Massive Knowledge about Village Life

6 Facts of Comfort That Obtained When Living in the Village

City life offers many comforts. However, apart from these facilities, city life brings many problems, such like traffic jams, garbage and cleaning, pollution and even other problems. In fact, urban problems depend on each individual who answers them.

Well unlike city life, Village life isn’t as bad as people think. In fact, today life in the village has started to improve and develop with more complete public facilities. Based on my experience in the village, here are some things that make life in the village comfortable and enjoyable. Therefore, there is no need to feel inferior and ashamed if you are from the city, because you can have a lot of interesting things. Curious? Let’s look at the following review!

1) Low cost of living

Most of the villagers work as farmers. Since the work sometimes causes the villagers to lose some income, they cannot make enough money from the harvest. In fact, although they don’t generate some income every month, they can still live their lives normally and relaxed. Try to compare it with city life, you can definitely complain about uncertain income.

Why is the cost of living in the city cheap? Because almost all of the staple foods come from the city. In fact, there are also a lot of free food ingredients without needing a dime to get them. Most of the villagers grow their own chili peppers, vegetables and other basic products, whether in the fields, in the fields or on their terraces. So take it yourself without spending a dime. The money can therefore be used for other needs.

2) Village community is easier to socialize

The villagers are already known for their excellent social attitude. This is usually seen in the number of community cooperation activities carried out by the community. Neighborhood relations in the city are very good, it shows in the villagers who know each other. Different in the city, the next door neighbor may not be familiar. The good thing is that with the ease of meeting and socializing with the local residents, the villagers are far from stressed and the conditions of safety remain with each other.

3) City life is quieter

As someone who has lived in the village, in my opinion this is true. Live in the village away from the crowds, congestion and chaos of the city. In villages, rice fields, gardens and even villages are also close to the forest. So there are only quiet streets and the sounds of wild animals at night. In other words, the atmosphere is peaceful and calm, automatic, life should be colder and calmer.

4) Life in the village can be longer

The villagers are far from air pollution and are used to eating food directly from nature. Therefore, the village community can be saved from free radicals in the environment. In addition, the air quality is also much better than in urban areas. Undoubtedly, junk food rarely exists in the city.

Based on these conclusions, it can be summarized that village life can have a long life. In fact, after care, many elderly villagers stay strong at work, unlike urban communities who are mostly retired or just resting at home.

5) Fact five, it’s easier to find a partner

Alt-"Senior Couple Taking Dog For Walk In Countryside"
Senior Couple Taking Dog For Walk In Countryside

Unlike the city, when looking for a partner, rural communities do not consider higher education, employment and other qualifications. The most important thing in finding a partner is the attitude of responsibility and also the desire for both. In addition, in general, the village community is also friendly and does not hesitate to greet each other. Therefore, do not rule out the possibility of meeting all the teenagers in the village.

6) Nature tourism is free

It is the most tempting and the most interesting in the city. If the inhabitants of the city always seek peace while visiting the village on vacation, living in the village, one could say that they are always on vacation in the city. You are always offered free nature tours and you don’t have to pay a dime to enjoy the beauty of the countryside, the vast expanses of rice fields, the fresh air, the mountains and much more.

Well, there are several interesting facts about living in the village. Most importantly, even if you live in the city but are lazy to leave home, all of your city’s natural beauty will be in vain because you don’t appreciate it. For those of you who have also lived in the village, let’s recount your experiences in the comments column below!