Do Chinese People HATE Americans? – Countries China Likes/Hates

Do Chinese People HATE Americans? – Countries China Likes/Hates

Matthew: So, the really funny thing, Vivi,
is that the countries that hate America typically like China. Now, which countries do you think
hate China the most? We know it’s not America. Hey, laowinners. It’s laowhy86 here with
another video. Do Chinese people hate us, and, by us, I mean Americans? Let’s find out.
So, an interesting poll came out by the Pew study group and they found out that about
44% of Americans have a favorable opinion of you, Chinese people, which means 66% of
Americans have a negative view of China, right? However, that is up from last year which was
only 37% favorable, right? So, that’s kind of interesting first. Now, China is a little
bit different. China is split right down the middle with 50% of people with a favorable
opinion of us Americans, a 50% with an unfavourable opinion. We’re going to talk about why that
is, possibly, and also talk about how other countries feel about China and the US as well.
So, Vivi, you as a Chinese person yourself, right, would you say that the general opinion
of America is positive or negative in China? Vivi: I mean, back then is not necessary bad, it’s cool and it’s equal to…like, American is like us being respectful as…what’s
it called… Matthew: Check out all dudes these getting
tattoos. Anyway. Vivi: …as British people, but the thing
is, like, you know, Chinese people, they tend to easily get manipulated.
Matthew: Like, riled up. Vivi: Riled up by the…what’s it called?
By the government news. Matthew: So, you’re saying the media basically,
in China, will make the populace feel negatively or positively.
Vivi: Yeah. They technically leading the hatred. So, for example, if you have, like, in the
government, for example Taiwan have anything to do with, like Japan, Diao Yu Dao.
Matthew: Right. Vivi: …then Japan go suffer, you know,
and then they hate the Chinese. Matthew: Right.
Vivi: And recently, China and America have the fight the…the economy…
Matthew: The trade war? Vivi: The trade war, and then American become
the target and then, somehow, some, like, seriously, it’s like period of time, period
of time. Sometimes, it’s like Korean. Sometimes it’s this. Totally most of the hatred is
totally because of the news. Matthew: Right. I was going to say, like,
when I first came to China, it was like mostly positive and people would be like, oh, America,
that’s so cool and then, like, the government would put something out on the news, and then
you’d have an old man in the elevator being like, oh, you’re American, go home, you know
what I mean? Vivi: Here, we not necessarily trying to point
our finger to who leading this but… Matthew: Right.
Vivi: …media seriously is… Matthew: Chinese people are affected by the
media greatly… Vivi: Yes, yes.
Matthew: …and it’s just a propaganda tool and that’s just how it is, right? Now, if
I was to ask you this, right? This is interesting. If you were to guess what countries like America
the most, like the most favorable opinion, what would you guess?
Vivi: Japan. Matthew: Okay. Any other ideas?
Vivi: Any other ideas? I don’t think it’s Europe.
Matthew: Europe is not a country but, yeah, I know what you mean. European countries.
Vivi: I mean European countries. I don’t think they’re a huge fan. I don’t know.
Matthew: Now, I was surprised to find out. So, according to the Pew poll, the five top
countries with favorable opinions of America are Poland, which is in Europe, South Korea,
Philippines. Vivi: Wow.
Matthew: Israel, which makes a lot of sense. I mean, they’re kind of…
Vivi: Yeah, yeah. Matthew: …the only reason they exist is
because of the US, and, number one, do you know, this shocked me, the number one was
Vietnam. Vivi: What?
Matthew: Vietnam has the most highly favorable opinion. They love us and it’s so weird…
Vivi: That is so weird. Matthew: …because we went to war.
Vivi: You remember, like, the… Matthew: Like recently.
Vivi: …the, how much, like, old people hate like the history, right?
Matthew: Right. Vivi: …like the…
Matthew: Like Japan. Vivi: Japan.
Matthew: Like China, yeah. Vivi: Infact the whole history
and America caused a lot of problems… Matthew: Right. Matthew: It’s kind of ridiculous. Now, what
about countries that hate America? What do you think those are?
Vivi: China, for sure. Matthew: Well, we know that it was 50/50,
