Deposit BTC in CASHAPP ! FIAT Gateway Opened [VLOG#96]

Deposit BTC in CASHAPP ! FIAT Gateway Opened [VLOG#96]

CryptoSlo with more crypto games
what’s going on guys hopefully your 4th of July weekend has been popping popping
like bankroll I hope so this video it’s quick video I put it out
on Twitter and reddit in a couple other places and actually on that note I’m
gonna begin multi casting on multiple platforms will be varying content so
look forward to an Instagram account Facebook D to mines you know just with
YouTube censorship you know I want to make sure I get my message of mass
adoption out to you to help you guys make those so topping to this video
cash app cache app so I did a video about a week or two ago on cash out and
you know cool app you get a nice little Visa card to spend the cash it’s kind of
like PayPal venmo and it’s backed by square now the good news cash app now
has incoming deposits of BTC yes you heard it incoming deposits of BTC what
does this mean that means that we now have another
payment gateway back beyond that’s almost instantaneous
so you beat you basically you could get money from your bank account you could
buy Bitcoin you could sell Bitcoin you could withdraw your Bitcoin but you
could not deposit now obviously the implications there are that you know kyc
AML they want to make sure that people aren’t using it illicitly
to you know whatever for illicit activities of laundering money so with
that being said your normal dude like me you know your legit you got a job you go
to work every day this is pretty awesome because basically you could sell your
BTC anytime you want to charge up your Visa card and go spend some money now do
it will I be cashing out my BTC no but it’s definitely a step in the right
direction to have more Fiat gateways and as this crypto journey continues you
want to have multiple way to liquidity you know whether that be
through coinbase Gemini you know coinbase takes time takes a couple days
and you know comparing this to the spent card that you have to maintain a certain
level of coins and the fees and all that monkey business this is a pretty dope
thing now from a bud standpoint you know people are like have you have you looked
at the reddit people’s accounts getting and frozen and stuff yeah if you’re
doing shanty stuff you know you’re you might get your your account frozen so
there’s no guarantees with that so don’t carry a huge balance under cash out but
it’s definitely a nice little you know gateway for you to use to spend a little
your crypto if you want to so and also keep in mind this is backed by square
but they are holding in your private keys so as they say not you know not
your crypto not your keys not in keys I tripped out you know as always they’re
holding their keys so if they lock your account you know you are wrecked our ekt
so keep that mind don’t go crazy but definitely cool and people on you have
to do the KYC AML little monkey business uploading your ID and a couple other
things do you work for a living etc etc but definitely positive news and
very progressive for the crypto community cash app now takes deposits
that my friend is awesome news so he’s safe out there tonight you know do your
thing get it poppin this is crypto slo you’re not talking
gains and we’re not talking


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