Crypto & Enemies of the State Plan To Defeat The Dollar!!

Crypto & Enemies of the State Plan To Defeat The Dollar!!

heyyo good evening viewers of the tube my name is Tyler and welcome to the channel that brings you the content you'll only see right here we don't read the news articles and don't pretend to know ta we dig deep and find out what's really going on in the crypto space so get ready for that Oh G content because it's time for Chico crypto Bitcoin it's a break away from Fiat into a decentralized paradigm where your value is secured transferred and stored through computer code and a network of miners and nodes the most dominant fiat currency in the world is the US dollar which is a global reserve currency exactly what bitcoin is puts it head-to-head with the reserve currency of the world but Bitcoin isn't the only currency at war with the US dollar nation-states that our US adversaries have had to play by the rules of the United States because of the premise e of the dollar for decades now these nation states and their currencies have been trying to evade and undermine the US but there has been no way to conduct significant international commerce without moving through the pipes of the us-led global financial system but within the last couple of years new pipelines are being built through blockchain technology and this is a known threat to the US government let's just hear what representative Sherman had to say when he called Congress for a bill to ban crypto currencies I look for colleagues to join with me and introducing a bill to outlaw crypto currency owner purchases by Americans so that we nip this in the bud in part because not a awful lot of our international power comes from the fact that the dollar is the standard unit of International Finance and transactions clearing through the New York Fed is critical for major oil oil and other transactions and it is the announced purpose of the supporters of cryptocurrency to take that power away from us to put us in a position where the most significant sanctions we have on Iran for example would become irrelevant so whether it is to disempower our foreign policy our tax collection enforcement or our law traditional law enforcement the purposes of cryptocurrency the advantage it has over a sovereign currency is solely to aid in the disempowerment of the United States and the rule of law the United States is getting backed into a corner and countries are now realizing they can build alternatives for transferring monetary value especially ones who have faced sanctions from the United States like Venezuela Iran Russia and China so today I would like to dig into what these nation states are conjuring behind the scenes in regards to crypto and blockchain technology to escape the grip of the US dollar I would like to thank Yaya J and Trevor Logan for a lot of the information I found on this subject as they wrote a great research paper called crypto rogues u.s. state adversaries syncing blockchain sanctions resistance I've added the paper in the description if you would like to check it out first I would like to see what happened in Venezuela when their president actually launched their own cryptocurrency the Pedro Venezuela had been facing US sanctions for corruption and human right abuses and had been experiencing hyperinflation due to toxic economic policies president Nicolas Maduro to remedy this announced the petro during a television broadcast in early December 2017 etiology on the petro I'm going to call it the petrol Venezuela's own cryptocurrency it will boost Venezuela's economic sovereignty and help defeat the economic blockade against us the petrol would supposedly be backed by the country's oil gas gold and diamond reserves in January of 2018 the first Pedro white paper was released it claimed the Pedro would have an initial valuation of $60 per coin based on oil prices at the time initially it was announced that the petrol would be on the etherion blockchain but when the updated white paper came out in February of 2018 it said it would launch on the nem blockchain as the details for the presale and ICO by March Maduro announced that the pre-sale of the cryptocurrency had raised over five billion dollars with over 186,000 certified purchases although the amount claimed to be raised did not match the value of the coins in circulation so there's major doubt that these coins were even sold and there was no data on the NIM blockchain regarding token creation it wasn't until six months later that a token even came out in October when a new white paper was released completely revised and using an entirely different blockchain their own which ended up being an exact copy of – they got the token out and even a functioning block Explorer but the Pedro so far hasn't taken off Maduro and the government has failed to integrate the token into any domestic fiscal operations during 2018 they claimed many times that Pedro would be used for things like real-estate airline tickets and tourism none of this has found out so far also trading partners of the country have failed to integrate the token in April of 2018 it was announced that Venezuela would purchase russian-made heavy-duty trucks using the Pedro this never happened and then in December of 2018 deputy finance minister of Russia Sergey store chock said they got acquainted with the petrol but have not planned to use it in mutual trade as of right now the Pedro is a failed experiment to circumvent US sanctions and no one is using the coin as it trades only on exchanges within Venezuela but speaking of Russia they may be brewing up the perfect storm in seeking an escape from the us-led global financial system Moscow has been prioritizing blockchain technology advancement as a long-term economic and national security goal to lessen the impact of US sanctions back in 2017 Russia had some words at a conference where 25 countries came together in Tokyo to work on setting international standards for blockchain technology head of the Russian delegation Gregory Marshall Co who works for the Russian intelligence agency FSB said this look the internet belongs to the Americans but blockchain will along to us that same year Vitalik butyrin met with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss how aetherium could be used in Russian industries and Vlad supported the idea of establishing ties with possible Russian partners who could these partners be while the Russian central bank created the FinTech association in 2017 this is a research and development Association including banks payment services and insurance companies since then they have been conducting tests with hyper ledger and master chain which is an open source aetherium based blockchain then just six months ago at the end of December the deputy head of Russia's central bank alexey moiseev said that russia was developing and looking to introduce a single digital currency to the eurasian economic union between 2020 and 2021 this is the beginning steps to them creating their own international payment system that are not tied to the u.s. dollar like swift moving on then there is veteran US sanctions evader Iran who has been facing them for the past 40 years the Central Bank of Iran is investing in blockchain technology infrastructure the Sherriff University of Technology with support from the central bank established Iran blockchain labs in 2017 which has become the hub for Iranian blockchain research in late July 2018 Iran announced that it was developing its own national cryptocurrency to offset the impact of impending u.s. financial sanctions then just a month later the Central Bank of Iran announced it would issue Iran sovereign crypto token and it would launch in two phases first as an interbank payment system and then second to be used for retail payments but as of today the state back crypto hasn't seen its launch date finally I would like to dive into what China is developing because of all the u.s. adversaries they are best positioned to develop a digital currency infrastructure that could one day compete with the dollar base financial system we all know it's China's goal to displace the US dollar as the global reserve currency but the illiquidity of their currency makes it an unattractive replacement a digitized Chinese currency that was more easily acquired held and spin across borders would be very useful to facilitate trade with nations and companies involved in the multibillion-dollar multi-decade one belt one road initiative since 2014 the People's Bank of China has been developing a digital currency strategy China has no plans of using crypto like Bitcoin but adopt blockchain technology more broadly and issue their own digital currency that would be centrally controlled by the government in June of 2017 the PBOC created the digital currency research group with aims of developing prototypes for a blockchain back digital currency then just last week on the heels of the Libre announcement China's State Council gave the PBOC the go-ahead to officially develop the digital currency according to Wang Xin director of the PBOC Research Bureau with a large population who is already used to cashless payments this could be launching sooner than we think as you can see Bitcoin has multiple entities that are fighting for a similar thing a transformation of the standard global financial system although the central bank coins the countries are creating have one problem they still have a single point of failure that is the beauty of the Bitcoin movement there is not a country that could be invaded or a central server that could be destroyed that is why we will see many central bank coin experiments happen but never take off because if it does and the dollar is threatened the US will figure out a way to stop it out whether it be military intervention or other means the US will not go down without a fight and bitcoin is the only digital currency that doesn't have anyone to fight Cheers yours I'll see you next time


