Establishing a Trusted Identity with Blockchain

Establishing a Trusted Identity with Blockchain

according to Article six of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law however 1.2 billion people in the world live with that documented proof of their existence that means they're excluded from modern society and the everyday activities that we take for granted ID 2020 believes that the future can be different this public-private partnership is dedicated to solving the challenges related to identity in today's world to do this we need to understand what truly defines our identity and how we prove it we need to appreciate the human at the heart of the challenge using innovative technology we can discover how that identity can be established trusted and strengthened over time I am Sarah I am a mother I am a doctor I am a soccer fan and for viola I am a student I am a princess I am drow I am a scientist I am a teacher I can you show me some identification no my house was completely destroyed right I just ran you will need some IDs across the border I've got nothing on me what can I do I'm a father I am trying to find my family please and I'm scared hi how can I help you my child needs to be vaccinated okay can I get your name I am an ear and your date of birth I I don't know my date of birth I don't have a birth certificate don't you have any form of ID I'm sorry Nia they need something that proves who you are and where you were born you please help me I'm here on holidays but I have to lost my password and my flight leaves tomorrow that will take some time to process but I need to get back family emergency what can I do can I get your name can you show me some identification what if your identity was always in your hands an identity you can trust that others can trust what if this digital identity was always at your fingertips and people could verify your identity in a few simple steps what if you were in control of your data and how its shared with others what if this personal portable identity helped you to learn work and live what if showing who you are was as easy as saying I am I am Yousef across the globe the pieces are coming together to make this happen Accenture Microsoft and a Vinod have teamed up to create the prototype you've seen in action it's a first step towards a digital identity solution for all to achieve this we need motivated passionate people and organizations to join us so we invite you to come together collaborate and realize the vision of ID 2020


4 thoughts on “Establishing a Trusted Identity with Blockchain”

  • This is a very emotional appeal, and highlights what they want to achieve with the technology in an individual sense.
    However, I question the title of the video "Establishing a Trusted Identity with Blockchain"… none of the things shown here really address that topic at all. How do you Establish this? How is it Trusted? How is it using Blockchain? etc.

  • trust me no one helped me truly understand the necessity of digital identity on blockchain better than this video

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