so there’s definitely worse ones. So, the top five, and this changes every year, but
the worst countries for opinion of America, for unfavorable opinion, are Mexico, Tunisia,
Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan, and Mexico has usually had a favorable opinion but that’s
changed obviously and we know why that is, right?
Vivi: Yeah. Matthew: We’re going to get hit by a car.
We know why that is. That’s very clear that, you know, Trump’s policies have affected the
perception, right? Now, what countries do you think like China?
Vivi: Like China? Matthew: Yeah.
Vivi: I don’t think it’s Western country. Matthew: You don’t think it’s any Western
countries? Vivi: No. I don’t think so,
Matthew: You might be surprised. So, the really funny thing, Vivi, is that the countries that
hate America typically like China. So, you have places like Tunisia, you have places
like Lebanon, you have places like Turkey that have a very favorable opinion of China.
Vivi: I think, like, South Africa [unintelligible – 05:42] probably because we invest so much.
Matthew: So, you think the African investment has something to do with that…
Vivi: A little bit, I guess. Matthew: …positive opinion? Now, the number
one country that loves China the most, it’s not south…it’s not South Africa. It’s actually
in West Africa and that is Nigeria. Vivi: Wow. See?
Matthew: So, Nigerians absolutely are loving the hell out of China and, yeah, tons of investment,
ton of cooperative projects, right? Now, which countries do you think hate China the most?
We know it’s not America. America’s got 44% positive. There’s some…I’ll say this. The
average countries that like America are much higher and the average countries that don’t
like China are much lower on the scale, meaning the hate is very strong.
Vivi: I think southeast Asia not so…I think don’t like…Philippines probably don’t
like China. Matthew: Okay. So, you’re saying Philippines,
Vietnam. Vivi: And also, like, southeast Asia probably.
Matthew: Okay. Vivi: And Japan. I don’t think they like us
too much because we don’t like them. Matthew: Alright. It’s mutual.
Vivi: Yeah. Matthew: So…
Vivi: And I’m not…yeah. I think most of the people…like, if, like, the most don’t
like China probably is just the Asia area. Matthew: Okay. Look at the mad rush. Where
are we going? Down here? So, like I said, most of the countries that don’t like China
like America. It’s pretty much like that the other way around. So, the countries that don’t
like China are Japan, of course. I think only 11% of people had a favorable opinion. South
Korea like you said… Vivi: Oh, that’s great.
Matthew: Oh, that is awesome. Look at that. That’s a pretty sweet temple. Matthew: Vietnam actually is the worst. They
hate you guys the most. You guys had a recent war.
Vivi: I don’t get why though. Matthew: So did we. That’s what I don’t understand.
Vivi: Yeah. Matthew: And, also, there’s all kinds of border
disputes there. I’m going to talk about that some other time, but also, weirdly enough,
Jordan which also hates America also really hates China, which I thought was weird, and,
also, most of Europe had a pretty, like, split down the middle opinion about China, but Italy
freaking hates you guys. Italy, for some… Vivi: Why?
Matthew: I don’t know. I have no idea. Vivi: I mean, like, you’re…probably…I’m
not sure that’s because of tourists.
Matthew: You think it’s…oh, maybe it’s all the Chinese tourists in Italy. You think
that’s the reason? Vivi: I mean, like, Chinese tourists in the whole world are horrible. Matthew: Right. That’s true. That is true.
Anyway, I just wanted to…I thought these polls are really, really interesting to think
about what countries like and hate each other based on, like, public opinion instead of,
like, what the governments are doing, and it kind of shocked me, some of the results.
You know what also shocked me is how loud and freaking hot it is here. So, anyway, one
thing we can kind of end this on, on a positive note, is that it doesn’t really matter what
these polls say because we are a living embodiment that it doesn’t matter who hates and loves
each other because we love each other so very, very much. Is that right? That’s what I want
you to think at least. If you guys like this video, please go downstairs, and leave a like.
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I want to say thank you so much, laowinners, and I will catch you…
Vivi: …on the next one.


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