Donald Trump Speaks About Bitcoin | SEC Approves Token Sale | Twitter Goes Down | IOST News

Donald Trump Speaks About Bitcoin | SEC Approves Token Sale | Twitter Goes Down | IOST News

hello hello hello anyone in here where is everybody but never one leaves hello hello can anyone hear me it's summertime what better way to kick back and relax than to win some crypto all you got to do is be a subscriber and like and comment on all of our videos during the months of July and August for your maximum number of entries will have 17 winners in MIT's decentralized so you get to pick the crypto any coin that you want if you are eight winners so make sure you subscribe and get your chance to enter today mid squad welcome back to the channel today we've got a huge video for you guys talking about a story that has really taken me by surprise and I think could have huge implications in crypto and the way that Americans do business with cryptocurrency our world's gonna be taking a look at the Miami Dolphins partnering it with a light coin and also Canada loosening up on some regulations despite the quadriga scandal we got a lot of news to get to but let's go ahead right now jump into the markets market watch you know that old adage what goes up must come down that's the way it seems the market has been doing lately it's like every time we start moving forward and we just drop back down so overall we're making gains we're moving up over the long time a long term here but you know they like today kind of sucked you know we definitely hit a big drop over the last 24 hours altcoins are getting absolutely murdered right now but bitcoin is not doing so hot itself down five percent at eleven thousand three hundred and ninety eight dollars market caps at three hundred twelve billion so we lost about thirty billion in the market over the last couple of days Bitcoin dominance is up over 65 percent now B's on there it is make an appearance today review on B's on a while back I think it's a good project xmax Japan content Network crypto comm chain and quant is that I'm sorry Japan content token it's not Japan content network biggest losers of the day we have Tassos dent quantum high OST and v chain yeah iOS C is definitely taking a big dump today but I mean you look there's blood everywhere we have plenty of double-digit losses today hopefully Bitcoin will be able to recover and the alt can recover at leasing their u.s. dollar value soon it's time for the fresh five top news stories of the day starting with number five okay so first story isn't necessarily crypto related but it's certainly crypto Twitter related Twitter was down today reddit was also down on the desktop version we've been seeing a lot of outages across social media platforms ironically the same time the Twitter was down there was a social media summit being held at the White House today at 3 o'clock so it was like the exact same time they're having the social media summit and Twitter's down so I don't know but the optics I don't know about the coincidence maybe it wasn't a coincidence a lot of people you know think there might be more to the story I'm just not really sure but one thing is resort it was down a lot today for several hours later on in the afternoon it was reported that there were some more outages if you look at the hotspots United States East Coast Europe and also part of South America and I heard Australia but I don't see it on that map there but the longer the short of it is Twitter said that there was an internal you know mechanism that had gotten you know off kilter or whatever they had to fix it I don't ever believe him when they say what it was who knows what it could have been maybe they were trying to protect themselves from an attack or who knows I'm a hack or something like that but um you know centralization right we've got these centralized systems and we are a long ways off from having decentralized networks that can you know have a hundred percent uptime and that will never be attacked and will be flawless but they will come that will happen in the future maybe 50 years maybe 100 years you guys got to remember how new the internet still is but you know definitely it's something to keep an eye on because we you know Facebook Instagram YouTube have all suffered outages this year a lot of other platforms as well and I hope this isn't a train what we're going to see more and more of that happening number four so we've got this story out of Zimbabwe if you didn't know Zimbabwe has came out of a terrible inflationary crisis over the last decade and they actually have been using US dollars British pounds other currencies to be able to settle their local transactions and what that was doing is making their currency basically worthless you could it's funny listen or reading the story it reminded me of the Bitcoin futures that were launched in 2017 they were not settled in Bitcoin they were settled in US dollars and then what happened a Bitcoin the price tanked so by settling you know in the local dollar for Zimbabwe that's gonna add value to their currency and hopefully can kind of get them off of this financial crisis but one thing that is spurred off of this is that Bitcoin is becoming very very popular again not necessarily the government has banned it there they say you can't use it but local bitcoins calm peer-to-peer Bitcoin transactions are surging in Zimbabwe and that's certainly good news number three alright guys litecoin is now gonna be partnering with the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League also