Crypto Payment Cards  - Minexcoin, TokenPay, Wirex, TenX and BitPay

Crypto Payment Cards – Minexcoin, TokenPay, Wirex, TenX and BitPay

I really this is crypto rich working with you to get rich with crypto filling our pockets with crypto profits and in this video I'm going to be talking to you about crypto currency payment cards I'm going to talk to you about the payment cards that I have used and I'm looking forward to using and in particular I'm gonna give you details about the my next coin credit card I was in Kiev last week Kiev is where the mine exit the company my next systems are based my next systems my company that I've launched the my next coin and the – coin ecosystem and their credit card is one of 11 projects that they're working on to create a holistic financial system financial ecosystem now my next coin card is different because it's a credit card the other cards that I'm going to talk about our crypto currency payment cards and I'm gonna start with y RX y RX r the first car to the best of my knowledge in Europe that's available since Huayra since Wavecrest had their deal with visa ended earlier in January this year and I don't know where the wave crest broker or visa broker or what the you know the reasons for it were but I know that it meant that in Europe people who were using crypto currency payment cards couldn't use them anymore now yrx are the first company in Europe to offer a cryptocurrency payment card and I have applied I'm waiting for it to arrive they have a virtual card available there's a link in the description below it isn't affiliate link now you're welcome to use that it supports the channel otherwise what you can do you can go straight to wire X app calm and apply that way it isn't available to people in the US not yet but don't worry that my next point credit card will be because they've got a very clever design now I also have a 10x payment card and I own paid tokens I purchased them and and it was working fine it works it still works in the US by the way and what you do is you load the card with Bitcoin or eat and then it gets converted at point of sale but they were using great wave crest as an intermediary between them and visa and in January of this year while I was on holiday in New Zealand with my wife and children wave crest Neil ended and my Tenex card stopped working I was actually out for a meal with my family and friend in a restaurant I couldn't pay the timox card wasn't working and it was the same deal with my backup car bitpay now bit pay was a little works a little bit differently to tenex because what happens with bit pay is first I would have to have a bit pay wallet sorry a Bitcoin wallet and attached a bit pay I send the Bitcoin over to the bit pay wallet it gets converted to fiat and then I can spend it no 10x converts it at point-of-sale bit pay it converts it when I make the transfer and bit pay by the way they say they don't work in Europe it still works in the US but I for US residents and they've recently adopted Bitcoin cash 10x by the way I've made an agreement with litecoin so they're gonna start using like quinton alright moving on then this token pay yeah this is the token pay website token PACOM i invested into a campaign the ICO it's a really secure privacy coin and what they have done they haven't launched a credit card or a debit card yet not yet not yet what they have done is something pretty clever they've bought a bank and this is from the tow campaign medium account medium account this wasn't announced last week today we are announcing that we have officially closed a deal with weg bank located in Germany weg Bank has also made an announcement of the partnership on its website share certificates representing nine point nine percent of the equity interest in WG Bank AG have been transferred to token paste Swiss AG along with options to acquire an additional 80 point 1 percent of the bank upon customary regulatory approval the proceeds of this transaction would derive from our December 2017 token sale as outlined in our white paper roadmap we have completed this partnership during quarter to 2018 in line with on November 2017 projections so they were approached by weg bank in December 2017 the Bank has an interest in offering FinTech solution that will align itself with a new economy and what they're gonna do oh it just says that we've recently been approached by a bank in niche Lichtenstein offering a similar proposition our products and services are in high demand and we intend to fully capitalize on the strong secular tailwind afforded to us by the rapidly growing thin tech industry so token pay and I have an intern I have interviewed Derek and I will link to that in the description below please do watches were really great interview very in-depth interview with Derek they're buying a bank they've what will they've bought a bank and buying a bank means that they can then issue a debit card so and the debit card I think you'll be able to use token pay tokens t pay tokens and also Virg because token may have a partnership with Virg see your energy use Virg coins and I was very fortunate to buy Virg when it was seven Satoshi's and I didn't send any I just model since and now it's a much larger number of Satoshi's per