Cryptocurrency Trading - Wealth Management - SwissBorg at FinTech World Forum

Cryptocurrency Trading – Wealth Management – SwissBorg at FinTech World Forum

imagine a world where private banking is accessible to everyone where everyone could have tailor-made investment portfolios where he could have late latest payment solutions with IOT and a secure digital exchange 18 years ago when I was still a kid and I was breakdancing we were always looking for the best break beat musics and it was extremely hard to source this type of music because it was only few DJ's that were doing around the world and back then there was no YouTube there's only some mixtapes one day I was introduced to appear to appear digital exchange if someone remembers it the first one it was called Napster back then sir you were able to send digital files to someone else on a peer-to-peer basis and that was something great but purely a few years later it was the same platform that was existed which was a peer-to-peer decentralized exchange but it's called a donkey in email and there I realized that you didn't need to know someone to download it's chain different size files you would be able to do that on a trusted network on a decentralized level meaning that you didn't need to know is just that you had a trusted network back then in 2002 I realized that not only technology was gonna take over but it was gonna take over with a trusted network few leaders I started my career working in private banking creating wealth for wealthy people and I realized that this was a great job but I said let's maybe do something a little bit different and try to get into the more technology space so I worked for different hedge funds in the algo trading business and I was really happy about it because I was like oh yeah there you go I mean the technology field right now I'm creating algorithms that automates and optimize the trading and we're doing great performance but there was still something missing the thing was missing was his trusted network as you all know the market of crypto assets today has been booming few years ago the first transaction of a Bitcoin was a pizza does someone know in this room how much bitcoins was spent for that beautiful slice of pizza 10,000 bitcoins you know how much that would be today yeah quite a lot taking a girl's a ssin that one bitcoins it is roughly eight thousand two hundred dollars this this market cap today are the toll crypto assets started at fifteen billion dollars and today we're at over two hundred thirty billion dollars if that's not an asset class what it is we have today a market that trays 24/7 365 there's no Christmas and it has over ten billion of liquidity on a daily basis and we're seeing these numbers growing and growing and growing and growing and the adoption rate is going stronger and stronger because now you don't need to go through a bank always you can have just a mobile and with a mobile you could get a wallet in the wall you get exchange and where this market heading most probably to a trillion dollar market cap in the next two years but what this said who believes here in the in the in the room that this is a bubble raise your hand okay so those are the left than a half and how many people here in this room has crypto assets in their in their portfolio quite a lot good so as we see the most bubbles right now as is done in 2001 with a tech bubble it was still a six point seven trillion dollar markets okay here we're only at 250 billion or 240 billion this still has a big size for improvement does that mean that every crypto asset is gonna make it of course not does Jesus coin gonna make it is we'd coin gonna make it is if you seek a coin gonna make it of course not but that doesn't mean the other ones are not gonna back in 2001 in this room I'm sure so many people were working did you would you realize that one day just a social media app company would be worth over what three hundred three hundred billion market cap Facebook today all of the new market caps the top five market caps they didn't even exist it almost at 15 or 18 years ago so that's something you have to take into consideration i SEOs we talked about this earlier who knows what's ICO who has participated or at least knows what's an ICO initial coin offering great so I don't need to do it do I need to here it's like everyone knows everything great so an ICO essentially is the fact it's like an IP you in some way where you're launching your coin and you hope to raise money out of it and this means been going on since really a theorem got into the markets if there iam today that is probably the best protocol or at least the most functional protocol which has a big the biggest community behind it where people are using this primitive protocol box chain to actually launch their own apps and that's has been going on for the last two years as of today for us since your today apps have raised over 3.2 billion u.s. dollars and as you can see the the performance of these high-risk EIC O's is very is very very very very high over a thousand percents does that mean that every ICO is gonna succeed obviously not there's being a huge rush and there's been very successful I SEOs and that's been unsuccessful I see us as well there are some apps that are doing very well and there's obviously some that are today still facing a lot of different issues regarding the strategy regarding their business model regarding how they're implementing their views so coming from the off chain banking world and some people I'm sure in the room will recognize that there's a few issues that's coming from it I would say that one of the main issue is people to get accounts is very time-consuming and the boarding process is very long very often there's not there's a lack of transparency there could be high fees as well going with that and customisation is still not where it should be whereas on the on chain world the blockchain rolls you don't have so much of these problems but you're facing a lot of other problems the first thing is there are very few investment solutions so many people want to participate into the blockchain era but it's so hard to get into it you know grain your wallets not losing your private key and all of those different steps your as well we're having more and more cryptocurrencies people don't actually even know the reason why there's different all these different Kryptos we have over 3,000 and 4,000 different crypto assets and and most of them you know have no real interest and there's there's no real utility to it another problem is that there's no real financial advisory company that's only looking at crypto assets and advising and doing papers and reports on it and that's