known as American football or as I like to call it real football but anyways guys Hard Rock stadium is where the Dolphins play in Miami and you will actually be able to buy raffle tickets out of all things with litecoin and also with bitcoins so if you don't know to 50/50 raffle is a lot of sporting events do it they take a raffle you know you pay a couple bucks get a ticket and at the end of the night they had all the money together from the tickets 50% goes to a charity and 50% goes to the raffle winner so that's gonna be something you're gonna be able to do at Hard Rock Stadium I believe this season but it's just very interesting to have you know we're starting to see a lot of NFL players rush Russell oh cool I think it's oh cool iroko not sure how to pronounce it but he has gotten into crypto full-force bleeding matt barkley also is in crypto I know Richard Sherman is in crypto a lot of people in the NFL a lot of players in NFL are into crypto so definitely a space to keep your eye on I always thought it's gonna be fascinating when we finally see you know top tier so let our sports figures and celebrities talking about crypto not because they're paid to but because they're genuinely interested so you know this will give a lot of fans opportunities to see advertisements or litecoin in the stadium as well so this is great exposure for litecoin number two so Canada is actually loosening up some of its crypto regulations which is interesting due to the fact that quadriga was a huge scandal just occurring in crypto in Canada and is probably been going on for about three years and all reality so what is this change well basically they're gonna be changing the amount that exchanges have to report to the Canadian government so it used to be a much smaller amount now it's got to be over $10,000 in Canadian dollars which is less value than American dollars and also not as free as us because nobody's as freeze America but anyways guys um either this was interesting because this is from live Bitcoin news and this is a really negative sounding article the new legislation could ultimately work for or against Canada the downsides that are now fuel regulations which means that illicit crypto activity could become an even bigger norm within Canada's borders that sounds like all the people that are trying to fund Bitcoin and here we have a Bitcoin news website that seems to be doing the same thing so I thought that was pretty interesting but we'll just have to see what happens to my neighbor up north hold up it's time for an iOS tea break all right guys we got iOS tea news I've got two stories involving iOS tea to try to cheer you up from the dip that iOS D is on I'm still not worried you know a lot of people have been asking me about you know what I feel about the marketing of iOS T what do I feel about the project what is it not doing right in terms of being able to get you know more people excited about it it's got these awesome sneaking rewards all kinds of stuff that's great about the project super decentralized they have me as a content creator that's got to be the best thing about the project right guys but in reality you know I'm not that concerned about the price guys I believe the price is gonna come to the top I mean I believe the price is going to go up when it's time for it to go up I'm more concerned about the awareness it doesn't seem like when I go to crypto conference that a lot of people you know know about this project and I don't know what we got to do to get that fixed but I know I'm trying to do my part and I know everybody that's involved in iOS D is definitely trying to do their part to you know just make people more aware of what is going on with this project but recently I OSD has teamed up with big for big for is a wallet you can check it out right here is going to basically be working with a lot of DAP projects it already works with eath and EOS and now it's adding iOS T so that is great news speaking of exposure there's some right there also more excitement about exposure about iOS tee-up bit is actually having a training competition we're gonna be giving away 5 million iOS T you know for the people with the most volume so you can see you know basically the first round of event is the 11th to the 12 second round is 13th to the 14th the target market is a bit iOS T and the KRW market is Sen for Korea I think that stands for Korea not a hundred percent sure about that but anyway guys that is going on so if you want to check out a trading competition you can definitely go do that and try to win some sweet iOS T prizes well at least win some sweet iOS D the number one crypto story of the day alright well we've got some really big news today in the world of cryptocurrency and it just keeps going recently brand new fresh to the newsdesk we learned that Donald Trump just tweeted about Bitcoin so we'll talk about that in a second but I want to bring this up because this is great news for cryptocurrency in my opinion block stack is planning one of the first reg a plus compliant token offerings in the US I recently interviewed block stacked with you know with J chains for beers and bitcoins while we were in San Francisco but this is a decent project but what they're doing in terms of the actual token sale here is revolutionary and I believe that this is going to provide a road map for future projects that want to launch tokens in the United States and get US investors and do it all compliantly so basically what they're gonna be doing is doing the token sale is going on right now you can