coin alright and then back to oh hi Rex why Rex are having a launch farm you made the 17th in London I was invited I would have loved to have gone unfortunately why Rex I have another engagement that evening I'm so so sorry and I can't wait to get my card because then it says here I will be an awesome person now mnx mnx this is from their road map update which they issued earlier this year and this is what they said about that at the time the debit card I now know it's acrylic on them I tell you how it works in the middle of 2018 we plan to issue my next coin debit or even credit cards which allow you to pay in M and X around the world in short the system will transfer your virtual currency interfere which means you'll be able to pay via cryptocurrency everywhere even where this kind of payments are not provided our primary goal is to develop such a product that it would remain in the legal field of world regulatory laws at the moment our financial team is drafting the and the concept of upcoming cards now since then this is in pretty advanced progress what's happening is they're creating and consulting and getting advice on the financial structure around it and what is going to take up two jurisdictions one jurisdiction where cryptocurrencies are legal and another jurisdiction where the credit card is going to be issued and to show you that I am gonna take you to Wikipedia and to a little chart I made earlier so first to Wikipedia alright the page at Wikipedia has no loaded legality of Bitcoin by country or territory looking at Japan and as well as loading the page I've also changed rooms and this is what it has to say about Japan in 2017 the country's government officially recognized Bitcoin as a method of payment so in Japan it is recognized as a method of payment alright so let's look at this map and here is a chart what I made earlier where I explain how the my next coin credit card is gonna work in fact probably do that let me go back and let's have a look at what is the state in Europe okay okay okay that is not loading well very slow Philippines Philippines is illegal by the way I have looked there in some other countries like Bangladesh is completely illegal go to the government or Loudoun what they're gonna do to stop people who are determined I heard of here we go here we go here we go well in many many European countries there are no regulations whatsoever legal the use of Bitcoin is not regulated by legal act at present that's in Hungary Germany legal announced that the German Finance Minister knows that bitcoin is essentially a unit of account and can be used for the purpose of tax and trading in the country Czech Republic Bitcoin trading does not require authorization by the Czech neck National Bank Bitcoin is classified as intangible good not as electronic money Croatian legal Austria illegal so those are some of the European countries and there's more and this is all kind of relevant I don't have any European country which recognizes it as a means of payment like it is in Japan slovenian bitcoin is neither accounting nor an asset there is no capital gains chargeable and bitcoin 2016 sug added Bitcoin as a means of paying city fees Ukraine legal the use of Bitcoin is not regulated in the Ukraine Denmark issued a statement declaring that bitcoin is not of conscience they do not regulate to use in Estonia the use of bitcoins is not regulated or otherwise controlled by the government so you can go and have a look at this all right so this is relevant this is relevant we'll come to it when we look at this how the miners con credit card works so first off there's my my next coin wallet and the wallet by the way pretty soon in a few days time in a week maybe or two they're going to be launching a new graphic user interface for the wallet now I've seen it it's really really user friendly it's not wallet 2.0 that's they're still working on that ironing out any bugs making sure that it's completely completely perfect before they launch it and Boris said to me he said they want to make sure it's completely secure because that's where people have got their money so I'm glad they're taking long taking the time that they're taking in order to make sure that it's secure and safe so Mike – can't stay in my wallet now in this chart here as you here is the – coin wallet and what I would do is I would send the max2 Japan to a financial institution Japan lightly TV Japan because in Japan it is recognized as a means of payment and then what happens in Japan is that the eminates is converted to fiat so it's sold and converted to fiat and then the Fiat is sent over here to another jurisdiction possibly a European jurisdiction now the financial institution in this European dairy jurisdiction that's the one that issues the credit card they issue the credit card and then I go shopping with the credit card now this structure cannot be stopped by Visa Card Visa or MasterCard because the only money type of money going in and out of the car is Fiat Fiat coming in from the institution in Japan and then Fiat going up as I go spending it so might be I apply for the card I go shopping then I send a credit card that I sent em an X from my wallet to the institution here it converts it to Fiat sends the fear here