'm doing is the staking gap so basically I stake my void I own six hundred twenty eight void so they gave me these void for free through air drops I just got them free so if you figure six hundred twenty eight times 21 cents that is $131 so they've given me about 131 dollars and if you stake your void it basically rewards you with more void if you want a steak you can come to void token dot io / baking type in the amount of void that you want to stake and click stick and it'll just starts taking and every hour you'll be rewarded with a little bit of void you can withdraw to your wallet so that's an example of adapt how it works if I wanted to I could withdraw my earnings here so I would have 42 void it would come here into my Tron link wallet we talked about Tron link in the last video I showed exactly how to setup troweling get a Tron link wallet all that stuff so be sure to check that video out as well that's pretty much what you need prior to starting this void airdrop process but I could with jawless 42 void come over here to the exchange and sell it for six more I could place a sell order and wait for someone to buy it and just with the rewards that I've gotten here 42 times 21 cents is about $8 so I've gotten rewarded about $8 so far so I could just go to the exchange get that $8 however I'm gonna keep holding on to my void for now you can even withdraw this and then stake the 42 again and that'll add to your supply so you could compound your staking that way if you wanted to let's go to the airdrop I've showed you a little bit about all of this works now I'm going to show you how to get the tokens through free air drops like I said before you need a TRX wallet which that is what the Tron link wallet is check out my previous video if you need to understand how to set up a child link wallet so each of their air drops is a little bit different they have steps that you need to follow in order to join the air job so for this airdrop you have until July 18th so you have five days or so to join for this airdrop here's what you need to do you need to go follow Tron void on Twitter BAM following you need to join their telegram group so this is their telegram group right here you guys can come to avoid token dial and then click on join the airdrop that's gonna give you all these links right here on this page so that's step one follow and join step two is fill in the airdrop form below so you're gonna type in your telegram your username then you're going to type in your Twitter handle then you're gonna type in your email address then you're gonna type in your Tron address to get your TRX address open your Tron link wallet or whatever wall are they are using click on receive and then copy this address it's this string of letters and numbers right here copy that go ahead and paste it right in here in the Tron addressed field and then you're gonna click request airdrop so then you would be done with step two step three you're going to tweet this gift so this is the gift right here we're gonna go to my tweet I'll show you exactly how I did it you know if you're so lazy that you can't write your own tweet you could just come to mine and then copy and paste it so it's gonna look something like this you need to tweet something like this use that gift tag out Tron void and at Justin Sun drop and use the hashtag avoid the Sun if Justin Sun who is the CEO of trompe retweets this the airdrop will triple from the amount of 500k to 1.5 million so basically are air-dropping 500,000 of these void tokens to anyone who enters this airdrop if this dude retweets it they'll triple that amount step number four post your tier X address in the telegram verification channel so click on that so avoid airdrop this is the channel right here you can click that link and join and then you're just gonna paste in the same Tron address that you got from your Tron link wallet just paste that in here and you're good to go so that's the four steps do all of those and you should receive the free Boyd airdrop in your child link wallet now in order to do this you must have had a transaction prior to July 10 to 2019 now I told people to sign up for their trend link wallet a couple weeks back so I tried to prepare you guys so hopefully hopefully someone did that so if you didn't create your wallet before July 10 still go ahead and create one there there will be more airdrops not only going token probably other tokens and you can get in on the next round and start to accumulate some of these tokens so there you have it boyd token i just wanted to go over this one go over this airdrop because it's pretty easy to get to be honest you know it's pretty straightforward it's a good starting point for anyone try and get into cryptocurrency or taps i'm getting really into these right now i'm really enjoying it it's been a lot of fun and i'm going to continue to do videos on daps on void other tokens on tron cover what I'm doing show some other ways to get airdrops free tokens stake your tokens use your tokens make a little bit of money get involved in crypto that's that's the main goal here but that's it for this one I hope you guys found this video helpful be sure to drop a comment down below if you have any questions I'll try and answer those don't forget to subscribe to the channel drop a like on this video turn on post notifications all that good stuff thank you guys for watching I'll catch you in the next one okay don't then you'll problems own it you might way don't let your problems out cuz that'll made you come in last so go higher


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