Documentary - Venezuela and the Cryptocurrency Revolution - Power by Dash Digital Cash

Documentary – Venezuela and the Cryptocurrency Revolution – Power by Dash Digital Cash

hi everyone right here from – Brazil this is a short documentary that I put together after my seven days experience in Venezuela spanning every single minute paying everything with – Beto cash from my plane ticket – breakfast lunch and dinner my hotel and much more I'm gonna take on a small journey I hope you enjoy my experience is started with cheap air calm all I had to do was look for a flight in put my information and the website would generate a QR code with the total amount of – that would be extract from my wallet after that all you have to do is scan the QR code type in your wallet password and in just a matter of seconds go coin which powers the website payment system will confirm your transaction a few minutes later you will receive an email with all your flight information I guess now it's time to go to Venezuela every time I travel I always bring my entire studio with me and all these needs to feet in a backpack and a small carry-on I always have to take two MacBook Pro four cameras about five microphones the ydk tripod tons of cables and tons of adapters it's not a easy task I also have to include my personal items and clothes every time I need to attend an event it takes me about three hours in a bus ride from home to Chicago's Airport and you know you got a lot of airports always busy always lines and are really sure what to expect from Venezuela it's my first time going there but being Latino being from Brazil the cultural shock is not gonna be much at this point I better get some rest it's just the first flight then waiting Panama for five number two but before we arrived let's take a quick look even as well as history and understand the current situation let's start with the location of Venezuela Venezuela sits on a strategic location on the planet and according to the PDVSA Venezuela has 77 billion barrels of conventional oil as reserves this put Venezuela in one of the top positions in proven reserves of conventional oil but this also gives any president the notion of power Google Chavez was elected in 1998 and he was seen as the man who was gonna bring Venezuelans out of poverty by using Venezuela's oil reserves he had only one car to bet and his card was oil with the oil barrel cost an average of $100 he had a lot of money and a lot of political power on his hands he also created several social programs for health care food and education and all these paid by the government he's bringing a massive social change to Venezuela with the dependency 100 percent in oil with all this money and power Google Chavez decided to nationalize all the companies related to his government where the state now controls 100% in a centralized organization by buying all the banks cement company electrical companies and much more and the mentality at the time was that Venezuela had enough money to import from cars to food appliance medication clothes agricultural products everything that the population needed and doing so the government destroyed the entire capacity of production of the country with no economic model or business plan in place but the period of the oil boom only lasted from 2004 until 2014 and yet the Venezuelan government did not save any money for a rainy day by 2012 oil counts for 95% of Venezuela's export and oil prices were over $100 per barrel but at the same time Google Chavez health starts to decline and this brings some certainty to Venezuela's country and at the same time a few other countries stop lending money to Venezuela the end result is the decay of the national currency the believer and the entire country dives into an economic collapse venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has died but in 2013 Google Chavez died of cancer and his predecessor and right-hand man Maduro gets elected as a president president Maduro gets a legacy of oil dependency in a very well disorganized country but at this point doesn't matter who takes over as president even is whele the solution is not easy and you won't come fast also president Maduro is not well seen by the international community and at the same time the oil prices collapse leaving Venezuela with absolutely no income and this triggers a social collapse and a humanitarian catastrophe among all classes Venezuela with a huge increase of poverty and a shortage of all products on the shelves as the price of oil keeps going down Venezuela see itself on a severe debt and the government did not have enough dollars to buy the basics like food or medications for the population and in a matter of just a few days all the products in the national scale disappears and with heavy sanctions from United States it's almost impossible for Venezuela to come up with the money to pay its debt and bring the country out of poverty from 2013 until 2017 the collapse of the economy brings hyperinflation devaluation of the believer the national currency increases even more poverty and the solution founded by the government is to print more money lots of money and the people did not accept this quietly in 2017 over 10,000 protests were registered it's an average of 27 protests per day what my purpose is different on embark in a trip to Venezuela to see a social quiet revolution brought by the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain where the individual