DavinciJ15 - Bitcoin BREAKOUT & PLUNGE! $16‘000 or $7‘500? WHEN ALTS?

DavinciJ15 – Bitcoin BREAKOUT & PLUNGE! $16‘000 or $7‘500? WHEN ALTS?

Bitcoin just went above the sixty one point eight above 13,000 360 just as reset and then when pillow just as a vintage f15 set in our last episode so this is a very special episode I mean she took his time to make that episode because it's very important we were talking about exactly where the Bitcoin will go back up hit other levels like maybe sixteen thousand or whether we will go below and down to the downside to maybe a up to 40 or above forty percent correction we will talk exactly about that in today's episode and also about the question very shortly whether there's an arc on time right now or whether we should wait any longer so da Vinci j15 thank you so much for taking your time we had a huge s show before we were trying to make a live video that was completely not your fault we bought a new laptop today and then on our side it didn't work so for everyone having their patience thank you so much smash up the like button now we want to come to the most important question of today I can already answer I'm not feeling very good I'm still smiling because we are happy to provide that content but the MacBook is crazy be like it didn't work at all but that being said how are you better if I got into [Laughter] mistakes and I didn't know that so that was the first good thing so you start out with the loss of like 10 cents or so the selecting is exactly the bad thing is like you exactly hibbett just the stop-loss was too tight otherwise you would be in a huge profit right now but now everyone is asking obviously was that the blow-off top everyone was waiting for will be control our to that final correction like which is really really do four or will they can recover and go even further to the upside for good so that means she do you have any answer for that and can we answer that maybe with the charts or any how else yeah well let's take a look at the chart first off for this let me just share my screen here and as you can see wondering that was a good idea because I now I'm gonna have to turn my head and everybody sees me like looking at the other screen but anyways as you can see we've got five minute charts up here and bitcoins rolling still rolling over as below 13 MA on the 5 minute chart 5 minutes here and yeah doesn't look so good especially if we go up to the higher time frames right it's a slaughterhouse yeah so yeah but same with this parabolic move it was also crazy now also it also went only like let's say only 4% or so higher than you expected and now it's way below that 60 1.8 level again so first of all big shout out to you that and she is really crazy to see like how ta can work out even though we have something like a 4 percent slippage in that exactly exactly I mean this was not my trade this is called the mountain-man trade because he does this he's the king at this and I just thought I'd just stick my hat on it and I was you know what I'll tell you all was I was very scared I was like feeling like a train was running me over the whole time it's not easy a trade today so yeah you could imagine the mountain man taking this trade and I don't know how he does what his stop losses are right I just find out and and learn his trade but I just you know what honestly I don't have the stomach for that to make a 61 point a trade I just don't because you just feel like you're like you're standing in front of a train when you're when you watch the market this goes screaming up at you or even screaming down at the sit down to the sixty one point eight it's kind of scary it's gonna turn on a dime but it usually does that's how I mean that's how it works wait I mean it's it's a part of our our tools as technical analysis works pretty much all the time not all the time but but enough time for you to use it in a situation where you can actually make profits yeah yeah so what is your game plan right now I mean you do not want to jump on that maybe right now because it is already like way below your starting point where you actually wanted to start that short trade so what is the game plan right now and do you think that we will go further lower do you think Bitcoin will consolidate and then go even higher what is exactly happening right now maybe we can zoom a little bit into the charts because it is still like really really zoomed out yeah perfect so what is actually your view on the situation right now well I'm I'm thinking we can we're definitely gonna go lower but I can't I can't jump in on this because I don't have any kind of like trade and it's when you chase it tends to like backfire on you so you can't chase you can't chase the market you have to be in that short I have to be in this short right here and maybe even move my stop-loss up to here where I got in you know because you know what you know you never know what the Bitcoin I mean it wants to go higher badly and so it can come right back at the sixty one point eight really just as fast as it left it so you gotta consider that and that's why you can't jump and chase this short yeah I don't I picked a short off but it was uh I was gonna liquidate myself at the ten thousand nine hundred but I thought you know what I'm gonna reduce it to the the 50% level to the eleven eleven thousand four hundred just because bitcoin is so formally right it is that that I doubt that I was gonna get my profit objective so right now I've gotta wait I mean I got a I've got to be next bust in ten minutes right so I honestly I have to give up on this trade and look somewhere else and just say you know I missed it missed it nothing I can do and da Vinci we do not want to trace the full hundred percent always we want to get a significant cut out of a possible trade like sixty percent maybe so guys if you imagine yourself standing at the bus station and you see there's a huge bus full of like it's hundred percent full of people you just wait for the next bus you let that pass go everyone is like squeezed into that us just wait and go into the next bus it's coming for sure in nine minutes so definitely I mean she thank you so much for your comment proj it will save a lot of money for a lot of people nevertheless I want to say congrats and harder to everyone when actually in that short rate at thirteen thousand three hundred sixty and had am not so steep stop-loss so they are still in and in a huge profit right now so big shower also that means she's sorry but very important I can see in the chat right now on telegram many people are saying the stunning rate rate is high on bit mix and like it's a huge overload for everyone who wants to take with a very very cautious approach and like advantage of that huge volatile volatile situation right now and you see that there are huge problems on bit mix the leverage exchange we are trading at right now is by bit we have a partner link in the description down below you get a deficit bonus of one hundred and ten dollars no drawbacks like it's a win-win situation if you want to have that if you want to trade on that really nice interface and which on the exchange which is