How to Buy and Store VeChain Cryptocurrency

How to Buy and Store VeChain Cryptocurrency

hey guys crypto dad here again and today I'm going to show you how to buy ve chain tokens and store them in your own wallet so let's get started alright so I've been through a total revamp of my system and upgraded everything and I'm ready to start diving in and making videos again so it's a little bit noisy today the kids are here but I had an uncontrollable urge to buy a little ve chain we talked about it on the live stream last week and so I'm gonna just dive in and there's a couple of things that I'm gonna need to do to get set up which you may or may not need to do but I'll just walk you through the whole process alright so we're gonna buy ve chain or V chain I guess some people might want to call it I think they've rebranded themselves as V chain Thor now there's a ve chain Thor wallet that's available and then this is their website tell us all about what it is what it does and it used to be a an e rc 20 Tobin it is no longer an e rc 20 token so it needs to be stored in its own compatible wallet now as I mentioned there's a ve chain there is a native wallet that you can download for iOS the V chain Thor mobile wallet and I guess there's also a desktop wallet and you can use the atomic wallet but I'm gonna use the best choice in my view which is the ledger nan OS so we're gonna download and install ledger live we're going to install the ve chain app on our ledger and then we're gonna use a third-party wallet to access that private key that we've got stored on the ledger so let's get going alright so since I did a full reinstall a clean install of Windows there's Jen ledger I'm gonna need to download and install the ledger live software alright let's go back to ledger dot-com which would be the American website it's no easier to get the ledger live software from that there we go this is what we're after so we're gonna go to downloads all right we're gonna download the ledger live software drop it in our downloads folder alright we'll just open that up now I'm using the brave browser which is chromium base so it's very similar to the way chrome works I'm sure you're all pretty familiar with how you download software we'll go through that here and we reduce clutter a bit let's install the ledger live software all right and I'll go ahead and run it on first startup all right so on first install I'm gonna go ahead and set up an account now I do have a ledger that's already initialized so I'm gonna choose use an initialize device all right and it is a ledger nano s the ledger nano X has been delayed unfortunately i pre-ordered it back in January but here it is March and they just announced that there's going to be a delay so c'est la vie let's continue on with our ledger nano s yes I did that yes I did that and let's check the device so I have the device connected to my computer so I need to enter my pin all right and then when we enter the pin we need to get to the home screen and then it's gonna ask me if I want to allow the ledger on my device which I will confirm by pressing the button above the check mark it passed the genuine check let's hit continue I'm gonna set up a password you can decide what you want to do with these I don't usually like to share information but continue and then we're ready alright alright we should all be aware of how cryptocurrency works before we start moving it around now you'll notice here that I have no accounts at all on here right there are zero cryptocurrency accounts set up even though I do have some apps installed on my device I'm not going to worry about that right now we're just going to focus on the V chain so I need to go to manager right and I need to install the ve chain app right so there it is you could do a little search there and I'm gonna attempt to install it on my ledger nano let's see how that goes all right so I didn't have enough room so I'm gonna need to uninstall some apps that are already on here we can just check here I've got stellar Tron and Bitcoin on here so I'm gonna take a couple of apps off I'm gonna hit the trash can next to Tron now this does not delete your wallets in any way or form this is simply removing the app alright your wallets are perfectly safe I'm just gonna get rid of that install icon there and then I could just right click down here and pin that to the taskbar I'll just go ahead and remove the stellar app as well alright and then let's go back and see if we can get the ve chain on here now okay so we have the V chain on here now there is no way to add a ve chain account you'll notice it's not native to the ledger live interface right so we're gonna need a third party type wallet that can access the information on the ledger for storing the ve chain alright alright now if we want to buy some cryptocurrency we need to start somewhere in today's case I started with the cash app so let me share my phone with you and just give you an overview of that alright so I started in the cash app you can use the cash app to buy Bitcoin so basically what you'll need to do the first thing you want to do is add some cash so that you have a balance in your wallet and then you can go over to the Bitcoin and choose buy right and then if you have any money on the card you can buy the amount of money that's up on the card up to ten thousand dollars per week per day whatever it is all right and as you can see I have a transaction history I purchased $50 I added $50 to the card all right you can see that here and then I purchased $50 worth of Bitcoin and then I transferred it to a crypto currency exchange account in my case I chose blye Nance I chose finance because they support Veatch a coin base and bit tracks do not so I chose the one let me see let's refresh here and see if it's fully confirmed yes so the Bitcoin transfer has been fully confirmed on Finance all right so now I just now that I have Bitcoin in my finance account and go over here to balances and you can see here that I have some BTC 0.12 for about 50 bucks worth of Bitcoin now I'm going to use that to buy my ve chain so all we do is put in ve let's go over here others a little bit in there I think I had some in at some point I'm gonna trade right and I'm gonna trade with BTC pair right so I'm gonna go over here to ve t / BTC that's a trading pair right and what I want to do is buy ve T so I'll just hit the 100% and I'm gonna make it a market order so just goes through right away gonna hit a hundred percent it's gonna give me about 90 100 ve T let's hit by BT all right and I'm assuming that's gonna go through right away we go back over here to funds and you can see I've got the 9,000 ve T and a chain wallet alright so now that I have bought it and it's on in exchange we want to put it in our own wallet all right so I have a ledger article here on how ledger supports ve chain and I can leave a link to that in the description so you guys can follow it as well and go through the steps here alright so we've already initialized the ledger we've already had the latest firmware installed if you have any problems with any of those you can double check on some of my previous videos I explained how to upgrade firmware ledger live will usually alert you that you need to upgrade your firmware it's not rocket science ledger live we've got installed alright and we've got we're using break for this all right so we go we've already downloaded and installed the ve app ok now all we need to do is go over here to the ve forge Walt user guide alright we've gone through all these steps alright so we're going to log in to V forged vault with our ledger device by clicking this link here alright and so we've got our ledger installed at ready to go here and we've got the ve chain app selected we'll hit both buttons and you'll see that the website recognizes that I had this connected and the app launched and so I'll just hit launch wall it's gonna generate an empty wallet for me all right very simple right so now I just want to do receipt all right and I'll use this one right here and that's the address right I'm just gonna go ahead and select that address hit copy right and then look we'll go over here to finance all right and then we'll just go to V chain and choose withdrawal and paste in that address all right and there's the available balance I'm just gonna click on that to fill it and then I'm gonna I'm gonna have to pay a hundred to get it out but I'm ready to deal with that I'm gonna hit submit all right and then we're gonna put in our Google Authenticator code all right and then Finance is gonna send an email all right so here's the email that was sent to me by by Nance I'm just gonna click confirm withdrawal there and now I can go to the deposit and withdrawal history page it'll show me that it's processing that 9,000 ve T all right and then we can just go over here to our wallet and just wait for that ve T balance to come in okay and there we go though the ve chain came in you can see there I've got a transaction there and then we can go over here to the ve chain and see that I have nine thousand right we can go to balances too and you can see there were several address types I'm not that savvy on everything I might even be able to move this into this if I had a mind to but I'm not going to I'll just leave it the way it is this is kind of interesting yeah so it's an interesting wallet and remember this is an online wallet but it is tied to the private key that we created on this ledger nan OS when we installed the app and then if we ever try to move anything out of this wallet it's going to ask us to confirm on the device and when everything is unplugged and the legend nos is in my desk drawer that cryptocurrency is safe there's it's a very strong safe storage solution for your cryptocurrency all right so I think that's it I hope you were able to follow this if there are any questions please let me know and leave them down in the comments and I'll do my best to get back to you don't forget I have a live stream every Friday night Pacific Standard Time 6 p.m. please join me for the live Q&A in LA join me and ask any questions that you may have and I'll do my best to get them answered if you like this video give me a thumbs up if you'd like to subscribe to my channel I would appreciate it when you subscribe there's a little Bell you can click that will allow you to be alerted whenever I post new content once again thanks for joining me and hope to see you again soon