has the power to decide and not the government or the banks welcome to this in Croatian you I'm really excited to arrive in Venezuela having a Brazilian passport will help me a lot to get into the country also – Venezuela led by Ohanian Alcala put together schedule for me to visit every single accomplishment that they've done so far and I'm talking about a 12-hour schedule daily for seven days non-stop we gotta be physically the chamber of commerce I was invited to be a speaker in two different conferences and outside the airport – Venezuela waits for me they also got a taxi driver that accepts – while driving from the airport one of the things you'll notice in Caracas Venezuela you always see huge billboards with the president picture and his famous cryptocurrency L petrol but don't worry – digital cash led by Eugenia steam also came out with a massive huge billboard in fact – on the strategic location place where thousands of people can see it every single day while they're driving from and back to work and the most interesting thing is there's also a phone number for you to call and ask any questions about – digital cash and all this is funded by the masternode community one of the community members from – Venezuela Hani Figueroa shows me the amount of money I wouldn't need it to pay for that taxi ride from the airport to the restaurant where we're going right now to have lunch she's holding right now what it seems to be less than 25 cents in West dollars but don't worry we paid the cat right with Nash this time we also schedule with the same driver to pick me up and follow me every single day during my trip here after long flight our first stop is for brunch where guess what we also pay with a digital cache they are over 100 restaurants just in Venezuela accepting – tik-tok ash today another interesting thing you always seem Venezuela our lines for public transportation supermarkets or bank lines where the government today controls the amount of money you're allowed to withdraw from your own account at your own bank I found this video online of a woman desperate for arriving late at the bank and not being able to use the money before the government ended up changing and her single unique protest should just destroy all the banknotes that are now useless this is money just paper you hi everybody wrote here from – digital cache Brazil I'm in Caracas Venezuela and I'm here the gas station fill it up the kid the tank for one of the guys that's been driving me around here in the city and just to let you know one liter of gas here cost about one believer okay so right now if I had to pay for the gas with five dollars a five dollar bill she will give me this amount of money as change and here that I'm holding right now you I have about seventy five cents of US dollar this is exactly the reason why we need cryptocurrency especially in a country like Venezuela a stack of money like this as change and just to let you know one dollar here in Venezuela I would be able to fill it up over 200 cards for six months then the printing money is out of control and – digital cash is present accepting over thirty three hundred pieces here in Venezuela showing everybody why it's important to have a limited crypto currency and an excellent ecosystem right – to prevent situations like this one of the major solutions created by – digital cash community brought to Venezuela was the – merchants program this proposal is just one of the consequences from – Caracas conference and it's incubator motivating all their community members to create proposals where so far they managed to implement – digital cash in over 300 business in Venezuela it's a massive adoption program in the entire country that include targeting merchants to improve their business giving them all the legal aspect not to get in trouble with the government and the merchants kit given all the assistance that they need to organize their books the program also develop a website that allows any merchants to have access to the conversion from local currency believers to – digital cash and US dollars allowing the merchants to know right away how much it costs for their goodies in cryptocurrency hola todos me nombre la la la – Venezuela and as this is my first time in Venezuela I had to go see for myself the amount of business accepting – from a medical lab who does over 50 types of blood work and exams and appliances store that allows you to buy a TV a washer and dryer an oven stove a refrigeration microwave or any type of appliances for your home the store manager is such a big fan of – digital cash they even add the – logo to his staff uniform a tow-truck business with over 2,000 trucks available to rescue 24/7 in case they have a car trouble but if you feel like stopping at the mall you can also use – digital cash at a unique fashion boutique for women's dedicated clothes only there's even a motorcycle store that allows you to buy a motorcycle playing with – dick – catch today in Venezuela – force News reported that over 300 business registered a discovery – accepting – in Venezuela which is a number higher the United States the United States has 300 million citizens where Venezuela has only 30 million today there are ten times more business accepting – in Venezuela than the United States but the business adoption is much higher than that other business is starting to talk to other business and how to accept – so at this moment they have no idea how many