and as far as Visa or MasterCard are concerned there's only Fiat coming in and there's only fear coming out there is no credit there is no cryptocurrency touching this credit card the way that with happens with Fermi 10 X or or bitpay or even warrants because wirings I would I can buy Bitcoin and like on an eath of wire X and then I can load my card with it convert that to British pounds or euros or dollars or whatever and then go shopping within the wire X app not so with this cryptocurrencies do not touch this that's all happen over here so this is such a wonderful design completely completely ingenious design and right now what's happening is they're building the financial infrastructure to make this happen and Boris said to me at some point this year wasn't any more clearer than that they are hoping to launch the credit card and the credit card will be available like any credit card so in whichever jurisdiction you're in you cannot if you can apply for a credit card form within your jurisdiction you will be able to apply for this mnx card so whether it's the US Canada China gee Rhea Iran Russia wherever what you know if you can get yourself a credit card in those jurisdictions you'll be able to apply for this one too and that is another reason why I'm very excited about em in its kind and in addition to the video that I posted last night right talked about the the augmented reality game that they're developing which is going to glow Pokemon going any other game out of the water and it's going to boost the price of M and X coming I think and you should watch that video so you can find out more and I shall link to it in the description below I'll be doing a few more videos over the next few days letting sharing with you what I learned about Emma next including some shots of some of the developers that hard at work and I want to take you to litecoin because I learnt something about litecoin from Tim Hotel milk is very active in the telegram group for my next coin he's a big my next clean fan like I am and he wants me to make it clear he doesn't work for M and X he doesn't work for them he just lives in Kiev and he makes a appointments occasionally to pop in to find out what's happening with MMX now I purchased earlier on I think I showed you 79 Emin X 74 m and X that was in last night's video on the cul-de-sac on Saturday night so this is going out Sunday morning so I purchased seventy four point nine in the next and that yeah I'm going to send that out and what I can do is I can withdraw it and send it straight to my wallet but there's something else I could do which is I don't that I can do it MMX to US dollars but I can certainly convert the Emma next to Bitcoin or Eve and then convert them to US dollars or Euros certainly a big Bitcoin and then what Tim hooks showed me is I connect you withdraw dollars or Euros from live coin and load it onto my MasterCard account so what I would do is I would open an account with live coin I've got a link in the description below and click here transfer it so also after I would click here withdraw it takes me to this screen where I can transfer it to my payor account my capital account perfect money advance cash or MasterCard so if I click on MasterCard it takes me here I do have a MasterCard credit card and I would say however much it is I've got I think it's something like $2,000 a day yeah please note that withdraws in excess of $20,000 or an equivalent in any cryptocurrency are processed manually during our regular working hours long I won't join $20,000 so I would put it in I would put the amount that I want to put in here I defend in the details here my card number card main card holder country and those are only different countries so here card over city date of birth mobile phone number all of that and then it would take about three days to reach my account the maximum amount per transaction is two thousand dollars and the total maximum amount for three days that I can withdraw is fifty thousand dollars or Euros and the minimum amount is ten ten dollars so I didn't know this so this is really something really useful while I wait for my wire X card to arrive so I can be an awesome person and while I'm waiting for this to get created cuz then I can take the money that I'm parking my daily interest and my monthly interest whatever I choose to do when the card comes out I can just be sending the interest from my wallet that I get from the my next bank to my credit card so this is why I when I came back from the Ukraine I went you bought some more eath and I bought seven more – going on there bought some – going last night alright so please if you have any questions or comments please do put them in the description below it does help the channel grow if you liked my video click the like button comment say something even if even if your comment is just the word something or you want to tell me this is rubbish or great or bring or more or less or he got any questions please let me know in the comments below click the like button click the dislike button and between now and when I see you next please keep filling your pockets with crypto profits this is crypto rich signing out all the best bye bye


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