something that obviously is misguided and obviously the last thing that you all are afraid about if is someone hacks your wallets your phones your computer and then swipe out your whole wallet and that's something that I think so everyone is fear and that's the reason why I think so the adoption rate today is not as big as it should be with Swiss board what do we came up with we thought about creating community centric crypto investment platform were all together we would swarm in this intelligence and create this unique solution where sir you could be for example a portfolio manager ma'am you could be a financial advisor you could be as well as social media blogger and all together we would swarm in this different intelligence and we'll be rewarded based on that system as of today we have an investment platform that will be creating customized investments mandates and the philosophy is to really believe that a caddo is the best solution meaning you customize you automate – algorithms and – smart contracts you you make it decentralize to make sure they are the biggest community and then you have to optimize it the smart mandates this would be the new breed of investment mandates everyone has different fits everyone has a different perspective everyone has different goals in life and going forward as tokenization will evolve we think this would be a nice and a fair way to actually create interaction and logistics within a bank so imagine this in four different pillars the number one pillar would be to have your digital ID as you know there's more and more companies that are providing digital IDs on the chain and that's a great reason that there's a lot of great projects going that that you have probably heard about Civic has done a great job that an IC over raised forty five million and already have a massive adoption rate and it's a good process to do all the KYC going forward AML as well about your wallets but of your on chain activities but off chain as well the number two would be they'll creating your token so mean that your token what type of blockchain would you want to put all this information do you want to be completely transparent and go on in theory um and put it on a RC 20 token that will enable you to get all the informations everyone or you want to say wait wait wait I don't want to put all my idea I want to put all my tax reports and everything on the chain I want to keep something private maybe in that case we'll make it semi-private so some information we could store it for example on hyper ledger and some information we could we could open it up the third pillar will be wolf management services are really creating customized portfolios as we said earlier of assets and providing you know investment management services the number of fourth would be more of additional crypto asset services such as payment solutions that were going more and more we're working with different partners of that to have cold storage credit cards that you could put on your bitcoins and they could change in chat seamlessly on different exchanges you could have as well loans and then you could you could learn through the investment platform that we have billing uh Academy we talked about the digital ID this would look the process kyc AML making sure we know that your your customer but as well it's clean money and then making sure you have a client profile risk the number two step and the third would be really to to understand now what's the target return that you want what type of investment in crypto assets you're interested in what type of ethical assets you want Ayrshire compliance will you go and gambling of course not based on that you log onto our platform you'll have different portfolio of crypto assets and based on your risk profile and all all the plot the your digital ID we would then choose different tokens that will represent the best portfolio you could have number four you'll have obviously live reporting on the go so now you're all asking probably what's our revenue model how do you make money out of it like most invested management companies I would say we make it on management fees and performance fees and as well on transaction fees and what will be the different products will have different token funds as you probably understood the smart mandates that will offer different services blockchain bastes will have our own digital exchange where people will be able peer-to-peer to trade and exchange different digital assets and as well and off chain enough chain fund what do we call buy off chain phone it's a regular fund because as you know the option rate is not that massive not everyone wants to go on the chain but everyone has the exposure to Bitcoin ethereum and all the different crypto assets so January 1st will have a shield retire fun that people will have regular eyes in we'll do that through the weather culture parties and we'll have a regular fund where you could be investing and you know whatever shots currencies and that we will be managing it on the chain on the blockchain is this space crowd e it's getting more and more there's more and more players coming throughout the world and this is is the beauty out of blockchain is that whether you're based in in Ukraine in Estonia and Korea or and and you know in in Canada whatsoever or you in Europe there's more and more different companies and startups getting into this business and this is the beauty of it I mean I just came back from Davos the week before I was in traveling to Asia and you see more and more different daos decentralized autonomous organizations that are really teaming up with different people and creating great ventures in the financial space there's not so many players are at least in the investment management because most probably it's boring I mean I love it but a lot of people think it's not as fun the main difference I think coming from our side not only our team is our business model we really believe that the advisory model is the best because not one size fits all and I think so that's the main thing and we're really exploiting tokenization but this centralization as well making sure we're swarming in any community member that wants to take part of it what's our team essentially our team is decentralized we're based obviously in Switzerland or headquarters Lausanne were 17 people working today but we have offices as well and a training team in Toronto and we have as well five members in Tokyo and the reason is that because obviously the centralization is something big but again this is a 24/7 market and people like to sleep so that's why we we cover that there are three different continents most of our background is banking hedge funds algo trading