businesses are accepting – it is literally out of control once they see the advantage of using cryptocurrency they switch to it right away and most of the business did not even go through the – when is well a program and most important in my favorite restaurants lots of restaurants accepting – digital cash I spent seven days in Venezuela head in breakfast lunch and dinner in a different place every single day paying with – from coffee shops to breakfast place happy hours and of course main restaurants and expensive restaurants accepting – one of the strategies adopted by the – Venezuela team it's always to be present it startup meetings or business meetings around the city in this case that was present in one meeting in a coffee shop that also accepts – the topic of the meeting this time was about the food truck business in Venezuela and how – can be a solution for their daily activities another proposal that originated from – Venezuela conference it's called – help whether it's a local phone number available for anybody to make a phone call between Monday to Friday 8 to 9 + s class is about – digital cash even technical questions welcome to – hello this is it this is our support center so yeah this is this is phenomenal because it's a real office location and that's not it there's another three rooms with – merchants yeah there's a kitchen for all the staff and employees to eat and we had a meeting room which and now we are in first meeting the World Cup you everybody can see them they match it from the World Cup that you guys use for training and for conferences there's a projector room we got to show all these these videos around there's a reception yeah ok so first of all let's talk about how many people is employed full-time employed by this proposed that are working here for – Hill as I told you in in but what I'm the control interface for – held we have one tech manager and for support aliens right now in the office we have the tech manager and three support aliens in the afternoon comes the other one the fourth super a and so we have a fight people in – help support center and in – mou-chan you have more people but we're talking about – people right now let's talk about – merchants or how many people – merchants which is as merchants right now we have a new a new person so we have the road manager the sales manager we have to and we are eight cells Eames and we have two executive assistant for for a system they sell Saiyans in the office so I think 11 12 people in – merchants plus 5 6 here yeah blimey this is a real – office it's a fiscal ok – it's important to mention that all all the employees are fading – investing for automation yeah and that's not all we also have the – youth Venezuela – youth Venezuela is an organization focus and spreading knowledge about the – network and cryptocurrencies how will we do this we'll be offering lectures at schools and universities where we will explain kryptos basic aspects benefits and how to use and implement – micro payment network as a solution to the situation in Venezuela is going and building a strong financial system for the future – Benny silica come ester servidor yeah an eternal moon oportunidad de la radio tambien even Alcala el akito-kun nosotros one dollar a day – the collapse of the economy in Venezuela got into such a point that every time that you say the word money or crip the currency then yous are all over the place while I was there I was invited to speak in one of the major channels about cryptocurrencies and – digital cash among with Alania but this was also her third time on the same channel talking about – digital cash in just one week in Venezuela I was interviewed by over four different TV channels and radio station any Ohanian the founder of – Venezuela is constant on television talking about – you – went beyond being a cryptocurrency in a payment system in Venezuela and also became a social program for inclusion the strategy used by – Venezuela team to everybody that attains a meeting or a conference is to give them a couple dollars as a trial as the first time user experience in how to download a wallet and receive funds in – but in order not to just give away money for free this is actually a class to teach people how to have their first contact with a crypto wallet and cryptocurrency once they download their wallet they receive the funds right away but the engagement strategy is to also incentivize them to once they have the funds in their wallet to pick one of the 12 institution and social programs already registered with – Venezuela and make a direct donation to sponsor those institution doing so the funds are well spent teaching people how to download a wallet received – and send – right away and also help sustain a social program environment that's been helping a lot of people in Venezuela instead of giving money away for free to anybody this money is going to social program specific program is a Venezuelan let's be helped even to feed people using cryptocurrencies donation to social programs is another one of the revolutions that – can bring to Venezuela where your money goes directly is straight to the people that really needs and not to big corporations to pay for marketing program or bonuses for managers another program that I'd like to mention here is from a different community that I'm also proud to say that I'm part of from Bitcoin cash community it's called eat Bitcoin cash we're using the same donation