actually go to stacks token calm not financial advice doesn't in this quants right video I really believe this is absolutely huge news guys um you can go here and you can register if you click register here you can actually buy the token I don't know how long it's gonna be I don't know if it's gonna sell out you can read the white paper on the website you can read the sales deck the offering circular circular about the token stacks STX but to me this is not the story the block stack is not the story today the story is we now have a framework for getting crypto projects funding through token sales compliantly with the United States government and to me that is absolutely groundbreaking when it comes to crypto and now if you can think about this you know I CEOs drove a lot of the 2017 market because people wanted to get in on something very early because they missed out on Bitcoin well through something like this us customers without having to use a VPN or do something sketchy are gonna be able to do that so if we see more of these in the future which I believe that we will they won't be as frequent probably as obviously there won't be as many as there are i ciose because the regulation is very tough to get through but once again now any company that wants to do this can follow the same road map the blocks act did to get this approved now one other aspect about this is social security token offerings right everybody's been talking about stos for you know in two years now saying it's the next big thing and I've said I don't think it is because yes it'll be great to have everything tokenized but you or me that are not an accredited investor we can't even invest in those but this reg a plus you know level I don't know what to call it level certification whatever you want to call it um that they're going to be getting for this token sale that is going to be open to any investor in the United States you don't have to be accredited so this is once again like I said I don't know if you guys have heard me beat this drum a few times this is really big news and this could change the market for the future in crypto in the United States now just recently we had Donald Trump tweeting I'm not a fan of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which are not money then whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air unregulated crypto assets can facilitate unlawful behavior including drug trade and other illegal activity they sound like that Bitcoin news website we just looked at and he goes on to say some more stuff about cryptocurrency and Liebherr coin this whole thing is about slowing down Facebook that's what this is these are not the words from Donald Trump yes I know Donald Trump flies off the handle on Twitter but these this was a prepared tweet you you can tell this is something that the Congress and the Senate is pushing him to do to make a statement because they're coming out hard right now it's cryptocurrency but it's interesting the sec we saw you know kind of some give with this token sale that block stack is going to be doing and now we see the pressure on the other side so it's kind of just you know just like america we got checks and balances right so you know I certainly wish this wouldn't have been in the first week Donald Trump would have made about Bitcoin but the president united states can't come out and say anything against the dollar right here it is he a little raw raw thing at the end where he basically says the US dollar is the most powerful currency in the world yadda yadda yadda and you know I mean it is it is we have to admit it right like even though the the value of it has gone down it's the currency of the world looks to and you know a lot of places like they accept dollars even if it's not their currency we just looked at Zimbabwe settling in US dollars it's a powerful currency however it D values over time and will always continue to D value because we just print more and more of it so it's some point the rubbers gonna hit the road but you know certainly would expect a president to say anything different he can't really come out against the the currency of the country that he represents or these as personal feelings I don't think so whoa hold on guys this just in breaking Democrats have announced they love Bitcoin now if Donald Trump doesn't like it Democrats now love it so I don't know maybe maybe Woolsey a turn there probably not it seems like the congressman Senate is in a united front right now and it's really not about Bitcoin I don't think I think it's really more about Facebook so hope you guys enjoyed this video a lot of big news going on today definitely some interesting stories drop me a comment below let me know what you think about the block stack token sail through the SEC with the Reg a you know listing and things like that are you interested in I'm probably gonna buy some to be honest with you um I don't know how much yet I got a scan my passport to be able to buy some that's one thing you do have to do there is some kyc involved but you know I'm definitely very interested in it and I'm definitely gonna be keeping an eye on this project for sure because honestly not financial advice I think it's gonna move if it's gonna be the first one we've seen how well the ayios have done I think it's probably gonna do pretty well it could be you know a good way to get some gains once again I'm just telling you my own opinion on what thinking for this market alright guys that's all I got Dibley out


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