Earn free dogecoins |free dogecoin Pocket Care

Earn free dogecoins |free dogecoin Pocket Care

Asslam-o-Alaykum Friends Welcome to Pocket Care I am Sardar Mudassar Iftikhar And today I am going to tell you about a website In which you can earn Dogecoins Friends! its name is free dogecoin And I have given its link in description below You can get it from there Until I start telling you about this website I request to please subscribe my channel Pocket Care So you get all my new videos And you will be able to earn from those websites So Friends! this website is free dogecoin It is very simple website but give good earning Today I earned dogecoin from it 200 Doge shifted to my account First of all you will earn upto $150 from this website per spin There is a system of spin. I will tell you next how to do it You can spin it hourly and can win dogecoins After it there is a Hi-Lo game in it Your earning Could be doubled ot increased After it is Hi-Lo Jackpot There is a Jackpot in Hi-Lo game in which you can win upto 1 Million dogecoins And at the end 50% referral commission Friends! In this website From here you have to Do Sign Up Here Sign Up page will be opened Write your E-Mail address here Write your password here Write your Dogecoin address here Which you have created in your wallet If you don’t have it I will make a video for you In which I will tell you how to work in Coinbase, Cryptonator or other wallet Here you have to enter your referral code This is your referral code 1178070 Available in the description below After it fill out the Captcha and click on Sign Up Your account will be created Then you can start earning Log In by clicking on the Log In button As I wrote my E-Mail like this Then here Write your password Then fill out the Captcha And click on Log In after filling Captcha Now I have logged In to my account This screen will be opened This is Free doge This is first page where By Filling this Captcha You can earn I will show you a roll in it So you will be understand how to work or roll it Write Captcha words Click on roll Look the numbers are rolling These numbers are basically from 0-10,000 And a number between them comes in roll If number comes between 0-9885 Its prize is this Same is the column showing its prizes So when number come from any column You will get that prize And it is available after each hour You can claim it after each hour And numbers come like this If large number will came, you will get big prize Otherwise Small prizes will be won Next is the multiply doge here Here which amount of doge you have in your balance Will be used to earn from here So from this balance What amount I enter here Will be used to earn Means no extra amount Could be bet So friends the way of bet here is Like we have rolled numbers yet in game These are 5 zeros Here could be more digits from 5250 Or less the 4750 digits We need to bet before roll For instance if I bet high And if digit will come more then 5250. Then I will win the bet And if it is below it I will lose And same like it If I bet Lo And amount comes less then 4750 Then I will win that bet And if it is more then it. I will lose Means you can double your amount as you want After it is refer Means you get commission on referring this website You can get your referral code here This was a simple website friends! Work in it And earn Till then I will work with other website like it And I will share it for you Allah Hafiz


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