We are heading into Christmas and A lot of people are going to be out there buying a lot of products and the last thing I would like you guys to do is accidentally be buying products that are sending money back to this evil regime on our doorstep that is trying to Steal our freedoms destroy our economy and get rich Paris parasitically off us So today I’m going to show you another business and how they get copyrighted fake products into your Country and use fake Korean brands as a front Before we get started if you want to keep up to date the straightest first and only geopolitically focus YouTube channel Make sure you click the subscribe button and click the bell icon So don’t miss out on anything now. My last video was very important Exposing. Hey juice to the milk tea Franchise and how they don’t pay tax. They don’t pay superannuation. They they break our anti-discrimination hiring practices that they’re breaking a lot of Fair Work laws and that they’re just breaking so many laws in Australia and I’ll leave a card up here and I’ll be the Final video at the end of this video so that you guys can watch that as well And I would also like a few more you guys to join up the Facebook group called Australian born Europeans and in that group We have a few Ways in which we can report? Hey juice and do something about it I believe that we are not not not in a shooting war just yet we’re in a cold economic war and That needs to be played out in our own country and we can do something about it you see a lot of rhetoric on the news, but You feel that there’s nothing you can do. I’m actually giving you something that you can do and it’s Totally legal and moral and it is enforcing our laws that already exist by simply reporting emailing calling and getting the word out about Businesses that are breaking our laws within Australia, so please join that group and help out don’t just watch the video on some sort thumbs it up by albeit by all means but If you can help out in a more substantial way by emailing and calling and forcing our government agencies to do something about this now I found this business called domsky Hope I pronounced that correctly it is supposed to be a Korean brand So I thought okay. Let’s go check it out and some of you guys Are aware for many years now almost a decade now I have been saying that I believe that South Korea is in fact a secret operative Secret ally of China. I know it sounds outrageous But I do believe that they are the Trojan horse. That is a big threat to America and if anything happens to America Australia’s in a lot of danger but what I’m going to do is talk about this specific business and how China gets fake products into your country now don’t ski It has Korean writing. It looks like a Korean brand but if you look at every product within this little store Every single product is made in China But it’s not only made in China how they get it out of China is very sneaky What they do is they have these labels that say that it is Distributed through Hong Kong now when you’re seeing what’s happening in Hong Kong at the moment Hong Kong is this Tiger economy that is China has been he started for the last for quite a long time now China’s access to the world and this is how China has been getting its products out They sell them through Hong Kong This is how China gets its spice to because a lot of people come to Australia they say oh well I’m from Hong Kong SAR They’re from okay but they’re not they were born inch in general Guangzhou and then donated they’re actually actually spies like Gladys Lu which is Quite an interesting thing And Gladys Lu recently said that she doesn’t she doesn’t no the guy that was sitting next to her in her house That was apparently murdered The same way when I went into domsky and I asked them All of the Chinese employees I said, where are these? Wait don’t you have Korean employees? I thought this was a Korean shop and she said oh, I don’t know and I said He’s the owner Chinese as well. She said yes. I said I thought it was Korean She said I don’t know the same way Gladys Lou tells us that she doesn’t know why she was named as a Part of a United Front or part of the Chinese Communist Party and she doesn’t know why the guys sitting on her right in this Photo was mysteriously murdered and the fact that we can’t do anything about her is a warning sign to you guys that Your freedom is going to be taken soon. Unless you do something about it so therefore we go back to me asking you please sign up join the Australian born Europeans Facebook group we can get in there and We can set a precedent by taking down one of these cheating businesses Then we can take down the rest one by one now. If you look at these products these products there’s There’s Pikachu. That’s definitely fake copyright infringement minions made in China fake copyright infringement, and if you have a look at the labels They say that it is the Korean brand They say designed in Korea or they say this Korean brand This is a Korean brand. But then you you look at the back and it says Made in China So it’s not a Korean brand It doesn’t seem like a Korean brand at all What these Chinese businesses are doing is they are? Using the so-called good reputation from all of the weak-minded Westerners And I hope that I can convince you guys to not think this way anymore the ones that like to buy Samsung the ones that like to buy what they like to watch kpop we’ve been manipulated into thinking careers on your team, but If you have a close look at what Korea’s doing Japan right now and how eighty percent of Koreans would happily join North Korea in a war against Japan that’s as much evidence as I need to know that South Korea is on Team red. They are our enemy They’re not a friend of Australia and a lot of Australians out there. I’ve heard this rhetoric. I even heard this recently by a reporter from the The Sydney Morning Herald Oh and she white says that as well Hugh white from the the he wrote the book how to defend Australia. He says Australia first now Australia first is faulty because To say that we are not part of a global community We are not part of the world is very naive and it shows a lack of intelligence