and FinTech as well who are advisers mainly our advisers are people that help us navigate the legal side tech side the governance of the company we really try to to get to get best governance from our different advisers you would maybe notice two or three people here on the board then little gosh the guy er he's putting the digital ID actually on the chain which is really really great McComas Samara he's one of the blockchain guru that you would probably recognize as well and we have people that have been a little bit around the world are helping us to create this and reshape the new financial era now I see oh we talked about it in Switzerland we call it token generation event so what's the idea you got it it's we give you a token and and visa via the token you will then you will buy it and and pay us and shut money or encrypted currencies a lot of people have the difficulty of understanding what's their purpose it and I totally understand the the fact because very often a crypto asset or crypto currency doesn't have a real value and that's that's the case for a lot of different crypto assets and I couldn't agree more because when you're giving a donation to foundation the legal attachment to it it's it doesn't make sense I mean what would he do a donation to foundation right I think so what we're doing is a little bit different we want to make sure that all our community and our investors when they're all these different token holders actually get empowered by this token and by doing so what we're organizing is that every crypto top token holder will have the CHS be token every three months we'll be voting on the strategy of the group and based on this voting system we would reward them in revenue sharing so meaning that every three months we all gather will have a question and on that question altogether our community would would votes and based on that voting system we would do revenue sharing with them and that's for us the best way how we could implicate swarm and intelligence but reward them as well because that's what blockchain is about is to be building a unique platform but based on a meritocratic system where everyone has his voice and could have governance over the decentralized autonomous organization and that's a that's a huge paradigm it's not about investing it's about being part of a community every day on a daily basis people send me messages and say how can I help you service how can we do this how can do that and that and that and based on that we're rewarding them you know two weeks ago there was someone from Turkey he's 19 years old living in the middle of Turkey he didn't he says I love Swiss pork how can I help I'm like whatever you want she says you guys speak Turkish I'm like why should we do a little bit but we're not that fluent says can I translate your white paper in Turkish I like of course do it if it's if it's well done will reward you in tokens and that's what swarm intelligence is about it's not about creating this new centralized company that you will have the big stick and say this is what we do is know what should we do together and how can we benefit from the voice of each other and for that reason we're having our tge on December 7th where we want to raise 15 million Swiss francs for the committee so far we say 50 million we will be reversing giving back 80% of the tokens and keeping only 20% for us going forward our project this is the v1 token the v2 that will give the CHS betokened will transform to the v2 hopefully very soon will create the C share protocol meaning that the company the token sorry will be linked directly to the company so you'll actually have a real share in our company with governance rights dividend rights and voting rights going forward that's that that's the aim goal to make sure that we're not doing an IC o—- we're actually doing an IPO on the blockchain obviously for that the Swiss Chamber of Commerce has to prove it the technicals we have it right we're working with different universities and PhDs to make sure that the case will go will go through and that's the end goal what is our expertise as you probably notice it's about trading investment management this is a portfolio of crypto assets that we're doing we're not only doing buy and hold which is a great strategy by the way don't forget that this mark did 15x since the beginning of the year repeating myself 15 x but as well it's a very mature market we're in the teenage years of blockchain of crypto assets and therefore it is it's extremely inefficient if there's any portfolio managers or people from an investment side this is a little bit like the 80s and the 90s in Asia where you know you could just do arbitrage old time or maybe like the 50s and in Wall Street or in London Stock Exchange this market is hugely inefficient and that's why fifty percent of our portfolio is more in absolute return strategy we look at arbitrage we do a lot of credits this is a market that no one wants to lend you could lend up to you know one to two percent per day different crypto assets two different exchanges you could do great yields as well and fiat US dollars or yen's as well with great counterparties behind it we do as well some trend following more quantitative strategies even driven obviously and we invest as well in different ice shows because even if there's a a tendency of having more and more I SEOs that are a little bit crazy and phony there's still some of them have great great great great aspects and with that we this year was it was a great year for us what's our road map we are basically wealth managers based in Switzerland we manage different hedge funds right now we want to establish crypto asset hedge funds we want to be going forward we want to raise the 15 million Swiss francs to operate as as a unique banking model they'll be regulating hopefully in Switzerland first firstest morn as we evolved we would like to offer more and more investment solutions but as well payment solutions and a digital exchange these are our partners essentially work with the most counterparties that we feel that are doing great in our fields in Switzerland but as well in the world in blockchain this is pretty much it really in a nutshell what are we doing today is that we're really mixing both worlds the world of Investment Management and as well blockchain and by doing so we're really utilizing blockchain technology through tokenization encryption but as well as philosophy buildin building a meritocratic system by swarming in everyone who wants to participate and rewarding them will that do my name is Cyrus Frisell I'm CEO and founder of Swiss Borg thank you very much [Applause]


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