solving some problems from bit mix checking out link in the description down below and that being said I mean she yeah let's please continue and with your game plan right now so you do not want to go on that short right now what's what's actually the game plan well now what we have to do is wait you see remember what if we go zoom back out we have to you have to zoom back out and see what the code mind wants it to do here's a short here's the target down here and around ten thousand nine hundred it's kind of steep but I think it's it's gonna make it because I believe bitcoins probably going to check this red line now we're gonna see it check this red line and then then then maybe bounce higher if it does it has to blow past the sixty one point eight it doesn't blow past the 620 or and and it all it does is like does another sixty one point eight what's they called the ball bouncing that's not a good sign so let's just say come down to here and it comes back up and goes to the twelve thousand seven hundred then it rolls back down right to check the trendline mm-hmm that's not a good sign people and it's not gonna do this wet triangle again to give you a another leg up that's not probable possible but not probable then we are going to the upside and do not form a higher high and then touch the trendline to the downside again you would say that's not a very good sign but let's pretend like what would be your bullish case we as you said who is not in that short thread you recommend it work for those people what would be a bullish sign for the Bitcoin price if we wait and see right now well if it really if it were to read every word come back down to somewhere about here and line up the seventy eight point six with the with the what's it called the glad the the sixty one point eight and then come back and blow through that I would say that if it blows through the sixty one point eight the previous sixty one point and the seventy eight point six right if it sets it up and it's all depends on how it sets it up right so I mean yes this is just a guesstimate so I'm gonna take that off cuz you know you never know what's gonna actually go up to but if it does blow through the sixty one point eight it's gotta blow through it with force and they take out this high in order for us to say okay we're going to 16k yes yes but that's still in place all we have to do is wait and see so we have the different two different scenarios which can help for everyone was in that short rate Congrats guys you may be nice and you might be nice Ernie make sure you close your trade any time so you can take some of your profits home that would be great but that for everyone who is waiting for a new setup right now we have to wait and see but we can share that exact setup here in our telegram group also link in the description down below but da Vinci also we want to ask right now and sixteen thousand for Bitcoin is still in place but also the huge retracement is still in place so that being said what about the alkanes what about the people who are thinking I'm not jumping into outcomes right now do you think there is a place for electrons and like which scenario would be good for all coins when the big con tries moves to the upside or to the downside or when it consolidates and if so do we have maybe one or two electrons which you are planning to go in yeah well this is the daily candle right now have less before we get onto the old coins I would suggest one that people move their stops now to like half halfway through this all this move but this thing this thing looks like it's gonna close the daily candle on a red candle which will be very very bearish if it closes red because that's gonna make it look like what's it called a hammer and a hammer candle and boof boy that's that's that's it that's a huge hammer yeah and then if then if it closes red or even green it doesn't really matter and then it comes all the way back down and and and and I clears my trade here that would mean that it would create an empire so the next day because we're on a daily if it closes down and it closes down I'm clear and then I get my trade off right that if I wasn't it that would have been that would that would be the beginning of signs of an empire now we just have to wait another day to say does that Empire confirm because it has to confirm as well meaning that it has to make a lure low on the next day or two days from now so so let's just see wait and see what happens right because the market will do whatever the market wants to do so let's wait and see what happens there now as for the altcoins if bitcoin is rolling over here and it looks like it is right because this is like a huge that we come out come out come out a little bit right looks like this looks like a blow-off top to me if I've ever seen one and and that means that the altcoin season is finally going to start right I know I told you guys to get that does a couple weeks ago they this is the last chance to buy alt and then Bitcoin took off and and then they all Scott just literally destroyed in Bitcoin price the thing is right I like by alts down and yeah you know what because I don't put a lot because with the little lady strategy the amount that I put in is like 0.25 0.5 percent and so I could put in a lot okay so it falls little bit I got 0.25% bought some more I put another point for the to 5% falls a little bit more I got a lot of room to to buy and not worry about the the price falling on me and just wrecked because you know what I can always I'm basically cost averaging in now yes with that said there is a way to time your purchases of altcoins and and it was clear to me that I did I should have probably mentioned that in our last video if we head over to the altcoins right I'm going to I'm gonna make this bigger and then let's take a look at some of the all points I'm just gonna tail random all because these are not recommended buys so do not did I'm just pointing I'm I'm gonna be pointing out all points on random only to show something only to show something we just an example to tell you what the Vinci thinks about the upcoming probable out corn season that's just a random picked out corn basic attendees active but that's random guys random do not buy man we can say that when they will go there regardless we don't own that we didn't buy that we are not planning to buy that so exactly please what I'm trying to show here is that there's a W here on the weekly charts right and then took off so this is where you would you would send you your buy order right at this like maybe into the body of the candle and then you know you can take your profits up here now did you see any W here no no so you so if you want to time your purchases you might want to wait for a weekly W yes you see right here they go okay this is this is taking off I'm gonna buy right here that's called timing your purchases you wait for what's called market structure this is a market structure making a low low here then a higher low here and then you're taking on and then you're gonna buy at at a breakout point yes exactly so I'm gonna do that again with another random coin again nice to say to by