by people who I think to be quite intelligent and experts in their field Australia is part of a community. We are part of the world and we cannot go it alone we need allies and we have to be allied with the power that will protect our maritime trade because we are an island at the end of the cul-de-sac that China is trying to dominate and If America loses power in Asia and China becomes a global hegemon, we will or the Asian hegemon We will have only one choice we can’t we can’t go it alone. That’s not the third choice This is a fake choice created by I don’t know what these people are thinking, but I want to call that out right now Because recently a guy wrote a book about this and I’ll be bringing bringing that to you guys soon as well Australia has to choose we have to be other China and then then that means that our Prime Minister needs to become a socialist dictatorship under the Under the control of China and he has to be of Han Chinese descent all the CEOs in Australia have to be Han Chinese or all of the the billionaires in Australia have to be Han Chinese and you and me we have to because of the color of our skin or if with that brown skin or black we’re Aboriginals, we have to clean toilets and wash dishes for the rest of their lives and become slaves That’s officially that’s really the choice that we’re making here or we go with America and we try to keep this Multicultural egalitarian society rolling even though we have so many different cultures fighting for dominance within that’s still the best option going with America now now if you have a look at how China uses a fake brand Because they think that we Trust this brand and then they use Hong Kong because they think that we trust Hong Kong and a lot of you out there do I don’t I’m one of the few out there that is ahead of the game And in the future you guys will understand that I was right all along the same way When I was out the front of the Apple store Before my hip replacement stay there for 11 days trying to be the first person to get the iPhone X I was trying to get a little bit of attention to my youtube channel back there Another one of my many failed endeavors to try and get some sort of traction on YouTube I was saying I had to sign up and I was like saying let’s make iPhone great again and I also had a sign saying look don’t buy Wow away and I was anti Samsung the entire time It’s because I don’t see them as our friends. I see them as our enemies and know this and this South Korea changes something I’m more than willing to change my mind on this but I don’t see South Korea is a friend I see them more over foe Japan’s our friends So if you good you think if you come across a business like this like domsky and you want to buy these little cheap trinkets And if he if you have a look at this, you’ve got the the Christmas cards made in China. That’s so offensive considering the Christmases Bandung China, it’s a it’s a fact that’s banned in China yet We’re buying products from the evil dictatorship that hates Christmas come on people stop buying these buying dodgy products from these people if you look at the front, If you have a look at the front window all of the products have Chinese writing on the map and you’ll think if this was a Korean business, there’ll be some Made in Korea or Korean brands as products, but no all of the products are made in China what they do is then they get them over the border into Hong Kong and they reel able them and try to Manipulate you the customer into buying? Chinese made Products made in Guangzhou or Shenzhen and for all you know? These fluffy toys could have been made in jails in China and you could be buying something. That is a human rights Violation you could be unbeknownst you Taking part in human rights violations within China. Just something to think about there as well So I just thought I’d bring this video to you guys considering we’re going into Christmas and a lot of you will be out there trying to And I know a lot of Australians out. There will be thinking look I want to make sure that I buy Australian made or American made. I want to buy something that I want us keep the money within the good team and the good teams are if you’re going to buy a phone Don’t buy our way vivo Oppo and this is new one called Xiaomi It is dominating the the lower range cheapest Model phones, it’s dominating India. It’s dominating countries like Indonesia on our doorstep. They’re getting them. So cheap I’ve heard that you can buy them for $50 in Africa these days and what they’ve done is they’ve installed these cameras that Recognise dark complexions and they are using this data For the ships in Africa to identify people through the phone, so please don’t buy a Chinese phone Because well you’re sending money to an evil dictatorship that hates you and wants to take your freedoms. Of course Buy an iPhone if you can if you can’t afford one of the most expensive iPhones You can buy an older model like a I phone seven or six and they’re relatively cheap myself I Have bought myself a HTC the reason why I bought a HTC is because it’s Taiwanese I would much rather send money to Taiwan then send money to Korea or China Even sending money to Hong Kong. He’s not a good idea at the moment Think about what you buy going into Christmas because it really doesn’t matter because Every cent that you send to these evil dictatorship. They are spending it To try and take your freedom really there’s no other way to look at it Tomorrow I’m going to re-upload a video that was deleted by YouTube And then I’m going to I need to talk to you guys about this book. I’ve taken some notes This is an awesome book And I’m going to talk to you guys about this book in the next video. I’ve got a lot to cover in the coming week I’m going to have a little bit more free time. So I’m hoping to Create a few more videos so that I can keep her. Keep in contact with you guys But if you want to take some real action, please join up to Australian born Europeans the Facebook group and Send to sign some forms and send some emails and do something real with this Christmas to try and protect Australia from within And I’ll see you guys in the next video



