Facebook’s own coin, bounty paid for stolen crypto, Alex Jones bribed to be a BTC spokesperson?

Facebook’s own coin, bounty paid for stolen crypto, Alex Jones bribed to be a BTC spokesperson?

rewards are being offered to recover stolen cryptocurrency Facebook is looking to release its own coin and was Alex Jones actually asked to pump up Bitcoin let's start the show welcome back to crypto global news please make sure you hit the subscribe and also notifications buttons so you don't miss an episode I'm Edward and we're going to be bringing you the news from the world of cryptocurrency now three times a week on Sundays Tuesdays and also Thursdays if you're in Los Angeles each episode will be live at 2 p.m. your time if you're in New York it's a 5 p.m. start time for you and if you're across the atlantic over in London the launch time for the show will be 10 p.m. enjoy today's episode crackin the San francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange is offering to help the controversy riddled vancouver-based quadriga CX with a reward of $100,000 to anyone who provides information that can lead to the discovery of the Canadian exchanges missing funds additionally this information will be passed on to law enforcement agencies announced via an official blog post in the 28th of February this year crankin stated that the entire industry was affected when a single Curto currency exchange ceased their operations locking up their users funds cracking linked the situation to that of tokyo-based mount geo X the Japanese exchange which was once the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world but now bankrupt and defunct Krakken wants to bring awareness and attention to this particular case in the hopes that people can discover some or all of the missing funds building on from some speculative reports of Facebook launching their own cryptocurrency the latest story by the New York Times has confirmed that the multi-billion dollar enterprise is working on a digital token that users of whatsapp could send to family and friends instantly speaking to The New York Times anonymously for people close to the matter so that Facebook has already reached out to several crypto exchanges in a bid to list its coin on the platform to sell to consumers there's a good deal of pushback from a number of people in the crypto space mainly because companies like Facebook are the living definition of power of centralization and have been involved in numerous instances with regard to breach of personal data Bitcoin on the other hand works on a decentralized ideology where the underlying digital asset is not another custody of any particular third party a Chinese miner named su Fang has recently stated that as the season starts turning up up to 1 million mining machines may start mining Bitcoin a move that could see a hash rate move up according to a local news outlet Fang stated that it is the rainy season which starts in May cryptocurrency miners have been looking to set up operations in China since the beginning of this year per his words the facilities in which he'll be running his miners are fully booked even though some areas are still under construction Fang himself reportedly sold all of his anta miner s nine units last year as bitcoins price kept on dropping and electricity cost kept on going up making it impossible for him to make a profit Bitcoin enthusiast Max Keiser took a gander at the recent letter Warren Buffett sent to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders and he wasn't pleased at all he saw the actions Buffett revealed in the letter as prime reasons people should buy Bitcoin instead of investing in the stock market Khan's response included tweets and interviews over this past weekend he tweeted that the letter indicated that Buffett is not satisfied with a stock market the points made in Buffett's letter may have even helped push bitcoins price above the 4,100 mark Kaiser has been very vocal about his displeasure with anything to do with traditional investing he upped the ante last week by specifically going after Buffett and what was revealed in the letter in an interview with RT published Sunday Kaiser took Buffett to task saying things few would dare mutter about the Oracle from Omaha he mitts no words as he scolded Buffett of being partly to blame for corporate malpractice including some of Berkshire Hathaway's actual portfolio Alex Jones is the main presenter at Infowars and he's just made another appearance on the Joe Rogan experience podcast where he discussed Bitcoin cryptocurrency and someone he's less than fond of George Soros Jones suggested that Soros had reached out to him via intermediaries in an attempt to cool the Infowars founders constant attacks on him part of the deal according to Jones meant agreeing to advertise or in Jones's words pumped Bitcoin on episode 1255 of the Joe Rogan experience Alex Jones told Rogan I got told eight years ago I got told by two different people two very well-known rich people they said Soros likes you he wants to work with you as does Alexander Soros you just need to stop attacking him and by the way we want you to pump up Bitcoin I got offered at the time about five million dollars worth of Bitcoin I think it was about 38 million by the time I got there the peak and I refused it now who knows if mr. Jones is actually telling the truth here but I will say it would be vastly entertaining to watch Alex Jones to a rant promoting Bitcoin many thanks for tuning in to today's episode if you have any questions on this particular episode or cryptocurrency more generally just drop us a line in the comments below for crypto global news I'm Edward until next time take it easy


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