20 thoughts on “Google Coin vs Facebook Libra – How Google knows what you buy.”

  • Decentralised Tech is becoming more important as Google and Facebook are now censoring everything eg the Project Veritas undercover report with an internal Google employee explaining how they are trying to influence the outcome of the 2020 election


    I thought Erik Townsend over at Macro Voices had a good introduction into why Bitcoin and Blockchain would be supplanted by a better system.

  • Javier Treviño says:

    I think financial tech is widely overrated.. yeah , it can lead to some interesting results but the real value comes from actual software or hardware products like Spotify, Youtube, Uber, Apple iPhone, Tesla, etc. I mean things that add value to people's lives in a very obvious and big manner. That is why they advice entrepreneurs to "scratch their own itch". The only way of building something valuable is to delight and service people with an amazing experience and quality. In the case of Paypal, it was financial tech back in the 90s but it was very new and obvious: the ability to make payments online via email.

  • aspire081989 says:

    Wht I dont understand is why did u move from being a software engineer to an affiliate marketing?!…u werent making enough money or wht

  • Samuel Rück says:

    Techlead does Bibis Beauty palace better do nont sing like lol

  • Bitcoin was not fucking invented to be a payment system FFS. thought it has the feature its primary use case is as a store of value that cannot be depreciated by central governments. we in the western world some how seem thing bitcoin is to buy stuff with. yes that is why a blockchain is a poor expensive means to do this. also you do not seem to realise that other 'blockchains' are completely useless

  • Daniel Høifødt says:

    Im doing some personal research on cryptocurrency. And im both sceptic and a bit optimistic about it.

  • They main purpose of crypto is protection from inflation and confiscation (taxation). Not low fees or anything like that.

  • Black Square says:

    The Bitcoin Developer Talked About Designer Babies, Cryptocurrencies, and Libra from Facebook -and-libra-from-facebook /

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