Energi Ready To Explode💥 Highest % ROI Staking & Masternode Crypto

Energi Ready To Explode💥 Highest % ROI Staking & Masternode Crypto

the landscape of the cryptocurrency climate it has more since bitcoin was launched in 2009 Bitcoin can be considered a fair launch cryptocurrency since a mining software and client was launched open-source in which anyone could download it and could begin mining and earning themselves BTC this worked in the beginning but now the small guy is unable to participate in rewards due to the massive a si si mining competition then the concept of pre mine cryptocurrencies came and initial coin offerings in which a majority of the tokens were set aside for the project team in seed round investors while the other percentage usually between 35 to 75 percent were sold to the public now we have hit a new ugly low the initial exchange offering we're exchanges project teams and seed round investors control an alarming majority of the tokens while the public sale only consists of six percent to 15 percent of the tokens the ethos of cryptocurrency financial sovereignty and equal chance for all is losing its way until now energy is the crypto currency that was made to bring us back to the original goals of cryptocurrency allowing anyone to participate in the financial rewards in financial sovereignty in which cryptocurrency was originally made for energy is a scalable self-funding cryptocurrency with the goals of becoming the world's leading crypto platform and was designed to employ and reward 1 million people energy has been kind enough to support our channel and sponsor this video and as always the details of our agreement can be found in the description energy is a fair launch crypto with no ICO and no pre mine it was launched in April of 2018 and initially it was a proof-of-work cryptocurrency where miners were securing the network although because of the threat of domination and centralization by a si si miners and the costs that come with a si si mining for users and the environment energy decided to transition to proof of stake where token holders secured the network by staking their coins this went live in February of this year the token distribution and emission of these tokens are major factors that sets energy apart from other cryptocurrencies 1 million energy are released every month and they are divided between essential pieces of the ecosystem this includes the stagers master notes Treasury and the backbone 100 percent of the 1 million tokens are distributed into the ecosystem 10% to the stagers 40% to the masternodes 40% to the Treasury and 10% to the backbone now let's do what Chico does best and break down each of these pieces of the energy ecosystem first are the stagers to become a Staker you need to first get your hands on just one energy token yes the minimum amount for staking is just one token what is beautiful about energy is you can get your hands on some tokens for free energy has been dispersing tokens to people who join the community through a concept called earn drops they do this in rounds where in each round 20,000 people can sign up and earn a hundred energy tokens they are doing four rounds and two of the rounds are completed but one is currently going on for citizens of the USA and Canada you can sign up to earn tokens at earn drop energy dot world and you have to fill out kyc which includes a full name and government ID and you have to have an active energy wallet and have at least two active social media accounts now other people from outside the US and Canada you will have a chance to earn tokens as well because once this round is completed the last and final round begins and this will be open globally this is actually a very generous offering because if you look at the current price of energy tokens this is a cool 212 bucks with earned dropped or purchased tokens you can start staking them through the energy core wallet remember you just need one to start staking staking with energy has one of the highest ROI in the industry projected at eighty one point six nine percent outshining every other popular staking or gas producing blockchain arc khuddam tron list ad a and neo so let's calculate some earning for an example say you get a hundred tokens from the earn drop you would be getting an extra 50 cents per day three dollars and fifty cents per week or an extra fifteen dollars and two cents per month from staking your a hundred energy tokens now let's move on to the masternodes of energy which of course earn you more energy tokens but also provide critical functions for the network and ecosystem as a whole an energy master note is a full note on the network backed by ten thousand tokens these provide level two scalability including instant send transactions even in times of network congestion master nodes also have a major role in the governance of energy as they have the ability to vote on proposals and where to spend funds from the energy Treasury once again the returns for passive income is one of the highest in the industry the startup cost that is reasonable as you can see the masternodes ROI per year is eighty four point nine percent beating z coin PIV X and dashed by a large margin remember master nodes get allocated 40 percent of the 1 million new tokens dispersed into the ecosystem each month now the energy Treasury is a major component that differentiates the project from others the Treasury also gets allocated 40 percent of the 1 million new tokens per month this means the Treasury is self funded with one of the largest percentage allocations in the cryptocurrency space at current prices this is eight hundred and forty eight thousand dollars per month here is a breakdown of the Treasury from January to May of this year and as you can see the energy Treasury is almost as large as dashes and dash has a thirty eight times bigger market cap other coins with larger market caps like Dec red and P ivx their Treasuries are small in comparison the Treasury is what pushes energy forward it pays the marketing it pays the developers pays the exchange listing and it funds community proposals to push energy to that next level all Treasury proposals are voted on and the funding coming out of the Treasury is decided by the decentralized autonomous organization of energy master note holders this Treasury system has created a positive feedback loop because as the project grows and more money is invested it leads to more money being used for growth and development of the platform the Treasury also funds a very special feature called energy defense this is the investigative arm led by a team known as the energy Bureau of Investigation's and it serves to protect the user base from hackers scammers and other bad actors in the space what's amazing too is over half of the reported scams to the EDI have been solved the final piece of the ecosystem is the backbone and it gets ten percent of the monthly emissions for any crypto project to grow and succeed it needs a rock-solid backbone this piece is for the leadership of the project helped keep them incentivized to keep the project running smoothly as they didn't raise any funds in the ICO now in quarter three of 2019 some big things are happening for energy energy 3.0 they are transitioning over to a smart contract platform that will be able to host aetherium d– apps the smart contract platform is adapted from aetherium will be compatible with all d apps written for assyria this will enable all of us Syrians smart contract capabilities while incorporating their Treasury masternodes and governance systems the apps can also pour over to energy to take advantage of the benefits like the Treasury which could offer engineering and marketing support or even the reliability of the defense team to protect their D app users from scams a bit further down the roadmap energy plans to launch energy X with a tentative go live in quarter three of 2020 this is a zero fee futures exchange to rival the likes of bit NEX and the primary trading pair being energy tokens work began on energy X this quarter which is being guided by the backbone and built by the energy core team of developers speaking of the core team energy is also expanding this to fill out operational capacity they seek to retain over a hundred active contributors within the next year which will all be funded by the Treasury currently the size of the team is 23 people from all across the world with different backgrounds including development marketing operations cybersecurity and more well viewers this is a project that is getting back to the roots of cryptocurrency striving to make crypto accessible to anyone and provide fair rewards to those who contribute to the ecosystem energy has been hitting all the roadmap stops growing the team and community exponentially and they have plans to bring the platform in the hands of people developers and merchants across the globe cheers viewers I'll see you next time you


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