DavinciJ15 Calls For A $100,000 Bitcoin?! Huge BNB News! (Bitmex Trading + Cryptocurrency Analysis)

DavinciJ15 Calls For A $100,000 Bitcoin?! Huge BNB News! (Bitmex Trading + Cryptocurrency Analysis)

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video and say we’ve got another killer video for you
guys full of information today we’re be looking at DaVinci j15 calling for a
$100,000 Bitcoin we’re all gonna be looking at some huge by Nantz coin news
as well as tons of other news that went on in the cryptocurrency space but guys
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order to get 40% off your first month now let’s jump into some technical
analysis I do want to go over my technical now I’ll share with you guys
but some other people are saying and then after that will obviously move into
some of the news but starting off let’s take a look at we’re on the daily right
now and we are going to zoom out because I’ve seen this posted a lot and I want
to give you guys my thoughts on this so if you look at the daily I’m not sure if
you guys can see I’m pretty sure my head is not blocking it right now but this is
the daily chart for people if we zoom all the way out all the way back to what
is this November 2015 there’s been a trend line that we’ve been following
pretty accurately now again this is a very roughly draw a trendline just to
give you guys an idea of what I’m talking about where we followed this
white line up and up and up then we had that he
shot up that we see and again to pull back from dowsing this was the peak of
the marking we’re almost at $20,000 for one big coin then obviously we came back
down we touch the line again and now we are continuing to following it to follow
that trend now a lot of people are saying this is very strong support and
they’re correct and say so obviously having support all the way from back
here the longer the support the more long-term the support is the obviously
stronger that it’s going to be compared to let’s say an ascending triangle that
we have right now which we’re talking about in just a little bit as well but
following this trend this is very similar to something people have pointed
out before now depending on which graph you use on tradingview I’m gonna give
you guys a heads up depending on which one you use you will get a different set
of dates on bit for next you can see it goes up to like early 2013 on different
charts you’ll get different things but one thing people have been saying is
that if you compare this to what happened earlier you get a very similar
move where we had the huge run-up as well and it came back down to a support
that is previously drawn similar to what we see over here so that’s sort of the
long-term perspective what some people are saying of course you have the
bullish and you have the bearish side right now some people believe we do have
to have that over correction to the downside still as we saw here in order
to finally answer that bull run personally I think just overall I think
we had a point where crypto currencies were being used more of a means to make
money quick rather than a means to actually invest in something and see you
know the long term potential if people wanted to get in get out in a month and
have their Lamborghini that’s the truth that’s exactly what happened if you
don’t like it I’m sorry that’s really what the market was at this point most
people were in it for the short term and so after that what I see happen is we
had a huge over correction to the downside because everyone got scared
everyone left and even though between 2018 and even now we’ve had some crazy
partnerships for some projects and very bullish news people are still selling
the market is still dropping in it’s still in a bear market as of right now
even if we go back up to $6,000 still we will be in a bear market in my eyes I
wouldn’t confirm a bull run until after at least we’ve comfortably broken this
area and maybe even broken the five digits of the $10,000 mark so but I do
believe we are over cracking now so for everyone who is down for
anyone who wants to hear some bullish news I do have some bullish news and
that is those of you who are accumulating who still hold while the
market is down and overcorrect down once we see those big figures whenever it is
that they come once the adoption comes in if you believe it will as I believe
it will once that does come in once we start seeing the advancement we start
seeing the price actually reflect what the advances and all the developments
that have come in the part that come in one surprise actually reflects that I
believe a lot of people will be very very happy for sayings for staying and I
also believe a lot of people will be very very unhappy for leaving I think a
lot of people are going to regret what happened now all right so if we zoom all
the way in I want to make sure my head is not covering the screen hopefully
this is still visible for you guys again I can’t see my head I know it’s
somewhere up here in this area but I don’t know exactly where it is that’s
just how the software works we are apparently testing a breakdown of the
ascending triangle that we have previously talked about now I said that
this was usually a bearish pattern where most the time we break down words from
an ascending triangle it doesn’t mean every time that just means more often
than not it is a bearish pattern now we’re seeing what could be a potential
fake-out which is something cryptocurrencies love to do Bitcoin
loves to do it all coins love to do it love faking out a particular direction
before eventually coming back up and at least going up to touch this resistance
that’s something I’m gonna be watching out for I must be watching for the
potential break down obviously the volume is very very low right now
waiting for some bigger volume to just continue the move so the move we have
right now if volume doesn’t come in I don’t believe this is enough for us to
have that breakout and at the actual drop into the previous support so I’m
gonna watch out for volume very very important we look like we could be