this point but do you see any W is here weekly W is here bro yes yes yeah there's nothing right let's just let's go down and just – and choose any other coin okay this hasn't very little data so no there's not much time left unfortunately I can see right now because that was really a spontaneous video and there is not much power on the phone left okay so I'll come I'll cut that I'll keep this short so again no W is here right yeah so if you want a time your cheer your purchases for the alts you don't have to start buying them now but keep in mind the Holtz they'd like to just face rip out of nowhere yeah so I don't I don't like timing my persons purchases with the weekly double use as much as other people do but if that's something you want to do that's just another style of trading and it's basically up to you how you feel comfortable when you want to choose how to get into a specific asset I'm up saying you should get into this I don't know what there's IOP which is I don't know what the hell that is but I'm just saying if you wanted this and you you wanted to make sure that you got the best price the best time to do it is when you see weekly double use basically and that's that's it you you would basically say that the Alcon season is coming up but you would not jump in so either on the Bitcoin side and on the alcohol side you are taking on a hold nevertheless you really time that m60 1.8 really really great with Bitcoin that actually already happened but for bit contents on the alcohols you want to wait a little bit more to see what actually happens we said we told you the two big con scenarios for the upset and for the downside before and for alcohols you actually want to wait for weekly is that correct exactly I mean you don't have to I mean it's just an option that's all I mean the way I deal with it is different I don't wait for weekly w's I wait for like carnage people crying people hurting everybody was birdy yes yes but we saw more I saw more weekly w's in there then then back in December than I do now this is just carnage and but the reason why I'm so happy about why I thought for sure the this is the last chance for all coins because if you look at any of these and the dollar values you can see the W's know it's getting interesting yeah themselves so you let me know there you go if you're trading for Bitcoin maybe and obviously a lot of people are trading from Bitcoin we are also me on the bit more on the Bitcoin side because we want to multiply our Bitcoin but what you are saying that means you on the US dollar teller on the on the US dollar side electrons are looking more bullish exactly exactly okay you see a lot more w's in the dollar value of coins that being said for Bitcoin and you are holding off your holding positions anyway but for the trading point of view you had your short on this sixty one point eight which would have performed very very great but as the stop-loss was a little bit too tight and you would at the moment wait for how much like for a few days for like for the day you can do to close or what would you actually wait until the market sets up a trade I have to wait until the market sets up a trade there is no setting up but there's no trade set up what I've learned from this last trade is that instead of of making the trade at the exact sixty one point eight the next time I'm going to see this next time I see something like this I'm gonna I'm gonna probably write this down but probably I don't have to write it down as I will remember because it hurt the I can imagine that's huge huge potential wins because like it was really really close to your sixty one point eight I'm going to actually look for market structure at the sixty one point in the lower timeframes that's what I that's where I based my trade off of so that I won't get stopped out all right and for everyone who wasn't able to see the numbers correctly we will share that game plan that set up in the chat on telegram da Vinci and also the mmm crypto team we are there you can ask all the questions and really that the the time is really getting very very close right now because the phone is fine we have to upload the video very soon can we go back into the bass mode so the people can see your lovely face I mean she and we can like ask a few last questions before we are up today's episode sure sure I think that looks cool they're in so to conclude your your views on the market right now it exactly happened what you said and for the Bitcoin price you want to wait and see until we see a trend in the market but let's put it that way if someone would point at and gone through your head and ask you what is more likely which scenario is more likely that this was a blow off top and we will go further lower and consolidate afterwards or do you think we can really recover anytime soon and maybe go even higher to the upside for good well looking at looking at the price action right now this there's a lot of follow-through and this this this bleeding down as it as it breaks down even more so I would say that the probabilities are really high that we're going to have this is this is the beginning of a major correction that we're gonna see you might try to test the 61 point one more time if we don't get close to it that's pretty much bet on it getting back down to probably 7,500 Wow so guys if that isn't a nice a be scenario which is really exciting we do not know make sure you smash up the like button also we have good news on the season is still coming up maybe not today maybe not tomorrow morning guys but we are not here like for the very very short term we are all bit coin and crypto believers and here for the long term so thank you so much for sharing that with us committee also if you are interested in our own personal view on the electrons when there might be an electron season coming up and regarding and in regards to the history and history data of crypto you can click here on the info box on the top we will link a video from our channel it's a six minute video where we will show you and data from the last poll and bursitis and tell you when we will exactly check out when to go into our coins also if you want to trade Bitcoin with leverage and short along Bitcoin without those huge overlords or like you – in fees you can go on by bit which is the second largest leverage exchange you get $110 bonus all for depositing 0.2 Bitcoin 0.1 Bitcoin is $60 no drawbacks and all click the link in the description right there right now on the top of the pin comments also so thank you so much for supporting em in crypto and that which you before we wrap up today's episode and what would be your call to action besides subscribing to your YouTube channel I think the most valuable thing is also besides when you turn on your Twitter channel where you're checking where you are sharing your trades and absolute real time from time to time and do you have to be there yeah I mean you can check out obviously my youtube channel I'm also on the mmm crypto chat oh I was all factly there all day as this price was crazy yeah it was lots of fun chatting with everybody and yeah if you want to join us in the in the frivolity of


