Crypto Compare Digital Asset Summit in London - SVK Crypto

Crypto Compare Digital Asset Summit in London – SVK Crypto

We are here today at the crypto compare
digital asset summit in London in the old billingsgate fish market it's
setting up to be an amazing day with Andreas Antonopoulos speaking as keynote
and opening up the proceedings and of course I will be on a panel talking
about venture capital funding we're really looking forward to today all of
the elite the movers and shakers in the London blockchain space are here and in
attendance so let's check it out Thank you so much for coming today
I'm going to be talking about universal basic finance that's the topic of my
talk today I thought it was really thought provoking, what did you think? but I agree man. He speaks so well
clearly and your such insights what's going on he's the real deal . Congrats on the investment yeah that's right yeah we're really happy yeah we're
really really happy with Azarus you weren't very picky. We're like you
right we're we're high son due diligence but I'm with kleiner perkins coming into
that round it's a it's a it's a you know a massive win for Azarus and also
wants to be on the cap table but we've got two other investments that we're
working on there so may you know maybe in the next three months we'll see
something. Yavin thank you so much for your help and support not if there's
anything we can do for you let us know thank you sir Marco's my man and obviously then
we got the three o'clock ventures capital panel and obviously you stayed
in for Antonoupolos right you know it's really nice often to get
that you know that reconfirming action where someone actually stands up right
like Andreas Antonopoulos on top of this stands up and actually goes through everything We're thinking of having like EOS family and
index so we can talk with each other I choose like the five six best projects
on the EOS we'd love that all in and we can we can grab you for an interview on
cryptonights what love that we've seen some of your content that you put out and was
really not really nice really well yeah my brother he's been telling me it
like literally if I show you the messages get Shane on tonight's dude I'm
like I need to go to the office but I just I can't breathe
but I'm hiring an assistant next week so yeah keep it up My name is Shane Kehoe I
am the co-founder of SVK Crypto SVK crypto is a venture capital firm based
here in the fine city of London we are a 50 million dollar fund we are known as
an ecosystem Fund so we solely focus on projects being built out on the EOS.IO
protocol Don't come to me with a dream, come to me with a very well thought out business with an examples how you've executed in the past in a
market which is tiny because when we look at different businesses you can
have the best business but if the text not built out or if the adoption is not
there it's not gonna happen it's all about market timing with the right team
at the right place with the right tech but more importantly it's not just about
allocating capital it's not just about putting money into the deal everybody's
got money all money is not equal it's about what else we bring as venture
capital guys we have to bring an enormous amount of value to you the
exchange is both ways so when you're picking a VC Partner don't just shake the
books don't just chase that chase someone who can actually help you with
introductions business development hiring managing the business so you have
to be a success it's a partnership and it works both ways we give them a Visa debit card that's
crypto friendly okay who's the background provider right you guys are
white labeling this right is that correct we're whitelabeling to other people we
built this ourselves on this stuff okay right I just wanted to check that's
pretty important yeah it's our technology okay we're partnering we
don't have our own bank license yet okay but we're getting a money license by
the end of the year what stage for you out of the fund raising where where
where we saw earlier okay we're raising to what a valuation of ten million okay
free money so we're giving up twenty percent of the company we have term
sheets okay we have a family offices that they'll do probably that is a seed
or a serious a we're calling it a super seed okay after this that will get us to
about quarter million cards out okay and then we'll need probably about six or
seven million to roll out the next two million so by the end of next year with
mostly the clients we have it should hit about two million. Is there a
blockchain component to this or is it just Fiat / crypto or crypto to fiat so our
ledger is blockchain okay and is that your own private chain? Our wallets are
roll are a layer on top so we work with a
Gemalto I'm an ex Gemalto guy I did the first crypto wallets for Gemalto
right in the late 90s okay mondex right I was really invested
personally through my gimalto into mondex we sold to MasterCard for about
180 million and they buried it right we're solely focused on taking equity
stakes were not a token fund, it's okay that's fine. The second thing
is that our mandate is to build out on investments that will utilize the EOS
i/o protocol yeah our mandate is really simple C to series D equity stakes but
they must have some use must be building out within the first two years of
investment onto the EOS.IO protocol in some way shape or form because we're an
ecosystems fund we're there to grow the ecosystem thanks hey I appreciate your
time thanks very much Sean okay good luck dude thanks a lot. we're really community driven with what
we do we started off two and a half years ago hosting a meetup well listen
we'd love to be able to help you out in any way that we are really nailing it. Are
you on telegram? how you doing I'm Shane Kehoe, I'm from
SVK Crypto yeah and you were in our office yesterday okay we've taken notes on it we've got
your deck we get it it's not a space that we've invested into yeah it's a
pretty big opportunity right so it's kind of like you know at what stage do
you really try to understand it how will the market change and also it's the
timing right for something like this and these are all questions that we ask
ourselves on every investment as I said we haven't had any any type of
decentralized computing or storage application it's probably not our skill
set yeah but we'll try to get up to speed on it and come back to you guys so
at this point in time you haven't built out are you having committed to any
particular protocols okay and what might be beneficial as you're trying to decide
the EOS angle it's really important that it's right for your business yeah it's
not that you're just going to do it because there's capital there it's got
to be right for the business you've got to be long-term in this year yeah
absolutely like that's that's non-negotiable but I've got some really
great contacts within the EOS community we have a lot of goodwill and there are
several block producers that keep the network going which understand the
protocol at a grade level there's also one or two other guys which have almost
said of like a consultancy business to help with smart contracts structured
business as well and the guys that have done this are
very Pro projects coming out of EOS because as EOS is proof of stake everybody
benefits the bigger the network maybe there's an opportunity if I go back and
talk to Oliver that I can get an introduction to one particular company
that do a really great job maybe you get on the phone with him for an hour they'd
be happy to do that for you and sit down and say what's your business what are
you doing have you thought about this and you can ask questions on the
technical side I mean there's no commitment there's no there's no no cost
in that it's just to kind of answer maybe questions that you haven't asked
me or Oliver and the technical side and maybe they'll come up with well maybe
you could do this and all I'm trying to do is to get you guys to a situation
whereby it's making the right decisions yeah and also it hopefully it would be EOS
and then we can look at an investment standpoint or not as the case may be are
you on Telegraph. Ok. Go on SVKCrowd


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