having a cross again on the stochastic which we’re gonna have to wait see as
well for now it is pointed down in the bearish direction and the RSI is
actually falling following down again this is on the daily onto a support line
that we’ve been holding all the way since the beginning where you see we
bounce off here we came we bounced off here again we bounced off here again we
bounced off here again and now we’re waiting to see if we do bounce off here
again or if it does break below but there is a lot of support on the RSI
over here now moving on I want to share with you guys a little bit of
information about other people this came from galaxy on Twitter they
have let’s see how many fathers forty nine point three thousand Twitter
followers posting some cryptocurrency technical analysis now what they have
John over here is a triangle as well as an ascending triangle trading tips more
up often the note they said is sixty percent of the ascending triangle with
declining volume again with declining volume ends up breaking upwards with an
average price rise of thirty five percent that gives us a target of fifth
of five thousand five hundred Bitcoin of five thousand five hundred dollars per
Bitcoin once the breakout is confirmed so two key factors right here it’s once
the breakout is confirmed that’s one thing to keep in mind looking at how the
pattern usually works and where exactly buying should be and where exactly
targets are and where stop-loss to be this is very very simple very broken
down very simply but something I think could help a lot of people out in terms
of when you buy when you sell if you were to go long on Bitcoin in bit Mex
for example again I’m not a financial advisor they’re not a financial advisor
I’m not telling guys what to do they’re not telling you guys what to do just
sharing with you guys what it is that they are looking for in this again on
bit Mex if you haven’t signed up use the link down below in order to save on
trading fees but what you would do is once the breakout is confirmed
you could then buy on the pullback sell at the target and have your stop-loss
below in case it does in instead of you know continuing up which not always do
patterns play out the way we want them to it would come down and hit the
stop-loss which would be somewhere over here the bow the previous low which is
right over here and a break below that obviously would be an exit for you it
would hate your stall plus again this is this pretty cool shark is one it lets
you see the whole trade set up but also gives you a little bit of technical
analysis on a pattern which again is a longer-term pattern then the shorter one
we’re looking at with the ascending wage that we talked about this triangle
obviously going from all the way back here is definitely a longer pattern so
it does play well it is usually you take it a little more serious than you do
these shorter time frame ones but again pretty cool here let me know what you
guys think of this in the comments down below right now let me know if you think
$5,500 Bitcoin once we see this breakout again it will line up perfectly to all a
lot of people are saying where we see that huge of
that big move upwards before coming back down and then having the final
capitulation move a lot of people are talking about that I want to hear your
guys’s thoughts in the comments down below so make sure you go leave a
comment let me know what you think and I will read all of your answers now da
Vinci j15 we haven’t talked about him in a while no he’s been a busy man working
on his project and taking care of himself as well he was on with mm crypto
I’m gonna leave the link to this interview down below these two guys they
you know they get very they get along very well together when it comes to
making videos these guys have very enthusiastic personalities and I’ll
always share I believe even if you agree or disagree they are sharing their
opinions and I believe it’s always some valuable info from people who have been
in the market for usually longer than most of the viewers have but I’m gonna
play guys a clip here of what da Vinci is saying and where you guys see the
title saying a possibility of a hundred thousand dollars in 2090 or it went slip
once the bull run a ride so I’m gonna play this for you guys right here it’s
not probability then this is also the bull market where you are predicting
prices for Bitcoin like at least 100k I mean let it take two years three years I
don’t know but is that this last bull market you were talking about before
exactly this is where it gets fine this is the happy that’s the enthusiasm
almost argue guys about now you see da Vinci is calling for the next big move
to be up to $100,000 per Bitcoin he’s not saying it’s happening right now he’s
also not a financial advisors not telling guys what to do but he’s not
saying it’s happening today or tomorrow or next week it could take several years
but what he’s talking about is if we do come back down test the support we have
at the bottom and if we don’t break below that and we do bounce above that
and confirm that we have hit a bottom and we are entering what could be the
accumulation phase right now so I think I think if we do if we have
on the bottom we are going to accumulate for some time before entering the bull
run but when that bull run does come in one – you know it could be one year
could be two years we could see a $100,000 Bitcoin so a price prediction
from someone that we don’t usually talk about we have obviously John McAfee we
have several people given a price predictions we haven’t had one from
DaVinci on this channel I don’t think so there you go one for you guys right
there let me know you guys have thoughts on that as well in the comments down
below let’s fast forward into some news again market cap hasn’t changed too much
Bitcoin hasn’t been seeing a lot of movement the market hasn’t been seeing a
lot of movement at least as a whole individually there’s still a lot of
profit to be made but in the general sense we’re just a little over a hundred
forty billion dollars we’ve been around that range for some time with a 50.5%
