Free BTC and ETH Spinner! No Minimum Withdrawal!

Free BTC and ETH Spinner! No Minimum Withdrawal!

Hi guys, today I already received in my Coinbase Account The 50,000 Satoshi that I withdrew a while ago And now let’s check with Ethereum And….. its already credited with my account Truly, this app still Legit and Paying And what I like about this it’s all 100% free! Hello Everyone! This is Aiza Mercado and welcome back with another video, where we can earn Extra Money Online In this video I will be sharing 2 free apps where we can earn free bitcoins and ethereum while spinning! And very much appreciated if you will like this video and subscribe to my channel and click the bell button, to see every video uploads how we can earn Extra Money Online. Before we start, shout out to Crypto4chun and his youtube channel If you want guys to know the basic about crypto trading or any crypto currency Just go with his channel and he will teach you the basic to advance in Crypto Trading Just search his youtube channel which is Crypto4chun and check my video description to see his youtube link where you can watch his videos. Then again, check out Crypto4chun and be financially independent! To start with, we have four apps to use First, is the APK pure Second, is the HolaVPN which is a VPN, or any VPN is applicable Third, is the Free Bitcoin Spinner Fourth, is the Free Ethereum Spinner I already posted Free Bitcoin Spinner before and now, we will update it with free ethereum spinner. First, you should have APK pure And how to get one, just open your google chrome or any browser then search for APK pure. Then click on their website. Then download. Start downloading it with only 12mb of file. In APK pure app, just search for “Free bitcoin spinner”. Free bitcoin spinner and free ethereum will appear. just open and with “Cast away studio” you will see other apps they have developed and as you can see, free litcoin spinner is gone. As i researched, that app got issued and deleted in from the Playstore. You dont need to use VPN in opening Eth Spinner. You can open it in any country Unlike with free bitcoin spinner, you need VPN to open it any vpn can do as long as it is connected in USA. Now, lets try Free Eth Spinner “We pay via Coinbase” so you need to enter your Coinbase email address. All payments here are straight paid out to Coinbase and take note, no minimum withdrawal. If ever you don’t still have your coinbase account just check out my video description for the link and where to register. There you go, i already opened the app i already earned 20,760 gwei and what to do here is just do the SPIN. It takes time to spin, just be patient and i earned 50 gwei and it is now credited in my account. You can choose 3,000 energy or you can set it to 5,000 energy So the choices or the rewards will double up if you triggered the 5,000 energy but if you want to save more energy go for 3,000 but expect lower rewards to earn. Lets try 5,000 energy then spin…. You can do this over and over until you run out of energy And later on, i will be teaching you how to payout and see if it is also instant. There, i used all my free spins and will try now to withdraw. Just click “claim now” and you can withdraw without minimum payout which means any amount will be paid on your Coinbase. You can also withdraw again after 3 days. Click “yes of course” Please wait Claim success and now lets see in my coinbase if it is already received. In coinbase account, check “accounts” Then find ETH Boom! 5820 gwei is already credited and its true, it still legit and pays. The second app is Free Bitcoin Spinner and as ive mentioned earlier this app needs VPN coz it is located in US. For now, i will use HOLA vpn. Take note: Any VPN can do as long as you are connected in USA In hola vpn, just click the app you want to open which is free bitcoin spinner and click start. By doing that it will be connected to usa and opens now the app. Here, basically you will do same as with eth spinner Also with 3,000 energy and with 5,000 energy too. again, just click spin and where to point, thats the satoshi you will earn. As you can see, here are the total satoshi is earned 465,723 satoshi which is 0.00465723 BTC already and now i got 3 satoshi spin again until you ran out of energy i got 3 sats, hehe try again and video ads appeared. If you would ask, why almost all applications have ads thats because, the developers are earning from it. For android and ios, they are using Google Admob. If you ran out of energy, click just this energy icon if you want to get free 50,000 energy just complete survey and for 3000 energy, just watch video ads. Now let try if this app still pays click “claim now” yes ofcourse Yeah, claim success! Lets check it now on my coinbase and lets go the btc and i received 50,000 satoshi only because 50,000 sats is the maximum payout per day. and 49,000 satoshi still remains in my account alright! So thats how easy to use this free btc spinner and free eth spinner! This is my video for today how to earn extra money online You need ApkPure, any VPN, Free bitcoin spinner and free ethereum spinner. Its all free and instant withdrawal. I hope this video helped you how to get free btc and eth If yes, please hit the like button do not forget to subscribe on my Youtube and Telegram Channel. This is Aiza Mercado once again and see you on my next video!


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