Everyone Is Trying To Get Their Last Bitcoin. A Big Move Is Coming.

Everyone Is Trying To Get Their Last Bitcoin. A Big Move Is Coming.

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where you subscribe yes you subscribe for our daily videos keeping you informed on everything going on with Bitcoin crypto the whole market so in the last 24 to 48 hours we have seen Bitcoin like like we've seen this whole year you know Bitcoin consolidates Bitcoin breaks up and Bitcoin breaks out so we went from a very tight consolidation ruse wrapping around 11300 we popped up and then right now at least at the time of recording Bitcoin is over 12,500 which it's positive our yearly high which let me remind you we hit our high about two weeks ago our yearly high is 13,000 880 and it's probably our next level of resistance that being said we've been breaking through resistance all year right we've been breaking through resistance all year now why is that what makes this your different well maybe maybe it's because this is the first time in bitcoins history where it's no longer a question of will Bitcoin go back up question is how high is this thing gonna go because nobody thinks bitcoin is gonna die any more fundamentals for Bitcoin have never been stronger we'll show you this all the time if you subscribe and many people realize this you know have you noticed the trend that's going on this year it's two steps forward one step back two steps forward one step back sometimes we go up three steps and then it come back one or two steps you know sometimes it's not a step back at all sometimes it's a consolidation or a time correction but you recognize this trend right you see this trend when in doubt zoom out remember the trend is your friend so the daily chart bullish the weekly chart bullish the monthly chart bullish we have a very clear trend going on and yet and yet I see a lot of people asking I see a lot of posts a lot of comments people are asking me what's the best way to sell my Bitcoin what's the best way to sell my Bitcoin seems like a lot of people are pretty pleased with the gains that they've made in the last few months said hey nothing wrong with taking profits nothing wrong at all but for me and this is just me I'm not selling I'm not selling I'm buying I'm buying Bitcoin because for me I have more of a long-term mindset so think about this so the capitulation was right here right here and we're already seven months into this next bull cycle seven months into this next bull cycle yet a lot of people still have their minds trapped in the past like we're right here a lot of people still have their mindset in a bear market mentality you've probably heard of the depression mentality right you know people who grew up in America during the Great Depression they just think differently because they grew up in a different time just like people who grew up in this bear market they're thinking differently but think about this we are seven months into this bull cycle but for the last one this was the peak of the last bull cycle and after this ended took about seven or eight months of going down before the euphoria you know fully wore off before people really admitted that we were no longer in a bull cycle it took about seven months for everybody to come around well we're seven months into the new bull cycle and then this bear market mentality is just starting to wear off so it's confusing I know a lot of people have a hard time thinking about such a positive future from here since I mean even some people don't even think this is the bottom since you know when we bottomed we didn't see the usual technicals right we didn't see the big red wick we didn't see the big red vol stick a lot of people say in this whole entire bear market hey there just wasn't enough punishment this bear market it wasn't punishing enough for you there's no way we can be in a bull market people never gave up hope back then there needs to be more pain okay but sometimes it's not about pain sometimes it's more about punishment it's either pain or mint and the punishment for a lot of people in the last six months was not being able to buy cheap of coins because they missed the boat because they thought it was going lower or perhaps they sold when they saw the price shoot up and then the real punishment was seeing the price go up a lot a lot more anyways it's all human psychology you know everybody in the last cycle I mean the majority of people bought in right around here near the top and that was after hearing all these stories of crypto millionaires all this money that was to be made in crypto now what she didn't realize back then what all these people didn't realize at this time is that those crypto millionaires they had bought in down here and then when you were buying in they were cashing out so here we are today and it might seem like might be hard to imagine a future where Bitcoin is over $20,000 but for me I think of this time right here it's kind of like a second chance you know it's coming cycle in the next few years I think based on the research that I've done I think this next cycle is going to be bigger than ever before and that's why this channel exists you know that's why we talk about it all the time the reasons why so I'm just trying to accumulate that one last Bitcoin Oh can I get one more Bitcoin before that's out of my reach and I don't know if I can but how about you are you buying or are you selling we just put out a Twitter poll head on over to our Twitter participate in this or just comment below I am buying I am selling or obviously the default I am Hotaling let me know in the comments all right we're gonna finish up today's video with a little bit of crypto news these stories the ripped straight from today's headlines so if you're a crypto investor or crypto enthusiast I think you're gonna want to see this stuff and of course you know we're gonna end the video pretty soon so if you got value in this video hey do me a favor hit the like button liking our videos it's a small thing you can do and it truly does help our channel grow and check this out Bitcoin has existed for three thousand eight hundred and seventy three days and better and been a bad investment on only sixty of them of course this is because Bitcoin is very near all time high so in other words people who decided to buy Bitcoin one day and hold it until this past Saturday have made a profit ninety-eight point four percent of the time which is pretty interesting I wanted you to to know that next story Casa launches new mobile app for their lightning node so of course talked about this before well just like a Bitcoin node anybody you can set up a lightning node very cheap and it's not too hard but if you want it to be really not that hard at all and you want your node to look very sleek you can actually pay a premium and get this Bitcoin lightning knowing right here well now they have a mobile app for the lightning node which is pretty interesting so the new app called the SATs app will help users access and manage their lightning note easier the team has stated that they also plan on rolling out a rewards program so that users can earn a little bit of Bitcoin as they continue to use the app that's pretty cool so the CEO of Casa Jeremy Welch outlined the purpose of the mobile app in an interview with coin desk he stated the features are focused on increasing adoption of Bitcoin and lightning nodes you'll be able to earn Bitcoin if you don't have a Casa node but you'll be able to earn Bitcoin faster if you have a node it's a lightweight app but allows you to experience the full gamut from earning your first Satoshi to operating a full node from your phone it's private secure and connected over tor our first announced stats back reward will be 20,000 Satoshi's just to get your Casa node all connected up on tor and connect to the app we're trying to make it easier for people to do that self custody I like that check it out if you're interested in paying a premium for lightning node or you can always make your own lightning node or check it out here's a little blast from the past so check this old screenshot out so before crackin was an exchange it was a virtual goods market forum and in 2012 they had a competition for a new logo the prize back then was 175 Bitcoin so this is weird to look at competition to design our new logo on seventy-five Bitcoin prize and February 8th but even back then people thought wow that's a lot of money if I only had artistic skill jeez my thoughts exactly I'm thinking about trying regardless it's quite a bit of Bitcoin so back then in 2012 what bitcoin is worth less than a hundred bucks today unbelievable right hey ten years from now eight years from now people are gonna look back at the price of somebody gives you one Bitcoin or half a Bitcoin they're gonna be like unbelievable I think I think that's how it always works this next story comes out of Yahoo Finance if you're a basic attention fan you're gonna like this reddit will soon let you tip with crypto using BOTS so like I said a basic attention token this will be and you can tip people on reddit using basic attention token it will be introduced in a beta version of reddit during the next three weeks before going live on the main website according to a brave – developer but just to be clear the tipping will only be available if you have the brave browser ok so that's something to look forward to this next story I thought was pretty amazing check this out HBO show you forea showcases Bitcoin as a viable payment method in the latest episode check this out Bitcoin has appeared on television yet again this time on the 3rd episode of HBO's euphoria that aired June 30th 2019 Katt a major character on the show notably does not make use of the world's largest cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle or a store value instead she uses it as a way to securely privately and discreetly transfer money between a client and herself cat later approaches an individual that helps anonymously convert her Bitcoin to US dollars for a rather appalling 20% Commission either way this is I think this is a net positive this is great news this is to show us how Bitcoin and crypto is normalizing itself in society and more and more people are realizing bitcoins true value and that it is not going way check this out this is the last thing Bitcoin charts 2017 versus 2019 so of course this which one is which so this top one is 2017 the bottom one is 2019 of course 2017 and this is the first half of 2017 compared to the first half of 2019 and of course 2017 was the final year of the bull cycle 2019 is supposedly the first year of the bull cycle what does this mean really nothing some people I guess would think it means well we got five more months of pure euphoria that either the next five months will look pretty similar as well or completely different no one can tell but if it matches we should see 14,000 by the 24th of July 30,000 around mid-october and 40,000 by the beginning of November but actually I will wait to buy it 8,000 again looks like a 10x is waiting in December so take that for what it's worth it's pretty interesting the similarities and of course the future is looking bright this is the rainbow chart moon math dot when right now the price of Bitcoin is twelve thousand six hundred sixty-six and it is shaping up to be a really fantastic year I I don't know if the price is gonna go back to eight thousand or six thousand or if the price is gonna be astronomical by the end of the year but what I would think is that one year from today which will be a month after the the next having I think the price would probably be higher than it is today and one year after that I think the price will for sure be a lot higher than what it is today and what its gonna be a year from today so cheers guys