  • This is especially bad when it comes to the construction industry. There are many a Grenfell Towers waiting to happen that have popped up in Sydney and Melbourne over the last 2-3 years. Make sure you stay at least a kilometer away from any train lines.

  • Dave, you're a champion. If the Communist feminist led CSA were not biasly screwing me, I'd throw some green your way. As it is I'm stacking ammo, may need it if Australia gets a horde of unwelcome visitors.

  • I have boycotted Chinese goods for years as I am an animal lover. I tell all my friends and family I would rather have no Christmas presents than anything bought from China most of them agree with me but my niece called me racist lol

  • generally western people are feeble and weak concerning their rights they bow down to other races and cultures in an attempt to appease what they see as injustices commited by their ancestors….sometimes giving ground is not good for their self respect and dignity….it is a sign of self defeat and self value.

  • Saying South Korea is a secret China ally just because so south Koreans say they would side with the north against Japan ignores the history between the countries

    Despite being two different countries they view themselves as one people.

    It's like saying people of deep red states wouldn't defend California if it was invaded, those that say they wouldn't would probably piss themselves and hide if their own state was invaded.

  • MrHispanicpride says:

    FYI Some idiot has attached a 'Learn Mandarin' advert to your video. Japanese products are way better than Chinese products. Whenever i point out the Chinese threat, people call me a racist. lol

  • Korea has historically been a tributary ally of China, I imagine their ties are deeper than the ones to America.
    You really think advocating an iPhone is the best alternative for those awake enough to know China is not acting in our interests? Android seems like a far better shill choice.

  • You can't boycott Made in China because almost everything is. Lima declaration for starters, signed by our own government. The West is responsible for China growing into what it has become. The bankers will profit either way. To be truly aware you need to look at your own sides propaganda and faults too. Will you address the JQ, Dave? Maybe you are one yourself. You seem to love America a little too much

  • Freespeech1 June says:

    I agree with you, so many things going on that annoy me! Online Chinese market for Aussie baby milk is probably legal, but annoys the hell out of me!
    You’ve made me look now, I still have the box for my IPhone 6. “Designed in California” “Assembled in China”. ??? – hard to avoid!
    Is that normal?

  • We are conned by every business that see us a cashcow….. eg: IKEA selling their products many times more expensive that what Americans buy their flatpacks for. Technology and Fashion is many times more expensive than America or Europe…..

  • China is all pervasive, even to the point of infiltrating our food chain and companies support this in the name of profit and responsibility to their share holders.

    I suggest that everyone learn what the codes of food packaging means in relation to where the products come from.

    I also strongly suggest that you research major purchases and boycott anything Chinese.

    They are trying to hurt us economically so why not do the same back to them.

    Over 1 million of them here now and you can thank the sellout Politicians for that.

    Started with Gough and is still being supported by SCOMO and Co !

  • Eventually, Australia will be crushed by China, just like Canada and New Zealand. They control the money, housing, and industry so it's all too late. The worse it gets for China, the more they will close in. I just think it's too late, I'm in Canada and it's happening already.

  • How about a list of all the Chinese subversive business in Australia.

    I just went to the Coles Supermarket and am stupefied by the amount of Chinese product on their shelves.

  • Paulie Gualtieri says:

    Pauline Hanson said China is invading Australia by simply sending their people here by the plane load. She has a recent interview on her channel where she outlines exactly what is happening. Thanks Dave , you're a true patriot !

  • Tunui Tahitian Faya 987 says:

    Korea was historically horrifically victimized by Japan but I'm sure you already knew this, I think that's why they would back Kim Jong Un in a conflict against Japan. Personally I know some Korean Americans that foster very hostile opinions towards the Japanese and reasonably so given the war crimes they committed against Korea, furthermore the hostilities seem to go both ways, for instance one of my Korean friends told me that he knows about Koreans being assaulted and abused while travelling through Japan. Personally I find these hostilities unfortunate as I'm a die hard fan of Japanese culture and Food but I also think that the Koreans should be understood In their dislike of Japan and that you should give this situation context rather than conveniently omitting the truth, again I'm a big fan of yours but I think you could have worded this a little better, Peace !

  • Ban Chinese immigration until they have a democratic country. What is so dangerous is that less than 50% would be committed to Australia while the other half are spies.
    Ban dual citizenship after two years.

  • false advertising throughout youtube … Our Aus pollies are lying to us at the same time betraying us and selling off all our sovereignty, China is the big competitor because it is likely to starve as the global crops start to fail … World-China population concentration is 20.5b World-India is 68b on account that India is 1/3 the size of China. Wall Street threw the American people under the bus and Trump is on side here and will not bring Wall Street spivs to account … we need to declare war on this crap because we are on the doorstep of Indonesia who palsing up to China as we have already done ..a monsterous regime that organ harvests. Not to forget that Communism is about land reform

  • We should have a quid pro quo treaty with the USA we could be a life boat if the USA is hit with a cataclysmic event seismic or even nuclear in other words we have to offer the USA something they need and likewise there is no way that Australia can defend itself having destroyed our demographic defense. Our pollies and spivs are siding with a Chinese hegemony a grotesque regime of organ harvesters … re Kyle Bass etc

  • shadowgovernment3000 says:

    Dave, here in Melbourne, I heard that all the major Italian supermarket/emporiums that had mediterranean deli/grocery products that have been around many years are now owned by Chinese. I realised this after going in one (after many years) & saw a Chinese woman standing in the front of the shop (inside) rudely looking over people. After asking around I found out that all have been sold off to Chinese. I definitely won't be entering them again.

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