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    01:16 This Is A Known Threat To The US Government

    03:23 Venezuela & The Petro: A Failed Experiment So Far

    06:02 Russia Investing Heavily Into Blockchain & Introducing Their Own Crypto

    07:38 Iran Launching A National Cryptocurrency

    08:29 China Best Positioned To Develop Digital Currency To Compete With The Dollar

    09:50 Bitcoin Is The Only One Who Would Win Against The Dollar Because No Single Point of Failure

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  • mark stevenson says:

    F _ _ k the american dollar and the fed, they fear crypto because they know they can't control it
    and all of the crooked central bankers wont make a dime from it. That is why everyone loves
    all crypto currencies and they ( the crooked powers that be ) hate it. Crypto will destroy the
    petro dollar and that is what terrifies them the most.

  • Fuck the US. Fuck the $. Fuck any national currency run by thieves and terrorists in suits. Freedom and power to the people. Long Bitcoin.

  • I never seen a movie where there using crypto for illegal means, cash, and gems most of the time. Look at Epstein’s safe, he had untraceable diamonds, cash, precious metals and artwork.

  • True the US will not go down without a fight but wether the US likes it or not the “economic super power” ship is sinking. And unfortunately, thanks to the 1%, it’s largely of their own making. Nobody thought the fall of the Roman Empire would ever come but it did.

    When Blockstream changed BTC and introduced LN they made it an easy target for FINcen. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but BTC is a dead crypto trading.

  • The ZIONIST👹☠️👽☠️😈MAFIA(2%)😠☠️👺specialised in LOOTING(WAR 💥) OIL🛢GAS🔥GOLD🥇in 💯s of BILLIONS💵🔫💷 has EATEN up USA 🇺🇸 UK 🇬🇧 over 200 years from inside

  • US 🇺🇸 DOLLAR is only piece of PAPER 💵🔫 backed by the SHIT of ZIONIST 👹☠️👽☠️😈MAFIA(2%)😠☠️👺 YU can't LIV forever by printing PAPER 💵🔫💷🔫💰🔫 n TREASURY BONDS 👹🔫

  • No, BTC is run and controlled by central bankers and statists. Btc being anti banker or state is a fat LIE. These are facts. AXA funded blockstream. They are tied to central bankers and the SYSTEM. They are controlled fiat opp. Keep lieing because you are paid to shill the anti Bitcoin cover story that blockstream controls via every crypto but bsv. The only non scam is the original unadultured bitcoin code v0.1 in stone. PERIOD.

  • Vile Nation Gaming says:

    What the USA needs to realize is that if the REST OF THE WORLD says fuck you and your USD we all will now use BTC among ourselves. The USD is now worthless and America will be forced to either get on board or come begging to other nations for help after they have decided to play ball but it's now too late. This is what they fear will happen.

  • Sherman is 100% correct. I think that a lot of the idealist in the crypto space are not realizing how damaging this can be. It the USA goes after crypto it will be to risky to play with it and it will vanish to the dark web again to the same place it came form… Sure you can't shut down BTC but you can criminalize the users making the interest very small. One very important thing that all the dreamers are ignoring is that the USD has a massive army that is used to keep its market dominance, crypto has just a bunch or idealists, nerds, get -rich-quick dreamers and scammers.

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