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  • Boreo Kookies says:

    I'm DCA. Not selling. I have bad luck/timing when it comes to selling and buying. DCA, less stress. Doing not-so-well with trades, so I'm sticking with the tried and true HODL strategy. But these crypto lending platforms I've been researching look promising. Decided to take out crypto-backed loans to buy even more digital assets. Yes it's a risk, but imo worth it in the long run, and don't carry much, if any, of the cons that traditional loans curtail.

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  • Good video. Please look into making a video about MTC. It is amazing and has a real use case. Even people who don't know about cryptocurrency at hospitals are beginning to mention MTC. It has had some great price action lately

  • KING DARI'OUS says:

    I think really what people are asking is when is a good point to sell, atleast a fraction of their big coin, and buy back at the dip in order to accumulate more bitcoin. Just another way to make "gains." I don't think all of these people are focused on taking "profits", they just want another way to increase quantity, which obviously increases value. A person who is new to trading might not know how to effectively ask this question so i'm putting it out there just in case.

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  • I’m new into bitcoin I began studying it this year around 7,500 $ USD now it’s at 13,000 you store your bitcoin and hold, instead of selling and grabbing profits. Could you inform me on how to safely store the BTC, for some long term holders?

  • Erik Contreras says:

    All I see is people saying they’re hodling btc in the comments. No one seems to care about the future use of BTC. Just seems to me like a bunch of sheep that don’t care abut BTC just it’s price, Just saying. If you guys really cared about BTC going past $20k then you’d talk about real use for BTC.

  • Marcie Torreance says:

    SheetZ a gas station. Is bringing a lot of bit-coin machines to Pennsylvania, even at least one to a Pittsburgh sheetz , just heard on news channel on local Tv tonight. BTC going main stream!!

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  • Just a Casual Observer says:

    Yes. A big move is coming.
    BTC holdings are MOVING into key altcoins.

    People buying BTC now will get fucked if they dont move quick enough.

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