Cryptocurrency for Photographers? — KodakCOIN and the KODAKOne platform

Cryptocurrency for Photographers? — KodakCOIN and the KODAKOne platform

– Cryptocurrency for photographers? That’s right. We’re here at the Kodak booth and we’re about to talk to
some of the executive team about KodakCoin, a brand
new digital currency that’s not just gonna be
big in the crypto space, but that’s also helping with copyright and digital rights management. Coming up. (upbeat music) – [Sean] This video is brought
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go to Hey, what’s up guys? Sean here with Think Media, bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video and we’re here at CES at the Kodak booth talking
really about KodakCoin and cryptocurrency for
photographers and I’m here with, – Steven Overman, I’m the Chief
Marketing Officer of Kodak. – And, – Jan Denecke, I’m the
CEO of Wenn Digital. – Awesome. And we’re talking all about kinda this really buzzy topic that’s
been happening here at CES about digital rights
management, KodakCoin, and things like that. So Steven, what’s
happening with this stuff? – So for about 130 years,
Kodak has been committed Sean to empowering artists and creative people and especially photographers to create their work and share
their images with the world. And so what we announced
yesterday that’s really exciting is the application of
an incredibly disruptive and innovative technology
called Blockchain, which I’m sure you and your
listeners have heard of, and the cryptocurrency
is part of the solution. And this is being created by
our partners at Wenn Digital and it is simply the latest
expression of Kodak’s mission to empower photographers
and creative people. – Now I love that. And one of the big challenges
that photographers have is digital rights and copyright, like how is this gonna
be helping with that? – Yeah, the problem
photographers have is basically, it’s always difficult
to know where license are going in the digital world and to know how much they’re gonna be paid out and how the right is gonna
fall back to the photographer. So we created a system where
you can upload your photos in our portal and then it’s gonna be saved where you basically document
the whole lifetime circle of a photo in the Blockchain and underneath there lies a payment system where you can pay the
license in KodakCoins and be paid out as well the
license to the photographers. – Understood. And this actually can be a
huge problem that can even take out photographers’ businesses right, if they aren’t able to have kinda control so this is sorta to solve that right? – Well I think one of
the interesting things about the proliferation of photography that digital image making has kind of empowered the world with is that on one hand, you have the
emergence of what we call the image economy so there are
more images and photographs being taken, created,
uploaded, edited, shared than ever before. So arguably, there is more
value to image making because there’s simply more of it and we use it in so many different ways today. But somebody’s being left
out of that value creation and it’s the creator of
the image, her or himself, because once that image
is shared so freely, they lose control. Now sometimes there is a
photographer or an artist or creative person who
doesn’t care, right? They create something and they
put it out into the world, and that is their choice. But what Wenn Digital’s
solution is providing is the choice for the artist to actually take back control of that image, take back some of their own creative power to be able to kind of
securitize it and monetize it. And as I said before, that is a perfect fit
with Kodak’s mission, to empower artists and creators
everywhere with that choice. – I love that. And one of the aspects about this is that even though Kodak is leading this charge, this’ll be available for photographers using really any brand. Is that true? Of camera? – Yeah. Yeah definitely that’s true. I mean the KodakCoin is supposed to become the currency for the, for photographers and the whole image
industry and the platform. We’re gonna develop a marketplace where you can buy image
related products and services like book a model or buy lenses or cameras with a certain kind of
discount if you’re using obviously the KodakCoin. So but we don’t wanna close
ourselves out from the other coins that will coming hopefully, like Airbnb Coin, Amazon Coin and lots more. So you can trade in or
change like Fiat to coin and back and forth. – Understood. So the big question I’m sure
people are wondering too is what is kinda the timeline of this and how do people get involved? – I’m gonna let you answer that. – The timeline is right now we have, we have services up and running already so we are gonna have a closed
beta phase for agencies by the end of 2018 and
the start of the platform will be then launched beginning of 2019. – Excellent, excellent. Any final thoughts kinda
to just to sum it up when it comes to KodakCoin? – Well, I think there’s a
really interesting symmetry to this announcement because this is Kodak’s 130th anniversary and KODAKOne, which is the brand name for the registry itself, where photographers can
register their images, was also the name of the
first Kodak roll film camera so it was one of Kodak’s
first major innovations that democratized photography. And so 130 years later,
to announce yet another really leading edge innovation
in the service of creativity is something we’re just
so proud to be able to bring to the world. – That’s very exciting
and of course, as usual, we’ll link up information to KodakCoin and various aspects of this conversation, articles in the YouTube description below so definitely check that out. Gentlemen, thank you so much. – Thank you very much. – Thank you, enjoy CES. Question of the Day. Have you already started
investing in cryptocurrency? Doing anything with crypto? And what do you think about KodakCoin? I’d love to hear from you in
the comments section below and definitely join the
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