system anybody from anywhere can just donate a few dollars and help feed people in Venezuela it bch Venezuela has been such a success that another community it started it bch in South Sudan when there's another humanitarian crisis where people are starving to death but wait a minute I grew up in the 80s and the 90s and most of my favorite movies and being a big science-fiction fan all they talked about it was the computer taken over mankind and dominating controlling them but right now we have machines using electricity to create a digital asset that's being used to feed people nobody could predict this this is just a small step of how disrupt that this technology is you they've been tazed my favorite day of the week we're excited to announce that over 1,000 people sign up for the light truck and the presentation and that's either the heavens right after today if you organize any type of event even as whele and you mentioned the word money thousands of people will line up for hours to be part of the event and learn something new and the – digital cash conference there was no difference my lecture was about the history of the money in how Brazil had over 1.2 trillion percent inflation in 15 years the government changed the name of the money seven times cutting three zeros half time changing the name of the money and printing new bills manipulating the economy and creating mass chaos in Brazil for many years we even had a president in Brazil that confiscated every citizens money from inside their savings account in Brazil during the nineties and today Venezuela is heading down the same road that Brazil dated during the eighties in the nineties with hyperinflation devaluation of the money and no control of printing money the lecture was a success that people really enjoy it and now it's time to go check it out the coolest part of the event – City remember those fuel dollars that everybody got during the event once they check in and sign up for the conference well now it's time to spend it – it is a well-organized open market with over 100 merchants and entrepreneurs that accept – and this happens right after the conference everybody gets out of the conference really excited about the new possibilities of using – and cryptocurrency and then now they have the opportunity to use those – to buy a drink and a meal or put some money extra and of course buy some goodies they have available during this market this is one of the best examples of well spent funds sponsored by the – Treasury and this is – City you after 10 hours of event the electric presentation in – seated it's time to sit down set up the studio and record Compton 4 – Venezuela and – Brazil the power of community Venezuela is so strong that today they have over 22 community managers in charge of business adoption in their neighbourhoods or cities around Caracas or Molokai with simple instructions from – Venezuela and how to engage and promote – and also business adoption their change in the face how the organized societies and accepting a new type of money we managed to record over 25 interviews with the community managers and ask them simple questions what is the best way to engage in your local business with the people in how to accept cryptocurrency and giving the community managers the total freedom and how to adapt to their situation to their local economy this has been the best strategy adopted by – Venezuela you now it's time to hit the road and go to Malachi the second largest city in Venezuela where is also another proposal approved by the masternode community has been led by a team of Titan Monica is also known for his industry body and the amount of factors that they have in that city where there's also a huge opportunity for – to be implemented in the industrial sector of the country and for me I was also invited to speak at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of my archives and give another presentation – about 400 deaths that they had way [Applause] since the beginning of the – movement in Venezuela led by Johanna alkali and the – Caracas conferences there has been an explosion of interest in – in the South American country – has cashed like features of instant private transfers with ultra-low fees are seen as a path to better financial stability new projects such as crypto lifx call a bit get free – Venezuela – helped me and more have brought excitement to the movement the spread of – is reaching various geographical locations throughout the country such as the subject of today's interview through an interpreter I talked with the team who is making a serious push for – in Venezuela second-largest city with a pre proposal to the – Network Treasury I hope you enjoyed this interview with – Meraki the – Malakai team started after the son of one of the members attended one of the first – Venezuela conference in Caracas and today they have one of the most ambition proposal for – for the entire city led by a team of extremly professionals including the CEO of real estate chamber the president of Chamber industrial commerce the vice-president of real estate in chamber of Venezuela and the director of the real estate chamber and today during the talks of implementing – digital cash as a payment for all the employees in the industry and factory sector in their region and this is just another step into the cryptocurrency join us now it's time to go home and wait for the next dance adventure I'll see you there here you


