Crypto Talk #1 - Blockstack token SEC APPROVED! | Lets play a Blockstack Game JustSnake 🐍

Crypto Talk #1 – Blockstack token SEC APPROVED! | Lets play a Blockstack Game JustSnake 🐍

hey guys Alex from tech rally here and I've got some exciting crypto news for you regarding blocks back and their token offering it just became the first sec qualified offering in the u.s. if you've been following crypto as long as I have you know how stringent and difficult it is to get the SEC approval for your token so the fact that the blocks tech team was able to really take some quality time and invest into what is required to get a sec approved token is amazing and right now this is the fruits of their labor we're going to read through it a little bit an ounce offer in my opinion this is not financial advice you do not have to participate and there's token offering I just want to let you know that block stack is the first SEC qualified offering in the US but so the main points that I want to talk about is that the SEC has been approved under regulation A+ and this is the first time in the US history that equipped a token offering has received the SEC qualification this will allow huge steps towards decentralized applications internet security and privacy they mentioned that there are over 165 applications built on the block stack decentralized computing network I've built a couple block stack applications myself if you've been following my block stack plus react tutorial you know I'm a big fan of the block stack platform and the relative ease to build a block stack application so what does this mean the token offering will be open on Thursday 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time on July 11th and that is actually happening today so we have as of this video there's about two hours left I'm going to try to edit this video down so we could get this video out and get everybody aware with that being said you're new to block stack try to do some due diligence before you participate because it is a good idea to have an idea what you're investing and obviously and to participate they do have a sex-linked token and then you just have to verify your identity kyc and stuff like that on top of this blocks Texas s I want to talk about an application that is part of the 165 applications that I built and it's called just Nick right now my block slack application is being hunted on product hunt I would love some more up boats because it really supports my application gang and I'm currently participating in this monthly competition called app mining and what it is it's a sponsored block stack competition where every month the block stack team pays out 100k to the best apps if you look at the monthly earnings for June the first-place got about twenty thousand second-place cost 16 thousand and then it just keeps going down you can fluctuate between different months to see who's been getting into the top ten between each month and it's not always the same app that's getting the first place with that being said I wanted to just give you a little snippet of the just make application what it is and I hope you find yourself wanting to play this game with me if you grew up in the 90s like me then you are aware of Nokia phones and what game was pre-installed in all of our Nokia phones and that is snake so in the block's tech ecosystem there are a lot of privacy focused encryption focused application and I'm all about that as well but for the sake of this application I wanted to do something that was a little bit more fun simple and just something that would allow block stack users to interact with each other to compare each other's high score and just have fun playing our game in the landing page we see the top 10 score we see the logo and we have an opportunity to sign in and sign up you can also click on our feature on product hunt here to give my application and up vote but that's just a shameless plug let's go sign in and if you're doing the block stack authentication for the first time you might need to add a little bit more information about yourself like your first and last name but for now since I've already done that I'm just gonna log into my original ID so here this is perfect now we're just gonna play a simple game of snake that's it this is it like right now I'm just playing a simple game of snake and it's super fun I'm gonna kill myself on the application and I just want to go over a couple of features that exist on snake application like I said this top-10 score and it is present for bragging rights then this top 10 high score is actually being recorded in the through the block stack diet system you're gonna have a personal best score and your current score your personal best score will never be updated unless you beat your personal best I've also added this music setting where you could play different types of theme music while playing your applications so I'm gonna play the Mario theme or you could change to Pokemon I've also added the ability for you to add credits to your application so it's kind of more like an arcade feel or you can add credits using big point via lightning and there's a whole process to this right now where you could just copy and send your lightning payments do but by no means is this required to play the game and yeah that's it like eventually I want to do add a messaging board where people can just kind of brag about their top scores and stuff like that but at the moment and this is the simple MVP of just make another thing I wanted to mention is that 200,000 Satoshi's are up for grabs and all you need to do is upload my app on producthunt be the first to beat the score of 2 or 2 on my application and then reply to this tweet with a screenshot of your final score and your Bitcoin address I could link to this tweet on my youtube description and regardless if we get first or not I think this game is super addictive I've seen a lot of block stack users tweet about their top scores and we started getting contagious with that being said I would love some feedback on just snake try it out if you want to win 200,000 Satoshi's like I said play the game B first and take the drug


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