Bitcoin dominance we have this cryptocurrency Agnes Agnes it’s up two
hundred and sixty one percent I have no idea what it is I’m not gonna comment
much on that Raven coin absolutely killing it recently look at the
seven-day it’s just been on its way up polymath seeing a huge huge huge pump
right now already looking like it might be correcting a little bit but that was
when I was able to capitalize on by nest corn I’ve been calling it for a very
long time we’re gonna talk about it more in a bit but baiance point absolutely
killing it COO coin shares another exchange cryptocurrency and another
exchange token which I’m gonna talk about a little bit so make sure you guys
stay all the way to the end of this video to hear my opinion on this but in
terms of losers we have Talos is down we a D and G XE
chain or GX chain is down or aurora up items down beachings down colonies down
engines down very good cryptocurrency here as well that’s been making a name
for itself recently with those crazy moves but for the most part a pretty
sideways day the bigger crypto currencies not seeing too much movement
looking like another sideways day in the market now China’s 11th crypto rankings
came out cos is its first Tron is second in theory of is third and Bitcoin as we
know big ones always been down on their list further down is 15th so I like to
always go through this guy ask you guys what you think of this as well what you
would put is number one US has kept its top spot
so Bitcoin placed 15th GTR Extron came second is gonna make a lot of people
happy overtook etherium in February so lot of people might be happy there on to
some not so good news twitch I’m not sure how many of you guys do use twitch
I’d be actually curious to know if you guys don’t mind
leave me a comment down below letting me know if you do watch streamers on Twitch
let me know who you’re watching but they said that you can um you can some of the
payment methods that they have you see Bitcoin over here coin base was on here
and a lot of people got very very excited live even the comments were very
excited about Bitcoin or very excited about coin base but apparently quietly
they’ve removed that feature now I’m not sure if it’s because of the volume not
being there you know people not wanting to use it personally I don’t know too
many people who would rather spend five dollars in Bitcoin in order to subscribe
to someone on twitch rather than just spending five dollars who knows what
that five dollars gonna be were think people after hearing so many stories are
terrified of spending their cryptocurrency I guess for good reason
you don’t want to be the guy who bought a hundred million dollar pizza or two
pizzas whatever maybe but ended up paying like 100 million dollars for it
that’s not necessarily the best story to be on the other end of but it is sad
news that they are you know they have they have stopped accepting if people
have reached out to them to try and figure out more information once we do
get more information I’m going to update you guys personally I do watch twitch I
loved watching some streamers on Twitch especially if I have some busy work to
do they have to stay at the computer having that distraction on the side on
the other monitor for example or just having it on a separate window is always
nice to have in the background now finance and updates of Finance launchpad
this is huge for B&B because you have to hold over twenty day period the number
of tickets you can claim depends on the amount of BMV you hold over a 20 day
period in a finance account leading up to the day of the lottery up to a
maximum of five tickets per eligible County gets and see how many you have to
hold in order to get the lottery tickets and this is interesting because as a
business finance is making it so that you want to hold their token decreasing
the overall circulating supply demand you know potentially even increasing
because of this prices will go up I’ve been talking about being B since it was
like five dollars I’ve been picking it up I’ve been telling you guys I’ve been
picking it up and just looking at what by Nantz is done so far they’ve gained
my trust to me they look like someone who’s gonna be here for a very long time
will continue to do well and excel in this market that’s why I invested in B
and B early that’s why I’ve SMB and B came down to $5 I picked up a ton
because I see in the future this being worth a lot more and it looks like
they’re continuing to do it giving you guys a reason giving the community a
reason to want to hold this cryptocurrency
rather than you know buy and sell people now have a reason to actually hold on to
this in order to win lottery tickets and that’s something a lot of exchanges are
following through they’re actually trying to do as well we saw what – have
been doing is launching cryptocurrency launching projects on where you have to
on by nests where you have to buy into it with B and B again giving another use
for being being something we see other exchanges start to want to do as well so
make sure you just give dividends if you hold their exchange tokens so a lot of
exchanges try and do a lot of things to increase the overall demand for their
token I think we’re gonna see some very very cool things out there and exchange
tokens are one to look out for moving forward but now let’s do the crypto
currency giveaway I do actually have two things to talk about here so let’s
really quick I picked this video that had four point three thousand views so
thank you guys so much for watching let’s see who wins the random Bitcoin
giveaway let’s take a look let’s take a look let’s take a look
Jesus Morra I believe you’ve won already but congratulations again thanks to the
TA hope to see BTC moving up soon I’m sure a lot of people would agree with
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Bitcoin all you have to do to claim it is leave a comment down below with your
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guys that’s gonna be for this video thank you so much for watching I’ll see
you guys tomorrow for another video


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