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  • No power no bitcoin lmao! Gold silver guns and ammo. People please keep it real to survive when the shtf.

  • Troy Goldenthal says:

    Great video! The context was put together wonderfully and there were some incredible ideas in there.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you in Winnipeg, Canada for the Winnipeg Crypto Conference in October. (It's supposed to be a really warm October this year.)

  • Venezuela cannot be helped. A cmmunist contry, a sh*t hole country !
    Pertros is backed up by oil. The oilcannot be extracted( they are stupid ! ).

  • Chandra Singh says:


  • Glen Simister says:

    I wish you guys the best of luck. I've been developing a political system called DEVOLUTION that is designed to be implemented without permission from the state. Perhaps something like this would work in Venezuela?

  • Some one stole your video ?:

    You can report them if you want and Youtube will remove it.

  • general solutu Reguai says:

    Excellent documentary good work, I dont believe u spend more than 4k on ur trip tho, I gave ur video a like

  • Albert Vallverdu says:

    Poor people…. my wife is Venezuelan and what is happening over there is a shame. We normally send money to them by the usual channels but I've already being telling her that we should send them the money using cryptos but always is the headache about how the hell they could change it to the local currency.

    Now seeing that dash is spreading a lot I might give it a try. I hope this situation finishes soon because we haven't been there since Chavez died… 🙁

    Thanks for the documentary Crypto FTW

  • Lauralee Maldonado says:

    We have always known bitcoin is very volatile and right now going through surge, easily controlled and hard for the government to centralize a d control, so they do everything in their power to drop the prices daily so that holders to sell their assets, look guys, if you sell now you lose and you make the government look like they are winning, we do not want this, I know not everybody knows more about day trading, and I have been getting enlightenment on crypto day trading for a while now from Brandon Gaston from Uk, we were told to hodl More, trader more and make more profits, some of us went ahead with his idea but many who are regretting now are those lost more than 30% their holdings on BTC, I just laugh and ignore nowadays because of people thinking they know all about the crypto market,-when to sell, when to buy-, well the sincere fact is the bullshit behind the manipulations, why wait till your assets is high before you can make little not even better profits, I invested $10,000 in June trading without fear, because I got help from Mr. Brandon daily, although it was not easy but still worth it, I made my first $76,000 in less than a two weeks, and this has really helped me a lot, if you are still holding and not day trading to make profits then you are in a dip when they prices crash beyond repairs, lol, you can contact Mr. Adams on his Email ( [email protected] .Com ) for help consultations, nobody is forcing you to get rich, only the smart ones will understand this message.

  • MegaShredder101 says:

    This is probably the only video gives people hope for Venezuela and shows the silver lining in a dark cloud.

  • Benjamin Chavez says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it illegal or at least not allowed for foreign journalists to be visiting and documenting the political state of the country? I ask this from what I've read and also curious to know, if that's true, how are you able to get through customs with all the equipment to enter without raising any eyebrows from the local officials?

  • So awesome to see crypto helping the world already! It's only the beginning…. goodbye us dollar.we r coming for you


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  • Anybody out there them can even imagine how much difficult it is in Venezuela please send ANYTHING have.

    Dash: 7eb3ahv7SsQDhtMEJKCSDU77oQ4iHb51eU

  • realdemocracy11 says:

    Falcon's idea to use the US green back would have caused Venezuela to lose much of it's sovereignty. Dash's bottom up nature could help to combat the global growth of Fascism/ Trumpism.

  • Exciting World Cryptos says:

    hello from Canada well.done. are you directly work for Dash? anyway this is amazing how. crypto is being used as. a peer to peer. its time to gets this going on other parts of the world. could really save many economies. thanks sincerely jr of exciting world cryptos

  • The question is what if the Venezuelan government declares that using Dash is against the law? Could businesses still use Dash openly in that scenario? Could the Venezuelan government block access to the Dash network? What percent of Venezuelans have smartphones that enable transactions in Dash?

  • When it takes 2 pounds of currency to buy 1 pound of toilet paper you know something has gone very wrong. At least toilet paper is clean enough to use to wipe your ass. The same cannot be said for all the banknotes that are needed to buy it.

  • Dashionalist says:

    I love the humility with which Rodrigo brings his DASH message to the people (some others could use him as great example of being humble). He understood that it is not a matter of making the race for the top position on coinmarketcap but rather being the only crypto being able to function as money (anonymously & instantaneously) is what matters.

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