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  • I've changed my attitude towards investing and altcoins. My strategy now, is to try to make games using leverage on bitcoin whether by longing or shorting and then take some of my profits and make small investments in some of the better altcoins. The problem with trying to scalp altcoins is that they can go up and down with very little warning because of how small their market caps are. However, because of how small of their market caps are, long-term, the better ones will offer massive, massive yields

  • ICON just updated its roadmap and is about to launch some improvements. WIth TX, blockchain certification launch and etc.
    I wonder if it's worth buying right now. Graphs aren't looking too bad. And BTC has calmed down a little.
    You just have to talk about it in the next video. And I wonder what is Davincij opinion about it.

  • Serenity Integra says:

    Once upon a time, someone was trying to get on the bus, paid the bus fees but was thrown off because the bus was full, and so the bus drove off with the bus fees………………..

  • Andrew Freeman says:

    Can someone just summarize the key points in a few sentences? Chris are you willing to do this in the notes? Thanks! Cheers from SD mate!

  • If you keep your BITCOIN for a long time, you will have an excellent reward in the near future.

    Big mistake when you sell your BITCOIN because of fear. Just remember that greedy investors use different tactics to make the price goes down so when you panic and sell that is when they buy more BITCOIN at a cheaper price because they know that will grow higher

    A bright future for BITCOIN which is the best performer asset among different markets is approaching. You as an investor must have at least a fraction of bitcoin in your portfolio

  • My friend, please stop trying to guess the future, BTC has proved many times that nobody knows nothing. Cheers!!

  • Daniele Giovine says:

    I don’t know about that W pattern on the weekly, you would have missed quite a lot of altruns if you took this strategy in december

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    Is it really FOMO though? Media coverage isn't that crazy and if you look at Google trends, it's not nearly as hot as in 2017.

  • was soll ich ALTs kaufen wenn der btc jetzt in tausende Schritte fällt, die ALTS fallen 4x tiefer ! Dann die Gebühren usw. Ich bin der Meinung, dass wir immer noch im Bärenmarkt sind, und das hier die B-Welle ist! Das hier ist eine Bilderbuch Suckersrally und ich vermute die ALTs sind nie mitgezogen, weil das hier manipuliert ist..
    für mich bestätigen die ALTs und das Mining (nicht profitabel) , dass das hier manipuliert ist. In einem Bullenmarkt ziehen Netzwerkpreis wie auch ALTS immer mit! Ich vermute immer noch das wir kein Boden gesehen haben, rechne mal 20k -87% Korrektur = 2600 usd und nicht 3150 usd! Der BTC ist nach einem Bullrun immer 80-90% korrigiert, und jetzt nicht mehr??? für mich bestätigt sich die B-Wave Theorie immer mehr, Meine Meinung keine Finanzberatung.. LG

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