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  • So ,if I have a three different tokens on my nano and If want to add another token,all I have to do is remove an app and add another app? If I want to add four more different tokens,all I have to do is remove all the apps and add the four new ones? Will all the different tokens (7) still be on the Nano? To go to any of the stored tokens all I have to do is re-install the app that connected to that token?

  • lol I bought the Ledger thinking it would simplify things so I could consolidate all my cryptos to ledger live. How wrong lol. If anything it complicates things further. Think I'll just stick to my paper wallets. Anyone want to buy a Ledger?

  • Being this is an online wallet requiring the nano s, what happens if the website goes down or disappears for any number of reasons? How do you get your asset back onto an exchange for withdrawal?

  • Question, so the Vechain app on my ledger can still be removed to make room and reinstalled later to access my Vechain coins? regardless of the third party vault app?
    thx Rex you are a teacher!

  • After I click on "launch wallet" it says it's looking for addresses, but then it goes right back to the beginning again and asks me to unlock my ledger. There's some kind of loop going on. What next???

  • People…go to the 10:00 mark to find out how to transfer your Vechain to your Ledger. Rex, WHY did you go back to the VERY beginning for newbees and install Ledger?? Most of us just want to know how to install Vechain on our Ledgers and transfer from Binance to the Ledger….

  • losing 100 Vet is a joke. all these exchanges like binance coinbase uphold kucoin are all robbers just like banks. no different really!

  • Help needed. REWARD VeChain has several tokens that run on the VeChain these tokens can be bought at OceanEx and can be stored on Vthor mobile Wallet. Recently 2 tokens have come out similar time both called PLA one is ERC20 the other runs on VeChain. I have both types now and missing a private address as both tokens use the same public address address. I use Vthor mobile wallet which I don't think has a private address does have a 12 word recovery seed. Small amount of Playchips Involved will split with you if we can recover..

  • Crypto Expert says:

    VeChain have two token sistem; VET and VTHO. Investing in VTHO can increase your VET holdings with time, lack of understanding basic fundamentals for the two token system and the critical importance of VTHO price in creating real value of the VET token is very important before you start to invest money. Right now all prices in crypto are based on speculations. In order to create real value of VET that is not based only on speculation we first need to see increase in VTHO price not the other way around. You can read more about this on Vechain reddit channel:

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